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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Self Worth

My younger sister had a baby in 2005 I thought she would change and become a responsible person, instead she's getting worse. After she turned 18 she basically abandons her daughter leaving all the responsibility to my mother. she stays out for three days with out letting anyone know were she is or when she will return. When she returns home she just tells my mother she was over a guys house(he's not the father of her baby). The father of her baby doesn't want anything to do with her or his daughter, she let guys use her she gives any guy who call her sexy a chance with her. Ive been hearing a lot of rumors about her sleeping around in the past, but I never believed them. It turn out those rumors were true. After inviting family to her birthday party, she alienates her self; she hid out in her room I later found out she was texting her Friends that she hates her family. Many times she told me she had dreams about a family adopting her and how happy she was. She's the youngest of 4, grew up getting what she wanted and she was loved. She putting my mother thru a lot of stress. I wish would she change soon I hate to see her continue to go down the wrong road. Ive tried talking to her but she's really secretive. I would love if someone can help me find a deeper reason why she's this way and when will she change. She was born: March 15, 1988 Cincinnati, OH at 4:48pm

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Dynamic Aspects

The first thing I noticed about this natal chart was the abundance of harmonious aspects and lack of dynamic aspects, with the exception of two disassociate squares between her Pisces Sun and Uranus/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. However, the lone opposition in this chart--Venus in Taurus opposite Pluto in Scorpio--has a relatively tight orb and is extremely powerful, as each planet involved is in the sign of its rulership and the faster-moving planet Venus is applying to the slower moving planet Pluto. Indeed, the only somewhat diminishing factor of this opposition is that it is located in cadent houses.

I do not have much time this morning to comment on this chart, but I'd begin by exploring the various planetary placements--especially Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars and Saturn in Capricorn, and Pluto in Scorpio--as well as the dynamic aspects I have listed above. I have started a bit of this research for you:

Sun square Saturn - astrological aspect

The square indicates that restrictions and limitations derived from your own inner psycholgocial attitudes, values, beliefs and image are likely to confront you, and that these often emerge from a lack of self-esteem and personal insecurities.

The power of your solar energy is being held in check - almost imprisoned - by Saturn, until you succeed in 'learning certain lessons', 'recognising inner messages', and manage to transform those constraining attitudes that can cause the failure of your dreams through attracting obstacles along the path.

Part of this may have been influenced by your early childhood environment, where conflicts with parents (especially your father) or with authority figures have left you feeling defeated and psychologically wounded. Possibly attempts at being childishly self-assertive were unsympathetically crushed and rejected by strict and disciplinarian adults, or your efforts at self-expression and communication of feelings were dismissed and ignored. Whatever circumstances were experienced, the result was a diminution of a developing personality and loss of confidence and self-esteem.

You are likely to hold psychologically defensive attitudes towards life, not able to trust in the beneficience of the universe or people around you, often expecting that rejection and failure will be the only results that will come to you. With such expectations, the mirroring by the universe will bring such results. A transformation in your worldview is required to alter this pattern.

The operative effects of such a pattern are as follows: a fear of 'superiors' and authority figures, and the forming of negative comparisons between yourself and others; an underestimation of or failure to recognise your latent potential, qualities and strengths; a lack of personal assertion, and a tendency to be passive, fatalistic, pessimistic, rigid and insecure; a lack of self-confidence, and a belief that you are unlovable and will never taste success; health may be affected, with a loss of physical vitality and vigour, or psychosomatic ailments may periodically erupt. Looking out at life, you may imagine a constant frustration at your efforts, a life of hard toil for little result, and a scattering around you of unrealised dreams.

But if this is the case, then it is within you to transform the inner attitudees that generate such a reality; your life can always be changed for the better. This is the challenge and test facing you, to rise beyond those apparent inner limitations and restrictions that to some degree you are choosing to impose on yourself. Specific areas of oppression may be those associated with the sign and house positions of Sun and Saturn, and resolving the lessons implied in those spheres may hold a key to open the rest of your life to a more favourable future.

In failure and rejection lie the seeds of possible success, providing that you recognise the lessons and messages that are contained within such experiences. A new approach to self-evaluation is required, one that is not depreciating and negative in prior assumption, but values your strengths and qualities and sese them as assets that can be successfully employed. You may need to review all those traditional attitudes and worldviews that you have acquired in life, and see if they are restrictive or can postitively serve you. When life presents obstacles in your path, you have two fundamental choices; defeat or discover a way of moving beyond. The first is a path of self-limitation and stagnation, the second is the path of self-development and evolutionary growth, and that is the assertion of the solar power and of a higher self. This second path is the one that beckons to you.

