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Unread 03-28-2012, 11:10 AM
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USA natal; Entry into WW II

What I've gathered and how it relates to the natal chart I declare to be the true natal chart of the USA is absolutely staggering in amount of the aspects, the movement of the all astro-influences of account some weeks prior and right up to the declaration of war on Japan on Dec. 8, 1941 @ 4:10 EST.
So much in fact that I'm just going to post 2 or 3 charts of a note some weeks before and the event chart ..make note of all astro-events of influence that I perceive and have discerned as note worthy and let you members digest them for awhile ...then we'll see whose ready to make some analyses and or observations of note themselves.

[Please note that I did proof read it twice before posting but that doesn't guarantee that I did record and note all data 100% for discrepancies and please make a note of any and point them out to me ...I will correct them {If any exist} asap in the next 24hrs. Also, I had wanted to use astrodienst for the cross checking the accuracy of Michelsen's book but was unable to do so this eve as astrodienst was unavailable for some reason..I do intend to do so..but figure that Michelsen is close enough for initial served me well the 18 years I used it prior to my awareness of the availability of the online ephemeris at astrodienst.]

[Please see my thread here for the natal chart of the USA that I mention, it is attached to post #3 ]

According to my 20th Century Ephemeris by Neil F. Michelsen,

Sept. 6th 1941

Mars went retrograde @ 23* Aries 43' [The Asc. of the USA natal is 21* Aries 30']

Venus was @ 19* Libra 43' that day conj. the Part of Bankruptcy Jupiter + Neptune - Uranus] for the USA which is 19* Libra 18'.

Jupiter was @ 19* Gemini 40' nearly conj. USA natal Mars @ 20* Gemini 53'

Uranus went retro the day before @ 00* Gemini 21'.

Saturn was @ 28* Taurus 32' conj. the USA natal Part of Hyleg [Asc. + Natal Moon - Full Moon prior to natal] @ 28* Taurus 07'

The Nt. Node that day was @ 22 * Virgo 43" conj USA natal Neptune @ 22* Virgo 24'

Pluto was @ 05* Leo 02' nearly conj. USA natal North Node @ 06* Leo 35' & opposite Part of Eros @ 06* Aqur 25'

[Neptune was @ 26* Virgo 52' ...and nearly conj.{in separation} what I have identified as a point on the Septile Matrix constructed in relation to the Asc. of the USA natal [those of you that don't believ in incomplete matrices and or know little to nothing of Septiles..just disregard this bit of info, thanxs] that 'Septile Matrix point' being apprx 25* Virgo 45']

Sept. 24th, 1941

Mars retrograde conj. USA natal Asc. @ 21* Aries 29' 33" i.e. the 22nd * of Aries
[ and enters the 21st degree of Aries on the 26th, the Sabian Symbol for which is "A Pugilist Enters The Ring"]

October 10th, 1941

Jupiter went retrograde @ 21* Gemini 27' conj. USA natal Mars @ 20* Gemini 53'

N. Node was still in the 23rd* of Virgo @ 22* Virgo 29'

Pluto still in the 6th of Leo @ 05* Leo 38'

Nov. 6th, 1941

Mercury @ 26* Libra 42' conj. USA natal Part of Distress @ 27* Libra 36'

Venus @ 00* Capricorn 01'

Saturn @ 25* Taurus 55' conj. USA natal Part of Innocence [also known as Part of Disputes] @ 25* Taurus 07' and opposite USA natal Part of Fortune @ 25* Scorpio 41'

Uranus @ 28* Taurus 54'

Pluto goes retrograde @ 05* Leo 47' conj. USA natal N.Node @ 06* Leo 35' & opposite Part of Eros 06* Aquar. 25'

Nov. 10, 1941

Mars goes direct @ 11* Aries 05'

Jupiter @ 19* Gemini 48' conj. USA natal Part of Fraud @ 19* Gemini 23'

USA Declares War on Japan

Dec 8th, 1941 @ 3:10 EST

N.Node @ 17* Virgo 55' conj. USA natal Part of Spirit/Soul @ 17* Virgo 18'

Sun @ 16* Sag. 24'

Moon @ 12* Leo 05'

Mercury @ 09* Sag. 09'

Venus @ 02 Aquar. 36 approaching conj. with USA natal S.Node @ 06* Aquar. 35' & Part of Eros @ 06* Aquar. 25'

Mars @ 15 Aries 53' Separating conj. USA natal Part of Beneifits & Increa$e @ 14* Aries 37' which had occurred Dec. 4th

Jupiter @ 16* Gemini 22'

Saturn @ 23* Taurus 25'

Uranus @ 27* Taurus 36'

Neptune @ 29* Virgo 43'

Pluto @ 05* Leo 34'

The Part of Fortune for the Event of the Declaration @ 4:10 PM EST was 06* Aquar. 42 conj USA natal S.Node and Part of Eros ...The event M.C. @ 17*Aquar. 07' square the USA natal Part of Catastrophe @ 17* Taurus 44'

Also please note that USA natal Lilith is @ 19* Virgo 24' and was affected heavily during the above time span.
And also note that the USA natal Part of Destiny is 17* Gemini 33' and also was heavily affected during this time span.

