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Unread 08-19-2010, 01:19 AM
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Will I meet X?

Will I meet X? X is a celebrity.

Strictures are met. The hour ruler is Saturn which is of the same triplicity as the ASC despite being the day ruler of the triplicity.

I took him to be the 11th house as he is famous. He is not an authority, so not 10th and it is not of a personal nature where I want to pursue a relationship - not 7th.

I am represented by Moon and Mercury. Mercury is domicile and Moon is in term. He is Venus, ruler of the 11th, which is also domicile. No aspect between Mercury and Venus (and Mercury also goes Rx soon) however perfect and just separating trine between Moon and Venus. It appears that it could be a "yes" however the aspect is separating; maybe I just missed a chance? He of course, is the stronger party, being Venus.

I'm honestly surprised it could be a yes.

Is my working out right?

Thanks in advance.

1. Can Mars and Venus representing any man (him) and woman (me) be used here?
2. Also the meeting might happen on my home soil for Venus also rules the 4th?
3. Moon approaching Sun in trine. Sun ruler of 2nd house in chart but also ruler of Men? Yes again?

Last edited by 23; 08-19-2010 at 01:37 AM. Reason: add more information/chart
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Unread 08-24-2010, 12:30 AM
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Re: Will I meet X?

OK, stuffed up. Doubt anyone would care, LOL.

1. Look to rulers of 1st (me) and 7th (celebrity). I am Mercury and Moon. My Mercury is in essential dignity in the term of Jupiter, but in a cadent house and can't move because of this. Moon currently has face and is disposited by Jupiter but again in a cadent house (unfortunate 6th house). Jupiter is rx but is in its term and it too is cadent (but in the House of God, 9th), "moving away from me".

Because there is mutual reception in term there is a slight, slim chance but cadent house makes it unlikely for either of us to drive it. My Mercury is very strong and I would be the one who would have to act. However Moon, which is in an "ok" state (just) won't be able to translate the light as it just missed a trine with Mercury (applying) and will be in detriment in Capricorn when it changes to Capricorn, forming a square with Jupiter. Moon will be weak and the aspect, square, indicates difficulty.

However, if we use Sun to represent him (older confident celebrity), then he will be Sun, which is domicile (has essential dignity) and he is in a succeedent house and I am Moon (characteristics listed above). Sun is in the face of Jupiter and there will be an applying trine between Moon and Sun, where Moon is still disposited by Jupiter and Sun is in Jupiter's face. Because there is no direct mutual reception and the nature of houses that they are placed in, the applying trine is weakened. Also Sun is also self-involved, into himself so he doesn't know and is not interested. A mild "yes" maybe.

Q: How long would it be until it happens? Seven years maybe? (7 degrees for a trine from the cadent Moon).


Thanks in advance.
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Unread 08-24-2010, 04:00 AM
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Re: Will I meet X?

@ 23 :

Ok. Here goes.

You = Mercury, in its rulership, exalted, in Jupiter's term (I guess this would mean you are interested in knowing the answer)
Him = Jupiter, in its own triplicity since this is a night chart, dignified by term.

I think it is quite apt that your significators are placed in the 3rd and 9th house respectively. My take on this is that Mercury is separating from a trine with the Moon and will soon be retrograding. Moon as co-significator will square Jupiter rx AND Saturn.

I read somewhere that the "meat and potatoes" of the chart are found in the dignity, aspects, mutual receptions etc of main significators. Based on this, I'd say that if it were a yes, it would be with difficulty.

I noticed that if you used quincunxes, you would definitely have one between main significators when Mercury retrogades back to about 5 degrees of Virgo.
However, I read that quincunxes, while generally "no", can be taken to mean "yes, if you are prepared to make some major, significant change."

P/s Still haven't worked out how to get definite answer. After reading dr. farr's answer have been playing around with whole sign charts. Still waiting for book to arrive in post.
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Unread 08-25-2010, 02:05 AM
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Re: Will I meet X?

Thanks for your analysis Timtams. Similar result as mine and you're right about quincunxes.
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