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Unread 06-23-2018, 08:14 PM
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Re: the node and reality

Hi panda lover
With moon conjunct to saturn and the node, you have air of altered reality around your life. This aspect can show family wealth or other social opens you p to paranormal influences and addition your Lilith is conjunct your node. Thi gives you very accurate intuiions aand often gives overt psychic abilities .you are extremely perspective to all that goes on round your.
I go over Saturn and the node on my node thread.
Saturn/moon conjunct shows that you’re devoted and sincere by nature. This would give a longing for commitment in relationships
Neptune square to moon/Neptune gives you a very flexible personality and tends toward a spiritual perspective. But it also can show self esteem issue, sometimes because of a lack of parent. This also can make it difficult to find someone that will reciprocate your need for commitment.

This is more so as mars is opposed to Neptune and vertex which shows that most men are insincere, though it does indicate that you might have emotional success with me of a different cultural or racial makeup. I this interesting that you have Sappho conjunct Neptune and the vertex and square you moon. This suggest that some men atrated to your might want to have ménage e trios with you and/or it can signify that you are bisexual .

Hi Rahu,
Sorry for the late reply as the last two days have been crazily busy.
I figured I d copy paste my feedback to your email here so please feel free to post it in your node thread.

With moon conjunct to Saturn and the node, you have air of altered reality around your life. This aspect can show family wealth or other social opens you p to paranormal influences and addition your Lilith is conjunct your node. Thi gives you very accurate intuitions and often gives overt psychic abilities .you are extremely perspective to all that goes on round your.
“ I have had quite a bit encounters with ghosts/spirits but mainly in my childhood and teen age. Whenever I get into a room of people I can instantly sense everyone’s aura he/she projects. And sometimes I can even tell if that person has a happy life or if something really bad is going on in his life. I don’t have to interact with them to know that. I can’t explain it but I just know. I have also noticed that I draw people to me especially those who are unfortunate and miserable although I prefer to not to be noticed. I used to be willing to help others, giving them emotional support or sometimes financial help but lately I got quite sick of it. The amount of negative energy from those ungrateful people drained me out.

I go over t Saturn and the node on my node thread.
Saturn/moon conjunct shows that you’re devoted and sincere by nature. This would give a longing for commitment in relationships
“Yes I do want a good committed relationship. I don’t like the idea of dating multiple people until you find the best one. Dating multiple people is quite time consuming in my option. There are better things to do in life. “
Neptune square to moon/Neptune gives you a very flexible personality and tends toward a spiritual perspective. But it also can show self esteem issue, sometimes because of a lack of parent. This also can make it difficult to find someone that will reciprocate your need for commitment.
This is more so aas mars is opposed to Neptune and vertex which shows that most men are insincere, though it does indicate that you might have emotional success with me of a different cultural or racial makeup. I this interesting that you have Sappho conjunct Neptune and the vertex and square you moon. This suggest that some men atrated to your might want to have ménage e trios with you and/or it can signify that you are bisexual .
“OMG the above is SO true other than my little doubts about the bisexual part. Most of the men I have met in my life fell into one or multiple of the following categories:
1) Compulsive liars
2) Men who have wives/long term gfs who pretend to be single
3) Perverts
4) Men with borderline disorders or serious mental issues
5) Sex addicts, well guess this is just a sub category of 4
6) Men who are into drugs or simply alcoholics
It just seems like I don’t get to meet decent men. Despite the fact how “a whole package” they appear to others, they all turn to something scary later on after they meet me. I really hate my mars/Neptune hard aspect.
Regarding the trios, I have only had one guy that I had dated ask me if I am up for a 3some with another girl. I turned him down as I wasn't interested in seeing another girl's body especially knowing that the girl was quite chubby... I have never dated or got intimated with same sex. I do occasionally find some girls attractive but its not like I want to swing the other way.
The effect of Saturn conjunct moon is strong on me, especially when node is so close to them. I remember you said that node activates a planet or brings out the full power of that planet. No matter how happy I look like, most of the time I am not but I try to be positive when I interact with others.

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pandalover (07-05-2018)
Unread 06-24-2018, 08:35 PM
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Re: the node and reality


, Can You Take a Look at This Composite?!

wow this looks very bizarre .
aspects of affection and sensitivity with excellent communication and expectations but underneath there is totally controlling.manipulating and abusive dynamic

the moon conjunct to Lilith and psyche giving a idealistic, romantic ,spiritual, emotional ambience. these are mercury/venus and erso showing a very expressive affection with great joy and communication. this stellium is sextile to both Saturn and Jupiter which makes me think of commitment if not marriage as the Saturn/moon midpoint is conjunct to psyche which emphasizes the altruistic love between them. almost like a commitment to being soul mates.
especially as juno is square to the moon/Lilith/psyche stellium
Neptune is sextile to mars and the Uranus/pluto conjunction giving very healing, supportive sensitivities toward each other.
but the tweak is that Venus and mercury are square to pluto/Uranus and opposed to nessus and mars is square to Saturn conjunct the south node.and Jupiter is square to Neptune and the moon/Neptune midpoint is square to the juno/Jupiter midpoint. the sun/mercury midpoint is square to chiron.
these show a intense emotional and mental attraction, yet deep blocks also for such openness, to see such blockage at the same time is disconcerting as the potential for destructive hidden emotional issues is present .then the Jupiter/Neptune square is often associated with overt deception or hidden influences that will weak the relationship. all is not as it seems. the moon/Neptune/juno/Jupiter is also of this nature, hidden elements underlying the relationship. the chiron/sun/mercury element suggest that there is a very caustic and critical element here. then with nessus square to pluto/Uranus and opposed to mercury/venus, a very harsh ,cruel need to control and dominate underlies the spontaneous affection that flows here.
the pyramid pattern of Saturn/SN sextile to venus/mercury and trine to Jupiter, by itself shows an AMAZINGLY compatible and successful emotional and physical relationship. this pattern is associated with lasting,stable relationships,
but even here mars is square the SN/Saturn conjunction which shows ,again, a potential for a malicious need to control.
my experience as I have often mentioned is that hard aspect will negate the harmonious aspects. but I have to admit that the pyramid pattern is extremely powerful , more so than any other harmonious pattern.
currently as the north node is passing over juno and heading towards a square of /moon/Lilith/psyche, I would think that the relationship is moving toward marriage if they are no already committed . I just can shake the feeling that the hard aspect will negate the positive love.
it seems that if my pessimistic view is correct then December 2018 will bring the harshness of the chart out, and might even indicate an end to it.

Wow thank you very much

you were amazing as always.
This is the composite of a married couple (2 children), happy, great friendship between them (and I suppose physical compatibility as well), and very proud and supportive of each other.

Interesting thing you found out about pyramids, I didn't know that before, how strong they can be.
And too bad about their negative aspects, I hope they will keep going strong. They went to therapy before marriage and I think they're both aware when an issue starts to arise.
The biggest conflict in their couple life has perhaps been children. She wanted kids from the beginning but he wasn't too keen on that. They both eventually agreed on starting a family, but he's more of this wanderer soul and has an unconventional character (quite unlike her who very much values marriage and family). I get the impression that he does not feel very connected to his children, even though he is a good father
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Unread 06-25-2018, 10:53 PM
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Re: the node and reality

Originally Posted by pandalover View Post
Hi Rahu,
Can you please explain a bit about what it means when NN conjuncts orcus,nessus and mars (widely) in a composite chart? Its a chart of me and someone I am currently involved with. The stellium sounds quite evil but I d be grateful if you could look at this composite when you have time. Many thanks!

P.S I have been following your posts for a while and I have read almost everything you have posted both here and on linda goodman. I have gone through all that you have written multiple times but its quite a lot for me to fully understand as English is not my first language plus there are typos everywhere...
I have actually used dictionary and made notes...

I am trying to interpret the chart with what I have learnt in your posts. All I see is bad stuff.
venus/chiron/uranus t square=bad (criticism, ups and downs) .
Sun, moon/ mercury combo square neptune=bad (deception).
Nessus conjunct node= bad (abusiveness).
Saturn/Pluto mp conjunct Jupiter= bad (selfish man?)

hi pandalover.

the composite you sent me is quite challenging .

mars is conjunct o orcus and nessus is conjunct the node. these are both aspect showing him to be very selfish and insensitive your emotional needs.

vensu is sextiel to pluto and trine to Neptune which does give a sensitive and supportive emotional feeling between you
the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to Neptune which also gives a very romantic and idealistic emotional feeling between you.but the sun and moon are square Neptune. while this does show that you feel affection strongly for him, the square itself suggest that there are emotional issues that are not being talked about. this pattern can often show someone who is seeing and feeling what they want to see but not really what is there.

I think this is th ecase for you as the many selfish aspect could negate the affectionate feeling he has.

Jupiter is opposed to eris which shows that you and he get along very well and enjoy being with each other and experiences life together.

ceres is conjunct the descendant and opposed to thesun and the moon which shows that you deeply care about him and fee l very protective of him as well as wanting to help him as you can.

the node and nessus are quintile to Saturn which again shows he is very controlling and does not compromise. he wants everything his way

the moon/venus midpoint is square to eros . this is another very affectionate aspect between you, but the venus/moon midpoint is in the 12th house ,which very often shows that the relationship is being hidden or that he may have other emotional connection that affect his and your relationship.

venus is square to Uranus which is one of the most intense aspect of spontaneous affection. it shows an intense attraction but this intensity does not usually last and therefore is not the type of affection that a serious relationship can be built on.

mars is square ot the sun/Neptune and moon/Neptune midpoint. this is a real red flag if you want to have a serious relationship with him, because it shows he will not be faithful and it is very likely that he is seeing other people right now or even has a serious girl friend.

there is no question there is an intense emotional and physical attraction between you, but this has all the markings of a brief affair and not a long term relationship


Hi Rahu, Thanks so much for taking your time to read my chart. I didn’t expect to get a thorough reading so quick so this again shows you really master the skills and you are very kind.

Everything you wrote was right on the spot. It started as a fling ( last year May 13, I couldn’t find any indication in the transit) and then it had been on and off for almost a year. It was always me broke off with him as I felt all he wanted was sex and also he was extremely selfish. And every time he d keep contacting me no matter how long I ignored him for until I responded.

As for him having a serious gf or seeing other women, I had suspected that but I didn’t have any proof. This is the part that confuses me the most honestly because not to sound narcissistic but I am way out of his league. Also both personal or family financial situation wise he is nowhere close to me. I just can’t see the logic here...

Funny that my name asteroid “ Wendy” Conjunct his natal Chiron but I don’t think he is the one getting the pain.

I have checked his Ba Zi and it did seem like we were each others’ fated mate but maybe the timing was just not right.

I actually just completely broke up with him two weeks ago and I don’t see us reconnect again this time especially after reading your analysis.

Sorry I didn’t know if I should post my reply on the introduction sub forum so I just decided to send you this email instead. Thanks again for your help and I really appreciate it. Have a great evening!

