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Unread 06-18-2019, 12:09 AM
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Chart for publication of an Ebook

So I have a question on theory/technique in casting an electional chart (I know, not horary, but similar in how they're read, and I can't find a board for Electional astrology).

I did a chart for a book's release, or I've tried, but a couple aspects left me puzzled.

It's *primary* means of publication/distribution is via EBOOK, although it is possible for people to purchase it as a print book in a style called "print on demand" or POD. But because it's primarily an ebook, there isn't really a physical publishing house where the book is produced.

My solution was to use the mailing address of the publishing house, which seemed like the best option. Does this seem logical to others?

Second, when books are published, they may have an official release but also an early release. For the "publishing time" I selected the first release, although it's technically an "early" release, because it IS the first release of the final version to anybody who preordered it, even though the "official" release is two days later.

Again, this seemed to make the most sense to me.

The author didn't get any say-so in when the book will be released; that was all with the publisher, but the resulting chart really struck me--assuming my guesses about both where and when to locate the book's "birth" are correct.

There are some problematic elements, but a number of what seemed to me really good things--not least that the significator just happens to be Jupiter, sitting at the top conjunct the MC from the 9th house, so dignified by both sign and house, and a perfect choice for a book. As I'm looking at the novel's reception/"career", I'm paying attention to the 10th and 11th houses more than the 9th. (I looked at the 9th when it was originally submitted to the publisher.) Despite the good things about Jupiter, it's retro, and hit by an opposition from Venus, although there are worse things. Fortunately neither Mars nor Saturn are involved.

I'm always of mixed mind about paying much attention to the outer 3 in horary and election charts. I note them, but never use them as significators and ime, they don't have huge impacts on outcomes. Ergo, I did note the square on Jupiter from Neptune, and that it's approaching, but I'm not sure what to make of it. Neptune in the first could indicate deception or at least some sort of vagueness, but to describe the birth chart of a fiction novel, that's not a bad planet, so I'm inclined to see it as a mixed matter. I'm more bothered by Saturn sitting in the 11th, which it also rules with Cap on the cusp. At least it's not involved with Jupiter (unless we count that semi-sextile, which again, I rarely use in horary). But Neptune does have a lot of action going on, being at the center of a T-square and an overlapping minor grand trine. So perhaps Neptune might affect this more than I'd normally thing, especially working from the first house.

Moon's last 2 applying aspects are good (trine and sextile), albeit to Pluto and Mars. And again, I don't usually pay a lot of attention to the outers, but do consider them when it comes to the moon's aspects.


-- Kenoshamaensa (Kay)

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Unread 06-21-2019, 08:43 PM
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Re: Chart for publication of an Ebook


IMO, a book is published when it's presented/available to the public for the first time. Publishing of a book falls under the 9th house, so the condition of the 9th house and its ruler are of major importance. In your chart, 9th house ruler Mars is in his fall. Mars is also a dispositor of POF. This is an extremely bad placement. Also, Moon applying to a planet that rules the matter in question is a good thing in general but in this case, Moon is applying sextile from the place of Mars' detriment. Also, in your chart, ASC ruler is retrograde which is serious debilitation. To fully utilize the placement of Jupiter in Sagittarius for the purpose of elections it would be best to wait until Jupiter turns direct, but you probably don't have that kind of time window.

Besides 9th house ruler, condition of the 9th house, Moon and ASC ruler and condition of the 1st house, favorable placements of Mercury (books, internet) and Venus (art) are desirable in this matter. If possible, leave out Mars completely from this election (no aspects with relevant significators, no placements in 9th or 1st, no ruling over 9th or 1st). From my experience, POF is also very important, so conjunction, or applying trine or sextile of 9th ruler, 1st ruler or Moon with POF is always a good thing. Also, check how the election chart impacts your natal 9th house and its ruler.

But if you don't have influence over when the book is going to be published then this doesn't really fall under electional astrology. All you can do is to take note of the exact time of publishing (I noticed that your chart has time 0:00 am) and make event chart.

This election is for the purpose of finding the best time for publishing. But if you are interested in the book itself I would rather take the (exact) time when the text was finalized and use it as the "birth" of the book. From there you can analyze "book's life" just as you would look at any natal chart.
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