While success may never be easy, and you have to work hard for every step forward, changing your conditioning attitudes is the transformative key. Your character can be strengthened and amplified by attitudes of optimism and positive cheerfulness; begin to trust in the universe and yourself, and you will succeed in restoring your self-image to a positive perception. The aim is to re-empower yourself. One of the most effective ways to do this is through techniques of creative visualisation, which can aid in the psychological reprogramming of all inner attitudes, replacing them by beliefs and worldviews that become positively attractive to the good experience of life. Take the time to explore such techniques.

Relationships could be similarly transformed. If you have been holding a negative self-image, it is always difficult to believe that anyone could love or be interested in you, so relationships may have been unsatisfactory, uneasy and lacking development. If you trnasform any unsuitable self-images, then relationships can assume a new light and vitality. Partners may appear who understand and value you for what you are, and have a faith and trust in your latent potential being actualised. Love is a great transforming power, and you will develop under such a gaze from another. Through consolidating and recognising your power, your solar will can be applied to attain your ambitions. Through sharing with a partner, you can gain a renewed perspective, healing and resolving conflicts which may have been previously detrimental. This squares' tendency for negativity is not inviolable; it can be the spur to change, provided you choose to take the future into your hands, and to recreate it into a positive pattern. This is the Saturn lesson and test that is really confronting you; a demand to assert your unique solar power.
Sun square Uranus - astrological aspect

The energy of the square aspect can feel higly frustrated and in some cases turn towards a more aggressive and potentially violent form of expression, if there is not a suitable channel for it to be released through. Discovering adequate forms is important to anchor the Uranian energy successfully, so evoking that Sun centre cohesiveness is essential in dealing with the highly charged Uranian energy and is common to all these aspects made to natal Uranus. This is a perpetual Sun-Uranian task.

You can be erratic, individualistic, restless and nervously agitated, desiring independence and freedom from all social restrictions. you may be a natural dissenter, a social trouble-maker, preferring to support your own minority view; it is even likely that your tendency to dissent can lead you to become socially isolated and alienated from others or radical groups with whom you are in basic agreement. If unmodified, and released indiscriminately, this energy is quite capable of 'causing trouble in an empty house'. Being the devil's advocate is a function that can often lead to confusion and loss of self, as eventually you either erode or lose sight of your own attitudes, beliefs or ideals, and this displaces you from strengthening your solar centre. Even if the majority hold a certain opinion or belief, then that alone can require you to reject it and to oppose its validity. From a more inclusive perspective there can be some truth in such a standpoint, as the majority viewpoint is often that of 'the lowest common denominator' and can reflect the most separative beliefs and opinions.

It must be remembered that such an attitude is really the intrinsic tone of the excitable, highly charged and volatile Uranian energy, but taken to a more personally destructive extreme. The exaltation of the unique individuality has to be achieved in a correct and wise manner, by attuning to the deeper solar centre of the individuality; otherwise, the negative and separative destructive tendencies can emerge into action.

You can be undisciplined, hating those predictable routines of life and work, often finding it hard to act responsibly and with full commitment. You react against conforming to social rules, feeling that they constrain your freedom, and you often follow your choices, irrespective of the repercussions and costs of doing so. You will probably fail to listen to well-meaning advice, and a stubborn need for self-assertion can lead you towards those very experiences and problems that you were being warned against. If you look honestly at your life, you will observe those times where you misjudged, making foolish decisions and choices often through sheer contrariness and by asserting your 'free individuality'. Without awareness, no-one is ever free, but is merely a prisoner to their own unconscious tendencies, a prey to them, like playthings of the inner gods. It is only through your solar centre that the planetary influences can be controlled and balanced, so that the positive characteristics can shine through, illuminating your life and creative expression.

At times you may become a little paranoid, especially when your choices have been unwise, influenced by less conscious and unintegrated forces in your psyche. It does not have to be like that. You can choose to take a more direct conscious role in your life, and not be a victim of your own ignorance. Those 'enemies' that you can project out into the external world are often your own unresolved inner demons that are slowly consuming you from within.