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Unread 06-26-2018, 10:42 PM
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Re: the node and reality


Long lasting or a short affair

The first thing I notice is that Lilith is conjunct the ascendant and Sedna is conjunct to the descendant. this shows that there is a very deep emotional empathy between you. It seems that everything you say to each other is heartfelt. And with Sedna involved ,there is a commitment to truth,to always be honest and forth the sun is square to these aspects, it seems that this need for direct and honest interactions has been here from the beginning, as a standard that will exemplify the nature of your relationship. quite interesting and unusual as ixion is also conjunct to Lilith. This implies that there are past dark and troublesome issue present, so the commitment to air this emotional ”dirty laundry” is quite daunting for a relationship.
The moon is trine to Saturn and Uranus forming a grand trine. This is a favorable though passive shows respect, devotion mutual motional support. the Saturn trine, though stable, can be very boring or you can grow to take each other for granted, but with Uranus added to the grand trine, this response is unlikely because there will always be a air of ”excitement “ or rather always be an interest in each other feelings and actions .in addition ,juno is sextle to both the moon and Saturn which significantly increases the desire for a marriage between you. This aspect ties both the physical/emotional attraction with feeling of commitment and marriage.
There is a mars/venus/mercury stellium which is opposed to the moon and trine to juno and eris. This very favorable because in shows a true spontaneous affection for each other and open,loving and laughter filled time spent together, which is always necessary for a successful relationship. And here, with eris trine to mars and venus, not only is there an emotional and physical attraction but there is a also an underlying joy of all activities together, not excluding sexuality.
Thew Jupiter/mercury and Jupiter/sun midpoints are conjunct the north node. This shows,first off, a sense of uniqueness about the relationship. That is you seem to be in your own separate world or reality when together . this singular feeling includes a amazing intellectual and mental rapport. This implies that you both have similar views, education and/or professions and always have constant ideas to exchange with each other.if you are in similar professions then you are able to help each other immensely as you can help each other see the nature of your respective “obstacles” or the way to improve the manner you deal with problems.
This aspect can give a psychic sense to the relationship, including reading each other minds but often this does not seem apparent because there are such similar deductive patterns, that you might pass off your psychic connection as just an extension of your intellectual familiarity.

The sun is sextile to pluto and trine to Neptune . this is a pattern that shows a fundamental sensitivity, support and an impulse to help and heal each other. this resonates with the Saturn/sun midpoint square to ceres which implies there will be times of despondency that necessitate seclusion and healing emotional care toward each other.

We must come back to the”issues” indicated by ixion at this point.
The issue are suggested by the aspects of Saturn and nessus. It seems there are deep,unconscious,impusles of emotional abuse. Likely in childhood such environment issues existed and have made it difficult for him(as these seem to be focus on the male symbols) to engage is extended”healthy emotional relationships.
The pluto/nessus midpoint is conjunct to venus. This symbolically is almost exactly what I have just stated. this is a tendency to have to control or dominate the loved one. the need to possess can override the need to love and the needs of the loved one.
In addition the eros/psyche midpoint (with shows idealist and romantic love) is square to the satrun/nessus midpoint. This can show ,again, that in moments of intense ardor, the need to dominate or emotional “hurt’ the other with appear. This can show up as a need to experience pleasure and pain simultaneously. As pluto is opposed to psyche, this can show up as an inclination to some interest in BDSM emotional dynamics.

It looks as if the last few months have been affectionate and loviing and towards the end of the year the relationship is heading into enforcing the commitment to truth and opening up the potentially “dark” issues that may exist .

Thank you for writing this I appreciate your reply . Can we work through these issues or is it going down hill from then on ? I got nervous reading this ..

as I said, there is a very strong commitment to truth and those impulses are coming up so whether it can be worked out and the current emotional togetherness continue depends 0n enforcing and talking out any emotional issues that you feel come up.

if you fear losing him and don't say what you feel if doubts come up.... then you will lose him. you need to follow the impulses in the chart, which at this point are heading toward being absolutely truthful with each other.

it is not necessarily going down hill. i have rarely seen a chart that has such a strong commitment to truth between the partners. your heading to a strong point of truth .but you can let emotional fears stop you from expressing doubts if you feel them. bring you feeling into the open.

in the composite the node/mercury midpoint is conjunct the sun and square to Sedna. the transiting north node will be conjunct these symbols in October. this is symbolic of pure light and knowledge illuminating the relationship. if he has emotional issue or you have emotional issues, this is the time when truth and light will be able to burn the dross of negativity away from the relationship. but you must continue in joy, fear or doubt will doom the relationship.

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Unread 06-27-2018, 08:52 PM
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Re: the node and reality

Nightmare Reading Request

So, a handful of times in my life I've experienced the sensation of touch while I was dreaming. Tonight was different than any other night and I'm a little shaken up. The dream started with my parents arguing in the typical way they do, then them revealing they're not my parents at all and I'm going down a pit. What follows next is a bunch of freaky, bloody imagery (in cartoon form for some reason) and the sensation of my scalp being scratched and tugged and my overall body being pressed down.In the background I also heard "Error Error Error" being repeated in an echo chamber.

It was really bizarre, really creepy, and even if it may have been my eyes adjusting from waking up in my dark room, I swear I was seeing moving patterns and dark shapes. Everything's fine now, but any analysis of this very unsettling nightmare would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

hi Daisy556
the first thing that sticks out is that pluto is conjunct the vertex. this can show that these images are coming from a past life experience. the vrtex is a energy plane that can bring supernatural visions and feelings. pluto can also be as aspect of fear.nessus is also conjunct your vertex which usually adds malicious prits in a dream state. the nessus/Saturn midpoint is conjunct to Uranus. these symbols are somewhat dark and are of the nature of your vivid experiences.

your moon is conjunct the node which is a over all sign of accurate intuitions .eris is conjunct the south node which show you are a very passionate person so,if you are dealing with other entities , they might be focusing on your sexual/emotional nature.

the transiting south node is near your natal Uranus. usually Uranus and the node are strong when these types of vivid/astral dreams occur.but the node is 2 degree from Uranus which is a bit further away that I like. but this would indicate that as the month goes on your vivid astral dreams will become stronger or more frequent .

I don't have a good grip on your experience , I see the tendencies but why now, I can't see clearly.
you might post the time and date of this dream as that would give the focus on the exact element involved.

I will say though, that to have physical interactions in the dream state can indicate that there is someone , a living being , behind this dream. from what you have describe, it would be someone into the occult of some type. so you might think of anyone who would fit this description and/or anyone who you know is into occult energies or cults.

As I said usually astral dreams/vivid dreams have a connection to Uranus. The transiting node, as I mentioned is at 6 leo and your Uranus is at 4 Aquarius. I felt this was close ,but I like to have the transit closer, and when I did the chart of the time of the dream , I came up with some interesting correlations.
At 2:40 am, the ascendant was at 5 taurus and transiting Uranus was at 1 Aquarius. This time being square to your Uranus, which is what I was looking for. In addition the transiting mars was at 8aquar36 and the transiting Venus was at 3leo55, so it was within a degree of your natal Uranus .
This makes me think that I was correct when I said that this dream could have been coming from someone you knew. The symbols imply it is someone you have relationship with ,had a relationship with or more likely is trying to have a relationship with, as these symbols point to a sexual nature of the dream.
The midpoint composite of your natal chart and the moment of the dream shows Uranus square to the sun. the sun is conjunct(2degree) to a mercury/eros conjunct near the ascendant which is opposed to Jupiter and ixion and these are square the node and psyche.
So the theme of a romantic connection is here and the argumentative and threatening nature of the dream is clear. I think this points to someone who definitely is infatuated with you but whom you have rebuffed.
in your natal chart you have Jupiter conjunct the descendant and square the node and the Jupiter theme repeats in the composite, so this could point to someone in your workplace of in your educational environment if you are a student. Jupiter implies there could be a element of authority involved. possibly power struggles with some one or some one envious of your position.

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Unread 06-29-2018, 01:39 AM
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Re: the node and reality

Most striking feature of my personality?
hi twilight85

i'd say your t square of moon conjunct node ,square to Jupiter and opposed to the sun/pluto conjunction is very powerful. it describes your self esteem problem as moon opposed to pluto gives a very introspective and sometimes dark side.
I see you are rather new here, but with in depth psychology , this pattern can describe a very abusive family environment. with Jupiter involved there seem to be generational abusive characteristics. you coul shave been abused by authority figure ,uncle or grandparent in addition to your mom and dad. Pluto with the node can show that death has been around your life more that is usual .
the exact moon/node conjunction is the most karmic aspect . it shows you be very intuitional and psychic, but with Jupiter square, you have been degrade since your birth. the moon/node with pluto can show a past life as a high priestess . with Jupiter afflicting it shows the current paternalistic society has been trying to stamp out your light from your birth.
is pattern is very suggestive of sexual abuse from a very early age, so early that you may have no memory. I'd suggest a counselor in abuse survival analysis.
as this society is patriarchal, your spiritual power has been attacked from your birth because of your power as a priestess in a past life.


Thank you so much Rahu, for your deep insight. I also think that ketu conjunct Sun in second house also has done a good job of eating away my self-esteem, maybe in a good way, but it has not manifested as yet....I have always been the most obedient and "good" daughter of the family, so my parents (I think especially my mother) had always harnessed my independence. As of the counseling, I will try to look for some expert to get help, but I don't think I can bear the truth (in case anything really bad turns up in the process).....I really appreciate your kind time and effort

Hello people.
My mom and i were discussing about many things about my little brother.
She told me that he plays with his grandfather sometimes. (He never met him, he past away when I was about 8 years old. I'm 22 now.) She told me that one day a picture of my grandfather fell on the ground when she was moving a picture frame that was placed high up.
He saw the picture and said
"Oh he is my grandfather we always play together."
My mom replied with
" that's is not your grandfather Faby." Just to see what he would say.
He said
"Yes it is, we always play together and he told me." My sister had her hair standing Lol and asked him if he wasn't afraid.
He replied with
"Why would i be afraid of my grandfather?"
My mom would later observe him while he would play alone and she said to see him talking by himself sometimes.

the first thing I notice is mercury opposed to Uranus. this can give access to the astral plane and hence seeing the departed.
with the Neptune/pluto midpoint conjunct the node, there is again a path way to spiritual connections with the dead.
a composite chart with the grandfather likely would make things clearer .

Karmic Lovers in a dangerous relationship

hi black empress.
I think the "healing aspect is Pluto sextile to Neptune and venus. this is a very soothing and healing aspect in a composite.
with venus square to Uranus, the obsessive intensity is shown as this gives intense sexual and emotional experiences, but it is an aspect of an affair and not a continuing relationship.\

the dangerous vibrations begin with the mars/pluto midpoint conjunct to Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn and Jupiter describe the working environment. but the mars/pluto midpoint shows a totally selfish and manipulative stance from him.

this manipulation could be because of the Uranus/moon midpoint opposed to Chiron. this suggest that he keeps you in line through extreme criticism and subtle put downs. of course since you seemed hooked on this losing relationship, it suggest that you have emotional insecurities that keep you glued to him when a "normal" response would be to let it go.
I would suggest you explore your own demons to try to understand why you can't be rid of his demons.
it could just be the sex ,as Venus square to uranium is very alluring.
it may be a emotional psychic bond because the moon is square to the node which gives a psychic intimacy that can be mistaken for real concern about you. but the mar/Pluto position shows this is not the case.

as to outcome, with him being married, you must surely see it is a no win situation for you.
when the dragonhead transits the Pluto/Saturn midpoint at 13libra0 around the 9th of jan. 2015, he will finally push you away. the Venus/Uranus square shows the he will tire of your affections


Insightful & precise. The perfect information I needed. Thank you so much.

