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Unread 10-08-2007, 01:41 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Red face Views and advice appreciated

Hello, I've just discovered this site and would very much appreciate opinions on the synastry & composite charts with my other half.

I've uploaded both charts (I think!) but just in case they aren't there:

Me: 19 March 1967 15:45 Leicester UK
Him: 22 Dec 1957 09:30 London UK

I'm suffering with Neptune paranoia as the composite looks worrying in this respect, plus there's a nasty Nep/Ven aspect in the synastry. Also as neither his moon or venus are activated by my planets, how is it that he considers me to be his soul-mate & tells me he'd die of a broken heart without me?

As I love this man very much, and have never felt so right about anyone, it would mean a great deal to me if you could share your views on the staying power of this relationship, or is it all a Neptune illusion?

Thanks in advance.

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Unread 10-08-2007, 01:48 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Sorry, I've just tried to upload the charts again (from astro saved to my desktop) it doesn't appear to work...any tips?
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Unread 10-08-2007, 03:32 PM
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Boodica: to upload your chart I can only tell you how I do it...
I set up the chart in my astro program.I go to the dropdown menu *Edit* and click copy. I open *paint* and paste it there and save it as JPEG file. Now you need a "host" to deliver your image (apparently). I use photobucket but some use Imageshack...I go to photobucket and upload the file that I saved into my pictures (from *paint*). Then I click the URL and post it on the (already opened) thread..(Theres a prompt)....Give it a try...I'm no expert but I did manage to get a chart posted earlier tonight....Its a bit fiddly but when you get used to the process it only takes a few minutes...Good luck, Lillyjgc
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Unread 10-08-2007, 05:22 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 31
Red face Re: Views and advice appreciated

Thanks. I've managed to attach the synastry if anyone could have a quick look? Having difficulty with composite....will persevere!
Attached Images
File Type: bmp synastry 1.bmp (70.5 KB, 7 views)
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Unread 10-08-2007, 05:39 PM
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don't create a problem, to Boodica


You asked:
he considers me to be his soul-mate & tells me he'd die of a broken heart without me...I love this man very much
You love him he loves you, you are willing to work things out with him, he is willing to work thing out with why the worry? Relationships take time and effort from both people. As long as you are both willing to do this, your relationship should be fine.


To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:
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Unread 10-08-2007, 05:46 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Hopefully I've cracked it...alternatively I could copy & paste all aspects?
Can anyone shed any light on this relationship? Thanks x:59:
Attached Images
File Type: bmp composite pt2.bmp (57.4 KB, 5 views)
File Type: bmp composite pt1.bmp (39.8 KB, 2 views)
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Unread 10-08-2007, 06:02 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Thanks for your reassuring words Tim. Sadly - I'm a natural worrier - but I'm working on it!

I'd be really grateful for any opinons on the synastry, as I just don't see that many traditional romantic links there, and it does concern me.

My Vertex is conjunct his moon/ascendant
and our Nodes are in close opposition

Is this enough? I don't know if this is particularly profound. Can anyone help?
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Unread 10-09-2007, 09:21 AM
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Hi Boodica, I can only tell you the following. There are composite and Synastry charts. You only posted Composite charts.The composite only shows how the outside world sees you both, which could be a "I put my best foot forward" behavior, not saying anything about the relationship by itself. It shows also how both people work out their differences and how easy or difficult that is going to be for them and in which areas these difficulties could occur.
Now, if you want to look at your planets aspecting his and vice versa, as a relationship, only look for the time being at your Synastry. You can read a lot about Composite in the thread called:Synastry VS composite (or are both equalily important ?). There you find an article written by Liz Greene, very good! cheers, Star.
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Unread 10-09-2007, 10:56 AM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Many thanks Star, I posted the synastry chart at the top of this thread. I have studied both charts in depth, but would really appreciate someone more experienced to give their views.

Please find below major aspect list of our synastry, I'm the fish!

