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Horary Questions on Relational Issues For horary questions about relationships.

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Unread 12-27-2006, 01:38 PM
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will he return my phone call?

Hello forum,

I have asked another horary question before but I did not get any answer back.I hope this one works cause I am trying also to learn some stuff from other threads to interprete my questions.

Here is the story of this question.
There is this quy that we had a short relationship but intense from my share.Break up on February and since then he shows himself by phone calls since September. He told me when I meet him on 17 December that he wants me back, that 'I am the one for him' but every time I show my interest he is pulling back and dissapear .He was expecting an answer from me but I did not gave him due to his behaviour, to test him if he means what he says.(Because on April he get back to me saying all those beautiful things that I wanted to hear but again he dissapeared.)

Some sms on Christmas day he acted like angry with me and when I called him to smooth things he did not answer.I am wondering if he will return my phone call and when?

From the horary chart, I would say yes, cause his phone calls significator-Mercury is sitting on my 3rd house for phone calls.
But with the moon on 5th house first squares his significator- Mars, then sextile mine-Venus (is it a transfer of light from his significator to mine?)and ending with square to Mercury, I am confused for the answer?

I need a help hand here...

Also I don't know if he worths it to give him second chance...........

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Unread 12-28-2006, 11:15 PM
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Re: will he return my phone call?

well, he returned my phone call, the answer is yes for anybody interested in horary.
I do not know what are the "unwritten rules" of that forum that I donot get an answer second time from... anyone.Are there all starters like me and afraid to answer?Are there specific questions that you all answer? Is it supposed that I should give answers also to other order to have authentic interest in astrology and get my responses back? Is it like in teenagers cycles that any new person is pulled away? was I considered that I am joking each time I asked something?
For me, astrology is a hobby time consuming for more than 10 years and I am really interested to find out at the end that there is some truth in pointing the stars. Many times I realize the wisdom but many many times I am thinking in logic and statistical point of view "if it can be happened in that way, and not the other" and also the psychological state of self-fullfilled prophesy and I am scared. With horary, it's very recent thing that get into me.So it might be helpful for more people than me, not to ignore any person that tries to get inside...because they might have a real interest/insight and I am kind of dissapointed by this, guys. It happens to other forums also, but that was for music and there was fanaticism inside but for this one? I can't see any reason really.
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Unread 12-29-2006, 04:32 AM
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Re: will he return my phone call?

hi fem greek

i'm not listed as any expert and don't consider myself to be even a babystep walker in astrology but i do have an interest and try to learn on any communication system availalbe to me.

as for this forum. the people who are here and have a better knowledge of horary are more than GENEROUS with their time and their willingness to share their talents and help out anybody who isn't rude. i've seen some really rude posts since i joined the forum and they wonder why they don't get responses. people who provide their opinions or their analyzations are being very kind because they aren't getting paid to do the analysis' instead they are getting heart knowledge by knowing in their hearts that they are helping someone learn how to analyze charts on all the different levels on this forum. i'd LOVE to be able to help out like some of the people continuously do on this particular forum. i've also been chastised on others for not being a pro and well how can i be if i can't go anywhere to learn. and on those sites they will take their finger out at you and shake it in front of your nose making you feel like a 3 year old being scolded for not having the skills they have. that never happens on this forum, they simply don't answer your question for whatever reason each person has and it may simply be they don't have the time to answer because their job has them on a deadline there is a family crisis or issue and they don't owe anyone on this forum an explanation of why they are or aren't answering questions. it's a forum wth free choice and i thinkthat's why this forum has so many respected responders.

so you can post but there's no guarantee, nor is it listed that you will receive a response to your question. i have seen people go out of their way to give someone all the information they can gather on a particular post and it's just heartwarming to see one person helping out another with their talents. there's one guy (goca) who has helped me find several important items and i see him help out just about everyone he possibly can. there's another guy who has skills with relationships and pretty much many other aspects in astrology and he doesn't give you a two lined answer he explains EVERYTHING to you which is very considerate and compassionate on his side because he has you "see" so much that you would have missed inthe chart and he also doesn't give you canned answers which allows you to learn how to go in there and pull the guts out of the chart and learn all the chart is trying to reveal to you. there are dozens of others who are just as kind and generous with their time and skills and they know who they are and so do the regular forum members. this is truly a fun forum because people also have a sense ofhumor and they aren't afraid to take a stab at things and not have it be 100% dead on but again taht's the reason for a forum's success like this one.... people are willing to learn as well as be taught throgh different approaches by each individual on the forum.

i don' tthink you've posted much if i rememeber what i saw for post numbers for you or how long you've been a member. but if you stick with the forum, i'm sure you wil find a) extreme kindness and gift of other's time to help you out when they feel they can, b) you're learning even though you don't think you are but one day you'll be reading something and something you didnt' undestand finally "clicks", c) if you can participate as much as you can, you'll find others are more willing to respond to your questions. i'm guilty ofnot posting much beause i got most timid in high school and i'm not an extrovert and never spoke up in the classroom so i'm not being fair by not participating as much as i can be. i've had lots of low self esteem lately due to a severe car accident and i've pulled inside even more but maybe i can change that and try and be braver in the future, i just don't want to waste anyone's time by posting things that make no sense even to the experts let alone the beginners like me who aer trying to learn things and not be led astray d) this forum is unlike any other where you don't feel like you are being scolded for every post you make (and there's one that makes you feel really inadequate and i need to unsubscribe because it's hardly what astrology is about being mean and cruel to those who aren't up to speed but are trying the best they know how and on the limited learning avenues they have available--i'd love to be able to take a $4K online course but can't afford regular bills and so i can't do that right now but if i could you betcha i'd be pursuing that right now to just learn and have access to experts who were guiding you on your learning journey) 5) i dont know if you have any knowledge of horary or are even able to in the slightest way be able to try and decipher and analyze the chart you pose a horary question for. i can't answer for everybody but i was once told by someone that if you are going to ask a question you shoud be able to at least try and anayze the chart the best you can even if you get the answer completely wrong. i was told and i can't speak for everyone and i don't know that it's necesarilly true or not true but if you take a stab at your own horary chart they know you are making an attempt and aren't just saying okay give me an anwer here and that's all you are interested in is the answer and not the how do i get the answer from horary. was told it makes it seem like you consider the forum a "free" service and they will help you with the answers but only if they feel you are at least trying on your end and aren't just "demanding" answers from them because you feel they or the unverse owes you an answer.

