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Karmic Astrology In this forum, you're invited to share insights on subtle spiritual matters and karmic astrology.

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Unread 11-24-2019, 05:29 PM
cosmicowl cosmicowl is offline
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karmic debt

hello! Since I know that the lunar nodes are landmarks in order to determine the direction of our purpose and karma of the previous life, I wanted to know what impact some aspects related to these nodes might have.

i have my north node and my south node both square to came, i added saturn in my observation and i also have my north lunar node and my south lunar node in sesqui-square and semi-square to saturn. to sum up :

-south node capricorn 5th 12 27 square venus aries 9th 16 33
-north cancer node 11th 12 27 square venus aries 9th 16 33
-south node capricorn 5th 12 27 sesqui-square saturn taurus 10th 26 29
-north node cancer 11th 12 27 half-square saturn taurus 10th 26 29

I must add that my venus is retrograde.

these are my 4 main aspects related to my nodes, and almost all are squares (interpreting the minor aspects such as the sesqui-square as major aspects so all squares ..)

I think I have here a karmic debt, linked to my past, which impacts enormously my goal in this new life, it is problems at the level of the relations, the frustrations, the conflicts, the blockages, the instability, the sabotage, a lack of commitment, trouble expressing my feelings and sadness to love someone, also having high, special and unspoken expectations of a very hard-to-please affection for relationships. sometimes I want to start a relationship but I find myself as block and always ended by ending (sometimes without having to start), leaving the other face alone, without explanation.

maybe in my past life I was a person who abused his energy (retrograde came) and that now reverberates in this life, stopping my growth and my learning as if each time this area (venus) prevented me from living fully, blocking my inner peace. it forces me to remain alone, to find no advantages in relationships (amorous and non-friendly, because my aqua mercury makes me love intellectual sharing).

I have some theories about this karmic debt, and these lessons, maybe it would be related to the fact that I abused someone in my past life, or that I was abused myself (physically or emotionally) which could block me in this life insecurely. as my southern lunar knot is in my house 5 (house of fun, games) maybe I was strongly detached from all that is serious, that I played violently with a person's heart. I do not know these are theories. I must also know that I have mars and pluton in this same house. I also tell myself that as my venus is in house 9 (journey, belief, philosophy) and that my north knot is in house 11 (community, society, and friendly relations) maybe to expiate this karmic debt it is necessary that I am going abroad, and maybe I will meet someone who will help me to expiate my karma and to unblock me, that it is by helping others that I will help myself (you must know that I am more and more opening myself spiritually, that I practice astrology since now 3 years and that I am really concentrated to validate my goal in this life by surpassing my difficulties related to my previous life) I also know that all the people I met before had something karmic, taught me lessons, but not enough for me to understand. I also wonder if in a previous life I was separated from a "soul mate, soul twin" suddenly and that I will find it in this life there to finish what I did not finish.

I could post my card if other aspects and placements are needed for an analysis. thank you.

I apologize in advance because English is not my native language

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Unread 12-08-2019, 12:00 PM
spacebug spacebug is offline
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Re: karmic debt

I appologize that i am not well versed enough in astrology to directly answer your question. But i would recommend looking into Numerology which has a really simple system for accessing karmic debt. I cant say for sure how much i would agree with its accuracy. but it resonated with me at least partially.
Also i think we all have karmic debts. If your Karma was all cleared up what would be the point of reincarnating? Unless its just for service to the world or a loved one. Which is very possible. But we all have things from our past we need to address to make it towards our best future. Don't give up on your search with astrology tho. I think you;re on to something with your theory.
hope Numerology helps you some. Good luck
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