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Re: the node and reality


Afraid to Trust New Romance After Divorces and Betrayal

hi serah

this composite is very "dangerous "given your circumstances

the node/moon/Saturn stellium usually is an indication of devotion and committed love . the eros/psyche midpoint is also conjunct this stellium with eros conjunct the vertex. these symbols usually show a ultra romantic and loving nature to the chart
but here orcus is square to the node. orcus, a twin of pluto, shows that under all these romantic vibrations there is a very selfish attitude.
pluto is square to venus which again shows that the romance is based on carnal desire and that intimate love will not develop as the element of lust will always be stronger. this is dangerous as the psyche/eros give a incredible romantic and "loving" interaction from him(eros conjunct the vertex) but as I said orcus shows this all to be a romantic sham as orcus is only interested in what it can take from the relationship. I think your intuitions are correct about this guy. I don't know if you have to rule out all long term relationships in the future , but this one will not develop into a open ,honest and truly loving connection.


Thank you for the perspective, Rahu. So far, the communication is good and I don't feel that I am dependent on anything about the relationship.

We both see other people and he seems to care a little bit more about love and romance than I do right now. He is a few years younger than I am. At this time, we are kind and polite to each other. It is nice to be treated well, even if it is temporary. My last relationship was so challenging that I am still recovering from the shock of it.

This new person is planning to travel around the world in about 18 months. He has invited me to join him at times along the way if I want. He seems like someone who does want a lot of closeness. I could see him falling in a deeper love with someone else that would push out any lesser connections. That could really push any of my remaining ego buttons, depending on his choice.

Well, I like him but I am not 'in love' yet. I am considering if I should hold back or go ahead and spend time with him.

Thanks for all your insight!
Trying to understand


could you post a chart with the original form you used.

I noticed a few things yesterday.
the node conjunct to mars"
generic reading first: followed by spefics to your situation
"Mars conjunct the nodal axis gives a powerful charisma or “magic” around them. the individuals aura is felt by all around.
This aspect gives an inherent “luck” of direction. That is ,if the individual is not overly bound by ego desires, then their spontaneous actions and responses are usually correct. It gives an “intuitive” sense of what their “path” in life is. But if the native has selfish motivations then this favorable vibration goes out the window. this aspect gives a magnetic quality to he native and are usually very attractive whether the physical body is “attractive” or not. This affect is similar to what athletes call being in the “zone”. If one can stay in the moment and not “think “ too much then the expectations and desires tend to follow.
the nodal axis gives a strong sexual aura also. And in a woman’s chart sexual abuse can be problem. With both mars and Venus, the sexual aura is very powerful from birth and hence sexually abuse experiences are very likely. On the positive side I usually is associated with a strong sexual drive but is not aggressive unless mars is afflicted. This mars aspect is closely associated with the 25th hexagram in the I CHING.
As a personally magnetic aspect, negative forces as well as positive forces can be directed a the native, as others may react if the native does not respond o their entreaties .
With a north node transit ,the native has an easier time following their “path”, as they intuitively take the correct turns.
A south node transit is more powerful and difficult because the dense plane is attracted to this aspect very strongly. The individual is more likely to allow his ego desires to take precedence over higher motivations. here the sense of personal strength is stronger as the environment is more easily molded and controlled by the native. This is one aspect of a black magician, where the individual seeks power and control over others. With this aspect a native tries to control all that comes to him, which is a fool errand ,as no mortal can contain the infinite energy of the universe that flows through the nodal axis .if the native can receive the infinite with open hands ,then the dense plane accumulations will not bury them. But very often this has to be learned by being overwhelmed by the nodal energy and falling from “grace” and success because of greed and selfishness.
This holds true for all nodal transits of the planet. That is , trying to contain or control all the energy of the south node will ultimately bring disaster . the correct image is to keep that which comes through your open hands but not to try to contain everything. The south node often bring a sense of megalomania to the native before hey learn their limitations
The north node transit does no usually bring this trial as it tends to bring truth ,insight ,knowledge and inspiration. Though such knowledge can bring the dense plane around them and so the same trials as the south node can be present. the distinctions between the north and south node are not absolute as it is the same energy axis and therefore the conditions described can be felt by either north or south node transits."

I read some of your personal comments which you have deleted.

I would like to comment on the affect of your chart to those experiences, and I hope this does not affect your PTS .

mars conjunct the node, shows you have the ability to be in your "zone". that "magical reality where everything seems to flow with no conscious guidance. in a military setting this shows you instinctively knew what the enemy was doing. you could anticipate dangerous situation and likely saved many comrades because of your second sense.
this is emphasized as mars is square to Pluto. this is a very martial aspect and increases the validity of the above comments. entering the service ,I would expect you to have been "gung ho" about war.
but with the north node on your mars ,I believe moral considerations soon arose that made you question your behavior.
your mercury is square to Neptune and with Jupiter/Saturn on the descendant, I think you were part of what is called "Special Ops".
it could be behind the "lines" activities or dangerous forward postings.
the mercury/Neptune square makes you extremely perspective as well as very creative. but it likely shows you have been deceptive early in your life.

I bring these concepts up because I believe the mental changes of the battle field are partially still at the base of your questioning of your direction in life.

I would like to analyze your chart further but I prefer a different chart visual.
I realize you want to keep your privacy , but if you could PM me your data , I could run a chart with other symbols which I use.

thank you
semper fi,
if this applies to you

Thank you both for responding. Rahu, I sent you a PM with my information.

I apologize for delay, today is super dad day lol.

First Rahu, no I was not in special forces or a marine. Funny you say that though. There were MANY times where I almost pulled the trigger on going to specwar.

And I wasnt a Marine, even though I was going to join them first, and everyone thinks I was one.

And I was gung ho about war, until (as you accurately explained) I got hit with the morality hammer. And I've not been the same since.

The 'zone' comment was particularly interesting because I am the guy that can get it done. Which is my biggest problem in civilian America.

I can get the job done. But people get intimidated (I've been told I'm intimidating and I don't even mean to be) because of my ways of getting it done (no BS). But, as I said the challenges of being in a 'kindler, gentler' world meet up with my barbarianism .

If there are any other personal questions you would like to know, PM me. Thank you so much again.

With added symbols the initial insights are strengthened about your martial stature.
Now orcus is conduct t the node and square to juno. This is not a non com vibration, it is a organization command, absolute. There are special the “special ops [ “quality and you seemed to have been unique in that you planned and arranged and also carried out the “boots on the ground aspect.
This is almost a feelings of ties when kings took to the battle field, as in and in addition with some martial aspects you have the most elusive, loving and innocence of all sensation with eros square to psyche. This gives an aura of openhearted wonder at the feeling of love and attraction bring. Almost adolescent as the simple breathing each other’s breath suffices to bring your iniverses together.

But as to your current questions of direction and mode, I think toit is all moot as you have already arranges the direction your are going. You have eris on the ascendant with is as carnal as psyche is spiritual, so you can be seen as a wolfs in sheep clothing as part of your personality is complete given to the spirit of love but your operation personality is proud, life loving and bold. It addition venus is opposed to eris so your emotional/sexual nature involved in all your do. you have venus conjunct Jupiter, conjunct the descendants and conjunct vestal.
This givers very positive and outgoing social connections. A lust for experi4nce with your love done with you, yet eris gives that need to always take a second look. You are a light of optimism and you seem to never show the gloom.
It is a bit amusing as eris makes you rashes and forceful in your emotional expression and needs, abrupt. Shocking for fun. But venus is conjunct to vesta with means you have the greatest respect for social norms and customs. And also emotionally part of you is rash but another part of your love imminently practical and devoted.
But gloom there is as Saturn is conjunct the vertex. First this strengthens you will but emotionally it gives isolation emotionally .it can give periods of great achievement but this force is not one you have on your beck and call.
Your sun/moon conjunction is square to lilth and this is the place your questions emanate from. This shows that the greatest part of your vital and emotional nature is connected to the the deepest most sensitive part of your psyche. Lilith is undifferentiated emotional energy. It is the nature that will give rise you all loves and hates and in be tweens.
The uniqueness her is that so much so what usually I focus on “reality” is instead responsive to “invisibly “deep intuitions. It is like you at not grounded to the world. All options and visions possible.
Yet your saturn vertex conjunct slams you into a grounded state all the time. These are very unusually and illusive emotional/psychic levels to have directly affecting you.

Jus a few more reflection. Quite frankly there I so much that is singular that I have stopped trying to interpret but will just describes these dynamics. Anyways you don’t need guidance you have already crossed the Rubicon metaphorically.

You have a mercury trine to chiron. This is a aspect of innate intelligence and extremely good problem solving and would expect great intellectual faculties easy and clear communications socially.
But the midpoint of these is square to Pluto. This give a portal of awareness into the mental processes, but it can also manifest as unconscious dynamics that are clouded or repressed. it can some times show up in little annoyances brings you more doubt that is called for.

The soiuth node transited your eris at 15arie15 ON 12/25/14 then was c conjunct your ascendant at 14arie9 ON JAN 7 2015 and the north node conjunct your Venus at 13librA41 jan 14 2015.

This period is very favorable but with the nodes and eris, it could have also spawned some harsh competition or arguments.
But with the north node over Jupiter at11libra15 on feb 5 2015, everything looks very good ion business and social life. It is a bit of a marriage vib if you weren’t already married and it shows your business potentially opening up .
With your named asteroid at 10aries 49, you made the decisions about your fi=uture course when the south node transitted on feb 16 2015
Your test will come on 5/23/15 when the node transits Saturn. .you must be ready to consolidate and secure your corners as the expansive luck of the previous months will be spent

“With added symbols the initial insights are strengthened about your martial stature.”

(Reader’s digest)
- When I was 17, I wanted to be a Marine (REALLY, REALLY bad). My parents wouldn’t sign the release, and eventually I went into the Navy
- When I was 19, I wanted to goto BUD/S, but found out my back was not good.
- Towards the end of my first stint, I was going to goto the SWCC program (then SEABEEs), but I had a family at the time and was heavily influenced not only by MY experiences as a kid with a bad dad, but also my wife’s with a dad who was always serving the country

Ive ALWAYS had a head for ‘pressure’…but I DON’T have a head for the politics of the weak minded people who use bells and whistles instead of skill and talent to get ahead (something I strongly believe is a problem with Large-scale private/public American business operations), and I often get caught in their gauntlet of formalities and dog and pony shows (often I call myself a ‘barbarian’ because I (metaphorically) cut through the BS with my axe)).

“This is almost a feelings of ties when kings took to the battle field, as in and in addition with some martial aspects you have the most elusive, loving and innocence of all sensation with eros square to psyche.”

Can you elaborate on this more? This piqued my curiosity.

Quite frankly there I so much that is singular that I have stopped trying to interpret but will just describes these dynamics.

I know you have said I have crossed the Rubicon metaphorically, but do you see any indication of “transitional suffering” (eg, shaman sickness that comes before initiation to next levels)? Because it seems that there has been some.

“But the midpoint of these is square to Pluto. This give a portal of awareness into the mental processes, but it can also manifest as unconscious dynamics that are clouded or repressed. it can some times show up in little annoyances brings you more doubt that is called for.”

Sort of like, “I know something is happening, I can’t explain WHAT it is, or HOW it is..but I KNOW something is ‘out there’ (could be in reference to anything I encounter that I have this feeling on). And yes, it is annoying and my annoyance manifests most with people who I have determined (and this is NOT a knock) a ‘peasant brain’. Yes they may be intellectual, but they cannot see/understand/interpret complex sociological, political, etc weaves like I ‘can’ and get an intuitive interpretation (eg, my intuition on people is RARELY wrong, Im like a dog who growls at a seemingly nice person because they know they are a ‘scumbag’).

“you made the decisions about your fiuture course when the south node transitted on feb 16 2015”

I am not sure I recall doing anything this day (President’s day in the US), but I would like to discuss what you saw more.

