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Unread 06-22-2020, 01:25 AM
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Venus and Moon

I have a question in regards to two squaring energies in my chart.

As a woman, venus and moon are stand outs for what i experience in life. In my natal chart there is constant conflict with venus and moon. Venus rules the teenage years and moon rules motherhood years (how you are as a mum). So looking at my chart you can see venus is in virgo in 11th house. During my teenage years I attracted fun, free, peaceful harmonious energies towards me. I was grounded and healthy and balanced, mostly due to the good humanitarian ppl around me. And with that mars there i attracted quite nice men as well. With moon in sag first house, although motherhood comes first to me and i am a leader in that sense, i hate the combative energy it attracts from other ppl. I frequently have ppl either competing with me or trying to fight me or they copy me. No middle ground. I keep looking back at those teenage years and wish i could be there again. - But not saying this is due to being a mum. This is clearly seen in the chart. Moon in first will firght to the death for her children. And i must say it's exhausting. It's exhausting having to beat off all the sticks with purpose of protection. I do indeed see the greater purpose of this all. Im making huge positive changes to generations of unnecessary abuse when it comes to our ancestors. But it's exhausting me and it's not just me who misses that venus in virgo. We all do. Sooo - looking at that square. I have moments in life where im leading away as a mum and im doing a great job but it conflicts with my desire of the more reserved and receptive and peaceful venus in virgo. In many ways i find this moon placement annoying. Firstly with jupiter there (ruler of second and 5th) i become overindulgent often and look like ****. Mars (my adrenals glands) goes in overdrive as a result.
What do i do about this constant back and forth tension between the two? One psychic told me i need to balance the two energies in my marriage. Like it's complicated. My husband likes the confidant whore, which is the moon conjunct jupiter in 1st, but i attract love with my venus in virgo, which my husband doesnt like at all. this is conflicting cos venus is my feminine energy that attracts the male. But my husband will not even touch me if i am the shy reserved type which i often am in contrast to the moon.
So what do i do? Do i just become the more dominant woman and whore with my husband and choose to be innocent little virgo on the side? they're totally different energies. In so many ways. Not just sex and marriage but in life as well.
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Unread 09-13-2020, 04:01 PM
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Re: Venus and Moon

I read and re-read your post often because there were some things that I found confusing. Pardon me if I still have it wrong, but I must use my view in order to offer a second viewpoint.

I think you think your Venus is shy or demure because it is in the sign Virgo. And I think you think your Moon is combative because it is in the First House. I think you consider your Moon martian because it is in the First House.

I beg to differ. To emphasize the Venus sign this way is to practically erase the planetary configuration to which is belongs, not to mention its conjunction to Mars. If anything in your chart is Martian, it is Venus, and that characteristic over-rides the Virgo characteristics to a large degree. Your Venus-conjunct-Mars is quite different from a stereotypical Virgo influence. Venus in Virgo is not that demure most of time either. The Virgo does not over-ride the Mars; the Mars over-rides the Virgo a bit.

Venus is not irrelevant or inactive just because you are no longer an ingenue. Your Venus is active, period. You have a marriage. You have a love life. You have a mate. Venus is central to those issues.

I don't think Moon is the First House is a substitute of Venus. I think the blockage is Saturn square MC.

I think Moon-conjunct-South_Node is the biggest problem for the Moon. The hard aspects to Mars and Pluto also contribute.

Moon-conjunct-SN can drain the good cheer out of you. It feels like there is no one you can count on. You will probably develop a sturdy self-reliance as a result, but it is depressing. It doesn't block success in life; it just haunts you with the feeling that you can count on no one. I don't think your life has changed because Venus is now irrelevant to a married mother. Your life changed for a dozen reasons probably.

The Venus/Mars conjunction squared to Jupiter/Uranus is sexy and exciting, though not without hard challenges. I think you resent having to continue being exciting at this point. You seem to think it is your husband that forces that on you, but it is a configuration in your chart, so you have an appetite for that yourself. With Venus conjunct Mars, and Mars square Uranus, you are ANGRY. You have a choleric tendency with Mars-square-Uranus, but I have known women with that aspect who try to disown it with all their might. It is a tendency to be irritable and to get a reputation as an angry person. Of course, if you have successfully repressed your irritable side, then you will have more elusive problems to deal with.

I guess I would ask, do you consider yourself an irritable person?

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Re: Venus and Moon


Your Venus in Virgo is not all Virgo energy only. You are completely ignoring all the many energies that colour that Virgo Venus through aspects. You have to factor in all the aspects when you look at any one planet. I am almost certain you were never completely shy or demure because your Venus has liked excitement since your teenage years. Look at Mars and Uranus aspecting that Venus. Your husband now mirrors all that given your 7th house is in Tau and ruled by Venus.

Similarly look at the Moon and what planets aspect it, besides the sign it is in. You fight for your children's well being not only because the Moon is in the first, but because the ruler of the 5th house is in the 1st. Your being a mother, but also your own mother and women in generally important to you, or at least have their place of prominence in your life through the Moon in the first.

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” —Paramahansa Yogananda
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Smile Re: Venus and Moon

I see Venus+Moon+Jupiter in Virgo placements (for example) of a cis-woman on a natal chart to find motherhood to be an enjoyful part of her life than most. Venus is a feminine planet (of love, romance and beauty), the Moon is about motherhood and Jupiter reflects her pregnancies...and the sign Virgo is the maiden, virgin or young woman in astrology. If a woman has this: Venus in 1' Virgo, Moon in 11' Virgo and Jupiter in 21' Virgo, her astrological part of pregnancy is at 21' Leo, Venus is usually within 45' of the Sun, would it be interesting if her Sun is in around 21' Cancer. The sign Leo has a lot to do with families and procreation, also ruled by the Sun (and relation to fathers and male heads of household). There are many people who desire to have babies and raise children of both male and female genders of every astrological sun or moon sign.

In the ephemeris, the last time Venus, Moon and Jupiter (and Sun) met in Virgo was Sep 22-23, 2017 when the Sun transits into Libra. It would translate into a relative baby boom around this time or in 9 months from that date, esp. during the June 20-21, 2018 period. Dates for the northern Autumn/southern Vernal equinox and then the northern Summer/southern Winter solstice (Sun in Gemini cusp highly fertile Cancer).

In Oct 5-7, 1980, there was a Venus-Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo and behold, my mother discovered she was expecting my brother (only full-blooded sibling I have) at the time, he was born on Apr 23, 1981 which is about 6 days before her 30th birthday.

And the sabian symbol for Leo 21: Chickens intoxicated:
Chickens intoxicated does just refer to imbibing intoxicating substances. It really refers to those exceptional moments when experience seems to be far beyond the usual limits of human possibility.

It could be compared to a woman experiencing labor and giving birth, a somewhat feasible comparison to a hen laying an egg, and both a physiological and psychological experience of extremities a woman goes through in delivering a newborn baby into the world.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!

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Unread 09-23-2020, 12:36 AM
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Question Re: Venus and Moon

And a close friend of mine (born May 28, 1993) plans to get an IVF procedure to become a mother...and the due date could well be on Aug. 30-Sep. 3rd period, in my natal chart the Jupiter and Mars on my Virgo in exactly 6' and 9' periods, then you have the true node on Aug. 22- Saturn in my 25' Virgo on Oct. 16th...I'm not sure if I ever participate in the process of becoming a bio father, she lives in the Vancouver BC Canada area while I live in So CA USA.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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