Longitudes referring to Tropical Zodiac
Sun (PIS.2819')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Square (= 90)orb= 0158'
Sun (PIS.2819')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Trine (=120)orb= 0114'
Sun (PIS.2819')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0846'
Sun (PIS.2819')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Trine (=120)orb= 0254'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0106'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0649'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Trine (=120)orb= 0407'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Trine (=120)orb= 0250'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0052'
Moo.(CAN. 123')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Trine (=120)orb= 0751'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0427'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0328'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Square (= 90)orb= 0512'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Trine (=120)orb= 0728'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Trine (=120)orb= 0030'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0229'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Trine (=120)orb= 0430'
Mer.(PIS. 444')-SNd.(TAU. 914'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0430'
Ven.(ARI.2902')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Trine (=120)orb= 0115'
Ven.(ARI.2902')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0146'
Ven.(ARI.2902')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0511'
Ven.(ARI.2902')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Trine (=120)orb= 0313'
Ven.(ARI.2902')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Square (= 90)orb= 0555'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0209'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0546'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0509'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0148'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0011'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0649'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-SNd.(TAU. 914'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0649'
Mar.(SCO. 226')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Square (= 90)orb= 0232'
Jup.(CAN.2425')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Trine (=120)orb= 0507'
Jup.(CAN.2425')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Square (= 90)orb= 0251'
Jup.(CAN.2425')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Trine (=120)orb= 0453'
Jup.(CAN.2425')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0316'
Jup.(CAN.2425')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Trine (=120)orb= 0059'
Sat.(ARI. 156')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Square (= 90)orb= 0139'
Sat.(ARI. 156')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Square (= 90)orb= 0616'
Sat.(ARI. 156')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Trine (=120)orb= 0224'
Sat.(ARI. 156')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Trine (=120)orb= 0632'
Sat.(ARI. 156')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0301'
Ura.(VIR.2208')-Sat.(SAG.1821'): Square (= 90)orb= 0347'
Ura.(VIR.2208')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0235'
Ura.(VIR.2208')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Trine (=120)orb= 0058'
Ura.(VIR.2208')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0317'
Nep.(SCO.2413')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0519'
Nep.(SCO.2413')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Trine (=120)orb= 0440'
Nep.(SCO.2413')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0303'
Nep.(SCO.2413')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0112'
Plu.(VIR.1906')-Moo.(CAP.1405'): Trine (=120)orb= 0501'
Plu.(VIR.1906')-Sat.(SAG.1821'): Square (= 90)orb= 0045'
Plu.(VIR.1906')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0027'
Plu.(VIR.1906')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Trine (=120)orb= 0204'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Trine (=120)orb= 0714'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Moo.(CAP.1405'): Trine (=120)orb= 0634'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Trine (=120)orb= 0041'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Ven.(AQU.1114'): Square (= 90)orb= 0343'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Ura.(LEO 1107'): Square (= 90)orb= 0336'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0317'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Trine (=120)orb= 0515'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0144'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-SNd.(TAU. 914'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0144'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-Chi.(AQU.1420'): Square (= 90)orb= 0650'
NNd.(TAU. 731')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Square (= 90)orb= 0233'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0041'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Ven.(AQU.1114'): Square (= 90)orb= 0343'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Ura.(LEO 1107'): Square (= 90)orb= 0336'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0317'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0515'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0144'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-SNd.(TAU. 914'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0144'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-Chi.(AQU.1420'): Square (= 90)orb= 0650'
SNd.(SCO. 731')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Square (= 90)orb= 0233'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Square (= 90)orb= 0610'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Square (= 90)orb= 0145'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-Ven.(AQU.1114'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0447'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Trine (=120)orb= 0655'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-Ura.(LEO 1107'): Trine (=120)orb= 0440'
BMoo(ARI. 627')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0130'
Chi.(PIS.2554')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Square (= 90)orb= 0423'
Chi.(PIS.2554')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Trine (=120)orb= 0338'
Chi.(PIS.2554')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0621'
Chi.(PIS.2554')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0444'