“Your test will come on 5/23/15 when the node transits Saturn”

Any idea what this might be?

I am still thinking on the rest, and tying all of the above (and much appreciated) readings together to see how I interpret so I can provide feedback/get clarification.

I will say, that since I was kid, I’ve ALWAYS intuitively felt that I’ve done, I come for, or I am destined to do something ‘great’….or that I WAS ‘great’ and now am being forced to see how a ‘regular’ person lives.

I have so many intuitions about people, movements of systems (political, economical, sociological) that are usually accurate or very close to, and understandings (like I said, I was having detailed discussions on JFK conspiracy (and others) with grown adults of high intellect as a kid).

I again really appreciate all of your time.

I was referring to the current transiting positions of the node libra /aries. this axis has and still is transiting your ascendant

you chart is quixotic

I don’t really see your anguish. The past months have been very good. Love,sex, business /education advancement would not generally make have existential angst .
As I mentioned the nodal axis can bring the opposite affect when it’s “magic” kicks in. in your case the love could have turned to hate and the expansive Jupiter could have turned to tyranny. In this case your angst would be a function of the “dirty” deeds you are contemplating.
Thought you have very fine aspe3cts your mars/nessus/node is an aspect of selfishness and actions with no moral restrictions.
It could be you see yourself having to show your dark side and trying to reconcile this with your positive life giving feelings.
But to tell the truth, I can not get a good read on you. Your “problems” seem non existent, yet you are posing as one with deep uncertainties.
It all does not make sense to me.
The are deeply malicious aspects your chart but the near past has been “good”.
It all does not add up. Your mercury square to Neptune clouds the issues or you are not really presenting the real issues, I don’t know which but your questions do not make sense to me.
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Re: the node and reality


hi kwef1988
the vertex on the ascendant always adds sense that the relationship is special I some way. it can give a feeling of soul mates because you both seem to have had similar unusual coincidences I your lives.

but vertex ascendants can sometimes feel unique but the uniqueness does not always enhance the relationship. it certainly does give a strong mental connection though.
here it is a bit more complicated because the Jupiter/juno conjunction is square the vertex ad asc. with this conjucnton square to the ascendant only, then it would show a very strong tendency toward commitment or even marriage. but as I mentioned ,the vertex does not always work easily into the relationship as a whole. so there is still a strong aura of commitment here but whether it translates into actions is not so clear.
groom opposed to bride certainly bodes a serious relationship and with venus square this opposition,there seems to be a mutual affection ad expectations in that direction .
with the mars/veus midpoint is opposed the psyche/Uranus midpoint and with psyche conjunct to eros ,the affection is very intense and immediate, and in addition to emotional and physical attraction there that added sparkle of a first love feelngs.
the t square of mars./chiron/.Saturn, might slow things down a pluto on the ascendant and square to jupiter, cautions that there my be selfish interests that are covered over by the emotional connection. mercury square to pluto can restrict openness and curtail really getting to know each other.
the t square can ,again, show that there is an innate selfishness that will detract from emotional bonding,as this aspect can be overbearing and not prone to compromising.
as the transiting node is passing through the mars/Saturn/chiron tsquare right now,i would not expect and rapid progress toward commitment. and she might even be more distant than you would like. with the vertex/ascendant energy I get a over all feeling that this is not going to work out as you would think the issue of selfishness will be heightened by the vertex and she will feel too confided.

Thanks! What you said makes a lot of sense, considering that we both have fixed Moons (the bad side of fixed Moons can result in a lack of compromise, though I do make an effort to keep it in check). I'll definitely keep this all in mind, though there are still lots of connections (antiscia and natal planets) to our natals in all of our solar returns through the next few years (through 2030, and around 2021-2022 it was very interesting, which is why I asked).
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Re: the node and reality


my heart is constantly broken, should I give up?

you do have a difficult emotional pattern.
your mercury is conjunct to Venus which shows you to be very loving and out seems that relationships start well as your emotions and minds are happy together. but your moon/Neptune midpoint is opposed to Venus/mercury and Neptune is opposed to the sun/mercury and sun/venus midpoints so there are always complications on the background. this could be other people involved or it can be outright emotional you have Saturn square to Neptune, it seems that you draw insincere have a very complicate mental makeup, doubtlessly because of your parents indirect expression of love and understanding. Saturn/Neptune also suggest a alcohol/drug problem in your family and it may be that you unconsciously find yourself drawn to men with a similar behavior.
with Uranus square your nodal axis, you have very strong psychic/astra; powers but can be very volatile. that is you can change for very little reason. this aspect gives prophetic astral dreams . I suggest you look to relationships with some one who also is trying to develop their psychic side.


I appreciate your time Rahu. I've only recently begun looking into some of my midpoints and there is a lot I still have to learn about them. It has been true, of late, that there are complications in the background of those I've dated since my last serious boyfriend, (geography or mental illness were the main ones).

It is interesting how much family dynamics can affect how a person experiences love. For me, it brings up a lot of thoughts about karma. Especially with my mom. My dad was reliable, but was an alcoholic (which gives credence to the Saturn/Neptune interpretation).
the composite shows mars opposed to venus so there is definitely a emotional connection. oppositions can go either way so I assume he was sifting through his feelings for you. satrun is conjunct to venus which also can go either way.either a sense of give and devotion or a sense of restriction from the relationship. as he has contacted you, it seems he has acknowledged to himself the potential of this relationship.

mercury is square to Neptune. this is not usually a good aspect for a internet relationship as it shows that all the cards are not on the table.
this would support your feeling he is hiding his feelings but it can also mean he has misrepresented some aspect of his life.but Neptune mercury a;lso could be symbolic of the spiritual teacher you feel.

my opinion is that since the transiting node is conjunct the composite south node and the moon, he is deeply affected by your emotional and spiritual essence. so he might have taken time to really sense who you are. the node transited the composite pluto in January so this might have been when you first connected with him. pluto would indicate that there wee powerful unconscious dynamics around him. possibly a death of a friend of a relationship, but anyway it shows a deep profound mental perspective in that period.

this seems a very favorable composite especially as he has contacted you now , when the nodal axis is conjunct the composite nodal axis.


hi AngelicGEM

I can see your confusin as you hav. this gives you strong psychic and astral abilities. it shows you ar every attractive but that relationshipos tend to be brief and intense..e venus/sun/chiron/moon conjunct your node and opposed to Uranus.
these aspects are countered by your dsarurn/mars conjunction on your ascendant. this is almost polar opposite as this shows you to be conservative and prone to despondency. these two patterns together often show up in bipolar personalities.


Originally Posted by AngelicGEM
Bipolar?... you know... I can see where that would fit in. I've been told "don't be fooled by her beauty...underneath that is an eerie calmness that can deliver with great devastation. It's patient, calculated, methodical... premeditated."

But honestly.. I don't see it. I would take a lot for me to get there.. but you nailed it with my abilities!

Thank you... is there anything else there? I know there's a unique transit approaching in 4 week?... I'm curious.

bipolar is a over used category. so I don't mean you are clinically bi polar but that you have opposites attitudes that would surprise others as you have mentioned
you have a moon/chiron/node/venus conjunction opposed to uranus. this shows a extreme psychic astral ability but it also shows great intelligence. the problem here is that chiron gives an incisive, intelligent and critical mind, but it has not tact. when chiron sees a contradiction, it identifies the contradiction and often upsets those who do not want to see the truth about themselves . this along with Uranus can make for difficult relationships as you will unwittingly offend those who you love as well as those who are your antagonists .

you might consider yourself a perfectionist and until you stop judging others by the standards you place on yourself, you may be lonely. not many people have the acute intelligence that you have so .

absolutely because the nodal axis is at the center of your abilities

How cool! You would be great in numerology as well and holding seminars. Like public speaking... I don't know why... I don't even know you. You seem like a calm speaker. Sorry,That's was random. Haha!

Is this connection unsafe?

I looked at the composite chart.
it shows the mars/venus midpoint conjunct to the sun/mercury conjunction. this indicates the loving feelings between you and the excellent mental connection as well as the good feelings and laughter.

mars is on the lilth axis so his physical energies permeate the relationship. this gives a spontaneous attraction

the only thing that is problematic is that orcus is square to sedan. this usually means there are unspoken past experiences, not related to this relationship which still affect this relationship. it is not deceptive perse but there aare issues not being addressed. the midpoint of orcus/sedan is conjunct the sun/mercury/mars/venus pattern.

this does portend that there are unspoken issues that will affect the love between you.


If you arent already over this thread would you be interested in generally describing what orcus and sedan mean/ represent individually? With these unrelated past experiences are we discussing what happened in the home/relationships with parents, or past lives? other? because we both have mother-love problems deeply engrained in our charts.

Thanks for your imput Rahu

orcus is a twin of pluto so it's affects are very similar though pluto is the personal self whereas orcus ten to be th social self. either way theuy both are dark unconscious symbols.
sedan is a symbol of cultural truth. sedan represents harmonious social interactions. truth is important to sedna.there is a bit of a reformer in sedan and often gets into trouble because of it's devotion to speaking the truth.

in a composite chart it often shows that the person has bee ninvolved in situations or relationships that they want to ignore so as no inferences can be drawn toward the current relationship.
so it often shows important relationship/psychological dynamics the person does not want to share or make known. so it is not essential deceptive toward you, but it still ignores psychological dymanics tha will affect the relationship.

If you arent already over this thread would you be interested in generally describing what orcus and sedan mean/ represent individually? With these unrelated past experiences are we discussing what happened in the home/relationships with parents, or past lives? other? because we both have mother-love problems deeply engrained in our charts

your common mother-love problems could be a symptom of this aspect.
it is favorable that your are both talking about these dynamics.
still one must be cautious with this square because no matter the good intentions, it can lead to deceptive emotional dynamics.


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Re: the node and reality


Composite with my father - can we reconcile?

I have a turbulent relationship with my father. I was six when parents divorced, after that, I only saw my father once or twice a year as far as I remember. I met up with him again when I was 15/16 and we saw each other much more regularly, got to know each other. But then, I had a lot of unresolved stuff inside as I was so young and a few years later we had a huge argument and I never saw him since. That was about 20 years ago.

hi Neptune rising.

interesting hades is at 7 Taurus opposed the nodal transit during your big argument.

this composite shows strong indications of sexual abuse as the Saturn/pluto and chiron /pluto midpoints are square the nodal axis.

with the ceres/venus/moon conjunction conjunct the south node, you have a "victims" personality, that is you unconsciously do not want o integrate his evil actions. as a consequence you will tend to be drawn to men who also "victimize "you. even though you are estranges from him ,you will find yourself searching for someone like him , until you become conscious of the destructive nature of the relationship.

with mars square to Neptune opposed t chiron, he will always be trying to manipulate you. this square tends to show a drug or alcohol problem .

I don't think reconciliation is possible or at least it would not be constructive for your souls growth because he will never own up to his behavior and would place the onus of the estrangement on you. with venues etc. on the south node, you are in danger of accepting his twisted rationalizations.

with this composite you are in danger of internalizing a S?M personality structure, that is attraction to what hurts you.


You are right in that I attract what hurts me. I'm more conscious of it now and have a choice, also more conscious of victim personality. I can fall into it it requires conscious effort to take another path. I've ended up now with no boyfriend,choosing not to have one while I stay away from those that want to hurt/use me and just working on myself, healing what I need to heal by myself.
Yes the men I draw are usually either bad boys, or unavailable, manipulative, one was abusive. There is the exception, one lovely man.

