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Transits Transits are the most used predictive astrology technique. This sub-board is dedicated to them.

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Unread 07-11-2019, 08:06 AM
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Funny Uranus-opposition-Mars transit experience

So…for background, my natal Mars is in Scorpio in the 12th house. Pluto is the ruler and sole dispositor of everything my chart, and it’s conjunct my Mars. Basically, as Blaze on here put it a few years back, my Mars is “overpowered as hell.”

It’s fair to say that when I was young I was a passive aggressive little twerp, hella depressed and repressed, and not good at managing my anger since I did everything in my power to avoid feeling it. But, in recent years I’ve done a lot of spiritual work, and by funneling a lot of my energy into meditation and practicing mindfulness, I’ve gotten much more comfortable experiencing and expressing that energy in healthy ways.

However, as you might imagine, when I do get angry (and it takes a fair amount because I’ve endured enough dark experiences in my life that I have a pretty high tolerance—the asteroid Proserpina is conjunct my Sun and honestly I feel like I’m married to Pluto at this point, I’m so used to its BS) it’s usually, um, intense. So, seeing this transit coming up I was like, “I’d better be ready.”

So, for like the last year I’ve been reading books on anger management, and practicing emotional-processing techniques, and working through repressed emotional stuff (had a progressed Sun trine Mars transit to help out). And since Uranus has been going through Taurus in my 6th, I was thinking, “Okay, something in my day-to-day routines, coworkers, or health is gonna mess with my naturally repressed anger or vitality,” right? So, as it gets closer and closer I’m like, “This is gonna suck, but I’m ready for it.”


Transit hits and SWISH—rather than my repressed-as-hell, 12th-house anger issues, it’s been about my repressed-as-hell, 12th-house sex drive.

And if predictive astrology had a face, I would punch it.

I mean??? As a result of the kind of BS you might expect to encounter having Mars-conjunct-Pluto in the 12th in your natal…yeah, I’m not real good with sex or intimacy. When I was younger I avoided all pretense of sex and romance because I was too afraid to deal with my trauma around it, and even after working through that stuff I just haven’t really had any interest in pursuing anything. I have Saturn conjunct my ASC so I’m kinda emotionally cool in general, and then Uranus is conjunct my South Node in the 1st house, so like…I am just not someone who’s great at relationships. I don’t have many of them, I don’t need many of them…I’ve dated once in my life and didn’t feel any differently toward him than I did my platonic friends. Like, I’m about as asexual as they come.

Or at least I was, until this little bast*rd came along.

I guess I forgot that Taurus rules my Descendant, or like, I didn’t forget but I just didn’t factor it in because there’s plenty of stuff that can go wrong in the 6th house domain. So of course, out of nowhere, I get romantically curb-stomped by this intolerably adorable man that I hang out with several times a week.

I finally got to run his chart and it turns out his angles are 0.00 degrees square mine, and since his Mars is conjunct his ASC, his Mars is like…radiating all through my bones, and I every time I’m near him I want to jump him, either for sex or out of rage, it honestly goes back and forth. (The square puts his ASC on my MC, his IC on my ASC, his DESC on my IC, and his MC on my DESC.)

And it’s like, WHY???? I hung out with him for months before the transit and like...yeah, I thought he was cute and I enjoyed his company, and I’ve always looked forward to seeing his pretty face (the dude has Mars, Venus, and Lilith all up around his 1st house/Leo ASC), but we were both super passionate about our shared hobby (his Mars on my MC, right?) so I figured our enthusiasm was just feeding off each other's energetically.

But nooOOOoo—Uranus shows up to slap my *ss, and suddenly his stupid 17 degree Taurus MC gets all up in my 17 degree Taurus DESC, and his Mars squares everything all to hell, and he just starts ruining my life with how cute he is out of nowhere. And now even though our synastry is nonexistent, I can't stop thinking about him because Mars-conjunct-Pluto is a dick.

Anyway, I thought you guys might find this funny since I’d not read an account of someone experiencing Uranus-opposition-Mars as an assault on their non-existent sex-drive before...

Charts attached for your entertainment.
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