Chi.(PIS.2554')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Trine (=120)orb= 0029'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Sun (CAP. 017'): Trine (=120)orb= 0714'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Square (= 90)orb= 0629'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Jup.(LIB.2716'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0413'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Sat.(SAG.1821'): Trine (=120)orb= 0442'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0912'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-Chi.(AQU.1420'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0842'
ASC.(LEO 2303')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Square (= 90)orb= 0222'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Moo.(CAP.1405'): Trine (=120)orb= 0508'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Mer.(CAP. 812'): Trine (=120)orb= 0045'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Ven.(AQU.1114'): Square (= 90)orb= 0217'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Ura.(LEO 1107'): Square (= 90)orb= 0210'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Nep.(SCO. 413'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0443'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Trine (=120)orb= 0642'
MC. (TAU. 857')-NNd.(SCO. 914'): Opposition (=180)orb= 0017'
MC. (TAU. 857')-SNd.(TAU. 914'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0017'
MC. (TAU. 857')-Chi.(AQU.1420'): Square (= 90)orb= 0523'
MC. (TAU. 857')-PFor(AQU. 457'): Square (= 90)orb= 0400'
PFor(SCO.2608')-Mar.(SCO.2932'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0324'
PFor(SCO.2608')-Plu.(VIR. 215'): Square (= 90)orb= 0607'
PFor(SCO.2608')-BMoo(PIS.1933'): Trine (=120)orb= 0635'
PFor(SCO.2608')-ASC.(CAP.2110'): Sextile (= 60)orb= 0458'
PFor(SCO.2608')-MC. (SCO.2525'): Conjunction (= 0)orb= 0043'
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Unread 10-09-2007, 12:19 PM
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Oh right, yes, I got the synastry chart now. Well, the Moons are both in compatible signs which is nice. Suns being in square is very often seen in longterm relationships. The square is formed out of compatible signs, dont forget that! It shows dynamic interchanges between the two of you .Moon-Sun opposition same thing, very common in relationship charts. Oppositions are better than squares. Here you can still negotiate and get to a mutual conscensus. Your Moon is quite s(mothering) sextiling Pluto and trining Mars in Scorpio, maybe a bit too heavy for his Saggittarius Sun.You can talk things over without problems, the two Mercuries make nice aspects, so that is very important. Your Merc. squares his Mars in his 10th so arguments could be about his career or you mingling into his affairs. After all, your Merc is in your 7th house of partnership and trining your Mars, so you can come over fairly strong I I am not mistaken. Nevertheless, here you can see that the square is made out of Water signs which are compatible to one another and it could therefore also be that your comments could have a positive (energizing) effect on his career. You are very convincing. Try to stop worrying about things too much. I know, Sun conjunct Saturn in the 8th and then also conjunct Chiron, it shows real suffering connected to you worrying about everything. 8th house is famous for digging and wanting to know in order to find security in yourself. This is also what the square of the Suns are telling you. He is the optimistic one, you are the (hopefully not eternal) pessimist. I can see that he could suffer through relationships because of the conjunction between Chiron and Venus in his 1st house. Probably something in connection with his early environment, the 4th house (ruled by his Venus). The only thing that could work out a bit less positive are the Ascendants. His in Earth, yours in Fire. He of course has an inner conflict between his Ego needs and his Emotional needs (Sun in Fire, Moon in Earth) and this is reflected in those Ascendants. His Asc. ruler is in a fire sign, yours in a water sign which is not incompatible, more neutral I would say. In fact, your Sun/Saturn conjunction go well with his Capricorn Ascendant really. both of you have strong Saturnian qualities and your Saturn is in a fire sign, like his, compensating things. The Moon-Jupiter trine is a very helpful aspect to have and can help enormously when there should be problems.(and who does not have those!!). His Descedant falls in Cancer, he clearly likes a Cancerian partner, yours falls in Aquarius, could mean that you look for someone who lets you be free within the relationship. This could maybe more of a problem as he is quite "restrictive" with Sun, Moon and Merc all three in Capricorn AND in his 12th house. He is extremely sensitive and could get hurt easily and it can be difficult for him to open up and talk about things that bother him. He could have the tendency to turn inwards at times, wanting to retreat and that could be difficult for you to accept. But if you give him this "freedom" to do that, that will then work out OK. He has had painful experiences in very early childhood I believe.
He has Uranus in his 7th house, intercepted, co-ruling his Ascendant and Venus and Chiron are also intercepted. Intercepted planets cannot easily express their energy and his Venus is especially sensitive and of course not happy in Aquarius. Here we see a Venus-Uranus combi and a Uranus in the 7th house which often points towards separations at some point in the life, when transits trigger it. He is very prone to that. You have Uranus ruling your 7th house and conjunct Pluto, also very potent conjunction showing potential trouble and squaring the ruler of his Sun.
All in all, I find that basically there is a strong, good attachement between you two but potential problems that need to be addressed. Either when they happen (and you can talk it over well) or before committing yourselfs completely. You have 8 house issues to resolve (within yourself) he has 12th house issues to deal with. That is probably also why you are attracted to one another. You have both not had it easy I believe so somehow, you understand one another. You just have to be careful not to project your problems onto one another, which is often the case in relationships. I hope this helps you a bit to see things clearer. Good luck to you and may things work out well. Cheers, Star.
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Unread 10-09-2007, 08:55 PM
Boodica Boodica is offline
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Re: Views and advice appreciated

Thanks so much for taking the time to look at these charts Star.

Your observations are incredibly interesting and very much appreciated. Would you mind sharing your opinion on a North Node conj South Node synastry conjunction?

Love and light
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advice, appreciated, views

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