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Unread 06-11-2012, 08:24 PM
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?

Originally Posted by Inline View Post
During a theology course called 'the Religious Experience of Dreaming', where we were asked to write down our dreams and choose one to present to the class for discussion, i had a dream about myself as a prisoner. I was naked lying on the floor of a toilet washroom wiith my wrists chained to a hot water heater.

In my dream, i'm looking down from the ceiling at myself, a vulnerable, miserable body lying on the floor. At first, i feel disjust but then slowly i feel drawn toward it, and i pick up this poor weakened soul in my arms and suddenly we merge together into a burst of blinding, loving light.

My prof, an east german man from Dresden, who was shot in the back when he was 9yrs old running away from soldiers during WWII, later told me that german prisoners of war were kept imprisoned, chained and handcuffed to hot water heaters with the heat turned on....

I had never heard of this information before.
Hi Inline, wow that is uncanny! I can certainly believe that you picked up on a vibration with that dream, that was the first thing that came to mind as I read the first paragraph of the dream. That loving light sounds incredibly healing.

This brings to my mind, my dream may even be associate with the spirit of a child that I didn't go ahead with, when I was much younger, about 15 years ago. A child spirit sometimes comes through when I visit Spiritualist Churches.

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Unread 06-24-2012, 10:44 PM
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?


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Unread 06-24-2012, 11:25 PM
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?

My guide told me that I would have kids, I felt it was something like 2 of them, think a girl and a boy. She also said I would have another guy, not my previous boyfriend as a husband, he seemed older and with darker complexion and had a high position in something that seemed like foreign affairs or law, he was a foreigner but dont know from where... I dont know if this will ever happen, the guide just told me so in this strange conversation that was neither a dream or being fully awake either. Only time will tell
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Unread 07-09-2012, 06:19 PM
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?

I had posted the following in an older thread on this same topic so I'll post it here too!
I have four planets in my 12th house, and I will have a prophetic dream once in a blue moon. I had the best prophetic dream of my life the month before I got pregnant with my daughter. We had been trying to conceive for eight months and I had become very anxious and worried about whether it would ever happen for me. My mother had died in the past year after a nine month battle with cancer, so I was dealing with a lot of grief on top of the stress of infertility.

The month before I got pregnant, I dreamt I was in my bedroom. It wasn't like a dream, it was like I was really in my bedroom. My dh was asleep beside me. Then I felt a weird sensation in my abdomen and out popped a baby. In my dream all I could think was "wow, I didn't even know I was pregnant" Dh was still asleep and I decided to call my doctor.

Then the best part was that my late mother appeared in my dream in my bedroom. She was just as I remembered her in my youth--healthy, vibrant, beautiful. It wasn't like I was dreaming about her--it was like she was actually there. Things I had forgotten about her came rushing back. It was a very intense moment and I was so happy to see her again. What's more is that she came and got the baby and cooed at her and went on about how cute it was, just like I would have imagined she would go on if she had lived. She took the baby out of thr room so we could rest--which is just so like her. Then she brought it back and I jsut stared and stared at it. In my dream, for some reason, I thought the baby was a boy even though it looked like the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen. The baby was so beautiful, she sparkled...

I ended up having a beautiful baby girl who looked a lot like the baby in my dreams. I had been so sad over not being able to conceive, and that dream really lifted my spirits. I still think about it with fondness to this day. At the time, I wasn't sure if it was a prophetic dream or wish fulfullment, but I had no doubt in my mind that my mother paid me a visit in that dream. I had had two other dreams with my mother after she died, but in the other two, I remember almost nothing about what happened except that she was in the dream. My baby dream was the only dream where I was "allowed" to remember the details of the visit with my mom.

So, I've been trying to have another child after another eight long months of trying, I had another baby dream, and in this one, I dreamt I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant but didn't know it. I dreamt I was trying to get an appointment to see a doctor because I hadn't been seen by one during my whole pregnancy. I almost never have wish fulfillment dreams, so I hope this one is prophetic.

The last time around, I had had a dream where I had taken a pregnancy test and it looked positive but I wasn't sure if it was defective. Then a few months later I had the baby dream. This time around, I also had a dream where I took a pregnancy test and got a positive right when we first started trying. In my dream, I remember saying, "but it's too soon" and went back to sleep. I am now kicking my "dream self" for saying that now!!!
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Unread 07-09-2012, 07:15 PM
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?

Wow thats a lovely experience caltron, thank you for sharing that. Its touching that your late mum visited you in that state, 'dreamstate' or whatever its called, its so sweet she came to give you a message. I so do believe that happens. I sometimes visit spiritualist churches, and the messages that people get there from their loved ones is not only touching, but so accurate and only can be known by them. And I've had messages too.

When I look back at this dream that I had, I do feel there is a message there. And something has happened recently which links in with this dream. Time will tell. But its so lovely to hear about these types of experience.
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caltron (07-10-2012)
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Re: Did you dream about your children before you had them?

I don't have prophetic dreams,but I recently dreamed that I hold some boy about five years old...I think it wasn't my child, but I really loved him,like he was mine...He was in some danger,and I took him to some house,in order to protect him.In front of the house I saw his father,I felt great love for him, though I didn't know him,but he was distant from me...When I woke up I felt like he was my child...Strangely...

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