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Unread 09-12-2020, 01:30 PM
Missgee25 Missgee25 is offline
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Advice needed please

hHllo,i would really appreciate a guide on how to better myself as a person, and why I care so much what others think of me, and what sort of people such as friends, partners i attract and the lessons I am supposed to be learning?

I definitely care too much what people think of me, and i get jealous of other people standing out and shining and others noticing them, i feel like a lot if the time dont feel good enough and feel like men aren't attracted to me and people in gerneral think im lower or not enough to keep around as a friend or not cool enough.

If anyone can have a look at my chart and tell me anything at all I would really appreciate it,lile how to better myself, do people like me and im just not seeing it clearly, are men attracted to me and what talents I have i can focus on, my purpose or just not caring in general what ppl think, im just sick of feeling sorry for myself tbh. I guess coming here and writing all this is me feeling sorry for myself lol and looking for validation, but I've suffered with this feeling of inadequacy since I was young. Rejection is so painful.

Thank you in advance to anyone, I appreciate anything I get written back to me.

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Unread 09-12-2020, 03:37 PM
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Cary2 Cary2 is offline
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Re: Advice needed please

Your chart does not pose a problem with popularity or attractiveness. So why do you feel so bad about these issues? Your fears are so severe they are approaching phobia. That is caused by Saturn in the Twelfth House square to Pluto. This can create depression, too, and lonely, in fact isolated, feelings. This Saturn/Pluto square may burden you with a tendency to be a bad sport, with a tendency to be dishonest, and with a tendency to dig into such things.

Not everyone with this square will be so conscientious about their character as you are. This square often suggests people who deceive themselves about their own character, but some people with this square will be relentless self-analysts who want to understand themselves and human nature. Obviously you are the relentless self-analyst type. Your approach of policing your thoughts and working on your negative qualities is exactly the right approach.

You have a formation of Venus oppose Jupiter with Venus trine Mars. You should have no trouble at all finding willing candidates as lovers. This is also good for popularity.

Plus you have Moon-trine-Jupiter which is a popular person with who is empathic and sociable. I mean it. Popularity and appeal should be a cinch for you. You have a generosity of spirit. This is one of the finest aspects to have, and people like this are a pleasure to know usually.

It is highly encouraging that you are facing yourself with a desire for self-improvement. This often leads to very fine characters, even saintly people.

The other problem is Mars oppose the Uranus-Neptune conjunction. This may haunt you with nightmares about your life. You may feel obsessed or possessed at times. Find a way to call on spiritual help to help you dodge and ward off such influences. You are already on the right path with your conscientious attempts to police your thoughts to design for yourself a noble character. I think you will make it.
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Unread 09-12-2020, 03:49 PM
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aquarius7000 aquarius7000 is offline
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Re: Advice needed please


Firstly, next time you post a chart, please post one that is less crowded, with mainstream planets and without all sorts of asteroids and calculated things like the vertex. Else post two charts.

It is very clear to me why you are so concerned about popularity and how you come across to others. Two important things to look at the chart in this regard are: 1) the Asc and what its lord is doing; 2) the Moon

Your Asc. Lord is Jup, which is in the 7th- so it loves to relate and interact with others. Secondly, the Moon is in Gemini-which means its pulls its security from communicating and interacting with others. The Gem. energy is that of a social butterfly. So naturally you want to make a good impression on other so the interaction can continue. Further, the Moon is in your 3rd house of communication and is in a trine to Jup in the 7th of others.

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

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advice, needed

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