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Celebrity Astrology For interesting threads on celebrities' natal charts and lives, which provide an excellent educational opportunity for us all.

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Unread 07-29-2021, 05:16 PM
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Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres's chart is from Astrodatabank where it has an "A" rating with regard confidence in the data.

I use modern methods that include the famous German schools and the work of Martin Seymour-Smith from his book "The New Astrologer". I will concentrate on planetary contacts like aspects, midpoint pictures and configurations. I do not use dispositors much. Planets and configurations near one of the following, As, Dc, Mc, Ic or aspecting the midpoint between are elevated in importance.

Degeneres has a Mars/Saturn conjunction on Mc that is quite close, Pluto near Descendant, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction squares the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction is part of a Grand Trine Moon/Mars/Uranus. It is a complicated Grand Trine because between Mars/Saturn and Uranus is a sesquiquadrate. This is very moody, and it tends to be tense and volatile. It can easily turn toward cruelty and sadism. The conjunction of Mars/Uranus/Saturn in John Wayne Gayce's chart was conjunct his Descendant. It was instrumental to his cruelty and fits of rage. The tendency is there in Degeneres, and it is prevalent. It is further stressed along these lines because Venus semi-squares the Mars/Saturn conjunction which is another combination that tends to a mean streak. There is much bitterness in this chart, and the behavior is peculiar. Mars-Saturn at Mc brings the danger of downfall.

Degeneres was molested at 15/16 by her step father.

A prominent Saturn is ironically quite common in comedians. The Mars-Saturn combo suggests cruel humor, too.

Pluto oppose Ascendant is suggested by Ebertin "The striving for the attainment of power and authority. The tendency to suppress or oppress others. The attainment of success in life by brutal and ruthless means."

The group, Jupiter/Neptune/Node squares the As/Mc midpoint, so it is as if the group was conjunct either Mc or As. It suggests humanitarian organizations. Mercury is quintile the group. For comedians, Me/Ne and Me/Ju are helpful to their cause. Me/Ju is very witty and full of ideas. Me/Ne is a joker who finds great fun with the absurd and with the normal confusion with communication. Degeneres's comic credentials are rich and solid. She might also become an actress. She has a rich imagination. Jupiter/Neptune squaring Mc/As also suggests general success and success with a glamorous profession.

There is a T-square, Venus/Uranus/Neptune suggesting a difficult life with the Uranus/Neptune contribution. Venus/Neptune suggests beauty. In fact, Ellen was beautiful when she was young with radiant blue eyes. This led to some movie roles. The Venus/Uranus opposition is close, suggesting sexually motivated attacks.

In predictive or retrodictive charts, I use transits and solar arc directions primarily.

Ellen was molested by her step father in the 15/16 time period.

Solar arc Ascendant was square n.Mars during this time period. This suggests violence. A violation is violence.

sa.Sun sextile n.Saturn. Trouble with father. (sun/Saturn tends to be difficult)

Solar arc Moon was opposed natal Neptune suggesting deep disappointment and family tragedy.

Solar arc Pluto was square n.Mc suggesting a licentious act that creates feelings of resistance and vindictiveness. Her life will change drastically and with great psychological turmoil. The family life would change for the worse.

In 2020, Ellen was shocked by a scandal that rocked her television show and her professional reputation. She was accused of fostering a toxic work environment for her employees. She was accused of abuse and cruelty. Not only employees, but various past guests on her show spoke up about poor treatment from Ellen.

Transiting Neptune in the First House was square n.Saturn conjunct Mc. This is scandal, a dual character that fights between her good qualities and her bad. A frequent change of mood, distrust and insecurity, dissatisfaction. Introspective suffering.

Transiting Uranus squares n.Uranus. A shocking development. Television matters.

T.Pluto sextile n.Saturn. A tough stance.

Solar arc Mercury is square Mc. Nervous underneath. Overestimation of self. Lack of self-criticism. Wily con-artist.

sa.Pluto conjunct n.Neptune and square n.Sun. Scandal. Over-estimation of self. Arrogance. Power struggles.

sa.Uranus square n.Mercury. In too many directions at once. Nervous haste. Tactlessness. Over-estimation of self. A contradictory disposition.

sa.Moon opposed to n.Saturn. Depressed. Fear of being exposed by indiscrete action. Melancholy. Uncommunicativeness.
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Unread 07-30-2021, 08:51 AM
katydid katydid is offline
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Re: Ellen Degeneres

I can personally attest to her issues with her toxic work environment. My daughter is an actress and was a guest on her show a couple of times. And my husband is a writer that worked with her on a few projects over the years.

I noticed that she has Leo on the cusp of her 6th of employees. The Sun, ruling the 6th is in it’s fall in Aquarius, in the 12th.

Uranus in Leo is opposed Sun/Venus in Aquarius , w/Sun/Uranus in mutual reception.

They form a T-Square to the 8th house conjunction of Jupiter/Neptune in Scorpio.

These 5 planets in a Fixed T-square correctly describe her dis-connection with her employees and co-workers. With Venus opposed Uranus, she exhibits a great need for freedom and individual personal expression as well as an unwillingness to follow social conventions.

Sun/Uranus opposition types don’t typically care what others think. They need to be free to follow their own rules. They appreciate uniqueness, rebellion and even if they are the only one in agreement with the way they want to do things, they are OK with it.

And that is how Ellen ran her show. She bullied her assistants and her producers and forced them to follow some of her ridiculous commands. Even in the face of so many who tried to fight against it. She didnt care.

For example, NO ONE was to make eye contact with Ellen or try and speak to her, if they saw her on set before the show or during a run through. The guests were told about this and would just go along with it.

She treated her writers the same way. No one said much because getting a plum job on a Union TV series is a blessing, so people will put up with a lot.

To me, that afflicted Uranus in her 6th, ruler of her 12th, is very revealing. She set up a chaotic, irregular work environment, which shut down any communication with her—[uranus opposed sun/venus] —and disconnected others from her true self, which was hidden in the 12th.

All of it squares her Neptune in the 8th—she created a myth, a vision, a false story about who she was. And it eventually imploded.

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degeneres, ellen

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