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Medical Astrology Astrological diagnoses and other health issues are discussed here. Given that there are so many outer and inner influences on one's health (alimentation, sports, medication, past medical antecedents, state of mind, etc.), an astrological diagnosis is only one of many things to consider when determining your healthiness.

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Unread 12-04-2019, 04:27 PM
manumago manumago is offline
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Health issues getting worse

Hello All,

In brief I am facing terrible health issues since August 2018 and it has been becoming worse. Nothing appears in the medical tests and reports. I have got infinite number of tests but all are normal. Worst was a terrible reaction to an antibiotic on Sep 20, 2019 which left my complete body broken along with neurological issues which are not going away. I have been terrible suffering but nothing is getting clear as to how to work my way out.

Insights are desperately needed.

Date of birth - 27 October 1983
Place - Ludhiana, India
Time - 4:15 PM

Hoping for some help

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Unread 12-11-2019, 07:48 PM
Palmtree Palmtree is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

I did not create your chart and look at it so I can't speak about this astrologically. But: have you ruled out tick-borne infections (lyme, bartonella, brucella, mycoplasma etc.) and activated viruses (Epstein Barr etc.)? Those often go unnoticed by doctors and do not show up in the blood once chronic- if they are not specifically tested for. Can account for neurologic issues. I wish you well.
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manumago (12-22-2019)
Unread 12-11-2019, 08:45 PM
kalinka kalinka is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

Currently you are in sun mahadasha from May 2017 - May 2023 and Rahu Antara Dasha from July 2018 - April 2020. Sun owns your 6th house, placed with Ketu and Pluto in the 7th in virgo in opposition with Rahu. This period could cause huge health problems and a weak immune system. You will be responsible for troubles like Asthma, inflection of wounds, headaches, fevers, bone fractures, heart and skin problems, ulcers and high blood pressure.

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manumago (12-22-2019)
Unread 12-22-2019, 06:28 PM
manumago manumago is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

Thank You Kalinka Sir for your reading and suggesions.

As per vedic astrology currently Saturn Mahadasha is running with Jupiter Antardash. Kindly clarify.

Best Regards
Manu Mago
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Unread 12-22-2019, 09:23 PM
kalinka kalinka is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

yes I see now. I did input wrong data.
So let's see. Houses for diseases are 6,8,12 and especially 8th and 12th for chronical issues. also we look at the 1st house.
In your natal the 1st is signified by Jupiter, csl 1 is Venus. 6th is signified by sun, mars, venus, Rahu. 8: Mars, Venus. 12: Saturn.
Your 6th house is occupied by Venus and Mars. Venus is Csl 1,6,7,8 and principal significator of 6,7,8,11,12 . Mars likewise signifies these houses. So chronical health issues are seen generally in the chart but also cure is possible.
In August 2018 you were under Sa/Ra/Ve -Su Dasha. As we see above, all these planets and in this time in combination represent the beginning of a longtearm disease.
Since March 2019 you are under Sa/Jupiter Dasha til sept. 2021. Jupiter is your lagna lord and in combination with Saturn not positive related to health issues. Jupiter signifies the houses 1,4,9,10,7,3 but also 6,8. These houses are the themes for this period. we see that the disease is still a point but 6 and 8 are not so strong as the other houses. So a healing in this period is possible.
To find out if and when you will have recovery, we look at Csl 5, which is Rahu. He only signifies the houses 2 and 6. However his Star Lord Mars is in conjunction with Venus Csl 1, she signifies the 11th-this is positive. Rahu could indicate Healing due to alternative treatment methods. Try ayurveda.
In Sa/Ju/Mo Dasha , Dec.2020 - March 2021, you will see healing. However I am not sure if there will be complete cure of the chronical disease, since it is very strong represented in the chart.
Also Jupiter is in conjunction with Ketu in the 9th in your chart.This suggest that the disease can't be diagnosed with normal medical equipment. Also it could show infections, neurological symptoms and allergies. Your blood system is affected. Mars/ Venus conjunction could be an indication for venereal diseases.

