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Unread 04-10-2020, 12:54 PM
meredythdiamond meredythdiamond is offline
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Natal chart

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could analyse my birth chart and tell me a bit more about myself, subconcious problems, career path or how my life may play out in the future, relationship problems etc. I'm new to astrology and am interested

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ElenaJ (04-10-2020)
Unread 04-10-2020, 03:14 PM
Ecliptique Ecliptique is offline
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Smile Re: Natal chart

Hello meredythdiamond,

could you indicate your precise birth data?

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Unread 04-13-2020, 12:57 PM
ElenaJ ElenaJ is online now
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Re: Natal chart

These are not charts. Can you post a chart? Try looking at
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Unread 04-13-2020, 07:26 PM
Amit89 Amit89 is offline
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Re: Natal chart

Sun in the 10th would indicate someone who is concerned with image, reputation, status, position in life and in gemini, someone who is clever.

With Pluto in the 4th, maybe you have internal struggles or blockages somewhere?

I feel you can be charismatic and come off like that.

You are a passionate individual with those water planets. You have that emotional depth.
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meredythdiamond (04-14-2020)
Unread 04-13-2020, 08:47 PM
ElenaJ ElenaJ is online now
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Re: Natal chart

A natal chart contains a universe of information, we could write volumes on it. Are you having at this moment in time any specific issues going on that prompted you to ask for an interpretation now? Just so we can focus the interpretation on what is most important to you.
You have some interesting aspects, Leo ascendent which you know is outgoing and generous, with ruler sun in the 10th in exact sextile to the ascendent, making self expression easy for you. Also ties together the way others see you with your career, you and your career become one.
Saturn rules your descendent, your partners whether marriage or business. And we find Saturn also in the 10th house, again career emphasis, and exactly on the north node pointing to where your karmic development in this life lies.
Saturn also rules the 6th house of work and service, so we begin to see the picture of a workaholic, someone who works with others to achieve their goals, and must achieve as a personal manifestation of their own being and essence.
The Saturn/pluto opposition could be considered a generational aspect, all those born close to your birth time have this configuration, but they lie exactly on the nodes so take on more significance. Pluto is lying on the south node of your karmic past, of what you already know from the past, of where you feel comfortable and use as a retreat. Pluto is very powerful, it is transformational, and in your 4th shows your childhood was fraught with power struggles, urges to overcome restrictions, and as 3rd house ruler indicates some communication difficulties, as well as conflicts with brothers and or sisters. You push to be free, in sagittarius it might be idealogical, or religious and spiritual conversion, with the restrictions and confines of tradition from Saturn on the other end of the scale forming a counter balance.
So we see this important dynamic taking place in air and fire signs, intellectual and action oriented. There is a strong instinct to succeed in the eyes of the world, and career and work form the basis of this necessity.
Saturn as ruler of the 7th also gives importance of doing this with a partner.
The midheaven in gemini is communicative, and is a dual sign, so more than one career channel. With mercury sitting exactly there, and ruling the MH, writing or speaking must be an important part of this expression.
Income from the 2nd house is ruled by Venus, in the 12th house. It is in the same degree as Saturn and the nodes, so there is good potential for earnings, but conjunct Jupiter it will be just as easy to spend. In the 12th, this could be a short coming, and Venus/jupiter especially in a homey sign like cancer, could be a hoarder, and a bit lazy.
Both Venus and Jupiter in an emotional sign like cancer, together with the moon in likewise emotional pisces, gives the undertone of sentiment and caring and empathy that would have otherwise been lacking with the air and fire emphasis.
Venus and Jupiter in 12th hide themselves, and don't express emotions very easily, especially when feeling attacked, they close up like a clam. The pisces moon is in a very wide trine with these planets, and gives support to them, and helps pull them out.
Moon in 7th anchors the emotional instinct with the need for a partner to feel complete, and as we saw above, this will mix and combine with the career, giving strength to it. Moon rules both Venus and Jupiter in cancer, and the 12th house of the subconscious, so you are a very intuitive person.
Sun sits near Saturn, grounding the gemini butterfly, but can also give a lack of self confidence, a shyness, seriousness, which in this case could be beneficial to keep flighty gemini on a concrete path to success.
Uranus in the 7th would indicate a partner with Uranian qualities, or an Aquarius.
Neptune near the 7th trines the sun/saturn/node aspect in the 10th, adding imagination, fantasy, creativity in a positive way. Neptune opposing ascendent gives a romantic, other worldly hue to the Leo personality.
In fact, the creative 5th is ruled by Jupiter, conjunct Venus, showing definite talent.
In your question you ask in general terms about career, relationships, subconscious problems, and in fact these are the three main themes that are in the foreground of the chart.
Hope this is helpful, apologies again for the delay.
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meredythdiamond (04-14-2020)

chart, natal

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