The square can be an aspect of frustrated blocked transformation and renewal; the inner personal revolution that both Sun and Uranus would like to bring is being blocked. These inner tensions can become potentially violent, and need to be redirected into constructive positive channels. You need to release any tendencies towards impracticality, antisocial attitudes and hidden urges for personal power, to stop being antagonistic purely for the sake of performing the adversarial role, and use the freed energies to renew your own life. Compromise and balance within your nature, and allowing an inner transformation to strengthen your focus on your solar centre, is the key to a more satisfying relationship with the greater community, and for you to enter into more beneficial and harmonious intimate relationships.

As is probably recognised, you like others to be submissive to you, yet tend to lose respect for their individuality when they fall into that pattern of behaviour. You need to learn how to respect and elevate their uniqueness because that is the corollary of your 'trip' and 'philosophy'. Emotional depths need to be stirred more, letting those poisons of frustration and emotional conflicts rise to the surface to be encountered and understood, releasing and transmuting them by accepting them as a shadow part of yourself which should be acknowledged and never denied. Doing so will harmonise your energies more, offer greater inner peace and tranquillity (as far as Uranus will allow), and clear those festering poisons out of you. This will enable your unique individuality to flower in freedom. Your life can change from acting as a frustrated opponent, and become more what you arelly are and what you truly stand for, moving away from a negative stance into one of positivity. Your choice is to do this, and the benefits will be yours to enjoy as the aims of your solar nature begin to reshape your life.
Venus opposition Pluto - astrological aspect

The challenging aspects of square and opposition invariably display the dark face of the distorted Pluto energy, and require considerable individual transformation and self-understanding to mitigate the potentially negative impact on life that they will otherwise influence a person to experience. It is important to remember that this influence to confront the darker side of the psyche is inherently positive and creatively beneficial if it is used to reorientate the inner life, and that this ist he hidden purpose of the Pluto impulses.

It is likely that you will experience a repetitive pattern of sexual love and emotional affairs which either do not seem to satisfy and fulfil you, or collapse into failure, acrimony and suffering. This can lead to a jaded, cynical attitude founded upon a frustrated, demoralised emotionally battered perception of love.

Your emotional intensity and passion is likely to cause difficulties for you, as it often seems to run away out of your control, and can take you into situations and encounters which from a clearer perspective you would consider to be undesirable. Certainly you are looking for something; but your sexual and emotional desires can be too strong, creating distortions of inner energy and leading to compulsive behaviour on your part - followed by an attempt at justification in the vein of 'I couldn't help myself...'. Either you will feel driven to experiment in various relationships on a continuous basis, or, as a reaction, you may attempt to avoid entering any emotional affair as you are afraid of experiencing the old established pattern again.

Problems can arise in your intimate relationships due to your tendency to introduce the elemnt of domination. You tend to demand your own way or assume a dominating role, sometimes played out in potentially damaging sexual and emotional contexts, sometimes obvious, sometimes more subtle. Even if you assume a submissive role, it is only as a hidden way to manipulate and achieve your intentions through a subtle route; it is not your natural approach. Usually, you want your partners to change to suit you, and you can put intense pressure upon them, especially sexually and emotionally.

You will need to learn the necessity for mutual compromise in relationships, to understand your inner underlying desires and impulses which are conditioning and controlling you from the depths of your unconscious. It may be appropriate to study humanistic psychology, or take part in a course or therapy designed to bring about safe release of hidden impulses into the light of conscious awareness. Such impulses, and unconscious inner fantasy lives, are present to some degree in everyone; but with this aspect they will stimulate problems for you, which are resolvable if you are willing to confront them in an act of personal reintegration and transformation. This will also serve to balance out your erratic flow of emotional desires, which often seems to confuse you and your partner, as you appear to 'blow very hot and very cold' in your responses to them; this is when your inner impulses arise and fall in some hidden rhythmic cycle, leading to uncontrollable emotional and sexual needs and intensity, or to a lack of response and to coldness.

