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Unread 03-28-2006, 07:00 PM
Draco Draco is offline
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The Eclipse in National Charts

Hi all,

There has been a thread where we discussed what the eclipse will be doing in our natal charts, but I thought it might be interesting to start a thread where we consider what effect this eclipse will be having in the chart of nations, and what the consequences of this influence may be.

Also, events such as the start of the Iraq war might be interesting, and where the eclipse would be in a chart such as this.

I have found that this eclipse will fall right upon the DC of the UK chart (1 Jan 1801 midnight data). I would usually use a different chart for the UK, this is the exact date and time when the UK became officially, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, but I find the eclipse falling right on the DC of the 1801 chart interesting.

Here is what I posted elsewhere regarding the eclipse and the 1801 UK chart.

In the 1801 chart for the UK, this eclipse lands right upon the DC! Now what might this herald for Britain? I prefer the 1927 chart for the UK, I won't get into it here, but I see the 1927 chart as the chart of Britain as Britain sees itself. The 1801 chart, which is also the mundane data for the current design of the UK's flag, is the chart of the UK as it is seen internationally. (see the mundane astrology board where UK charts are discussed).

I have a bad feeling about the Eclipse being in such a close conjunction with the Descendant of the 1801 chart for the UK. Eclipses have long been associated with disaster and upheaval in mundane astrology, and the eclipse is given prominence being conjunct an angle in the UK chart. I wondered what might this mean?

The 7th cusp would represent open enemies, so the implications are frightening when we consider terrorism, and as the cusp of open enemies, Iraq may be implied. Also the DC is partners and allies, so the UK's relationship with the US would be implicated as well. I worry for the UK with the eclipse occuring here.

There is something to do with the war on terrorism for the UK here. The fact that the eclipse is right on the cusp which represents allies, enemies and war would make it seem obvious. Given the ominous reputation of eclipses in mundane astrology, I find the coming of this eclipse upon the UK's Descendant frightening. 'Descendant' means 'going down'. Is the UK to be dragged to it's knees through some hostile incident. I fear a very alarming terrorist attack.
This eclipse will also be applying a square to the 1801 charts Sun in Capricorn, which itself is right upon the IC. This is powerful because of the angles. The eclipse on the DC squaring the Sun on the IC.

I have a bad feeling about this.

What do others among you think about the implications of this eclipse on the UK's chart? Personally, it worries me a lot.

Firstly, what are thoughts upon this powerful alignment to the 1801 UK chart, and what will be the possible consequences?

It causes me to worry about the relationship (DC) the UK has with nations which will experience the full solar eclipse.

Also, can you find any other national charts in which the eclipse seems to occupy a prominent position?

Neither a leader nor a follower be.
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Unread 03-28-2006, 09:12 PM
Frisiangal Frisiangal is offline
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As I understood it, the effect of an eclipse was only felt in the area of the eclipse's path and if an important point was on the eclipse degree. Our part of the world only sees a nibble off the Sun.

There was an article in my national daily to-day, stating how concerned Turkey was because, although not from an astrological viewpoint, it is in the path of the eclipse, as it was in 1999. The nation's Neptune is on 20 Leo conjunct the 3rd house cusp. Within 5 days of the 1999 eclipse on 18 Leo it encountered the great earthquake disaster.
This eclipse is on 8 Aries in Turkey's 10th house. It opposes natal Mars on 7 Libra and is quincunx the 3rd house NN in Virgo. Another national disaster?

I'm personally relieved that this eclipse is a mild semi-sextile 'almost' out of orb aspect to Venus in my chart, which has been under the influence of the new moons on 9 degr. of the signs since October last!

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Unread 03-28-2006, 09:22 PM
Draco Draco is offline
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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Hi Fris,

I am not sure that eclipses only manifest astrological effect upon the countries that experience the full blot out. The eclipse still never the less is occuring fully elsewhere in the world. As the DC is where we relate to others, I am worried as to what effect this eclipse on the UK DC will have upon the UK's international relations, particularly the relation's with those countries that experience the full eclipse, most of which I think are Muslim nations.

Not long after I had posted this I read this on another forum regarding the eclipse, and found it a bit chilling:

He (Lilly) warned that a conjunction of the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries would bring difficulties between friends, often followed by death, war and controversy. He then points out that England is ruled by Aries so any eclipse in that sign is bound to influence that country.
Friends and war, would describe the 7th cusp, where the eclipse lands in the 1801 chart. Chilling.

It is interesting also how Lilly considered countries most effected by an eclipse are those which are associated with that sign.
Neither a leader nor a follower be.
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