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Unread 10-28-2021, 12:51 PM
jules91 jules91 is offline
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Aqua Moon square Uranus/traumatic birth/induced labour-bad relationship with mother?

Hello everyone,

I'm a new mom and also very new to astrology. I've just recently started looking into it, because I feel that my son is not really bonding with me. I've been looking for reasons for months now and whenever I try to talk to anyone about it, they just dismiss my concerns as being silly. At first I thought that my son's lack of attachment to me had to do with the way he came into the world. The birth was very complicated, it took very long, he and I both suffered a great deal, people pushed on my belly very aggressively and my baby was eventually pulled out mechanically. So I figured that he might unconsciously resent me for it, could that be?? Also, since labour was artificially induced, maybe he wasn't ready to come into the world at that moment? maybe he perceived me as having hurt him and having forced him out of the comfort of the womb? After birth we had no skin-to-skin contact and we were then separated for almost 20 hours. maybe he felt abandoned by me?

Then I started thinking about astrology and our signs. At the time I only knew about Sun signs and nothing else. Then I learned that there are also Moon signs, houses, aspects and all that. But now I wish I hadn't read about it at all, because it seems like everything in my son's chart points out to a bad relationship with the mother and this makes me terribly sad.

Sorry for the long introduction. I want to post my son's chart here, but I don't know how to do it. So I'll summarize: he's a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, Leo Ascendant. He has Scorpio in the fourth house and Moon square Uranus. I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon (I don't know much more because the exact time of my birth is unknown). Is there any chance for us to develop a strong, close bond? Will we have too many differences? What should I do and not do? I'm the very loving, smothering kind of mama and I fear that he'll want to keep me at a distance. I don't know how I would deal with that. I think I would be forever heartbroken.

If anyone has any advice for me from the astrological point of view, or maybe a similar birth experience that they could share, I will be very grateful. Thank you!

Edit: here's a link to my son's chart

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Unread 10-28-2021, 07:21 PM
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Re: Aqua Moon square Uranus/traumatic birth/induced labour-bad relationship with moth

You are absolutely right, birth is a very significant pattern-maker. I am only a gemini moon with "only" a trine to uranus, I went through ceasar, I was in an incubator and I have zero primal connection to my mother, and since she never made an effort to overcome that, as you do, i don't really have a relationship with her now. But you have to undestand, that the planetary givens are given. Many astrologers even think these are given before the birth to this world and the life of that individual is manifested in a way, so he could understand it in terms of his planetary positions. That is why siblings have different charts - they can interpret the same person in sort of different manner. Anyways, aquarius moon square uranus is going to be detachted. That's the tea. I am sorry. That doesn't mean he will not love you, but he will be reserved and rational about it and he won't just jump into warm passionate emotional situations. But aquarius people, by their ability to have distance, they are able to see things from higher perspective, be the bigger person, see the wider picture and so on, therefore they can be very generous, kind and compasionate people. Especially as a leo asc. with Libra sun, I believe that this is a combination for a person that is very aware in relationships and very much trying to make them as pleasant as possible. But I have to say, as scorpio - cancer mom, you can easily be too much for such a child and every time you will overdo it, you will push him to detach, and you will activate the square, the more you will try, the more opressed he will feel, the worse it will get. It is very essential for you to find a healthy way how to express your natural intensivity in relationships... it as a sad irony, that scorpio's have a natural talent to push people away, especially those they love the most... oh yeah, I get both of those energies, I also have pluto in scorpio aspecting my sun, moon and 8th house mars so yeah, I get that. But really, scorpio can be obssesive and smothering but it can also do the kind of things others wont, like tell you ugly things if they are true, save you from drug addiction you know fun stuff... it is important for that reason to find a constructive and MINDFUL way how to express it. And yeah, don't worry, like I have that aspect and I have uranus in aqua. in the first house (I am a multigenre ) and I am truly not a lovey - dovey get me flowers and tell me how much you love me kind of girl. That thing SCARES me. It makes me feel uncomfortable (moon = personal comfort) and it makes me feel like I have responsibilities for the other person that I might not be able to attend to, because I don't "just do stuff because I feel like it" and this feels very irrational to me. But for those I love a care deeply and I am very serious and concerned about their happiness. So, yeah, I hope that helps

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Unread 10-28-2021, 08:06 PM
jules91 jules91 is offline
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Originally Posted by Meluzina View Post
Meluzina, thanks a lot for your reply! Yes, it helps a lot! And what you say makes a lot of sense. I will definitely take your advice. I just don't know exactly how to do it... how to avoid becoming too much for him. It will be hard, since my emotions are very intense, but pushing him away is the last thing I want. I'm sorry about your birth trauma and your relationship with your mom. I wish you all the best!
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Unread 10-28-2021, 07:54 PM
jules91 jules91 is offline
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Originally Posted by Zora View Post
Hi jules,

what about a chart - or at least your DOB with TOB from birthcertificate and birth location ? This is read my chart section.
hi Zora,

I didn't know how to attach the chart, but I think I figured it out. I hope the link below works.

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