Always, the choice is yours; potentially you can defuse many of the difficulties that usually face you in relationships, or you can continue hoping that they will lift of their own accord. Pluto is influencing you to take the positive approach, by facing you with the results of being passive to the inner forces and by remaining unconscious of their hidden promptings.
I have also created and uploaded the natal chart if anyone else wishes to offer their interpretation:

Arian Maverick
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Important Conjunctions

Mars conjunct Neptune - astrological aspect

This conjunction can pose several difficulties: in choice of actions, where you may struggle to establish what your real aims are; in making that final decision to attempt to achieve them, and in ensuring that suffiecient and persistent effort is then made to guarantee success. An unintegrated Nepune can dissolve that focused will, making decisive clarity difficult to maintain. Additionaly, you tend to avoid accepting the consequences of your choices, and there can be a refusal to acknowledge responsibility when such actions lead to failure or negative results.

Part of this derives from lack of prior consideration nad a willingness to sometimes jump into action on impulse alone; yet this is often used as a spur to be decisive. 'I didn't know it would turn out like that...' is used as a defensive excuse, and is probably true because possible repercussions were not evaluated. Yet continuing with such an approach is essentially avoiding personal responsability. You may realise eventually that most actions you take on impulse go awry in some respect, rarely fulfilling your initial intention.

This issue related to choice and action is one which needs clarification and resolving. You may find that it is beneficial to pause before acting on impulse, and sensible to slow down and take time to consider the likely results of your decision. This may then show you alternative routes to take, or may even dissuade you from taking action at all. As Mars will influence you to be more dynamically assertive, you need to take into account your effects on other people too, especially any family and those closest to you. This may then modify your more self-centred tendencies and ensure that through insensitivity you do not then create unnecessary pain for anyone.

You can be quite attractive to others, as the Mars-Neptune energies combine to create a potentially dynamic glamour, yet this apparent combination of action and sensitivity can often be superficial when the Mars characteristics are dominating the more subtle Neptune ones, which is more often the situation. Neptunian qualities come through disguised as a flexibility of personality, a set of masks and images that you almost automatically assume in your relations with people and in social or work environments. You recognise that these lead to some inner confusion, especially in respect of decision-making; but they are also usable for self-projection. You quite enjoy playing with these masks and feeling that your real intentions are hidden within a secret persona; you do not really like others to know you too well.

This leads to the attraction of acting behind images, and there is often a dramatic side to your nature, perhaps through some creative expression or even theaetre work, where imagination can flourish in an evocative situation and you can be hidden behind the mask, performing a role. Certainly you will develop a favourite image of yourself which is projected out for others to see you through. SOme have affinities with medicine and healing abilities; even here, you may hide behind the image of nurse, doctor, consultant or psychic healer. Alternatively, your dreams and desires about yourself could be unrealistic; and whilst you aspire to great status and achievement, your lack of will or application and your impracticality defeat you. Ultimately, your image of self-elevation may only exist within your imagination.

Steps can be taken to improve matters though. Feeling able to release your blocked imagination into daily life is important, because whilst initially such a move may be glamorous and ineffective, you can learn to direct it towards deliberate intentions, and so use it as a powerful energy to achieve your aims. Techniques of creative visualisation are recommended to take advantage of this process of mental imagination, and can help to re-create your life. Future planning can help you to gain greater control too, so that there is less opportunity for something unconsidered to destroy your intention. And working hard to actually achieve viable skills is another way of helping yourself; if you do not do this, that unintegrated Neptune will serve only to dissolve those dreams instead of helping to fulfil them.

In intimate relationships, more awareness will probably be needed. A combination of impulsive Mars and the self-deluding tendency of Neptune may conspire to show you the pain of disappointing illusions in love. Mars can encourage you into sudden passionate affairs, caught within the glamours of a new lover, but when you are directed by purely unconscious motivations the likelihood is that suffering will result, as a prompt to make you more aware the next time. Be wary of any personal tendencies toward self-deception and deceivig others or being deceived; these may be likely, and can be associated with the sphere of the conjunction's natal house. Try to remain honest and frank, as communication is vital in relationships, and you have a tendency both to be emotionally vulnerable and to have unusual emotional needs, so the quality of your intimate relationships should ideally be high.

Saturn conjunct Uranus - astrological aspect

During the twentieth century, the conjunction aspect was made during 1942 and in 1988. It offers the possibility of an effective balance between these two antagonistic planets. Apart from those born under this aspect, the energy releaseed into the collective mind at these times can aid in the interplay between forces of order and chaos, conceivably bringing the opposites into equilibrium and allowing a space for something new to be born.

