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Transits Transits are the most used predictive astrology technique. This sub-board is dedicated to them.

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Unread 11-13-2019, 01:12 PM
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Pluto and Saturn transits (hard aspects) 2014-2020

Been going through pluto transits for the past 5 years including, conj asc, opposite sun, opposite mars and squaring all my planets in angular houses. I am a cancer sun, aries moon, libra midheaven, saturn asc. The past 2 years prior to closing off this decade, satunr have been touching the same signs. Both him and pluto have been delving into my 12th and 1st house.

It has been the most emotionally, mentally and spiritually trying time of my adult life, but the rewards are irreplaceable. What was noteworthy which made me look at astrology much more deeper and understood what was going on with me was reading cafe astrology in pluto opposition mars . The line that read "some people encounter a new lover this time which transforms their lives in a major way".

So apart from my own inner drama taking place, he was the trigger to most of the other issues. We have saturn opposite sun, saturn opposite mars, saturn opposite mercury, neptune opposite venus in synastry as well but pluto trine venus, Sun conj North node. Me being Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and the Node person. Thus it was highly karmic in nature, and i loved him but he found almost every-way to use it against me and tried to destroy who I am.

During these two transits I felt driven to very deep depressions, questioning everything. crying for no reasons, resentments, regrets, feeling lost and such.

Pluto's energy was different from Saturn. With Saturn i felt helpless, hated, isolated, was broke (ppl tricked me with money schemes as well) and felt the need to reconstruct my life. I was crying many nights from feeling broken and enduring a broken heart or somedays crying for absolutely no reason. I felt very disappointed at the current state of my life and everything i had been through, overcame and accomplished felt like 0. I felt ugly, insecure and my scars were like a mirror staring at me reminding me of my i cover up so much. Thing that i thought weren't issues, became issues. I wanted to give up and just disappear, not commit suicide or nothing, i just wanna exist anymore. I am high energetic and i had no energy to give. I was worst when it retrograded from April to September. The load was lifted after i understood what was going on and what house it was attacking, but the weight is still there.

With pluto, angers that i thought had past, came up, ways i stop reacted came back, things from my past that i thought i put away were triggered and almost everyone was pissing me off. I felt that it was safer for me or others if we interacted less

However, with these two transits eventually ending soon, i now have a clearer path about what i want or do not want, from life, relationships, work, everything...I thought i was clear before but Saturn showed me! I needed to set boundaries with people, take risks discipline myself and stop procrastinating. It told me to stop be shy and helping everyone and for once be selfish and put yourself 1st.

I am a strong person overall, but these transits did it to me and when you become more evolved, they feel more intense.

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Unread 11-19-2019, 12:52 AM
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Re: Pluto and Saturn transits (hard aspects) 2014-2020

WEll, heavy planetary transits do teach you a lot....but they can also beat you up.

I also have gone thru some really rough transits in the time frame you mention.

Neptune squaring & opposing my mutable planets; Saturn square my Cancer planets; Uranus (when in Aries) ALSO doing a tap dance on my Venus and Jupiter in Cancer....and kicking me in the head for an encore. Jupiter in Scorpio squared my Sun sign and other Leo planets....and the present Jupiter opposing several Gemini planets incl. my Moon (now.)

So's been really exhausting just surviving mentally. I have better transits in my past to compare them to.....but I feel bad for the younger people today who only have thes cr a p p y transits and may think their entire lives will be this way

"The universe does not care if it inconveniences you."
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