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Unread 02-18-2013, 04:58 AM
Marasca_Cherry Marasca_Cherry is offline
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Libra Moon asked me to be his girl.

I've fallen into a new relationship. Very quickly, I think we've make it official a little more than a week a go. We have only known each other for a month and he is a couple hours away so it's not impossible but not really convenient either.

He's fast, he wants to meet my parents, wants me to move in! What are your thoughts?

He's a Gemini Sun in the 12th, Libra Moon, Cancer Asc.
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Unread 02-18-2013, 09:58 PM
babydolln23 babydolln23 is offline
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Re: Libra Moon asked me to be his girl.

I can't really offer much (I'm still learning & studying interpretations) but as soon as I read this the one thing (besides the title) that stuck out to me was "Wow...his libra moon & his cancer asc defiantly overpower his gemini sun" Normally gemini's (especially the male ones) aren't really known for rushing into things (well they can, but then just as quickly they will want to rush back out lol) but usually things like...moving in, meeting parents etc they are usually the ones to say "whoa, whoa...can we slow it down a second, no need to rush this" BUT cancer is especially a feeling sign & since they say that your asc is the part of you that you "show" and how your "portrayed" it makes sense...cancers like stability, they like being loved, they like feeling nurtured, and to nurture and they want "family life" and "stability" in the home.

Also I remember reading (& from my own experience being with a man who has a libra moon) Men with libra moon...really want a "mate" they need a partner of some sort (not just in the romance field! They even need a business partner, a friend, buddy etc) They def tend to relate better to women then men (dont be mad if he has female friends) it's because he kinda "gets" women & there emotions...especially because he feels so many of them (he's not gay, obviously, he just relates more to his deep emotions, if he may at times just need to have a sensitive heart to heart with you about "how he is feeling" etc. He can also be a little bit of a "metro-sexual" libra's (in general, not just moon sign or sun sign) like to look good & can be a tiny little bit obsessed w/ there appearance at times (although they will rarely admit it) It's not done in an "annoying way"'s actually rather cute. Also they tend to be rather attractive themselves, due to the libra moon.

Personally the person I'm with (who has a libra moon) will always tend to gel his hair & do a brief shave w/ his electric razor before he steps out (even if it's only a 2 min drive to 7-eleven & back lol) However when I bring it up in a joking way he acts like I've insulted him or something & insists it isn't true & that "I don't know what I'm talking about" (that would be his sun sign in scorpio adding a sting to that though because they hate to be "figured out" & prefer to remain an "egma" etc"

Also I moved in with him very quickly (so maybe it is a libra moon thing) I'm guessing the need for a mate or partner def played out big with that (that characteristic is SO big with my fact it overshadows his scorpio trait of preferring to be "alone")

He wants/needs a partner in everything , so just be sure that you are ok with that, because I will warn you at times it can be annoying. (Especially if you like a little bit of independence every now & then)

Also VERY (cannot stress this enough) VERYYYYYY ARTISTIC! In some way shape or form...(my guy produces music & Dj's & he also does computer website designs..etc)

This is an excerpt from a website on Libra Moons:

"Libra moon personalities are dedicated to getting their own way and accomplishing personal goals. Excellent at planning and preparing projects, they would rather charm others into physically carrying them out. Though excellent at paying attention to details, strategizing, and problem solving in their business or profession, they can be impractical, overindulgent, or inconsistent when it comes to handling personal situations. There is strong attachment to home and family though it may not always be obvious in their life style. In one way or another they experience more than their fair share of good and bad experiences with partners, legal matters, and big decisions. Aesthetic tastes are exhibited, for the most part, in dressing well, interest in art and music, or an attractively decorated home"
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Marasca_Cherry (02-19-2013)
Unread 02-18-2013, 10:22 PM
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kimbermoon kimbermoon is offline
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Re: Libra Moon asked me to be his girl.

I would suggest that he is moving a bit too your own chart you are under the warning to avoid sudden decisions that lead to recklessness and ultimately wrong actions...your judgments in partnerships especially, must be considered carefully and with discernment: afflictions to your Jupiter often suggest the tendency towards poor takes much more than a month for establishing stability and security...advice: do not move too quickly on this, especially with the transit of Saturn now activating your Moon and Pluto; the universe is suggesting strategic delays and patience and discernment; do not allow him to push you into a greater commitment at this time...
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Marasca_Cherry (02-19-2013)
Unread 02-18-2013, 11:06 PM
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surrealsuburb123 surrealsuburb123 is offline
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Re: Libra Moon asked me to be his girl.

This answer doesn't incorporate Astrology, but, I'd tell him to hold his horses--jeez.


But one question: How do YOU feel?

Are you feeling rushed into it and that you want to take it slow?
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Marasca_Cherry (02-19-2013)
Unread 02-19-2013, 03:41 AM
Marasca_Cherry Marasca_Cherry is offline
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Re: Libra Moon asked me to be his girl.

babydolln23: Yes! I know that type of flighty Gemini, and it's one of the reasons I'm so weary of this, I'm afraid to get too comfortable and he'll pull the rug from under my feet. But he is very sweet, very affectionate and warm. So I'm thinking I'm just being paranoid and I should give it a shot.

He is somewhat fem in a way. Very sensitive and very in-tune with me sexually and a beautiful face! And I also think your right on with the female friends thing, I've noticed a lot of women message him and talk to him on skype. It makes my Scorpio moon uneasy. I haven't freaked out just yet since I do feel like I'm testing the waters but it seems he's all in.

And your also right on about the being artistic. He is a musician and paints. And he thinks this Astrology stuff is dumb,,,

kimbermoon: Hi, I'm sorry I haven't read too much into Jupiter, I haven't found too much info. What afflictions do I have pertaining to Jupiter? A part of me understands your logic with not allowing him to push me. I'm very conflicted, I've been treated like dirt for the past 3 or so years by another guy, and I've finally found one that seems sweet and sensitive and so GIVING. A part of me just want to go for it and try to be happy. The one thing holding me back is my family. Him and I come from different cultural backgrounds and I've recently moved back home in November due too health/emotional issues. My parents are strict about certain things so if they found out I would risk the relationship with them, so I have to hide, they also wonder where I disappear to for days... ugh maybe that's Saturn in Scorpio at work.

So, when brings up me moving in and meeting my parents, imagine what goes on in my head...

surrealsuburb123: I don't know how I feel, my feelings are always changing. I do have doubts, him moving so fast does seem a bit shallow. I'm also already getting sick of living with my parents since I've had my independence for so long before, I feel it's been taken away. I would like to experience waking up to the same person everyday and sharing my life with a man. Which has always eluded me because of being too fearful.

-Is there anything current or future transits can say about our relationship? Positive or negative. What are key aspects to our Synastry that I should look out for? Also if anyone has anything to add, that would be great!

Here's both our charts with transits. First is his, second is mine.
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asked, girl, libra, moon

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