For the individual with this aspect, there should be the ability to fuse ideas with practical application, to ground and anchor those sometimes slightly intangible and ephemeral Uranian ideas, thus transferring the, from the level of mind into material existence. You should be able to take advantage of your personal resources and talents; and these can be effectively expressed through efficient organisation. The flow of Uranian energy should seem more consistent and reliable; and you will be able to apply persistence and focused will to achieve your objectives. Often, you will find enjoyment from becoming involved in situations where you can create order from chaos. Whilst this may appear Saturnian in nature, Uranus is not chaotic for the sake of it, but is only disruptive in order to create the conditions for a higher order to be superimposed.

You can function in a 'bridging role', carefully restoring a balance between order and change, and re-integrating this into a new structure which is an improvement on the previous one. In modern life, where so many changes are occurring so quickly, such a role can be most important, and utilises both of these planetary characteristics in a positive way. You have a sympathetic understanding of the past, and of the values and attitudes of conservative stability, yet also intuit and appreciate the necessity of change and evolving of social structures, organisations and individual development. You will try to integrate these threads, uniting what is worth retaining from the past with the ideas of the next step forward. Doing this, you work with both your intellect and intuitional faculties, and so reflect the next stage in human development towards the consciousness of unity.

You are likely to prefer a form of expression that involves a social contribution over and above mere participation in society; you would like to feel that you have some influence in improving things, and that your preoccupation is not totally for personal gain. This need can often give you a sense of direction in your life, and one which can absorb both of these planetary energies. If you begin to feel that you are having to keep down inner pressures of certain kinds, perhaps through a lack of channels to release them into, then it is a likely sign that you are not fluently expressing both the energies. Look at your life pattern and see which one is being repressed. In most cases, this would be the Uranus energy, as the Saturn energy, which is one of order and discipline, is often expressed through social conditioning. To free this blocked energy, more spontaneity, more experimentation, and exploration of new interests, would help. These would stimulate needed changes to happen, and so break down any fixed lifestyle patterns that are becoming inhibiting. If the Saturn energy is repressed, more self-discipline, commitment and perseverance to achieving your objectives would help. If the lifestyle lacks control, too much freedom could also lead to a loss of personal centre and stability, leaving you feeling lost and unsure of what to do or in which direction to travel. You will need to draw through the Saturn qualities of boundary-making and structure, so that your life and inner nature begin to take distinct form again, creating a stable foundation from which to work.
Moon conjunct Mercury - astrological aspect

All Moon-Mercury planetary contacts are concerned with the relationship and dynamics of the Moon's instinctual, feeling, and emotional tendencies, with the analytical, lower mind, and communicative abilities reflected by Mercury's natal chart position. This connection can imply the type of inner relationship between the more unconscious personality functions and those of the separative conscious mind and ego.

The close conjuncion of Moon and Mercury suggests a relatively open channel between your unconscious mind and your rational mind; exactly how this relationship works may, however, be variable, with both the strengths and weaknesses of each planet displayed over time. Much depends on the sign and element of the conjunction. If it is in Water or Earth, the Moon will probably be more influential; if in Air or Fire, then Mercury is likely to be the stronger partner, at least in your conscious experience.

If the Moon is more dominant and acting from a deeper personality level aligned with the unconscious mind, this will influence the formation of habitual attitudes, beliefs, and life perspective. Choices will be shaped invariably by underlying emotional needs, but presented as apparently rational decisions; although, if challenged about these decisions, your rational façade crumbles to reveal emotional reactions as the real desision-maker. Another indicator of hidden lunar influence is a strong emotional reaction to experiences, where rational response is absent and almost disregarded when you are facing important decisions. A preference for 'gut reaction' and the insistent message of emotions is present.

If Mercury is the dominant partner, then instead of emotions supercedingclarity and understanding, a tendency for intellectual analysis and overevaluation of issues can interfere with instincts and feelings when you are responding to decision-making, situations, and people. Rationality assumes higher priority; and possible conflict may revolve around times when lunar messages contradict Mercury messages. Repressing either Moon or Mercury principles is always possible; and much may depend on the whole chart configuration to indicate a bias either way.

