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Unread 08-12-2018, 09:12 AM
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Chiron square nodal axis, life path, skipped steps

Hello. Hope you are all well!

I have taken a long hiatus from astrology due to undertaking a very draining doctorate which I got this year. 😀. Finally! So, astrologyís call has been beckoning me again, along with reflections on post-doc life. And I seem to have hit on something in my natal chart that I had previously missed. I have Chiron (in Taurus and the 11th house) square my nodal axis. I realise this will be common for those born around the same time as me. However, I have always felt as if I have been developing both my nodes at the same time; but not always constructively and treating them as separate entities has done me more harm than good.

As you can see, Iím a Leo 1st House north node. My north node ruler is also my chart ruler which is in a Sag stellium in a packed 5th house (can a chart get any more fire and Leo esque?). My life seems to be punctuated with bouncing across the nodes, I.e. being very NN and then circumstances Ďforcingí my to focus more on my SN and vice versa. The bouncing isnít helpful and I want to make more of a concerted effort to blend the nodes better together rather than experiencing them separately.

Iíve recently been trying to get my head around Chiron in my chart. I definitely have friendship wounds and my friendships seem to be short rather than long term (with a current exception of two lovely ladies with strong Libra signatures in their chart which Iíll come back to). I am also any only child who did not have anything in common with the family I was born into. So, I have always felt like an outsider and loner which has helped me develop Leo 1st House NN attributes. I do independence very well. I also do self-expression very well. But, interestingly, my PhD was on community development (11th House) and how the Self (1st House) and the Other (7th House) relationships manifest to impede (wound) community development processes. So, thereís quite a bit of energy going on here.

Getting into Chiron and understanding my karmic wound has introduced me to my Ďskipped stepí / the bends in my chart. And it is here I need help. According to both Jeff Green and Judith Hill, I seem to have a reversal of nodes. The SN was the last node to conjunct my natal Chiron. This is what Jeff Green says:

ďIf the node that last formed a conjunction is the South Node, then that is the node that the person must consistently orientate to. This means that the North Node and its planetary ruler are consistently developed via the South Node by house and sign and the location of its planetary ruler. What a planet squaring the nodes means in this example is that the North Node has already been acted upon prior to the current life; thus, it is not 'new.' The person will already be familiar with the dynamics of it. Again, the issue is one of consistency. When Pluto is squaring the nodes, these same principles apply and include its polarity point.Ē

If you look at my chart, it is full of Leo and fire energy. My Asc and MC are also fire. I have a fire stellium. I live alone, financially independently, and have travelled and lived in a number of countries. Yet, according to both Jeff Green and Judith Hill, I should actually be focusing more on my SN, I.e. Aquarius and Libra energies. Both my closest friends who Iíve had since starting my PhD have multiple planets in Libra with one having a stellium in Libra in the 7th house. It seems I am being Ďpushedí to develop more SN energies. Most astrology books / forums say that this is a Ďbadí thing and that you should focus on developing the NN path. Iím just wondering, with my particular birth chart, whether Iíve already done that and now itís time to focus more on the SN? TBH, I think I have been doing that anyway with the fact I have been working in academia since 2011 and doing a PhD. Iím never going to go Ďfullí Aquarian or Libra as Iíve developed the Leo NN in the 1st path considerably and it is a fundamental part of who I am.

So, the questions are: should I be looking to integrate my SN more? Should I be focusing on integrating Chiron more in the nodal axis? Or is this all a distraction from my NN path? Transit SN was also the last to conjunct my natal Chiron (in 2013) and I just hit a nodal return which explains why these issues have come to the fore. Iím also experiencing transit Jupiter opposite my natal Chiron.

Thoughts and opinions most welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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