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Horary Questions on Relational Issues For horary questions about relationships.

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Unread 02-18-2015, 01:50 PM
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How will the relationship come about?

Hey all, hope everyone is I posted this in an old thread haven't yet had a response to this one but after having another go today I am still struggling a bit so wonder if anyone is up for lending a hand to get to the bottom of it. It is not a huge pressing issue it just would really help me practise and also help my friend who cast the chart!

background- The first chart she cast was a relationship question kindly answered by dirius as a yes. So after seeing him and no 'action' yet so to speak she cast another which i promised to try and interpret (lol)

How will the relationship come about? is the question...(maybe this is not an ideal question for horary in retrospect with my ones I have usually been more direct)

Querent is Saturn in Sagi in the tenth. The fact it is angular and she is in a place whereby her social standing /reputation is favoured. Also potentially her philosophy on life. She could make the move here she has the power to.

Quesited is the Moon - He is in the 7th house along with benefic Jupiter however they are in different signs.
Moon is in Virgo

Aspects- The moon here makes a square to saturn. I have read this is a classic malefic influence but not so if it is a significator is this correct?

I am guessing though the 'coming about' of the relationship will be delayed or with some difficulty due to this aspect.

So far I have delays, obstacles and a connection to her career. I am a little stuck on whether I also use the co sigs in her first house or not? Or would i take Venus/Sun as the co sigs to glean more info..?

Advice much appreciated. xxx

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Unread 02-18-2015, 02:46 PM
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Re: How will the relationship come about?

Is this the friend from: ??

I actually sort of made a mistake in that previous chart.

I said venus was in applying conjunction with mars.

But mars and venus didn't conjunct, until they move into the next sign, which might imply a "future" event, rather than something in the next few weeks.

The feeling part was true though, the guy would seem to have a liking for her.

Anyways, casting more charts on the matter won't really help. Horary isn't a magical solution. She should wait and see how the relationship develops. I understand horary is sort of "addictive" and one would want ot try to cast as many charts as possible in order to get all the information we can, but this just doesn't work.
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Unread 02-18-2015, 10:10 PM
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Re: How will the relationship come about?

hey, ah thanks dirius, That may well explain why nothing happened Yes she is infatuated as you pointed out I think.. bless. will relay the info and pass on the chill message interestingly was reading an article on what morally should be answered and when... this morning -this kind of fits the bill. Thanks.

For future and learning purposes though... would I use the planets in first house as co sigs in an instance like this or potentially the sun and venus? I guess when the moon is a sig it may be more relevant?

Was my interpretation off or ok?

In a question like this (which i guess is not perfect for horary?) can a 'story' be read or does that get into chart turning which I dare not even think about trying yet! Thanks for the tips.

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