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Celebrity Astrology For interesting threads on celebrities' natal charts and lives, which provide an excellent educational opportunity for us all.

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Unread 08-15-2010, 05:20 AM
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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great (Alexandros III of Macedon) was, according to Plutarch (Life of Alexander), born on the 6th of Loos, 356 BCE. The Greeks used a lunar calendar, and Ernst Badian, in consult with the Harvard astronomy dept., was able to determine that in 356, the 6th of Loos fell on the 19th of July, not the 20th (this, contra what many encyclopedias and history books will tell you). So charts cast for the 20th are a day off. :-)

He was born in Pella, (ancient) Macedonia, which is a little east of modern Thessaloniki. (There is a modern town called Pella, btw, just NW of the ancient site.) We don't know the time of his birth. In antiquity, he was known for having a "leonine" appearance, but one must beware of such descriptions because they're intended to be symbolic as much as anything (ergo, insert a healthy skepticism -- people in antiquity lied just as easily as they do today). Below is a what Andrew Stewart and other experts on ATG's portraiture believe to be the most accurate sculpture of him made in his lifetime, the Azara Herm:

I've guestimated two different possible rising signs, one with Leo rising just for snorts and giggles (c. 7:30am), placing the sun in his 11th house. Another chart, the one I find more likely and which coordinates are posted below, uses noon. Whatever the rising sign (Libra for noon), given his fame, I find a 10th house sun likely, if not necessarily certain. Conjunct the MC is just icing.

This is an EXTREMELY interesting chart, IMO. He has a multiply reinforcing Grand Trine with the Sun-Venus conjunction in Cancer at the apex, Moon-Jupiter-(Neptune) in detail-oriented Virgo on one corner and Saturn in stubborn, pragmatic Taurus on the other. All these planets (sans Neptune) would have been visible to the Chaldeans, along with what they'd have thought an unaspected Mercury (it's actually in opposition to his Uranus).

Some little details about him that are lesser known ... he was a detail nut, he often figured his own logistics not just strategy, he had an uncanny ability to second-guess what the opposing general/leader was going to do before he did it (almost psychic, like many great generals). He also had a love for music and art but was not (according to the ancients) all that discerning! *grin* He tended to form strong attachments that lasted all his life, and he took betrayal VERY badly. His closet companion/friend/lover (Hephaistion) was known to him as a best bud at least 19 years, and maybe longer. Yet he once said, "Sleep and sex remind me I'm mortal." (One of the few direct quotes preserved that I find likely.) He believed himself the son of a god and a hero (to the ancient Greeks, being the son of a god didn't make one a god one's self, just a hero ... ala Herakles and Achilles, both of whom he believed himself descended from).

He was quite probably a polymath, with multiple talents and gifts. He wrote plays, studied medicine and architecture, loved science, and designed cities ... when he wasn't busy conquering them. He was as much "Lewis and Army" as a conqueror. He wanted to see what lay beyond the next hill ... in antiquity, you had to do that with an army to back you up. He also FED off the adoration of his soldiers (which is why either a 10th or 11th house sun seem probable to me). When they were angry with him, he wilted.

What the ancients *couldn't* see, of course, is his Pluto. I'm a little leery of house placements (for obvious reasons), but I find the square from Aries Pluto to his Cancer Sun-Venus conjunction very telling. What more would you want for a "world conqueror" than a Sun-Pluto square? :-D Mars is furthermore sextile to his Pluto, and square to his Moon-Jupiter-(Neptune) combo. We know about his infamous temper. He once skewered his foster-brother in a drunken brawl when his foster-brother (Kleitos) insulted his honor and implied he hadn't earned his fame ... then mourned for days afterward.

Some might question the Virgo moon, but I actually find it quite likely, given little details of his life. The man once threw one of his soldiers out of the battle-line for having his helm chin-strap undone as "lack of attention to important details" ... er, Virgo much? He also, in addition to conquering the world, carried on a weird sort of "dear Abby" service for his own officers, writing letters full of advice, AND he visited his men in the hospital tent after battles, even going so far as to prescribe treatments for them, having learned medicine from his tutor -- none other than Aristotle. So yeah, Virgo moon makes a great deal of sense!

My own chart was hand-done with coordinates from the old Nova program. I share it for educational purposes, but it took a lot of time to track down the details, so please respect that and don't claim it for your own. :-) I'd scan it for you but my scanner doesn't work! Ergo, below are the salient coordinates for the noon chart:

AC: 17.35 Libra
2nd: 14.56 Scorp
3rd: 16.18 Cap
MC: 20.20 Cancer
11: 23.49 Leo
12: 23.10 Virgo

Sun: 20.47 Cancer
Moon: 18.25 Virgo
Mercury: 2:15 Cancer
Venus: 22.55 Cancer
Mars: 12.58 Gemini
Jupiter: 24.59 Virgo
Saturn: 19.10 Taurus
Uranus: 7.17 Capricorn (retro)
Neptune: 16.14 Virgo
Pluto: 19.56 Aries
N.node 3.51 Aquarius

(The slashes divide the three planets they wouldn't have known about.)

If you want to cast the chart like the Babylonians would, remember they cast charts SQUARE, not round. Myself, I just use round and the houses above are Placidius.

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