Yet, potentially, opportunity exists to use these planetary qualities and abilities creatively and positively - for instance, through relationships and social communication skills. You can be friendly and sociable, with others relating to you easily, and often trusting you as a confidante, as they recognize your sympathetic understanding. You tend to co-operate well with people, especially in work environments; and your personality is flexible and adaptable enough to fit easily into new working partnerships. Confidence in your abilities and knowledge is usually present, and this helps a positive assertiveness that leads to beneficial and constructive results for all concerned. You also recognize limits, rarely overstretching your abilities and talents beyond the breaking point, and are able to acknowledge when you need the additional knowledge of others who are more expert than yourself.

Ideally, you want people to see you as both intellectual and emotionally sensitive, thus honoring both Mercury and Moon in your nature. You can be a little hypersensitive at times, and emotionally touchy, especially when personal remakes are aimed toward you, as this activates defensive postures and attitudes related to the Moon. You are uncomfortable with criticism and will act defensively, either by excessive rationalization or by emotional denials and personal disagreements. At times, you may sense intangibe criticisms and be sensitive to others' hidden thoughts which evoke an immediate but unconscious emotional reaction, even when you are unable to determine any objective reason for this 'inner feeling'.

The Mercury dimension appears as intellectual and imaginative abilities, as well as a positive attitude to life's experiences. You believe that lessons can be usefully learned from whatever happens and that 'experience' is truly the best teacher. You can benefit from formal study, as you are able to absorb information relatively easily; but the ideal type of study is one which also involves a positive emotional response, so that the Moon is also included. Favoring a more Mercurial type of intellectual activity or abstracted type of study may create an imbalance. You may see life as offering a multitude of fascinating avenues of enquiry; and through this attitude, interest can continually be stimulated and renewed. It is a 'growth attitude' which leads to creative change and helps you adapt to new circumstances. The main challenge is to unite both Moon and Mercury qualities consistently so co-operation results, and not conflict. You need to distinguish between opposing inner messages, identifying those associated with the Moon - habitual security, instinctual and emotional patterns - and those which the Mercury-influenced logical mind presents. These messages can be either complementary or conflicting; and to evaluate which requires your self-understanding. Real success only comes when the partnership is harmonious.

Family life and private domesticity will be important, both as a retreat allowing you to attune to certain Moon characteristics, such as self-nurturing, security needs, daily habit patterns and life organization, and as a safe environment for expressing strong emotions to loved ones. You have a natural affinity with young children, and could become a good parent. Certainly, you will devote much energy and attention to ensuring that your foundations in life are secured and harmonious.
Sun conjunct North Node

This conjunction indicates birth near the time of a solar or lunar eclipse. It also shows that this is a major event in the natural world, which causes major events and sets of circumstances in the natives' world and provides them greater scope for their self-expression as well as opportunities for expansion of their poqwe and leadership potential. The conjunction suggests an inherited karmic tendency toward good luck as a result of previous use of the life energies for the benefit of the individual's larger environment. When carried too far, however, this influence can dissipate the individual's energies, causing exhaustion and a depletion of the life force.
Venus conjunct Jupiter

The conjunction of Venus to Jupiter indicates that you are benevolent, kind, sympathetic, and generous. But you go to extremes in expressing these qualities and are indulgent with people even when they don't deserve it. Brutality and vulgarity are intolerable to you. You have a good sense of humor, although you have your contemplative moments, and you usually conduct yourself with decorum. In the presence of adversity, you are especially optimistic and always hopeful that the situation will turn out for the best. Self-indulgent in acquiring material comforts, you prefer a life of ease that allows you to participate in all the pleasurable social activities that you love.

Domestic conditions in your childhood may not have been abundant in material comforts, but probably you were not deprived of anything truly essential. Love, kindness, and understanding between you and your parents established the foundation for your continued growth and development.

You are suited to occupations in which your effusive mannet can be expressed, such as public relations, travel, working with young people as a teacher or guidance counsellor, or directing social activities. Through your work in a welfare oganization or foundation, you could bring joy and hope to people who are disadvantaged by social, economic, or physical problems. Your talents mght also be applied in rehabilitative therapy through crafts and other avocational pursuits.

Your breezy disposition and warm nature make you popular with almost everybody. You are too easy-going, though, and some individuals may try to take advantage of you. However, you are rarely embittered by such negative encounters. You seek and are sought after by people who are also self-assured and who expect to succeed. You respond to honesty and gravitate toward persons with that quality. But you react negatively to those who make sincere gestures toward others only if they have some ulterior motive. You don't waste time on people who waste their time. Any accomplishment, either material or personal, makes you glow with happiness. Difficult stress contact from Saturn to this planetary pair may make it burdensome to gain this happiness, but you would still be inclined to it.
Arian Maverick
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Planetary Sign Placements

I will provide text links to the appropriate Astrology Weekly pages when I return from Church.