hope none ofthis came off as preachy i just saw your post and well i do have to say the people on this forum are exceptional and everyone has a life and life tends to be very busy so it shows you how generous everyone on the list is when they take the time out to answer your post(s). all i feel from this board is a positive energy force that is willing to help whenever time in their lives permit it. so my humble advice is to continue posting but try to participate more in your postings instead of just posting questions and well yes i think most people are curious as to how the answer tothe chart reveals itself so people who did help out with the reading can go back and try and see why or where they didn't ge the correct information. they have no idea what ended up happening and so they are udner the impression they got the correct outcome but can't really know for sure unless you post the outcome. it's like you being asked a question and not being able to learn from an error because no one ever told you the outcome. if you want people to help you, you have to be willing to post outcomes so the person doesn't feel like they are wasting their time helping you but then when the ansewr is revealed you don't care anough abuot the time they took torespond to you to let them know what ended up happening and if they were totally off base or missed a few major points; which happened tome a couple of times. they wre able to go backand said okay i missed these three important points and that would affect the outcome adn so now they've learned something and have expanded their knowledge database to it's a give and take on both sides instead of the poster just demanding to be given the ansewr and it doesn't matter if you are giving the responder the same courtesy they have shown/are showing you.

also one other thing if i read it correctly... this happened (time you asked question to time answer to question occured) within 24 hours. again it's holiday season for some and some don't have time every day to go to the forum and run questions due tolife commitments so you may not be getting the answers because it's similar to a 24 hour flu..... it just happens so quickly that no one has had time to go in there and analyze the symptoms and then you turn around and you have the answer to yourhorary chart. and i know how important it is when you post a question to get an answer back as soon as you can but it's not always possilbe and i'm guilty of the hurry up and wait problem because i don't know if the question will be answered or not and if it's not i assume for whatever reason the chart doesn't want to reveal itself and i don't blame anyone on the forum for not wanting to help; haven't run into anyone on this forum that wasn't willing tohelp anyone even the rude posters who came and went quickly in the beginning of my signing up. so maybe you should post and as you are doing up your analysis send positive engery out with your question with a cosmic mental request that someone on the forum answers your question for you. again i'm not preaching just letting you in on what i have experienced and this group is by far one of the most best run forums and i give high praise for their willingness to assist everyone fairly and timely when that is at all possible. part of me says i should hve kept my mouth shut and the other part says you need to start getting out there and i'm not coming down on anyone, i'm acknowledgeing the competence of the forum and the forum moderators and the people who help out so many onthe forum and assisting those who are frustrated becaue they aren't getting answers the way they'd like them to be given. even when i have a horary done professionally it can take a few days and that's not what you want to hear but you are one person among many seeking answers so you have to be fair to your fellow humans on this earth planet. i think you can send me a private email if you want to yell at me for any reason and everyone has a right to their responses so if you want to get back to me i believe there's a way you can. none of this was sent with any negtiave thoughts or vibes or any negative energy whatsoever 'kay? justs wanted to alleve your frustration and help you feel like a member of the forum and understand it is an incredible forum to be a member of.
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Unread 12-30-2006, 03:07 PM
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Re: will he return my phone call?

Dear Jag,
No I won't yell at you, most because you took plenty of time to try convince me that I should stay in touch with this forum. I realize that there is one member wanting me inside and thank you for that.
But I do have some quotes to make.
First of all, being rude (how a pisces asc could?)is not a rule in my life. And I don't believe that expressing someone his dissapointment of not having ANY answer is rudiness. None of my posts was demanding or emotionally flavoured in order to touch sensitive points and get my meal.Between the post and the answer, it passed almost 40 hours and I ve seen more than 10 days my first post unnoticed with 1-2 other members.It seems that I care to stay by my post.
Another thing is that I feel that I expose my self, even if the internet is a mask, by giving details of your story and I would not characterised stupid any attempt by someone to answer my question, even if that answer was indeed a question. Because I know on my own that giving definite answers is too risky..!
I just feel that is a bit unfair when you try to expose yourself and getting into that company...I am not expecting to be ignored and believe me I gave my cosmic blessing to both my posted questions.Nobody owes me and I don't owe to anybody but my posting(and that is because you don't know me)
happened after I was checking on reading the forum and the site for about a month without being signed in, so it must have been important.As I believe, it is important for any member phrasing a question and if he does not get any answer back, we don't have to cry over our fate that it was predistined not to reveal the chart itself.We must do something, right?
I posted the outcome and from my last paragraph of the question you can see that I tried to gave an answer but I couldn't due to the last aspect of the moon.So to the end, I am quite eager to learn my self but you learn faster if someone points out anything and you are welcomed even if the answer is given by reality. This is the reason of a forum and my reason for speaking out my thoughts.
My horary knowledge is new but I can get some information out myself by my generic knowledge in astrology as self taught by books, cd-rom's, internet and much passion.(Also looking to progressions lately).
Jag, I am sorry for your accident and I am sending you my positive energy with many wishes-first let be health- to be fulfilled in the new year.

Your Friend!
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call, phone, return

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