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Relational Astrology Relationships and the astrological methods of interpreting them are discussed here.

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Unread 03-02-2007, 04:40 AM
5th house moon 5th house moon is offline
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Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry


There is much speculation about Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects in synastry. These aspects are much touted and some literature even suggests that the positive aspects can 'cancel out' other more challenging aspects in synastry chart.

I'd love to hear your experiences of relationships where you've had positive (and negative for that matter) aspects between the sun/moon/asc. I've had relationships with people with Moon-Asc, Sun-Moon conjunctions (with tight orbs) and the relationships have faded/fizzled. There are clearly other factors to take into consideration, such as other aspects, progressions, transits, etc, etc......but it would be interesting to strip it back to the aforemetioned simple aspects and see what we all come up with.

Looking forward to your responses

When the student is ready, the master appears. Buddhist proverb.
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Unread 03-02-2007, 06:29 AM
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

Extremly extremly and extremly CRUCIAL

my best friend and I had his sun conjuncted my moon
we were best of friends and quite honestly i would give up sex to have a pure platonic relationship to have this kind of relationship again. Thinking of him makes my heart melt.

my x bf had moon oppose moon
we have unresolved issues, and there are feelings between us still left .. his sun sextiles my moon
his moon squares my asce

my new friend *just very good friends* his moon sextiles my sun and moon. We are getting along great until we start talking politics that is where i get ticked off. there is not even 1 issue where we disagree on .. business or just regular chit chat. my sun and moon both square his asce

my other x cappy had sun sextiling my moon but i cannot even remeber what year he was born.... welll .. let's just say it was wierd one .. we were not on the same planet. by the time i chilled out he started proposing marriage.

good luck with your research ...

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Unread 03-02-2007, 06:39 AM
Shining Ray Shining Ray is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

My Partners Sun is Conjunct my Ascendant. In my Synastry book this is what it says about this aspect.

Lyn Birkbeck The Lighted Way

Your meeting should mark a new beginning for one or both of you. The first person is rather like a beam of light who shows the second person the path towards what they are supposed to become. If the second person is looking for some way forward (or out), either consciously or unconsciously, encountering the first person is a bit like a light being switched on for them. Not only are they made to see their way ahead more clearly, they also get a clearer idea of what their current circumstances are about. In fact this may come before seeing their way ahead, but only a little. Naturally enough such a ready and positive response to their ego causes the first person to behave in a confident magnanimous fashion. Consequently the two of you get off to a good, even dynamic start, which can, as I say, lead to a new path for one or both of you, either together or individually. A possible downside to all this bright interaction is owing to the fact that your respective egos and images are so intensified as to make you act rashly, and take on more than you originally thought you were taking on. So, eventually, competitiveness and being too much in eachothers faces may be a problem. However, if there are other fast and furious interactions between you, then the immediacy of this one will be irresistable. Sometimes life is running along rails, and all you can do is apply the brakes abit, but if Fate wants you to switch tracks - you will. Seeing that this interaction leads to a far stronger sense of yourselves and your abilities, you may well toot your whistle and move on down the line - but watch for the amber or red signals.
At the moment I am only half talking to my partner, he really hurt me yesterday . But overall the relationship is mostly good . I fell pregnant early on in the relationship, so we had to take on a lot of responsibility for a very new relationship. My Saturn Conjuncts his Sun which is on my Asc, which is suppose to mean a serious and important connection, and as a result of interacting may even mark a step towards adulthood, parenthood or maturity, this synastry involving Sun, Saturn and Asc between us could signify why the relationship had to start off very seriously because I fell pregnant so quickly and a lot of major responsibilites were taken on at the beginning of our relationship.

On the Relationship front with Sun/Saturn one person is supposed to provide the light while the other one brings in order and limitation to the relationship. This apsect is supposed to be good for a longer lasting relationship and it could be a very karmic/learning relationship learning about ourselves through our interaction, but all relationships are based on learning about the self no matter who you are interacting with - be it your mother, father, child or partner.