There is much to analyze here... I didn't touch upon the asteroids that some of you members like to use/consult nor did I [as I have yet to...] touch upon House placements and such ..but seeing as there is such broad disagreement on Succedent and Cadent Houses I'll leave that to you all to comment on...

This little endeavor of just getting this first post up took me over 4 hours tonight... I started around 11 pm or so and it is now after 4 AM ...

An event chart for the declaration of war all can do your own for the event at Pearl Harbor the day before... I just thought the Declaration to be more important for study now and probably will have greater contribution to the understanding of the USA's involvement in the War overall.
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Unread 03-28-2012, 11:28 AM
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Re: USA natal; Entry into WW II

I also have an existing thread on the retro movement of Mars prior to the USA entry into WW II, which is supplementary to this thread and may be read here at this website:

..and btw...I did cast a chart that is exact to the minute that Mars went retro in Sept ' it is for those of you that are interested ...
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You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe

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Unread 08-18-2012, 11:32 AM
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Re: USA natal; Entry into WW II

Well, my last post in this thread ws about 48 hours prior to my going to the hospital for an emergency operation and an eleven day stay. As I was on a morphine drip for eight of those days, and given the serious nature of my ailment as having been 'Life Threatening', it's little wonder that I had all but completely forgotten this thread.
I took another peek at the Mars retro event chart and noticed that Neptune in transit that day was at 26* Virgo 55'.that was conjunct the USA natal [zero hour 7/4/1776 chart] "Hermetic Lot of Courage" which is at 26* Virgo 17' .

Also the I.C. for the event is at 09* Aries 33' 56" and that is conjunct the USA natal "Part of Transformation" [Asc. + Uranus - Mars] that I feel should be called the "Part of Intuitive Understanding of Ones' Higher Being" [or Intuitive Awakening, Knowing or ?] as ''Transformation" is of the domain of Pluto. Uranus will bring sudden and unexpected change...and that may appear to be a transformation but I have a strong hunch it is of the abstract and what people will experience is a 'revision' of attitude and approach to relationships and duties which should naturally lead to a change in demeanor and poise of a person...or in this instance, a nation.

Also transiting Mercury that day at 29* Virgo 38' was conjunct the USA natal charts' 'Part of Faith/Trust' [Asc. + Mercury - Moon] @ 29* Virgo 11'

Jupiter @ 19* Gemini 39', that day was within one degree of orb conjunction to the Desc. of the event chart @ 18* Gemini 57' [The chart I purport to be the natal of Yeshu'a/Jesus has Mars @ 18* Gemini 56', and my brothers' M.C. is also in the 19th degree of Gemini. It is very interesting Sabian symbol. It so gives heed and call to the Sabian symbol for the chart I.C. in the 10th of Aries [from Rudhyar's book on the Sabian symbols]


KEYNOTE: Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality.

Occult tradition has ever maintained that there is a means of which the human mind can uncover the foundations of its nature and acquire what might be called [/I][B]SEED-KNOWLEDGE[B][/I] the knowledge of the structure of cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life on this planet."

...and of course the 10th degree of Aries, [ibid.] "A TEACHER GIVES NEW SYMBOLIC FORMS TO TRADITIONAL IMAGES.

KEYNOTE: Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.

... there arises in the consciousness a desire to reformulate at a new level much that had been taken for granted because it indeed originally had been an evolutionary necessity. The very concrete emotion-arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as "symbols" with a wider scope of meaning.

...revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development.[Rudhyar's "keyword" summation of his definition of this Sabian symbol is] ABSTRACTION [and as Rudhyar did also write] and of emotional allegiance." [Let's not forget that this is the prelude to a war that some say Franklin Roosevelt was determined to get the United States involved was the beginning of the time of much, patriotic and, political propaganda. ...and I find that Jupiter in this chart @ 19* Gemini 39' which is the first degree after the 7th House cusp, and is also within 40' of a degree in orb and conjunct to the Desc. adds to the evidence that President Roosevelt very well did manipulate some matters to achieve this involment. Especially so as the USA natal {zero hour 7/4/1776} charts' 'Part of Fraud' {Asc. + Neptune - Mercury} is @ 19* Gemini 23']
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe
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Unread 06-05-2013, 02:24 PM
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Re: USA natal; Entry into WW II

I am copying and pasting the following from another thread... ptv

Here's something interesting.
The Part listed above [in the compilation of Astrological Parts for this USA natal chart] with the formula Asc. + - which has been christened with either the title of Popularity or Preparation and to which I have this strong inkling that it's something far more akin to Rage or Destructive Retribution calculates to be at 14* 48' 51"...the True North Node was conjunct it on January 13, 1942...less than a month after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Axis Forces.

