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Horary Questions on Relational Issues For horary questions about relationships.

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Unread 08-06-2014, 01:25 PM
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When will my love life improve?

I'm still stressed about my love life.
I've no idea what transit has brought it, but I'm on an emotional roller-coaster again.
I would like to know when my love life will improve, when I'll stop being a nerve-wreck inside.
When will a good period come for me? The last 2 months have been too much.

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Unread 08-07-2014, 10:03 AM
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Re: When will my love life improve?

How to read this? How to read and calculate timing? Who am I here in this chart? Should I look at the 7th house cusp since my question is related to love? Where is the man I'm looking for in this chart? How to see if the Moon is void of course or not?

If I am ASC, I'm Jupiter since the ASC is in Sagittarius. Jupiter is in 8th house Leo, with sun, mercury and venus, chilling there, not sure what it means. I need sex? lol

If he is the 7th house cusp, he is is Gemini, so I should look at the moon, right? And moon is in the first house, far from 8th. It makes no contact with Jupiter.

How can I know when it will contact it? Hmmm.

Am I just getting myself deeper into mud by misreading this? I want to learn...

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Unread 08-09-2014, 04:45 PM
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Re: When will my love life improve?

In his article How to Beat Time, John Frawly says:
Originally Posted by [URL=""
John Frawley[/URL]]Within our reasonable time-frame for the question, fixed signs will give the longest time-unit, cardinal the shortest and mutable the middle one. That is the easy bit. The complication comes when we introduce the houses, as there is an in-built contradiction. Of their nature, angular houses equate with fixed signs and so indicate the slowest time unit. Cadent - as might be expected from a house that is literally 'falling' - gives the fastest; succedent the middle.
The ASC/DSC axis is in Mutable signs -- Medium
Your Significator, Jupiter, is in a fixed sign and a succedent house -- Long/medium
The Moon is in a mutuable sign and cardinal house -- Medium/Long
Venus is in a cardinal sign and a succedent house -- Short/Medium

There is an obvious stress on Medium/Long, with one indication of short. I'd say the answer is in terms of months/few years.

I'll try to help out with why; I'm sure the chart can provide guidance as to what to work on:

So, Jupiter is in Leo, under the sun's beams, L7 and L5 have just separated from it, and it's in the 8th house.

You are not seeing clearly, there is a breakup you have not gotten over completely, and you are in anguish about the whole thing.

The Moon is in the first house; I see a bit of an egoistic approach to love, where you want a relationship to satisfy your own needs. It may come disguised under caring for a partner, but at the end, you care for someone so that they care for you. Jupiter in Leo gives me the same impression.

The Venus is received by both the Moon and Jupiter, by sign and exaltation receptively. Your focus on /need for love is too much. It's almost as it's all you can think of. Much of your self-esteem is derived from being in a relationship. Being single is not a happy place for you.

Mars is apply

So, basically, in order for your love life to get better, you must work towards the following:

1. Let go of old relationships. What is done is done. Learn your lessons and move on.
2. Learn to love and value yourself as a single person. Be confident and happy without a relationship. Learn to fulfill your own needs.
3. Approve of the idea that you may never have a relationship. I'm not saying that you won't. But approving of such notion helps tremendously with valuing your life without a partner.
4. Change your perception and approach to relationships. A relationship is not a place where you become whole. A relationship is a place where you can share yourself (as you feel whole enough) and appreciate what the partner is sharing, too.

In short, find the best version of yourself without a relationship, and the best version of a relationship will eventually find you.

One final note. Mars rules the 12th house, secret enemies, and it has just separated from Jupiter. If you are suffering from any form of depression or anxiety over this issue, or simply have lost trust in your ability to form healthy relationships, it wouldn't be a bad idea to see a therapist or a coach, or talk to a trusted loved one for support and advice.

Months/ a few years is not bad. Work on yourself, and you might be able to find a good person in months. Best of luck.
It's important to distinguish between means and ends.
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Unread 08-09-2014, 05:23 PM
Becca Becca is offline
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Re: When will my love life improve?

Summery Joy, thank you very much for taking time to read my horary chart.

You are right. I am not seeing clearly, my head is in the fog. I can't focus on anything but the thoughts of failed relationships. I'm heartbroken. I haven't got over my ex because I met someone else who was just lying and playing with me and then disappeared. It was all online, nothing really happened, he just messed with my mind. Now I want to try getting my ex back, and I am aware of the risk of feeling even more depressed and heartbroken if that fails.

I can't go to the therapist cos it's something that people where I live just don't do. It's stupid, I know. Luckily, I can talk to my friends, and they've been more supportive than I expected. I wish I confided in them before my relationship started to fall apart. The stress is consuming me, my stomach is pulsing from the heartbeat, I had nightmares, I do things mechanically. Days are longer. I should start studying to get a job's licence, but I can't even open a single page.

Your advice is very good and rational. I would probably advise someone who posted similar question the same way, but it is different when it comes to me, it's always like that, easier to help others than yourself.
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Unread 08-15-2014, 06:15 AM
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Re: When will my love life improve?

Call me a dark horse, but I prefer the traditional concept of timing rather than Frawley.
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tikana (08-15-2014)
Unread 08-15-2014, 09:53 AM
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Re: When will my love life improve?

And when will it improve according to the traditional astrological concept?
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improve, life, love

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