My chart natal also has Mars opposite Nessus, Sun opposite Ero. The Sun opposite Eros is square my 4th house Chiron. I have the feeling that something has been hidden from me, or I wasn't listened to, or I was blamed or scapegoated.

mars opposed to nessus is an almost certain aspect of sexual abuse, that eros is conjunct your sun only makes these sexual experiences more likely because it shows you have had a strong sexual vibration for birth and not just from puberty.
also with hades conjunct child, it shows the argument you mentioned was really based on the repressed sexual experiences with him.

that your mother was beaten by her father would be coherent with your experiences because this can show that she would be attracted to a abusive man as a mate(your father)

you Uranus/chiron transit could be a sign that you will awaken your repressed memories so you can heal and get on with your holy destiny.

this patriarchal culture is programed to abuse any woman born with a powerful psychic spiritual soul life. hence you must free yourself from these cultural strictures.


Thank you Rahu. I agree, patriarchial culture is damaging. I see it alot day to day and feel it, it is like those who favour the patriarchal approach feel threatened by the feminine. I found out my mum's mum also knew that her father beat her. Also found out that my dad's mother had a very difficult birth with my father, so blamed him for being born, emotionally abusing him and making him feel guilty, if not more. I found all of this out only in the last year
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Re: the node and reality


hi SC8
the moon/node/jupiter stellium is sextile to ceres and satrun. this is actually a very favorable pattern for a long term connection. but you are correct that Saturn could make them too comfortable with each other.
but as venus is square to Uranus ,that would not be problems as this square is intensely electric and affectionate. unfortunately it is to intense as this square usually shows a brief but intense affair. it rarely is associated with a committed relationship unless the relationship is "open" but then again the Saturn aspects in this chart would not go for that.
with venus on the vertex, the love and affection is inherent in the relationship so there is a slight possibility a relationship could form around such a volatile aspect as the Venus/Uranus square.....but a very slight possibility. hhhmmmm but then again the moon/sun midpoint is conjunct the vertex and venus, so the love is very strong in this relationship in fact love is at the base of the relationship.
i'll tell you this is the hardest composite I have seen in a long time to make a judgment on the chances for longevity, as Venus is also square to midheaven as well as Uranus is conjunct midheaven.
eros and psyche are sextile which gives a steady yet idealistic and romantic sense. and the midpoint is square to the venus/Saturn midpoint giving a vibration of devoted love.

but I have to doubt it can last as the Saturn/Neptune midpoint is conjunct to Uranus and square to venus. this implies that he is not putting all his cards on the table, the has private thoughts and ideas about where this relationship is going. and as I said the venus/Uranus square is just too intense for the energies to be integrated into the give and take compromises of the routines that make up a marriage or commitment.

the Jupiter/juno trine is conjunct the mars/Saturn midpoint opposition, so this could be interpreted as him wanting to settle down in a marriage.......

I have to go with track record here and Uranus/venus square just don't make long term relationships.
timing wise if this is relationship beginning last January /feburary with feelings of commitment that has cooled off in relationship to commitment, then likely it will not work. but if this is a relationship and it stays togehtr till January, then it will begin a very intense emotional/physically attractive period which will last to april or may. so in the throes of passion maybe a commitment can be made but it is also likely that after may the relationship will end.
sorry I am so wishy washy here ......but the crux of the relationship will come in the next 10 days or so as a reevaluating and critical time will occur.


Hi, Rahu,

Thanks so much for your reply and the insights. Those opinions are not wish-washy at all. on the contrary, very well describe the relationship itself. You especially protrait the guy very well. There seems to be love but unstable. He shows affections when things gets his interests, but distant when things are not.(Mars in Gemini, retrograde) Seeming always weighing the pros and cons. When you point out that he has private thoughts and ideas about where this relationship going, is this what you mean? even though he has feeling for her, secretly he would constantly think about the pros and cons of being with her, and would choose to leave when he feels he didn't get enough benefits or when he meet another person with better backgroud?

His sun/moon/venus/pluto are in Scoprio, and acts in many ways like a scoprio, like being very private, protective about his personal life, etc I'm suprised that you can see that trait right from the composite chart. It's amazing.

I am curious that you didn't mention too much thoughts of the girls, from which aspect can I see from that?

Timeing-wise, the next 10 days or so will happen next week. I will update if any big change happen.


Just offer the latest update.

Rahu, you predict this absolutely right. yesterday the exact the 10th day they had a talk about their relationship. Today, just few hours ago, the guy declared that he's not ready for the commitment that the girl is seeking. very sorry for the girl....

I suppose that it's the transit planets trigger one of the important relationship plant in the chart? but I can't really see which transit planet form important angles to major planets in composite. sorry about my limited knowledge, but from where we can see there would be a major change in the relationship? Thanks.

the node squared chiron on dec 10.
chiron has a very critical nature and transits to chiron often bring reevaluation and changes as in this composite.
node squares are very powerful and almost always will be felt depending on what planet is squared.
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Re: the node and reality

Am I doomed to be in abusive relationships?

hi Gauri91

when one systematically has abusive relationships is most often because one had an abusive childhood and therefore can not distinguish abusive guys from "healthy" guys.

your natal chart shows that is true in your case.
your Saturn is conjunct the north node and chiron is opposed to satrun on the south node. this is symbolic of an exceedingly physically and emotionally abusive father. as your venus/sun midpoint is also conjunct the node and Saturn and with eris opposed to nessus and square to Neptune if is more than likely that you suffered through sexual abuse.\

it is highly likely that these childhood experiences are repressed or blocked because Neptune usually shows that alcohol was part of the abusive environment which usually results in lost of memory about the ordeal.

Jupiter conjunct to orcus and opposed to venus shows that you family heritage involves abuse and so it is part of the unconscious nature of your family upbringing.

so what is happening is that you have an emotional and mental block to your abusive experiences and therefore this mental block also keeps your conscious mind from seeing the abusive nature of your boy friend.hence you end up in abusive relationships.

so the first step you need t take is to stop drinking...... drinking alcohol as this can only continue the mental blocks.
secondly you need to get some counseling where you can talk this out or with some one who can point out to you the parts of your personality that allow abusers to approach you.

counseling would also help your self esteem as Saturn opposed to chiron is one indication of low self esteem. in your case it is clearly because of your abusive childhood.

Jupiter is trine to your moon/Lilith conjunction which shows in your heart you want to be married and with mars trine to the node and venus sextile to Lilith and the moon ,you have the potential to have loving and support committed relationships . your venus/sun midpoint conjunct the node shows you have a very loving nature and an attractive presence

but you have to walk a fine line psychologically. you must realize that you are opening yourself up to these losers but you must also realize that you are not a fault that these mental attitudes have been put on you. that is don't blame yourself for your lack of good judgment but take the responsibility to change yourself for your own love of self. this is why I suggest you seek some type of counseling as the symbols in your chart show a very severe emotional abuse that is very difficult to resolve by yourself, in isolation.

I hope you follow some of my advice because by looking at your chart it seems that very recently a relationship that you thought was very good, turned out to be not so good. the transits coming up in the next few months are very despondent ones .so you really need to start working on yourself so that you don't let the despondent mood take over.


Hi, thank you so much for taking your time for this. I'm amazed how accurate your interpretation is. I grew up with an emotionally abusive father and later an emotionally abusive stepfather who also sexually harassed/abused me.

I never drank alcohol myself, but my father has an alcohol problem, trying to stop drinking.

It's also correct what you say about my family heritage. There has been abuse on both sides of my family for generations.

Also true that my self esteem is very low. It is preventing me from doing what I want to do in life because I keep feeling that I'm not good enough.

I'm really wanting to find a good guy that I can marry soon, because I'm feeling ready for it now as I've been working alot on myself the past three years and feel strong enough for a new relationship.
As you said, I've recently been in an abusive relationship. It ended in early 2014 after being with the guy for two years. The first year was fine, but the second year he became abusive.

I'll definitely follow your advice on counselling as I still need to work on my abusive childhood.

Is it possible to read in the chart when a good time for a new, loving relationship would be? Which year and months?

Again, thank you for the reading!

Is it possible to read in the chart when a good time for a new, loving relationship would be? Which year and months?

hi again Gauri91

as I have said your immediate transits show a tendency to despondency about these issues. i think you need to focus on counseling and not on another relationship for at least 6 months. it is likely that if you start another relationship now, it will only become abusive too. i believe you need to work on yourself and not place importance on finding someone else. in most therapeutics environments it is suggested to not start a relationship during counseling. as i mentioned your moon/Lilith conjunction sextile to venus and trine Jupiter does give the potential for a loving marriage. but until you work on yourself this will not come about

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Re: the node and reality


The node is on the ascendant which gives a strong mental/psychic connection. when things are going well you seem to read each other’s minds , bit when things are not going so well there is a tendency to argue over any little thing . and he wants you to think just like him and gets angry if you express your own opinions
The composite shows affection and attraction with venus opposed to the moon but truthfully sun/mercury are square to Neptune which is a sign of insincerity. It shows deception and likely lies.
The Saturn/pluto midpoint is also square to the sun and me4uiry and conjunct to Neptune, so he is actually quite mean and cold underneath. This is not a healthy relationship because he wants to lord over you and if you aren’t submissive to him is rejects you.
It is not worth trying to work it out because he will only make you lose your self esteem to be with him.

Thank you Rahu for your reply! It's true that when everything is going well we have the most harmonious and peaceful relationship but then we can suddenly get irritated with each other over literally everything and it's just the worst. But it's interesting that you said that he tends to dominate me because he's quite sweet and diplomatic guy. Even when we have our worst fights we manage to reach a compromise. But i'm taking into consideration everything you said.
Love, love, love

the composite chart has the psyche/eros midpoint on the descendant, which shows a strong infatuation and a childlike, idealistic, "first love" quality to your relationship.
there are other aspects that are almost the opposite. veus conjunct t to pluto shows a very mature sexual connection. though there is a clarity emotionally, there is are also emotional clouds when there seems to be no openness. this aspect is very possessive and a bit controlling.
psyche is conjunct to orcus which shows a pleasure/pain aspect. that is it is not always intensely attractive but there are time when you moods are cold.
this pleasure/pain dynamic is also shown by the mars/venus, mars/pluto midpoints conjunct to nessus and the moon/sun midpoint opposed to nessus. this implies that you both had troubling emotional experiences as children. there seems to be a sadness amid the joy.
the juno/Jupiter midpoint is conjunct to mars and mars is trine to the moon and vertex, so I think you feel that you will get married.

with ixion conjunct to venus, it feels as if there are external circumstance, maybe family, that are causing problems.

this is a very unusual composite as the attraction seems to have an element of stress or pain or distance also.


thank you so much for this <3 <3 <3 endless love for you!