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manumago (12-23-2019)
Unread 12-27-2019, 02:54 PM
Harmelia's Avatar
Harmelia Harmelia is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

Hello Manu!
I’m a western astrologer. I’m looking at your chart, and the ruler of your chart – Mars – is conjunct Venus in the 6th house of Health. Both are squared by the Moon’s Nodes, which I often find are involved in a person’s illnesses. So then I looked at what was going on beginning of August for you and Pluto in Capricorn, 10th house began a trine to your Mars/Venus. With the solar arc directions, Jupiter also began to trine them, from Capricorn 10th.

Although SA Jupiter has stayed in that position, TR Pluto moved on. However, TR Saturn then came to the same spot and TR South Node came to the same spot – same degrees in Capricorn – 16-18 degrees would be the most powerful.

Although these are trines, Pluto, Saturn and South Node are very powerful and I’m certain you would feel these. Jupiter is conjunct your South Node wound in your natal chart, so I believe that this SA Jupiter could be an influence and it is quincunx your Moon natally. The other notable thing is Solar Arc Moon. She is at the same degree in Leo, 5th house – so semi-sextile your Mars/Venus. These are what I see as being the biggest influences.

The good news is – IF the Solar Arc Moon and Jupiter are contributing to your health issues, they will be one degree off your natal Venus at 18-09 degrees by May 2020. The transiting planets have already moved on.

So what to do about it? Working with the mind-body, I’d say that you need to check your beliefs about who you truly are. Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are asking you to evolve yourself – your sense of self – your integrity, your living life from your own value system, from the inside out. My guess is that you are either working a job that doesn’t suit you or you not giving your job the best that you’ve got. When planets like Pluto or Saturn ask you to change and you refuse, they can make you sick. So my guess is, you need to evaluate the work you are doing (10th house and 6th house are the work houses). If you’re miserable in your work, it’s time to change. No excuses.

You need to be independent – to function independently. You might like having your own business. At any rate, it’s time to re-evaluate who you think you are and what you might do. You are learning about independence in this lifetime – to be more self-sufficient – to honor your own ability to initiate and be absolutely who you are. Even if owning your own business isn’t right for you, you will want to exercise more independence in your work and even be more pioneering or self-regulating. You have much more to offer than you are acknowledging. It’s time to have faith in yourself and step up.

That’s how I would read your health issues looking at your chart.
Fate and free will are equally powerful forces. Yet I consider free will more important, because it is our conscious choices that create our fate.
~ Veda Vyasa, Hindu Sage

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manumago (12-28-2019)
Unread 12-28-2019, 07:29 PM
manumago manumago is offline
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Re: Health issues getting worse

Thank you Harmelia for reading my chart and your observations. I will introspect to what you have mentioned as a remedy.

Below is how events have happened in last 4 years in my life.

Emotional and Psychological stress started due to marriage related matters in August 2015.

Job change in Oct 2015 and movement to new place. Psychological tension continued but physical health was ok, was living alone away from family.

Place of work movement in July 2017 to Middle East.
In some relationship and psychological stress. Relationship closed in April 2018. Physical health ok till August 2018. Constant office politics and tension.

Platonic relationship began around Sep 2018 with purpose of marriage and almost closed now.
Health issues started with stomach (indigestion and constipation) and severe headache in Sep 2018.

Further health worsened in May 2019 causing urological and prostate issues. Digestive issues worsened. Meanwhile took treatment and many times back and forth between India and Middle East.
All medical reports coming fine and treatment didnt work.

Serious reaction to Antibiotics on Sep 20, 2019 causing neurological issues and broke the entire body. Constant absence at client side and health issues resulted in return to India and assignment closed.

Struggling with neurological, stomach and urinary issues along with weakened body at present.

Completely healthy till recent problems and no doctor visits in years and years.

Since August 2015 constantly worry and tension for one or the other reason.
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