I am not sure if the Sun/Asc aspect between us cancels out the harsher aspects like some Astrologers say, I find they all work together. We have a Venus Trine Pluto aspect which does bring a lot of deep feelings and love in to the relationship. But natally we both have a Venus/Pluto aspect so we are working on a few similar issues regarding love. We both have been in terrible, destructive relationships, and both been deeply hurt. But overall our lives went down a totally new path when we met, I previously thought I couldn't have children and becoming pregnant totally spinned my life around from the direction I was going or the direction I thought I was going. My partner after meeting me lost his job (I'm a Jinx ) and he moved into my house, and got another job which was better because this job has better prospects. So losing his job was a blessing in disguise although at the time we were upset, but just goes to prove life can turn around at any time . New beginnings have marked this relationship and definitely a new path for both of us. So a good aspect for a new direction in life.

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Unread 03-02-2007, 04:09 PM
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

My current relationship, our ascendants and angles are conjunct, his Moon trines my Moon, his Jupiter (our chart rulers) conjs my Sun/DC/SNode, all tight orbs, and my H7 Venus conjs his Sun/Moon midpoint. In progressions one biggie that comes to mind is his Jupiter conjs my Venus. We're much alike, and to sum it up he showers me with happiness
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Unread 03-02-2007, 06:57 PM
utopia utopia is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

hi ,

my ex and I had fallen in love at first sight. when I look at the charts, I saw;

my ascendant conjucted his decendent with the same degree;
we had fallen in love at first sight

our sun's squared with 2 orbs;
we had great differences so we parted
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Unread 01-02-2009, 07:32 AM
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james james is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

I'm really glad you posted this topic, which has so much been on my mind the past few weeks. so here are some data points for this intriguing research question you've posed.

"R" and I have been in this intense sexual relationship ever since the day we first laid eyes on each other about a month ago. turns out that...

-- my Pisces Moon is exactly conjunct his Sun; orb is approx. 3 minutes of a degree;
-- my Gemini Sun is conjunct his Ascendant;
-- my relocation Ascendant is conjunct his Ascendant (again, Gemini);
-- my Venus is conjunct his Jupiter. (I <heart> conjunct benefics!)

what's incredible (to me, at least) about our "involvement" is that we're 26 years apart. i thought: "this isn't 'supposed' to happen!", which prompted me to erect (no pun intended) the relevant charts, the results of which came as a pleasant but weighty surprise.

parenthetically, he's physically not at all what i ever considered to be "my type", which only serves to underscore the astrological significance of the relationship, as i see it.

it seems significant that our Ascendants conjunct in GEMINI, given that we're both dudes. gay-centered Jungian psychotherapists Walker and Kaufman each speak of gay male couples fulfilling some sort of archetypal TWIN fantasy and of the significance of a “special, erotic, twin ‘brother’" who is felt to be the "source of inspiration” in a gay man’s psyche.

anyway, it's kind of too early to tell how significant this relationship will be over the long term, but this intense initial attraction seems to have some astrological backing, in my opinion.

"Smile -- it won't break your face."

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Unread 01-02-2009, 03:53 PM
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luna11360 luna11360 is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

My ex's moon was conjunct my sun. When we first met we were powerfully attracted to each other and were instantly comfortable together. We were together for a long time, but because of circumstances beyond our control, eventually divorced. The thing I noticed was this. I'm a Capricorn with Cancer moon in the first house and Cancer rising. His moon fell in my 7th house, but because it was opposed to all of that Cancer stuff in me, which is a huge part of who I am, emotionally we really had a hard time connecting. From day one he didn't understand my emotional side, so that made things hard.

Throughout my life I have met several other people with cancer rising, cancer moon in the 1st and they are the ones I seem to connect with most deeply. Currently I'm friends with a man who is married, but has the double cancer thing going on and we have an amazingly deep and powerful connection that I think really blows him away. He's not sure how to deal with it. He has no Capricorn, but is a Scorpio with several planets in Scorpio. They are all conjunct my Neptune. It gives our relationship a dreamy, romantic aspect (they are in my 5th house).