Re: How would you interpet this NN?

hi turquoiseSky
you node/lilth conjunction shows you to be extremely sensitive and intuitive. you can "feel" what others are feeling or thinking with out trying.
often you could be confusing because these sensation just come up into your consciousness. sometimes you don't know why you know things that you just know.
your venus/mars midpoint is square lilth and the nodal axis, showing you to be graceful, loving and attractive. but sometimes you cannot control the attraction others feel for you as your nature is inherently loving and warm.

your Jupiter/Venus squares midpoint is square to your sun/mercury midpoint which shows you have a happy, social and outgoing aspect to your personality. you are with friends and likely thy come to you for advise..
you moon is square to Pluto which shows that even with a happy façade, you have emotional issues which make you seek solitude at times. with the Saturn/Uranus conjunction semi square to pluto and these midpoints opposed to Jupiter, there may be issues with your father and your childhood may have been confining or you moon/pluto midpoint is square to Saturn and Uranus, it seems that your loving and attractive nature has brought you emotional hardship and pain at time. and with the mars/Neptune midpoint opposed to the venus/moon midpoint ,you have had more than your fair share of dishonest relationships and you may have insecurities dealing with intimate relationships as a result. the moon pluto square can show there are repressed emotional memories that with hinder you expression of love until you come to grips with certain childhood experiences. there is a sense that your grandparents were important and it is possible you parents broke up.

your mars is square to the Uranus/Neptune and Saturn/Neptune midpoints. this shows you wide areas of interest and you are drawn to usual or fringe people and endeavors. but often your are vacillating and change your direction or goals after you have made a decision what to do. very often you find that you end up in places that you did meant to go and many times even your friends are surprised at what you do and how your react.
you are in the middle of changes. you have let go of people of ambitions starting in june, more correctly people are falling away from you as you change you direction, even though you don't know where these changes are taking you.
the end of december will finalize you changing life and totally new options could appear at the end of december.
mercury is sextile to Saturn and Uranus giving you a quick and intelligent mind, yet also mental powers of concentration and contemplation. you have good deductive reasoning powers and you are a born arbitrator, in that you can see how to resolve potential conflicts and how to change obstacles for the better. you are a born problem solver, though as I said sometimes you become confused and find it hard to make decisions concerning your own life.
I can't say what lessons you are to learn, but these are some of the dynamics of your life .


Thank you Rahu for all of your insights and for taking the time to analyze aspects in my chart! What you wrote really resonates with me.

Originally Posted by rahu
hi turquoiseSky
you node/lilth conjunction shows you to be extremely sensitive and intuitive. you can "feel" what others are feeling or thinking with out trying. often you could be confusing because these sensation just come up into your consciousness. sometimes you don't know why you know things that you just know.

I totally agree with this. I feel like I am very intuitive. When you say "you could be confusing" do you mean confusing to others or I myself can become confused?

Originally Posted by rahu
your Jupiter/Venus squares midpoint is square to your sun/mercury midpoint which shows you have a happy, social and outgoing aspect to your personality. you are with friends and likely thy come to you for advise..

You are right my friends often come to me for advice and I enjoy giving it to them. My degree is in Psychology.

Originally Posted by rahu
it is possible you parents broke up.

Yes this is true, my parents broke up when I was just beginning high school. My mom was the one to leave. Is this evident by my Moon in 4th square Pluto in 7th? My mom packed her bags and left our home. When you said with Moon Pluto I have emotional issues -for a long time I was hurt about the divorce and carried feelings of abandonment with my mom being absent for many years of my life. I have let go of this though and have forgiven her.

Originally Posted by rahu
you are in the middle of changes. you have let go of people of ambitions starting in june, more correctly people are falling away from you as you change you direction, even though you don't know where these changes are taking you.
the end of december will finalize you changing life and totally new options could appear at the end of december.

What transits are happening for me to finalize my changing life and to have new opportunities come by the end of December? What do you think these new options could be?

Originally Posted by rahu
though as I said sometimes you become confused and find it hard to make decisions concerning your own life.

This is entirely true. It is very hard for me to figure out what life path and direction to take. This is why I am trying to focus on what the North Node means for me so I can go in that direction.
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Re: the node and reality

Was I blessed with psychic insight? Or maybe not

all you say is reflected in your chart , your moon is on your ascendant opposed to the Uranus/venus midpoint. this gives your intuition validity, Uranus gives you prophetic dreams and venus gives you your intuitive reading of people.
you have another pattern of psychic ability but this is a bit more ominiuos and would hit with your description of yourself being "older" than you are. pluto is square the node. this can give you access or influences from past lives, hence you feelings of being older are a function og you having memories and life experiences built up in another life time. this pluto aspect also gives drams which may have dark meanings or prophetic dreams of peoples death.
your pluto is square to the venus/Jupiter midpoint. this pattern could reflect your distain for materialism as venus/Jupiter are symbolic of access to all the good things in life, inundating the senses with material opulence.
this pattern suggest that in a past life you overindulged in physical pleasure and lost some of your souls advancement. hence now you do not want to make the same mistake and you have ea better understanding of the function of material things.
you also have mercury and the sun sextile to Uranus and these midpoint conjunct to Jupiter. Jupiter is the the teacher, the advisor. mercury/Uranus is knowledge of astrology and the occult so this pattern ties in with your knowledge of astrology and of you dispensing of advice to friends.
as I look closer I noticed that your Uranus and mercury have 2/11 th harmonic and Jupiter has 1/11 harmonic with mercury and Jupiter. this shows you can be a towering astrological teacher as these harmonics show the Adept,one who takes completed knowledge to another level of manifestation.
you might read he following thread, as it will make your journey quicker and more direct.

the north node transited your Jupiter/mercury midpoint at 0ares31 on oct 30,2015. this would be a period when pour friends flocked to you will questions. in this period you shown as a wise and farsighted sage to your friends addition your mental abilities were very sharp and you might have achieve a intellectual milestone.

it seems that you have recently met a love interest, maybe last night(12/22/15) as the node transited your venus/mars midpoint at26pisce3 late last night. though the node has been in orb for a week or so. any way , you are currently drawing love and attention and no one can resist you magnetic charms right now. but be cautious , some may will be afflicted with jealousy toward you and may respond with negativity .

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Re: the node and reality


posted July 09, 2018 07:01 PM
hi Lunalscariot

the composite has some nice emotional aspect but does have a underlying coldness.
the Jupiter/vertex conjunction is sextile to the sun/venus/mercury stellium and the midpoint of these planets is conjunct to eros and ceres.
this shows a affection and respect and certainly points toward a committed ,caring and nurturing relations.
the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct to the moon which indicates a very romantic feeling,especially in her.

the moon/Saturn midpoint is conjunct to the descendant which can add to a sense of commitment and devotion. but with chiron square the descendant and the Saturn/moon midpoint, it is more likely that the nature of the relationship would be somewhat restrictive and controlling in light of the pluto/Saturn square. the moon/sun midpoint is square to juno which add to the sense of a committed relationship but Jupiter conjunct the vertex, which can also give these feeling, is often difficult o translate into the relationship. that is the Jupiter.vertex conjunction though an intense aspect, does not by itself insure the relationship would be committed.
but the Saturn square to pluto and the node betrays a rather cold and manipulative streak in him.
with the pluto/Saturn midpoint conjunct to the sun and venus, I don't get a feeling that this would be a loving relationship but would turn into one characterized by control and manipulation.

Yes I was told by others that he can be cold or unemotional... so I think you’re right
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Re: the node and reality


Composite chart - Are they happy?
What are the possible sources of conflict as you see in the chart?

hi jox
the composite shows the moon/sun midpoint and juno conjunct to the south node. this shows that she has always seen a committed relationship/marriage in the offing. but with Jupiter 3/20 harmonic to the north node, he is finding the littlest reason to put off any type of commitment.
mars conjunct the vertex shows that his personal charisma has her enchanted but with pluto on the nadir, there is no real intimacy . the mars/venus midpoint is square to pluto which shows that though there may be a strong sexual attraction, these sensations are all carnal and he has no feelings of emotional intimacy. this composite has no "we" in it. it is all about selfish desires.
as I said she is entranced by him because of mars conjunct the vertex, but she is deluding herself if she continues to see a marriage or committed relationship in their future. the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction square to venus also shows him to be hesitant if not inwardly against a serious relationship. Venus is sextile to the moon so they have an outward loving connection

with the Neptune/Jupiter and Neptune/Saturn midpoints square to the node, he is being disingenuous if he professes a desire for a serious relationship or marriage . he has no intentions of such a relationship. and with Chiron opposed to these midpoints and square the node, when she presses the point ,he becomes very critical of her and hopes to silence her relationship demands by this over critical viewpoint of her. when the relationship goes south, he will blame her personality faults as the cause of the failed relationship

(heres another thread in which my response has been deleted rahu)

Composite chart: What does it show?

hi again aquame

to continue........

eros is conjunct to lilth which reinforces the uber romantic feelings he elicits from you subconscious .
the Jupiter/juno midpoint is opposed to the sun/venus midpoint this gives feeling that a committed relationship or even marriage is possible but Saturn square the amore/union conjunction bodes these plans may not manifest through his reluctance. And the moon/neptune midpoint is to juno/Jupiter and sun/venus, this tends to weaken the possible consummation of the relationship and can show insincerity. it maybe one is expecting or seeing more than exist I potential relationships. as I said this is difficult chart to read as there is so much power, but in the final analysis, it seems the personal ambitions will not leave enough roomfor cultivating a loving relationship long term.

Thank you Rahu! I will contemplate on the responses you kindly provided to me. Again, thank you so much

Help with my chart! (Newbie here)

hi lunarphase
i'lljust point out a few things you likely won't read in astrology books.

your mars is conjunct to the south node which gives you physical aura great strength . people can sense your presence before you enter a room./ this aspect shows that you tend to have good luck if you act spontaneously and don't think to much. this is a magnetic aspect and people will be drawn to you. but with Pluto square to the node and mars, those attracted can be good or ill. this aspect makes you a survivor meaning that you may bend but do not break. you are very resilient and though you have had more than your share of adversity already, you always fight back and regain your composure. The pluto/mars square can make you unconsciously selfish as your actions always concern you own feel being. this streak of selfishness my surprise your friends and even you , because with the mars.venus midpoint conjunct your sun , you are a very loving person and likely have many friends. so this streak of selfishness I covered my the magnanimity of your personality .

your mercury/sun midpoint is conjunct your sun. this gives strong psychic abilities and it also gives a quick wit and a intelligent mind. with chiron square to the sun,you have excellent analytical skills and can be very critical at times. this aspect can show a lack tact because you will often speak your mind before you consider how you may affect those around you. with a venus/mars/sun pattern you nature is o loving that your biting tongue can surprise even your best of friends. this aspect also shows you expect truth and if anyone is false or offensive toward you,you will cut them out of your life completely. once you do so ,it maytake a long time before you let them back in,if ever as you take offense deep inside your self.
with the moon sextile to ceres, though, you are are loving,compassionate and devoted spirit to your friends . you will help and defend you friends and family to the utmost of you ability .
with venus square to Saturn and eris, you are devoted by nature and seem more mature than your age would show. this pattern tend to draw older people and men to you, though you yourself have a very young spirit and demeanor.
just a few thoughts

Thank you so much!
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Re: the node and reality


Topic: composite of abuse?

posted July 10, 2018 08:12 PM
I have to agree ,it does look abusive and actually potentially violent because the mars/pluto midpoint is conjunct the Saturn/Uranus conjunction/midpoint. these being opposed to chiron.

