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Planetary returns Specific for Venus, Mercury, Mars return charts, just as in the Solar/Lunar charts techniques, not as transits to the natal chart. Also includes Lilith returns.

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Unread 06-26-2011, 03:08 PM
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Learning to interpret Venus Return chart

I know the chance of replying is V.slim... but i still wan to give it a try becos i am passionate, therefore dying to try & understand how to interpret a VR chart correctly...

All the info i gathered from forums / articles abt VR...
I begin with learning how to interprete my 2010VR So that i will know whether i interpret it correctly:

natal hse 7th (gemini) is a rising sign on VR (Natal DC doesn't really sits WELL at VR's Asc due to deg far apart)
VR's asc(gem): last year's full of interesting experience, information, movement, and excitement through witty & intellectual communication; mental rapport with someone significant (H7)?

Ruler of 1st H is in H4 (in VR)

hse 4 emphasized in VR is the key to major venus activities: VENUS , vertex, mars, jup all involved in it

venus in H4 (angular hse) = matters regarding venus will be the most active during 1st part of the return period
H4 may indicate emotional attachment to the home and the domestic scene??

Planets on the angles are great in showing expression:

all mutable signs on 4 angles (an indication of a year of transitions, adjustment to a new life approach and a next state of consciousness)

node & pluto on 7th cap: maybe some sort of serious (cap) karmic tie (node) in regards to transformation (pluto) for the other significant one (7th H)?

No aspect btwn Vertex & node (both natally & in VR)

in VR:
venus conjunct vertex (0.35) - shuld mean something gd rite?
venus square pluto (0.40)
venus trine sun (0.41)
venus oppose jup (0.54)
venus conjunct saturn (1.56)
venus conjunction mars (3.33)
venus oppose uranus (3.40)
venus sq asc (3.55)
venus oppose MC (4.32)

Natal to VR:

VR's venus sq natal jup/ sat / ura (close orb) (same as natal Venus sq Natal jup/ sat / ura) is tis interpreted the same natally that (luck) jup is not there & may be a long wait (saturn) for love to appear & something to do with freedom (uranus)?

VR's venus conjunct natal mars in H10 (wide orb of 9deg) meet & fall for a guy during work?

Oppo Hse: 10 (pices) sits: uranus, jup (natal venus at hse 10)
H 10 is the hse of work and career

in VR:
jup sq pluto (0.14)
jup oppo vertex (0.19)
jup oppo sat (1.02)
jup conjunct uranus (2.64)
jup sq asc (3.01)
jup conjuct MC (3.38)

*Ura is the highest planet (in VR)
Ura sq asc (0.15)
Ura conjunct MC (0.52)

Vertex is the highest (Natal)
natal vertex conjunct VR MC (2.15)

VR to Natal: Look for duplicate aspects

Venus Square natal Uranus Orb 215
Uranus Opposite natal Venus Orb 339'

Uranus Square natal Jupiter Orb 358'
Jupiter Square natal Uranus Orb 121'

Sun Trine natal Moon Orb 613'
Moon Conjunction natal Sun Orb 013'

Its really not an easy task to intereprete VR especially for a beginner like me... But at least i try my best... So anyone care to help me interpret the rest in details??

My VR chart followed by Natal to VR comparison below:
Attached Images
File Type: jpg vr2010.jpg (83.8 KB, 19 views)
File Type: gif Out Natal in VR2010.gif (51.2 KB, 12 views)

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Unread 06-26-2011, 04:27 PM
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Re: Learning to interpret Venus Return chart

I am learning also and there is a lot to learn.

The first thing you want to do is study your progressions to see what is active in your progressed to progressed and progressed to natal. Only list out what is within one degree of aspect though sun and moon you can give 1.5 to aspect. In a year too what is 2.0 might move within range during the year but only to sun Asc and desc.

Once you have done this go to your Venus return. You have done a good job.

I am trying to use more simple words to help me get the jist of things. Such as in your case:
-8th house ruler saturn conjunct Venus might tell us resources from spouse, death, loans combine with Venus in the house of family. We must note this.
-venus rules 4th and 11th in fourth. Venus affairs focused on family, father, endings and home as well as friends. Our second note.
-ruler of 6th and 7th house separates from ruler of 8th as well as venus. Thus 6th is co-workers, health, daily routine and partnerships, open enemies is creating dual energy with home affairs and resources.
-Uranus rules 9th house affairs and is in the most public point (MC) indicating this is what others will see. 9th is legal affairs as well as higher education and ceremonies. Uranus implies unexpected too and combined with jupiter implies unexpected legal or ceremonies you attend. It is in the house of 10th status thus this is in conflict with your energy at the fourth house.
-Mars and venus together often indicate a relationship, male female type thing. North node and vertex square and vertex in the midst of mars/venus saturn stellium tell us a fated meeting or relationship. Always look for hard aspects between these two.

But the general climate is interesting and tells us of pulls you will have. The T-square with Pluto at the apex tells us it will change or transform what pluto rules or implies. As it rules 5th house affairs this may imply a love affair.

Of note is sun ruler of the third in sesquiquadrate to Jupiter/Uranus. Sesqui often implies something happening where it is out of your control. This is the black dotted line. I look for those to fill out the story line. It may imply some trip or something third house where you have to fulfull some duty that you can not avoid.
There is a wide separating aspect of sun moon or new moon. This might imply new beginnings. The moon on the cusp of the 3rd emphasizes the 3rd house again.

I would say the natal 8th house is rising as the Venus ascendant is closer to this. So thi is another note as the 8th house ruler is prominent in the 4th house stellium.

I see you have some repeat aspects that have to be noted such as Jupiter square venus in the natal and saturn square venus in the natal. This tells us that this year will bring these natal themes in to full view with Jupiter opposing venus as well as saturn conjunct venus. This is a strain for venus affairs. It may be something you are quite familiar.

Lots of Fire and air in the chart speaking of intellectual concerns as well as passion or action oriented affairs. Heavy Cardinal type energy also speaking of actions and a push to do something.

A t-square shape in a chart tells of challenge. If we look for the apex polarity point we can see where a good outlet for the energy may lie. In this case the apex polarity is in the first house telling us taking care of your health, your outward appearance and how your viewed may be a good outlet this year.

Neptune in opposition to sun and moon may tell us of some recent disillusionment in relationships..someone lying to you (7ths 3rd house ruler).

With the Venus ascendant at 29 degrees please make sure your venus chart is based on your current location not your birth location.

It does look like a dynamic venus year for you. Please keep me posted. Observe venus transits to the venus chart. Highlights will be as venus crosses the angles. A lot should happen at the beginning of the venus year as there are a lot of planets on the angles.

Hope this helps you and please keep me posted. Its a learning thing.
north node is 9'21
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Unread 07-06-2011, 03:32 PM
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Re: Learning to interpret Venus Return chart

All returns from Ed board AW
mars return
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chart, interpret, learning, return, venus

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