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Unread 01-31-2009, 04:14 AM
pluto 74 pluto 74 is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

I remember reading somewhere that the strongest indicator for a stable relationship that can lead to marriage is the male's sun trine the woman's moon...
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Unread 02-02-2009, 11:16 PM
AquaScorpio AquaScorpio is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

Well in my relationship right now, our suns our trine as well as our moons. However the more interesting (and in my mind, karmic) aspect is that my Ascendant is opposite her Sun (Aries and Libra, respectively) and her Ascendant is opposite my Sun (Leo and Aquarius, respectively). I've read in multiple places that this is a karmic placement, and just the aspect itself seems kind of rare. It's a good thing too, since we have so many harmonius aspects, it's good to have this opposition, we come together like two halves and help strengthen each other's weaknesses. She also has a north node conjunct my Sun which is interesting as well. Anyways, back more on the subject, I think when suns and moons are trine, it leads to a healthy steady, if sometimes seemingly too easy, relationship. It also helps that our Suns are in Air signs, our moons in Water and our Ascendants in Fire, it mixes it up and makes things not so bland.
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Unread 02-03-2009, 12:32 AM
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

I brought a book by Rose Murray called "When Planets Promise Love". Its really good, and have read it a million times over the last 3 or 4 years, especially when I meet someone new. She says that Ptolemy said in his Tetrabiblos there is a magic formula for a happy marriage. It says the magic formula is the harmony (easy aspects) between the love planet; Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars.

The formula is this;

- Two Suns should promise harmony for friendliness and compatible temperaments.

- Sun/Moon would promise the apprecation of each others male and female temperaments.

- Venus/Mars would indicate physical passion would be strong enough to endure.
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Unread 02-03-2009, 12:55 AM
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

I have the following aspects with my partner, in keeping with the love planets (Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars), we dont have any challenging aspects between these, only easy ones.

My Sun conjunct His Sun
My Moon sextile His Sun
My Moon same sign His Moon
My Venus trine His Moon
My Venus conjunct His Venus
My Mars conjunct His Sun

I feel lucky, although I searched a LONG time, lol.

There a heaps of other things, My des is Libra and his has Libra stellium with Mars/Saturn/Pluto. His des is Pis and I have my Sun in there too (the same as the previous poster), etc.

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Unread 10-30-2011, 01:49 AM
MaeMae MaeMae is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry

i had a 2 year affair with a man whose low aquarius sun/moon and low libra asc conjuncted and trined my low aquarius sun, moon gemini and sextiled my low leo asc.
we had appreciation for the other's outlook on life as well as an easy flow of expression and openness toward another. all the things you want in a friend or mates. we genuinely liked each other.
we're still on friendly terms with one another when we happen to see the other. even though it wasn't a pleasant ending, it didn't seem to hurt as much as some do. you can't begrudge them sort of thing.
I imagine these interaspects in anyone's synastry would aid in longevity of a union, or at worst, make breaks more amicable without lingering resentment toward the other.
of course, stressful mars or saturn at crosshairs with these could make for bad matters or irritants, but i think the general theme is comfort, familiarity & acceptance of quirks and differences.

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Unread 12-19-2011, 09:22 PM
geminimoon83 geminimoon83 is offline
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Re: Sun/Moon/Asc aspects in synastry


I am dating a great guy whose Aquarius sun is square my Taurus sun, Aquarius moon is trine my Gemini moon, Sun square his venus in Aquarius, mars square pluto, mars square saturn... in theory we shouldn't even be attracted, but we are VERY attracted and are not only drawn to each other romantically but also as great friends. Maybe it's as simple as opposites attract? Of course, who know's what the future holds but I really don't care or worry about it. Really enjoying getting to know him. The moons in trine may be helping too.
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aspects, sun or moon or asc, synastry

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