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Unread 02-26-2009, 04:25 PM
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Mini Lesson: Placement and Reception

This is an interesting exploration of the techniques of house placement and the use of receptions to show the relationships between people. Feel free to add any observations or comments.


The querent is engaged in an online flirtation with a man, who has a long-term girlfriend (and a child). The querent and the man know one another 'in person' as they work in the same profession and also share a number of mutual acquaintances, so there is opportunity for them to see one another in 'real life', although they haven't done so due to geographic distances and difference in lifestyle.

Because this flirtation is online (they are using Facebook), his girlfriend has some access to viewing what he is saying. The querent is adamant that there is nothing especially 'risqué' in their conversations (the ones on the public interface) but the querent thinks that the girlfriend must be aware that her man is conversing rather a lot with the querent. The querent states that the girlfriend is now 'appearing' more frequently, particularly after the querent has posted something to the boyfriend's 'wall', but doesn't know whether this is deliberate or simply coincidence.

She asked me, "Does the girlfriend view me a rival?"

8.18 Libra ASC
Moon 16.33 Pisces in H6.

First, since this is a question NOT about the man of interest, but the girlfriend as a rival, we use the 7th house to represent the girlfriend. Note that Venus is placed, in detriment, in the 7th. This emplacement gives us testimony that the 7th is the right house to use: the house of 'open enemies'. Venus in detriment in the house of the 'rival' shows us that the girlfriend has all the power in this relationship; Venus is in Mars' sign.

What does Mars think of Venus? Mars has passed a sextile to Venus, showing us that the girlfriend has recently become aware of Venus' presence. This is further reinforced by the application of Mercury, ruler of the girlfriend's 3rd house (and natural ruler of communications) about to perfect a sextile to Venus and then carry it to Mars. It may be that the girlfriend makes contact with the querent directly at some point in the not-to-distant future!

But does she view Venus a rival? If this were the case, we would expect to see a strong reception (much like Venus being in Mars' domicile); but using Ptolemaic tables, Mars views Venus only by term: a very mild interest, at best. So it's safe to say that the girlfriend isn't especially worried about the querent right now. As Mars is the 'host' (domicile ruler), Mars has let Venus into the 'house', but Venus clearly isn't comfortable with the idea- again reflecting the difference in power here.

However, it is interesting to explore what else there is in this chart. There is a 'missing person' in this picture, and that is the boyfriend, the object of interest for the querent. Which planet represents him, if not the 7th house?

For this, we need only to look at receptions. Where is Venus? In the 7th, in Aries. The planet that exalts in Aries is the Sun, natural ruler of Men in their prime, which this man is. So Venus 'exalts' the Sun, and is also in the Sun's face. She is infatuated with him, and likes him a bit, too. The Sun receives her with much favour.

Where is the Sun? In the 5th house of 'romancing, wining and dining'. This emplacement shows us that we have the right planet, because the querent is looking at the boyfriend from a lover's perspective.

What sign is the Sun in? Pisces. What planet is exalted in Pisces? Venus! This further reinforces the use of the Sun for the boyfriend. Clearly he and the querent are enjoying their little flirtation as the Sun is also in Venus' terms: he also likes her, and is infatuated with her. She receives him with much favour, too!

This is a fantastic example of where receptions and placements can give us a good picture!

So how is the relationship between the boyfriend and girlfriend? The Sun is in Pisces, triplicity ruler of Mars. The boyfriend likes the girlfriend well enough; triplicity usually shows a comfortable relationship rather than the fireworks of exaltation. The girlfriend, however, is in the sign of the Sun's detriment, so she isn't very happy with him right now! The querent told me that there are rumours amongst the 'shared acquaintances' that the girlfriend is pressuring the boyfriend for another baby. Perhaps this 'negative' reception shows trouble in that area - maybe he doesn't want another one(?) Who knows?

This question had no other 'motive' (as in 'does he love me' or 'will we be together'), but we can look at the Moon to see what is happening. The Moon applies by opposition to Saturn.