I have to assume you are hanging in there because you think this will lead to a committed relationship or marriage as Jupiter is opposed thevertex and square to the sun. this aspect does give very positive feelings when you are not fighting but vertex aspects can be very deceiving in that the promises it holds more often than not , do not manifest in the chart. so though you feel this will become committed, the chances are it will not because the mars/pluto energies are so powerful and ultimately destructive for your self esteem. yes the sex can be over powering but it often includes physical abuse. he is enjoying the abusive aspects of the sexual relationship and not interested in any emotional intimacy.

you are correct that you stay with him because of the moon/Saturn conjunction. this aspect shows great devotion even if the relationship is bad or destructive as this one seems. with Uranus involved, this has to be a off and on attraction between you. Neptune square the node indicates that drugs/alcohol are also a big part of the chemistry here which in the long run will bite you in your bum. as his Saturn is conjunct your Neptune ,it is clear drugs are part of the attraction and it seems you are deluding yourself about him..

wow thats correct he drinks to much alcohol we meet in a time where i go out on weekends and liked to party and we had so much fun together, but my lifestyle changed completely
his is still the same it's worst!

and you are so right with the point about my self-esteem i feel like i have to fight for it and protect myself when i'm with him in a discussion or disagreement he hurt with his attitude towards me and the coldness and he never say sorry for what he did or say he becomes so easy offended
but you described it very well there is this feeling (sounds crazy) he is the one for me a feeling of we should be together
in synastry we have moon venus aspects i thought this is the point of positive feelings between us
but what holds him in this connection?

as I have already mentioned, Saturn conjunct the moon strong devotional feelings even is the relationship is toxic to the max.
in addition, I think he stays with it because you are the perfect victim. that is you suffer through his abuse. he is looking for some one to victimize and you seem to fit the bill.
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Re: the node and reality


generally this looks like a past life chart with node conjunct to pluto and sun/mercury/venus square these two, the relationship is entirely karmic. but it seems like bad karma to me ,because these aspects describe a abuse relationship.
this is a master/submissive chart. there is pain and there is pleasure but there is little free will or love.
I wonder why you even wonder about this guy. this would imply you have abusive childhood dynamics that draw you to this M/S relationship.

Thanks for your reply! you are right! I felt from the start that it is a karmic relationship. the first time i met this guy i shouldnt be there but i met him. i felt an instant atraction. i knew from the start that it was going to be an abusive relationship and master/submissive kind of thing. actually he is something like my master in an theater class. i didnt expect to fall for this guy but i felt the attraction was mutual. he was paying most of his attention to me. there is lot of touchiness from him too. i will post the synastry chart. his sun and moon falls into my eight house in conjunction with my mars so i guess this explains the masochistic strong attraction i feel for him. he has also a sun/chiron conjunction.. very painful but that explains his abusive character

Borderline personality disorder and natal chart

hi john
you do have aspects similar to mental "disorders". most mental disorders of this genre, ar cause by having a strong Saturn patter and a strong Uranus pattern in their charts.
you have Saturn square to Uranus and a T-square formed with Jupiter.
the sun Saturn square shows a tendency to despondency and negative self esteem. but in your chart ,you really don't have a strong psychological sense because the orb is 5 degree to from the sun to Saturn and the sun is heading to a square of Jupiter before it forms a square to Saturn. so you do have optimistic and constructive impulse's, though the square of sun and Jupiter can be a bit too impulsive, but it is not despondent. I think this is why you are considered borderline, you just aren't self destructive/despondent enough for the shrinks.

using the older terminology of maniac/depressive, you manic side is shown by mercury square to node/uranus midpoint. firt off mercury is square the node which shows you to be a extremely intelligent person, though with the square to Neptune, the shrink may try to characterize you as a bit delusional. but these aspect do give a powerful psychic/visionary power to your personality. Uranus' influence gives you access to the astral plane and vivid dreams and maybe out of the body experiences. Of course if you talk about these phenomena , the shrink will certainly find you dysfunctional.
there is a pattern that could reflect a deeper dysfunctionalism , which is that Saturn is opposed to orus and sedna. sedna being tightly square to orcus. this pattern can bring deep depression. sedna square to orcus suggest that you were deeply emotional "betrayed" at a early point in your life. that is early childhood experiences, likely abusive by the father figure, have confused the concepts of right and wrong in emotional relationships. this could have lead to inappropriate social/sexual actions by you at some point as is suggested by lust opposed to sedna and square to orcus and eris square to the node. with a mercury/eris conjunction ,you may have a difficult time separating you mental responses from boisterous emotional responses.


Thank you rahu for your response,

It's quite difficult to explain but my self esteem seems to go from deep lows to abnormaly high highs, could this be caused by the Moon - Jupiter conjunction T squaring the Sun and Saturn ? Its like somedays I feel super strong and fearless and the next day without any energy at all, maybe the heavily afflicted moody cancer mars could be the reason of this too?
And I have a restless mind too, its hard to concentrate on something for too long.. probably caused by the 2 T squares involving (Mars-Uranus/Neptune-Mercury). Addictions, heavy obsessions, sex thoughts, Emotional out burts, rush actions and so on.
Anyway I can relate with most of the sympotms of BPD and was curious to know if all these tense aspects in my chart could indicate to any mental disorder.
First Meeting Chart: help needed

hi LaVidaLoca
I agree the second meeting is he most significant. the node is on the ascendant. this shows an instantaneous mental connection. actually it is a psychic connection and you probably found yourself anticipating what he said or responded to you.
it good you could sense what he was thinking because the words and intentions were totally opposite as saturn was opposed to mercury and mercury square to Neptune.
but as you said th ebody language was straightforward wit the mars/venus midpoint square to the node and ascendant. sounds hot from the beginning


Hello, Rahu!

I really thank you for replying. I'm not surprised to hear that Saturn is involved. In our synastry chart, 'Venus square Saturn' plays a crucial role, I think (we also have the Moon-Pluto conj.--I'm the Pluto person). There is a big age disparity, not to mention other practical questions that seem in contrast with the idea of a sentimental relationship. So, from your reading, do you think that whereas we were talking about our potential professional collaboration, the other person was feeling a physical attraction? That behind the wish to work with me, there was something else? This is what my gut feeling suggested me. We also live in two different countries, but we are working now so that I can reach this person's job place. What still I can't entirely understand is if there is really something more, or if it's only me who is exaggerating. If I have to judge the reality, in fact, months are passing but nothing is changing in the meantime. Maybe when I'll be there, something might evolve.

I thank you again for your time!
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Re: the node and reality

In Which I Ponder My Psychic Abilities

hi cladir

you have Uranus and psyche conjunct the south node. Uranus is associated with astral.vivid dreams and other phenomena such as sleep paralysis and out of the body experiences .
in addition you have the mercury/Uranus midpoint conjunct your asteroid aura and opposed to the vertex .
quite a plateful.

your Uranus position can show prophetic dreams ad flying dreams. with the south node involved, you may have a bad temper at times and could have dreams that are threating. but generally it shows a inherent ability to understand other people intentions and thought
psyche with the south node increases you sensitivity to other peoples emotions. this aspect does give a attractive energy to you but with Uranus you don't seem to like to be with one person.

your mercury/Uranus midpoint conjunct to aura is very interesting as this implies that you can see other peoples auras, the etheric electrical energy field around living beings. you might study auras and the colors that have, as one can judge much about a person from the color of their aura. ad with the vertex opposed to these, you might be overwhelmed by the intensity of the auras that you see

you have another pattern that does not exactly indicate a psychic ability but it does reflect a deep emotional sensitivity you have. your Chiron is conjunct to Lilith and to Pluto with the Eros/psyche midpoint also conjunct to Lilith.
this most likely is problematic because it shows you are deeply sensitive to others emotions and that you elict strong feeling of love from others. Again this is a emotionally attractive aspect because you just radiate a certain feeling of attraction. but it is problematic because with chrion part of the mix, you are quite picky, so to speak. you are very judgmental of those attracted to you and can be quite rude at times as you don't have much tact when pointing out short comings of others. pluto conjunct also can show a very selfish orientation which takes advantage of those who are attracted to you rather than reciprocating their affection.
pluto can, in relationship to your astral abilities, show that you can see problems or even death. It can also give the possibilities that the spirit of departed souls visit you in your dreams.

you have strong aspects of selfishness which may retard your use of your astral abilities.
your moon is square to nessus and the midpoint is conjunct to Uranus. while this could be interpreted as increasing the probability of departed souls visiting you, it can also show that you have a selfish emotional nature that might hiner your openness to these abilities.

you also have the Uranus/Saturn midpoint conjunct to the moon, which might not apply to your psychic abilities ,but it could imply that you have an insecurity as it seems there were problems between your parents. it is probable that they have split up.


The Following User Says Thank You to rahu For This Useful Post: Caladir (07-06-2018)
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Re: the node and reality

Healing abilities..
hi Scorpiokll.

Jupiter/chiron sextile would have healing properties but maybe of a cerebral nature. what you do have for psychic healing is the neptune/asc sextile to pluto with the node conjunct pluto. this pattern gives healing abilities in those so chosen. with the node and pluto, you could channel some truly miraculous healing sessions. this natal aspect can also show you were a healer in a past life, and I would not be surprised if you have had dreams to that affect


Wow thank you for the insight!i dont know about dreams yet..but I've had this deep gut feeling over the last few months that people don't understand that they are internally imbalanced and that can manifest in psychical pain and Injury. If they only took the time to meditate and find balance and how their pain would diminish.. But most people don't listen when you try and tell them. Smh!!

little lost lately. Would love someone to help through chart reading.

hi kth1490

it seems that you have had a few unsettling relationships over the last 6 months or so. this may be why you find yourself aimless as it is likely that both of these liaisons disenchanted you and confused you.
last year in may there might have been a real love affair that seemed right ,but then it suddenly broke up late june. it seemed to have started really idealistically but then just stopped unexplained.

in December between the 10th and 18th, another fling started. this one seems to be very social and very sexual. but there was a mystery around him . and again he suddenly broke up in early January around the 8th.
so your "confusion" now is that you just don't know when to trust someone.

you are very idealistic in life and love and I think you have been emotionally taken advantage of lately.

mars/venusmp 9cap0 may 18 2015
Uranus 6 cap00 jun 19 opposed to Jupiter 4can40 jul3
mars/Neptune mp 27sag20 dec 10 2015 mars/neptune
vensu/pluto mp 26sag21 dec 18 2015
mars/Uranus mp 24sag12 jan 8 2016

Thank you, very accurate even right down to the dates. If you don't mind will this be an ongoing theme for me? And I understand that Pisces on my 8th house cusp/descendant (I'm fairly new to learning about astrology) makes me like this, is there any way of becoming more realistic about things?

hi again kth1490

you actually have an extraordinary aspect pattern. Saturn and Neptune are conjunct your sun with their midpoints exactly conjunct your sun.
psychologically this shows a fluid ego structure. this means that outside influences affect you personality easily. you ego does not restrict the possibilities that reality can bring. this can make you a space case but it can also make you almost mediumistic because astral/psychic influence can reach your subconscious mind and emotions intact.
then the mercury/Uranus midpoint is also conjunct the sun. this gives psychological influences that are in some ways opposite the "spacey vibs" of Neptune and Saturn. this shows a very intelligent and quick witted mind. this can give astral/vivid/out of the body dream/states and shows you have powerful psychic abilities. but the Saturn/Neptune influence can give low self esteem ,that blocks you from realizing your psychic abilities. what is extraordinary is that you have both a intuitive mind and strong rational ,deductive mind.