Sun in Pisces

Moon in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius (critical degree)

Venus in Taurus (sign of rulership)

Mars in Capricorn (exalted)

Jupiter in Taurus (I need to check my dignity chart, but this seems like a strong position as well, especially since the Greater Benefic Jupiter conjuncts the Lesser Benefic Venus)

Saturn in Capricorn (sign of rulership)

Uranus in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn

Pluto in Scorpio (sign of rulership)

Arian Maverick
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Re: Self Worth

I'm sorry to hear all this about your sister...
But may be everything will turn out at the end

In 2003, Uranus entered Pisces... He entered also her 7th house, the house of partnerships, who became unreliable & unpredicable...

Sleeping around... Neptune, ruler of her 7th & 8th house conjunct Mars... Also not clear in which males she can trust or not (neptune, confusion, conjunct Mars, around men) May be she tends to fall to older men (Mars in Capricorn) and with Mars in 5, early having of children?
Moon in Aqua... An aloof, distant attitude towars motherhood?

Self Worth is something of the 2nd house i guess...
(worth, value = 2nd house)
Mercury rules it and it's located at 29 Aqua, indeed a critical degree...

If I look at this chart very gloomy...
Neptune will in a few years be on her Moon & Mercury, creating even more confusion...
Pluto will be in a year of 2 on her nUranus/ Saturn conjunction
Uranus will be 'stalking' her for a few more years in the relational department (going through house 7 & 8)

But off course, it can always turn out well
I wish you, your sister and te rest of your family well
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Re: Self Worth

also bear in mind, that perhaps until someone requires her to take responsibility, she has no real reason to actually have to do so ... as much as taking advantage of people and situations is a responsiblity of her's ... it is as much the responsibility of others to NOT take on what is NOT their's, so a look at those charts may also help to see the themes being played out amongst all the players ...

i noticed that her 1st & 7th house are intercepted which means they are very well developed ... right now she is using that well-developed sense of self and her partnerships in a very negative pattern and in mis-balance, but she's able to do so because she innately understands her power even if she is not conscious of her well-developed sense of self and partnerships. she is just, with seemingly careless abandon, using her skills to "get her way" ... however negative that way may be at this time.

the mom that raised the "misbehaving" sister is still facilitating the misbehavior that will be taught to generation next. the cycles cannot be stopped until someone with consciousness says "no".
peace & harmony,
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Re: Self Worth

I think the placement of her Mars in the 5th house (house of children) produces a freedom loving nature which is frequently reluctant to accept the responsibilities and restraints of parenthood. Having Neptune on Mars in this house she might be confused about what action to take concerning her child, so she might need to develop more clarity in this area of her life. The planet Neptune wants to transcend the urge of the ego and the selfish motives of Mars. Your sister with having this Mars/Neptune aspect might also be feeling a bit victimized by life and so she tries to escape form her duties to her child/from parenthood. (Neptune/Cap/5th). The Mars/Neptune aspect in the 5th house also describes a need to serve something greater than the self.

Saturn in the 4th house is found in charts, which indicate that emotional immaturity in past lives has incurred karma the reaction to emotional charged situations having been irresponsible, child-like and lacking restraint. People with Saturn in H4 usually wish to leave behind their childhood and everything associated with it as soon as possible. Your sister may need to learn about being responsible at home and with the family. This is one of her lessons to learn about the needs of others. With Saturn being in the 4th/which rules the home/family this is a place where she can feel restricted, and feel very limited, but her Moon in Aqua needs to be free, needs to be an individual, so being restricted at home with a baby feels really hard for her.

Another important placement I noticed was the chart ruler Mercury/conjunct the Moon in the 6th house in Aquarius, this represents family duties, maybe she needs to think more about family/mothering duties. The 6th house also represents determination and responsibility. Your sister has the sign of Aquarius on the cusp of this house, she may have a rebellious nature towards her duties/responsibilities and doesn't quite conform to those duties. (Moon/Aqa/6th.)

