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Unread 03-07-2020, 12:55 AM
deepspirit deepspirit is offline
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Transit Pluto square Venus?

Transits 3 6.jpg

Did anyone experience Transit pluto square Venus?

Venus rules my first/sixth house and pluto rules 7th house.

How would this be?

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Unread 03-07-2020, 05:42 PM
Cecile Cecile is offline
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Re: Transit Pluto square Venus?

Originally Posted by deepspirit View Post
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Did anyone experience Transit pluto square Venus?

Venus rules my first/sixth house and pluto rules 7th house.

How would this be?

At first blush (squinting at the tiny chart) I note Pluto is separating from Venus rather than on the approach. For that reason I believe this square won't have as crushing an impact as what I experienced with Pluto approaching Venus. Your Venus is in 6th, mine is in 8th, life/death/inheritance. But for Uranus cruising my 8th house, the Pluto square Venus would have been manageable.

I would expect the square of Pluto in your 9th to your Venus in 6th will have an impact, just not as gouging as I experienced. Think of it more as bringing up something from a past life that you need reminding of in order to process rather than a life altering event.

With Taurus on your rising and Venus in the natural house ruled by Virgo, I think your practical nature is capable of dealing with this Pluto-Venus square logically. Obviously the 7th House has a hand in this, as Venus, natural ruler of the 7th is part of the equation, and Pluto, ruler of your 7th is the other part of the equation. Also, your final signature is Cardinal Air which is Libra, Natural ruler of the 7th House. Partnership, the desire for partnership or dealings involving partnership appear to be important to you, and with Taurus rising and Scorpio on the 7th House you may tend to jump into a relationship without considering the consequences first.

I believe you will be experiencing a spiritual rebirth or evolution during the conjunction of Transiting Pluto to Natal Neptune in 9th which occurs BEFORE Transiting Pluto squares Natal Venus. Through this conjunction I believe you will be seeking spiritual awakening and growth beyond that which you've already acquired or desired. With the square by Neptune during the Transiting Pluto conunction to Neptune in the 9th house (of higher learning and enlightenment and foreign travel and ideas) to your 6th house Venus (house of health, work and service) you may desire to pursue or delve further into the healing arts or metaphysics or health fields or service to others. With Jupiter in your 9th House you probably crave knowledge and possibly find the law fascinating, or at least foreign places, people and ideas and languages. I'm getting the impression you might possibly find a niche in some kind of missionary work or working for an NGO, but I've gotten off track. I need to remind that partnership of some kind may be involved as well.

I believe as Transiting Pluto departs from its conjunction with Natal Neptune and closes in on its square to your natal Venus that residue of Neptune's energy will reside with Pluto and transfer with Pluto's energy to Venus. This idea is a bit far fetched, but it's one that I'm beginning to assimilate in my interpretations. Consider that all planets have their own frequency. When two transiting planets conjoin their frequencies harmonize or sync up. As they depart, the synchronization will lessen until each planet resumes its own signature beat.

Looking only at your natal chart and the square between Natal Venus, the planet of love given for love received, and Natal Neptune, planet of unconditional love, your expectations of personal relationships may be unrealistic. You may suffer from what's known as Cinderella Syndrome, the desire for someone to take care of you and live happily ever after. If so, just be aware of it and be careful because you may be pinning your hopes on someone who cannot live up to your expectations and whom you will eventually perceive as a loser. On the other hand, you may experience a desire to jump in and try to heal or save the world. Know your limitations and work within them. Actually I think you're practical enough not to jump in blindly or go tilting at windmills.

Consulting Robert Hand's Planets in Transit I note Transiting Pluto Square Natal Venus pertains to relationship problems. Deep-seeded issues that have been percolating will surface to be dealt with. This could rupture a relationship or clear the air so the relationship can grow. Break ups can be harsh if you choose, and certainly Pluto will allow you to dig in deep, but the deeper you dig in, the harder lesson, and the longer the time to heal. Get in, get out, go on. However, this may not be a break up, just a period of personal growth. Pluto can be quite upsetting at the time of its aspect to a natal planet, but 10 years hence you'll be grateful that Pluto forced the transition because without it your life would not have improved so dramatically. This is a key issue to keep in mind. It's worth pinning up on your wall. Eventually you'll see I'm right. No brag. I've just been through it a couple of times.

When I do predictions, I only consider the exact date and time the formation of an aspect by a higher octave planet occurs to a natal planet. Once I pinpoint that time frame I then hone in on the personal planets for more precise timing and interpretation. For that reason I suggest you watch transiting Pluto's EXACT squares to Natal Venus around March 3, 2021, around June 25, 2021 for Retrograde and around January 7, 2022 for Direct. Also, once the retrograde ends and Pluto turns direct can be a time of to begin moving forward again with plans.

I cannot give a complete analysis of Transiting Pluto in 9th square Natal Venus in 6th without taking into consideration the importance of the interplay between all the planets, but giving it a wide brush stroke I believe you will go through a transition. The more you resist the harder it will be, but with transiting Pluto separating from Natal Venus I don't believe you will experience overwhelming hardships. I also believe Pluto's conjunction to Neptune and later Pluto's conjunction to Uranus will be more significant in their interplay with Natal Venus as they both square Venus in your natal chart. I would also pay more attention to Uranus transiting your 12th house. How were things around December 24th when it inconjuncted your Pluto in 7th? Inconjunctions require adjustments. It's like you're dealing in two dimensions and no one gets it. Something in your favor is that Pluto is transiting Capricorn and Natal Neptune is in Capricorn. This should add a considerable degree of stability to how you handle whatever issues surface during Transiting Pluto's square of Natal Venus and subsequent conjunction with Natal Neptune.

Choose your battles wisely, get in, get out, go on, know your limitations and work within them, and whatever Pluto forces on you you'll eventually be grateful for because without it your life would not have the opportunity to improve so dramatically.

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Unread 03-08-2020, 11:33 AM
Amit89 Amit89 is offline
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Re: Transit Pluto square Venus?

Cecile has given you an excellent reply.

There could be power struggles. issues with power, domination, control, possessiveness, a will power to get into relationships.
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