Saturn is retrograde and joys in the 12th house; Lilly says:
Saturn does much joy in [the 12th], for naturally Saturn is author of mischief, CA56
and Saturn receives the Moon as triplicity ruler. Saturn is the ruler of the 5th house. Because there is reception here from the applying planet I would think that this online dalliance will continue unhindered, and in secret (since Saturn is in the 12th of secrets and hidden things). It may not bring any results, however, due to the nature of the opposition; or it may bring results that are regretted.

Interestingly, there is no 'corporeal joining' of the Sun and Venus in this chart, so it seems likely that the online fun is the only thing to happen, at least for a while. BUT. Venus is stationing retrograde and will go back to join with the Sun, when the Sun reaches Aries. He will be exalted then, and Venus in his exaltation. Mars never catches up to the Sun. This could be an indication that they DO have a 'meeting' of some sort in the future, but because of the imbalance in the receptions then, the querent may wind up getting 'burnt'. A word of warning for her.

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Unread 02-27-2009, 02:20 AM
icestar icestar is offline
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Re: Mini Lesson: Placement and Reception

That's a great explanation about placement and reception. I have a question though. The boyfriend, Sun is in querent's 5th house, then querent views him with a 5th house perspective. So in general, if quesited is in a particular house of querent, then it shows that querent view quesited with perspective of that house. If querent is in quesited's xth house then it will show how quesited views querent as?
Eg in a particular chart, querent is in quesited's 7th, with quesited signified by the 11th house, thus quesited view querent with a 7th house perspective?
I'm not lost, I'm just wandering.
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Unread 02-27-2009, 07:45 AM
archergirl archergirl is offline
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Re: Mini Lesson: Placement and Reception

I'm always a bit cautious about using turned houses, icestar, because they can get you into a muddle. In this chart I used Mercury for the girlfriend's communication, but Mercury is the planet ruling communication anyway, so it wouldn't have mattered if Mercury *wasn't* the 'turned 3rd house'.

A question asked, will always be from the querent's perspective, so even if the question is about someone else's motives, the motives will be read from the querent's point of view. The placement of planets in any query, will show where the real focus is for the querent.

So here, the placement of the Sun in the 5th house gives evidence that the underlying thoughts about the boyfriend, are 5th house thoughts....from the querent's perspective. That he's in the 5th house doesn't necessarily mean that he is thinking 5th house thoughts himself...however, that is probably shown by the receptions with the querent: both in the exaltation of the other.

However, I have to emphasise here that Venus and the Sun do not receive one another by bodily aspect...only by sign. This is a different kettle of fish than by bodily aspect, which is more important. That they are in signs of mutual exaltation shows the thoughts of each person, not the path of their relationship (or, in this case, the path of no relationship).

In another chart I did, the Moon, the querent, AND the quesited wound up in the 11th house, showing that, even though this was a love question, the end result was very very likely to be friendship...they were friends at the time and the querent wanted to take it further. The placement of everything in the 11th showed that this was unlikely, although still possible.

It all has to be read in context, but I would caution people, I guess, from trying to read everything from any other perspective than that of the person who is asking the question. It is *their* question, after all, and the chart will reflect their state of mind and emotions.

House placement in general is a good way of 'proving' that the question is a valid one.

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Unread 02-27-2009, 08:49 AM
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Re: Mini Lesson: Placement and Reception

The placement of everything in the 11th showed that this was unlikely, although still possible.

It all has to be read in context, but I would caution people, I guess, from trying to read everything from any other perspective than that of the person who is asking the question. It is *their* question, after all, and the chart will reflect their state of mind and emotions.


So, if I understood this corectly, we have to keep it simple for one more time, looking at the placement (the basic) and the aspect. If we are asking about other peoples intentions, do we take the turned chart than or not? And if yes, is this only in the case whan we have 2 people involved (like what are his intentions or what is he thinking about me...) so, I take the AC and the other part takes the analogical house...
Thank you
Best regards
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