The Moon in Aquarius does have deep emotional needs but she can be out of touch with these needs, she is learning about how to respond differently by developing intimacy while maintaining space. She does seem to represent a freedom-loving independent mother a very unconventional type of mum, and there is a tendency to be rebellious when there is a feeling of being moulded or told what to do. The challenge for a person with the Moon in the sixth house is to work at cooperating with others.

The NN/7th - Part of her task is to learn how to relate to others. The pattern in the past has been selfish, seeing only her own needs.
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Re: Self Worth

It looks like your sister has some pretty heavy transits. First she has Pluto transiting her 4th house, this is a tough place for Pluto to be, and there is a lot of tension within the family. At this point she wants to be free and is experiencing much frustration because she can’t do what she wants to do. She feels dominated by your mom because she feels mom has too much power over her. She is reflecting on her childhood, how she was raised and it is bringing out some deep rooted anger. She is very easily hurt, and she blames one or both of the parents for her unhappiness. With a conjunction to her natal Saturn her responsibilities are too restrictive and she is too tied down. The only action that she can take is to get away from it all. Transiting Saturn is in her 12th house. She has a need to isolate herself and is happy to be in her own little world. The worst thing to do is harass her about this, it will cause her to withdraw even more. She is trying to get away from reality and gets sudden urges to just disappear for awhile. Tr Saturn is squaring her natal Neptune in 5. She cannot handle the challenge and responsibility of a child and chooses to take the easy way out, and learns the hard way. . She is not responsible enough to be a mother because she is still a child herself. Tra Saturn opposes her natal moon and tra Neptune is conjunct her natal moon (Aquarius). Acting on impulse makes it very difficult for her to stick to a daily routine. You’ll probably see a difference in her once this transit is over around October. Is there a possibility of drug/alcohol use? Her judgment is impaired somehow. Even with her Pisces sun she is still detached emotionally and does not place much value on the family bond. She feels closer to her friends than her family. She’s is definatly on the unconventional side. She is one who is easily hurt and needs positive reinforcement and encouragement. Will she snap out of it? I think so, but it won’t be easy. She has a lot to learn. Her chart indicates someone who is very creative and sensitive.
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Re: Self Worth

Sorry it took so long to get back to u guys. Thank you for the helpful responses. All of the responses are very, very accurate. My sister have always gotten whatever she wanted. She was our mother's favorite, the "Princess". She was told by our mother that she was the favorite. Our mother treated myself and our other siblings unfairly. Everyone outside our immediate family saw how differently she treated us compared to her. I've never felt that our mother loved us and I still feel this way. I honestly don't think she knows how to love because I don't think she love herself. I read that you can't ask someone to give you something they don't have. I've always applied that to her (my mother). I have so many painful memories about my mother. She has plotted against me and my other siblings. She has done many horrible things. One memory that stands out is the time when we accidentally left a box of cereal open, as a result roaches got into it. She was furious and made us eat that cereal. I remember the small roaches swimming in the milk. But she didn't care because we should have closed the box properly. I can't get that out of my head. I remember the cereal brand where I sat in that kitchen. I remember crying and telling her that there are bugs in my cereal and I remember her saying eat it anyway. Is this Karmic?

I guess my sister, being a Pisces picked up on our pain.

My sister has never been given chores. My mother cleans the house while my sister sits on her butt. I recently told my mother that she is the reason why my sister acts the way she does. But my mother is too stubborn to listen. I heard rumors that my little sister has started doing drugs but I don't know if it's true, though I wouldn't be surprised. I don't want to see my sister continue to go down the wrong road. I'm scared for her.

My mother was born on April 26, 1959. Cincinnati, Ohio I can't read the birth time because it's faded. But she was born in the evening. I have to get my little sister's father's information.

I don't know if it matters but my little sister is the only one in our family who doesn't have her Sun squaring her Moon. My twin sister and I have Neptune on the cusp of our 4th house. That Neptune squares our Saturn and oppose our Venus. (We have never met our father) I guess that is Neptune square Saturn or Sun square Moon.

My brother has Mars, Cancer in his 4th house. According to Liz Greene Mars, Cancer in the 4th house means that the individual has difficulties getting along with one of their parents. He has a good relationship with his father. His experience with our mother is not a very good one either. Very painful and abusive.
My brother info. August 1, 1983 Cincinnati, Ohio

I attatched my brother's and my chart. My other sister is just one minute older than me.
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