Also of interest for the event chart cast for Philadelphia is that
Mercury was at 06* 26' and conj. the U.S.A. natal South Node @ 06* 35', and Ceres was within a degree of exact conj. @ 05* 54'.

Pluto was retrograde @ 04* Leo 54' it had been well within a degree of orb to an exact conj. to the U.S.A. natal North Node @ 05* 47' when it went retrograde on November 7th, did fully conj. on Sept. 12, 1942... Pluto had also just conjuncted the USA natal Part of Economy aka one of two listed as Commerce [Asc. + - ] @ 04* 02' 54 and the natal Part of Organization [Asc. + - ...see my thread on Hillary Clinton and her campaign for President about how this same Part on Her natal chart was whalloped by Saturn at the exact time it has been noted that Her 'Organization' fell to pieces.] @ 04* 16' 25" during October and November of 1940, returned to conjunct those two same Parts once again in August and September 1941...
...and Pluto conjuncting the U.S.A. natal Part of Guidance aka Inspiration [also known as the Part of Occultism, by a few Astrologers] [Asc. + - ] @ 05* 00' 54' on Sept. 5, 1941and sweeping through all three of those Parts again in retrograde Jan. Feb. and March of 1942...and again direct in June and July of 1942.

Pluto would finish up the war by going retro @ 19* 16 in November 1944 within a half of a degree of orb to an exact conj. to the U.S.A. natal Part of Partners @ 10* 45' 23" ...exactly conjuncting it in Sept. 1945.

Btw...If you'll notice the event chart attached, the Desc. at that moment is 11* :leo 11' 39"...well within a half of a degree of orb to conj. the same.

Neptune @ 29* 50' 14" rx is conj. the U.S.A. natal Part of Faith and Trust [Asc. + - ] @ 29* 10' 32" and the Part of Benevolence [Asc. - ] as it is known by but so is the same forumula substituting Mercury for Pluto which is an Arabic and long established part and I wrote above in the listing that I feel this formula produces something along the Precept of Transformative Growth or possibly Destruction of Old Philosophies and or Religions or their Transformation. That Part is @ 29* 41' 55".

It may be of interest to some of you that Neptune had been conj. the U.S.A. natal Hermetic Lot of Courage [Asc. + - ] @ 25* 40' 42" in Oct. 1940 at the same time Pluto was conj the Parts of Economy and Organization. That was Neptune's first of a series as it would again in Retograde during the month of March 1941 and again Direct in August 1941, the U.S.A. natal Part of Influence [Asc. + - ] also happens to be in the 27th degree of Virgo @ precisely 26* 09' 20"...add that to all just noted for Neptune and the Lot of Courage.

Add to that that Uranus had recently conj. the U.S.A. natal Part of Individuality [Asc. + - ] @ 25* 14' 55" in Sept. 1940 and April and July of 1941

Juno was @ 15* 24' 40" having recently conj. the U.S.A. Part of Service [Spiritual Service in it's Highest Application/Definition] [Asc. + - ] @ 13* 48' 34" and would conj. soon with the U.S.A. Part of Libido aka Energy [Asc. + - ] @ 16* 49' 46" [see my thread in the mundane sub forum on Bill Clinton for more on the U.S.A. Part of Libido and President Clinton's progressed natal Asc. being exactly conj. that Part during the entire time of the Monica Lewinsky affair...from start to finish...]

Vesta @ 17* 35' 44" was exactly conj. the U.S.A. natal Part of Kings and Royalty [Asc. + - ] @ 17* 25' 56"

The M.C. of the event chart is @ 01* 01' 39" and that is conj. the U.S.A. natal Part of Success [Asc. + - ] @ 01* 35' 09".

The Moon at that moment was @ 06* 41' 31" and was conj. the U.S.A. Part of Mother {Asc. + -] @ 06* 05' 27"..

...And gee...looky there...that lil' asteroid of which that ever since I learned of its' existence, I like to include in almost every chart I cast nowadays just for my own amusement, r.e. "Parsifal", it was @ 08* 13' 05" and that happens to be conj. the U.S.A. natal Part of Noble and Illustrious Acquaintances [Asc. + - ...formula] @ 08* 27' 19" It is said that that asteroid is of influences concerning those attributes one needs to attain Knighthood and might best just be described by the single word, 'Chivalry'.

attached chart for Jan. 13, 1942 transiting N. Node [Rahu] conj U.S.A. natal Part of Preparation aka I propose it as the Part of Destructive Retribution
You Are A Divine Creation Of The Universe
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