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Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts (after you post your own birth chart interpretation). Includes psychological and relocation astrology, houses, aspects, and planetary dignity and debility.

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Post Evolutionistic, sidereal Astrology

Evolutionistic Astrology:
Why do I think this kind of evolutionistic Astrology is right? Because the ancients used it: For horary as well as weather predictions (3 days anterior; not earlier.) As well as good natal charts:

Campanus houses
Orbs: 3 degrees
Zodiac: sidereal, 31 degrees and 44' minutes. Could be 2911'.

How can this be proven? By similarity; contest your charts in your databases to these ones, then you will be helped:

I have Arnold Schwarzenegger's chart here:

Sidereal mode on:
Gemini ascendant. Mercury in sidereal sign of Gemini: Does Gemini rule hands, and lungs (dexterity and power in the body, lungs: running and power brains.) Yes.
Point down

Neptune in the 4th house in Virgo, does it mean relocating to movie-star places or down-trodden, druggish places, yes. Especially in California-virgo (Virgo rules movie-actors). Point down

Jupiter in 5th house (acting) in Libra (does Libra rule beauty, yes. Does this placement confirm success with beauty and handsomeness like talking and computer programming (Cgi graphics), yes.) It is in tight trine to the Ascendant ruler and 1st house planet Mercury, ruler or relocations and houses. Mercury rules houses, because it rules windows. Houses are windows. (Genius Bill Gates knew this).

I think this chart is self-exlanatory.

Now on to the next chart:

Stephen Hawking:

Sagittarius rising and Mercury in Sagittarius. Does Sagittarius rule computers, analytics and scientism (naturalism)? Yes. Does Saturn conjunct Uranus rule Mathematics? Yes. Especially in college-environments. Does Aries here indicate the best, the fieriest, the kigliest environments (particularly since it's the fifth sign from Ascendant) Yes. Does Jupiter in Taurus rule Mathematics? Yes. Taurus is structures. And hidden environments. The word of God is taurus. Aries is God and the 2nd house is speech (Vedic science knows this.) Does Moon in 9th sign from ascendant mean higher philosophies are strong in this individual, Yes. Does Leo mean the individual will be a king: Yes. Does Moon conjunct North Node mean mathematics and success? Yes. Does Pluto in the Gemini-house rule mathematics? Yes, sometimes, especially when high-degreed. Does Mars near 3rd house cusp rule mathematics and high-brained thinking? Optimally-so! Yes. Absolutely.

I think I need to go no further than this. I used Sagittarius rising because of optimal-visual-value-enhanced thinking (I am hallucinatory in my Brain. But my brain is big. It is imagining according to rules of ancient Societies. I have a high standard Brain, which is why I put my birth chart here now:


22nd July 1983, 3:45pm, Brunswick, Germany (Braunschweig, Germany. good town)

I have Mars trine Ascendant, so I am a good rhetorician. But Mars also inflames the body a lot, wich is why I get into too many hot debates too often, the 9th cusp with equal houses is also a dangerous position for the Mind, particularly the Mind of others, it inflames the Minds and makes them dangerous to the native. Does Mercury in Cancer rule automotive intellect? Yes. I am an automotive-technician, who lacks training in his youth (until age 35, lacking in training, or so; I am still at age 32)I can see the future; Also: I am a jesus-wizard: Does Sun in 9th cusp predict this? Partly.

Does Jupiter in 29 degree Libra/Scorpio mean I try to be a Saviour (hell yes! It does.) Yes. Does Moon in Sagittarius mean I will succeed in this : Yes. But not before age 33! Yes. (I have reason.) Does north-node conjunct the 8th cusp mean I will get a lot of money? Yes. Partly. But can also mean a lot of Sex. good. Yes. But I am denying myself now. I am predicting too many things now.

I need to stop. I will tell you one thing out of my private life: Saturn in 12th house made me Lame (schizophrenically, manically, depressive-disabled in my Youth.) Does this indicate this especially in Virgo (heads)? Yes. Virgo means heads and nervery (Movie-actors need too think; and so do automotive technicians.) I have Sun in Gemini: Is my father a braggart: Yes. A lawyer, too. (Hidden notice.) I have Orcus in Cancer, is my sex drive too much? Yes. Too much. Yes.

I think Moon in third whole sign makes me a good rhetorician. In Sagittarius I can be a good religionist or dream fantasists or even movie dreamer (I can come up with dreams. Yes.) Does Part of Fortune in 6th house mean I am a good technician? Yes. I was a computer-technician in my youth, but I lost it (12th house-Pisces analogy.) Pisces also rules small, subtle cars.
Does Aquarius on 5th cusp mean I am attracted to doggy wives? Unfortunately, yes. They need to be dressed well and appropriately and sexily. But not too charming. Too charming would be over-dosis (Pisces).

I think I went thru a lot. Now I can tell you that Venus in 10th house makes me want to be the best (Libra is me, I am a talker and show-off-y guy, especially in Leo; about my Virginity.) Does Venus square Uranus mean I am an automotive technician? Yes. Does Libra ascendant mean I like big-beautiful cities? Like Hamburg, Germany, Venice, Italy, and Sao Paulo, Brazil? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

I think I told you enough. Mercury in 9th house means I am interested in technics. In Cancer: Ancient technics like Astrology. I am a revolutionizer of astrology. With this post, I revolutionized Astrology. Trust In Me:Also in my Wife: Sabrina.

I am neurotic.

I think I talked enough about my chart: 5th house cusp in Aquarius makes me attracted to Race Cars (big time!). But you need to understand that Moon in whole sign third house makes me dream these things up! Many things here; other things are prophetical.

Does Sun in 9th cusp make me want to go to foreign countries a lot? Yes. In Cancer: Especially water-surrounded places and places of mystery? Yes.

I think I am done with my chart. (You get it: I am ambitious.)

Who else can be talked about? Maybe this guy: Jordi Cruz:

He's the presenter and main-cook/chef of the television series MasterChef in Spain: (good show)

Does Venus conjunct Saturn in rising ruler Cancer mean he is the Master Chef (Yes.) Dot Dot Dot.

He revealed his Ascendant on the show, but didn't go into the exact birth-time. I think it is done.

Next chart:

Macaulay Culkin (he's a good actor!)

26 August 1980 (time varies between Noon and High noon. I have no clue, except my Thoughts.)

He's a genius-ace actor: Sun, Mercury Jupiter and Saturn in Leo (the sign of being a grown kid in a rulership position (against all odds?) I think this fits well with his acting fame role ("Home Alone"), a very spirited movie about defending one's own turf (Leo)

Moon in Aquarius also makes him go into rad roles (too early to get? roles. Like defending a home against vicious, slimey scum-goats? Lol.) I am just kidding about the last part. But I am an automotive-technician, I am slightly dirty-minded, always.

In any case, I think I derived enough things from these charts.

I think I iproved my point. But in order to fulfill my water-Mercury thoughts I will vapize this post with the thought: I will add more posts later!

See you.
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