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Traditional Astrology For discussions on Traditional Astrology only. (Note: Typically, traditional astrology is defined as using techniques developed prior to 1700 by astrologers from the Hellenistic, Persian, Hebrew, and Renaissance eras. In general, it relies on Ptolemaic aspects (sextile, trine, square, opposition and conjunction) though there may be some exceptions, and always excludes modern planets (Neptune, Uranus and Pluto,) as well as any asteroids. The focus is less on what would be considered modern psychological chart interpretation and more on prediction. Members who wish to explore a combination of traditional and modern ideas should feel free to start a new thread in an appropriate forum for further discussion.)

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Unread 02-15-2020, 07:16 PM
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If heart of the sun (cazimi) exists, then is there a “within the breasts of moon?”

Logically, since the luminaries grant the earth life, power, and vitality, that the Sun, being on its lap, was considered a gracious placement; and, according to several astronomers, was a condition that likened the planets to be on the kings throne. Of course, this paints an image that the king, as big and masculine as he is, commands the lesser planets to stay on his lap, as they both share the throne. The sun’s will is ultimately a powerful force, one that overshadows the other planets, and, therefore, are being dominated in terms of an affection with an imbalance of power. These astronomers implied that the planet itself is under the tutelage if the sun.

Abraham Ibn-Ezra writes:
A planet under the light of the Sun is like a person in prison.
A combust planet is like a dying person.

But about a cazimi planet, he remarks:

A planet joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair. (4)
The most masculine body there is, the Sun, is undiscriminating in this regard, as this relationship seems to be of mutual benefit, each providing one another “services.” The sun certainly enjoys having the planets on his “lap,” while the planets seem to enjoy a great deal of fame in this exhibitionist act as they feel rejuvenated and empowered by the sun’s “energy.”

Though, it is curious, that the literature makes no mention of the moon despite sharing equal importance. Certainly, the queen of the heavens plays an important role. Traditionally queens were very active in the creation of policy and defending the role of women and winning the hearts of the common people. If planets are within her heart, then certainly that would make a profound effect on the events of the universe. However, to differentiate this from the masculine and dominating influence of the sun, we would consider its effects to be more receptive and reflective, and thus the name implying a cradling effect was used. The mother of the heavens nurses the planets and nourishes them in her own way.

Perhaps sitting on the lap of the queen to be nursed by this motherly figure? Perhaps the life of the queen is not detailed for various reasons. Maybe Mars sitting on her lap, sharing her throne, is a story too wild to tell and has been censored and lost through time. While a man is expected to have multiple women, nothing is more crushing to a man when the woman does the same.

It seems like being within the orb of the Moon transforms her nature, while the planet is unharmed, whereas the Sun seeks to absorb the planet and it’s expression while weakening it—then its expressed through the Sun.

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Unread 02-16-2020, 10:32 AM
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Re: If heart of the sun (cazimi) exists, then is there a “within the breasts of moon?

I think cazimi is a powerful conjunction for powerful attendance of the Sun. So a powerful conjunction for powerful attendance of the Moon can be seen in the nativities of Brad Pitt or Bush Jr. Hearts, breasts and houses are only metaphors for what the luminaries and five stars do in a chart.
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