Thank you again! It's really beautiful to learn this stuff. Any insights are much appreciated

well kth1490. in addition to these interesting psychic abilities you have, you are also a very romantic ,physical and and loving soul.
mercury is square to the moon and eros is conjunct to mercury. this shows you strong mental and emotional impulses and with eros it show how romance colors your thoughts and emotions. with this pattern you can easily fall in love with someone because of their thoughts and ideas.
psyche is on you descendant and square to lilth. this also shows a very idealistic and sensitive soul. you are almost powerless to resist love as spiritual attraction and love are corner post of your personality and emotions.
the eros/psyche midpoint is conjunct you north node. again this is a pattern showing you are a idealistic, romantic soul. this is a very attractive aspect abnd brings many toward you.but sedan is square to orcus which shows that selfish and carnal men are also drawn to you. this is very difficult and dangerous because these guy will seem to be speaking the truth to you al the while just waiting to take advantage.
nymphe is conjunct to nessus and square to Jupiter. this shows that part of you inability to read sexual situation is because in your childhood there was some form of abuse. most likely by a authority figure or some family this tends to show this occurred at a very early age ,you may not have any remembrance but you therefore may have a blind spot as to when some one is seeking to control you.
eris is square to your sun and Saturn. as you have many /psychic/spiritual romantic vibrations, you also have a very sexual and physical appetite for life. this puts you in a very delicate situation because you attract both the very romantic and loving people but also very selfish and carnally oriented people. with Saturn and sun square to eris, you early abuse could be from your father.
pluto is square to the node and your Eros/psyche midpoint.
I hope I am not to brash or insensitive but this aspect shows for sure that there was severe abuse in your child hood. pluto also tend to show these experiences are repressed. this repression is why you can't weed out the good guys from the bad guys. in fact with this blind spot , you will tend to be drawn to the selfish users of you.

you are such a s gifted child, I would suggest some type of counseling from a abuse counselors. they may be able to help you see how to recognize those who approach you to victimize you and those who approach you to reciprocate you loving nature.


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Re: the node and reality


Chiron rising
hi Miriya

there area couple of interesting patterns in your chart.

the mercury/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the south node. this is indicative of very strong astral/psychic sensitivities . usually this gives you extreme dreams that can be vivid, realistic and can include flying dreams or other out of the body experiences. this shows a capacity to read other peoples thoughts and shows that you have the potential to influence other people thoughts and action. this aspect also give very intelligent mind. you are extremely quick witted and sharp.
as the south node is involved, this pattern can sometimes be confusing and cause you periods of extreme mental confusion. other may occasionally find you acting or thinking in a"crazy"manner,but it is just that at times ,you are overwhelmed by the astral/psychic energies that can go through you .

in addition Uranus is opposed to chiron and the mercury/chiron midpoint is square to the node. this amplifies what I have already written and it adds a very analytical and critical mental faculty. often this aspect also gives you a extremely good memory and sometimes a photographic recall ability.
chiron looks and expect mental coherence in other and as such chiron abhors hypocrisy. with this aspect you have a tendency to alienate friends and other people because when you see a falsehood or fault in a person, you will point this out. most people do not like to have their inconsistencies pointed out, and chiron gives little tact in expressing your opinion.

often with these mental abilities, one will expect others to be just a perceptive and sharp. but that is rarely the case so you may judge other people to harshly as few people have the mental alacrity you do.

it seems that you have always had issues with people about this subject. that is you have unintentionally alienating many people in your life because you mind is so quick ,critical and incisive. this is shown by your sun/moon midpoint being square to the Chiron/Uranus opposition. this can be very unsettling because you have always had a excess for mental energies and probably have had problems expressing all that when through you mind. as already mentioned, sometimes you actions and words have totally overwhelmed others and they could only see you as being "unbalanced". but it is just that you have so much mental and psychic energy running through you

another confusing aspect is your venus/mars midpoint opposed to Jupiter. on the face of this one would expect a lively social life and a loving relationship or even marriage. this is a very attractive aspect both romantically and socially .
but the Uranus/pluto midpoint is square to this opposition which shows on one hand extreme emotional intensity but on the other hand sudden breakups or unexpected external influences that cause breakups.
so even though the venus/mars/Jupiter opposition is associated with success in relationships, your life has been characterized by relationships that abruptly and unexpectedly collapse.


Wow, Rahu! Thanks for that very insightful comment. It's so true it gave me goosebumps.

Last edited by rahu; 07-16-2018 at 08:29 PM.
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Re: the node and reality


Signs of eating disorders or body dysmorphia in a chart?

hi ariana92

eating disorders are clinically associated with abusive childhood environments over 90% of the time.
your chart does contain aspect that indicate a abusive family environment when you grew up.

you Saturn is square to Sedna,square to the sun and opposed to orcus.
Saturn/sun square gives a oppressive influence from the father , but Orcus opposed to Saturn gives a abusive influence.
in addition you moon is opposed to chiron and square to pluto. this indicates your mother's influence was also emotionally abusive toward you.

you have venus conjunct the node and the node conjunct your ascendant. this is actually a very loving and attractive aspect. it shows you are very sensitive and actually have strong psychic abilities. this aspect shows that many are drawn to you but with both your father and mother having abusive aspects toward you, you likely don't realize how amazing and charming you are, because the Saturn/sun square shows you might have low self esteem because of your father always degrading and putting you down.
the aspects to your mother shows that she too did not reinforce you sensitivity and beauty but also was always criticizing and degrading you. so you likely have very low self esteem as a result of both parents putting you down.
this usually reflects the mother being jealous of you because you father payid more attention to you than his wife. even though you father restricted your emotions and degraded you, he was attracted to you because of the venus/node conjunction, and you mother sensed this and hence considered you a rival and so never gave you the love that a mother should.
these influences combined, lack of true love and emotional hostility directed toward you as a child ,are the influences that can lead to you developing eating disorders.

the venus node conjunction especially in women often show unnatural attraction from the father. this aspect is as I said very sexual, that is your aura give off sexual vibration whether you are aware of it or not. this sexual aura is around you from your birth which is why unnatural sexual interest can develop around you early in your life.

the node with the ascendant as I have said is an aspect of psychic abilities. couple with venus, it gives accurate intuitions and the ability to read other peoples thoughts. but I have a feeling that you may have blocked this awareness of yourself because of your insecurity and low self esteem from you parents. in fact ,you probably have trouble expressing yourself in many ways because of the emotional harshness in your childhood.

the node with the ascendant as I have said is an aspect of psychic abilities. Couple with venus, it gives accurate intuitions and the ability to read other peoples thoughts. but I have a feeling that you may have blocked this awareness of yourself because of your insecurity and low self esteem from you parents. in fact ,you probably have trouble expressing yourself in many ways because of the emotional harshness in your childhood.
Your emotional/sexual energies are also strengthen by eris on your nadir/4th house cusp opposed to eris conjunct your midheaven. These two are square to your Uranus/Neptune conjunction. This pattern is extremely emotionally/sexually attractive. Agai you radiate a strong love and sexual energy whether you want to or not. But this aspect is very difficult because it shows that many you are attracted to you ,only want sex and don’t aren’t interested in you as a person ans not interested in having a emotional/loving relationship.

Your named asteroid is conjunct to Jupiter and sextile to mercury which shows that you are by nature looking for and wanting a serious relationship and marriage. Your venus/mars midpoint is conjunct to Jupiter and ari which again shows you romantic dreams and desire for a serious relationship and marriage. This pattern also shows you are very intelligent and intellectually creative. But most guys are just interested in a sexual hookup and do not see you intelligence and witt.
I think you have had bad experiences in relationships because you own self esteem is very low so you don’t expect to be respected and loved by the guys you accept as BF. And as you have been emotionally abused,and my not realize this or have repressed these feelings, you don’t see that the men are attracted to you,only are interested in sex.
The Uranus/Neptune conjunction square to eris and eros is very difficult for a woman because it elicts such a strong sexual reaction, that most men will not see anything besides a sexual encounter. this pattern is often associated with many sexual encounters but no committed relationships.
My advice I to get counseling for your low self esteem and abusive childhood. You are so loving and intelligent . but it seems like subconscious or unconscious personality characteristics are keeping you from having a committed relationship. It is very difficult to solve these psychological problems unless you have some one or a group to talk these issues out. talking does work, the more you express your “problems” ,the less your emotional issues will be able to limit your the love in your relationships.
your moon opposed to orcus and square to pluto shows that you are emotional closed. It is difficult to open up to others. This could be part of why relationship are short. Because of your abusive childhood and the withheld love, you don’t know how to be emotionally open and interactive. It may be that you give the impression that you don’t care for other or your BFs. Again , you need to learn to open up and be trusting of emotional interactions, something that was taken from you as a child.
Your sun is opposed to Sedna. This is an aspect of sincerity and truth. That is you are a truth teller but with Saturn and orcus square to your sun and Sedna, you are subconsciously afraid to reveal the truths about yourself because of the evil conditions of your fathers influences on you as a child.
I hope you find some counseling as you are so sensitive, intelligent, psychic ,sincere, devoted and beautiful to not have your dreams fulfilled.

you are amazing once again!!
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Re: the node and reality


Hi Darknorth

I 'll just point a few major personality traits rather than focusing on specific questions you have.

you have venus conjunct to the sun and juno conjunct to Jupiter. these ae very loving and emotional aspects. the midpoints of Jupiter/sun,jupiter/venus and juno/sun and juno/venus are conjunct the north node and mars is square to the north node and these symbols. this shows you to be amazingly optimistic and social and emotionally attractive. I would think that you are already married or at the very least everyone you love wants to marry you. juno and Jupiter also how that you have a very intelligent mind and probably are highly educated.

another very strong personality trait is that your mercury/moon conjunction is square to the Neptune/Uranus conjunctions. this makes you amazingly creative . you can inspire others with your creativity and your exuberant personality . this gives both a theoretical mind and a practical mind . you can conceptualize and create.
the problem here can be that you are inconsistent and can change your mind a lot. you also have the tendency to seek goals that are too far out of reality or of your practical reach. this pattern can also show that you sometimes do not have the concentration or energy to complete ideas.
this can give you the aura of a "space case" sometimes.

the third personality aspect is that Saturn is conjunct your ascendant and square to pluto. this is the big anchor or obstacle in your life. this shows that in spite of all your amazing talents, you at times do not see your own worth and value. this can be a very depressive aspect.
this part of you can make you push others away and hence keep you from accepting the love of others. this aspect can keep you from expending the energy to achieve the goals and potential that you have.

I said you have a very attractive and loving nature but your pluto/mercury midpoint is conjunct to the sun and venus, so this shows that even when you are in the midst of appreciative friends and loved ones,you can feel isolated, it is as if all the dancing is going on around you but you don't hear the music.

your Saturn/Neptune and Saturn/Uranus midpoints are square to the node and opposed to mars and square to the Jupiter/juno/sun/venus pattern.
this shows that all the happiness that goes around, doesn't affect you as it affects others. no one really knows who you are inside or what you really feel as you are extremely private and concealing.

you have such wonderful potential but until you figure out why you stand outside your life and don't participate, you will not know what to do with your life to feel satisfied.


Thanks for you reply.

Well, to be honest, I'm 24 years old and never know love... No one was in love with me, I don't trust people. I think I have been to hurt by people (kids and teens) so that today I'm comfortable in a relationship with someone. So, I'm more solitary and I prefer indirect contacts like Internet and forum.
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Re: the node and reality


definitely a very interesting kite pattern.

it seems the defining aspect is the mars opposition to Uranus/Neptune conjunction.
this aspect is usually intense,sensual and addictive emotionally but not very stable or enduring.
but here moon is trine/sextile to this opposition so that might stabilize this a bit.
the south node conjunct to venus/juno and venus certainly looks like a aspect of love and marriage. Jupiter conjunct the vertex also brings intense energies toward this idea, though chiron square the vertex might bring in uhsurmountable difference.
one very unfavorable aspect is that the sun/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the Uranus/Neptune midpoint and opposed to mars.
this usually shows a underlying sexual intensity but that an unstable emotional union is at the base of the relationship.
though the Saturn sextile to Uranus and trine to pluto could excerpt a strong stabilizing emotional base.
the eros/psyche square's midpoint is square to ceres which shows a very loving and idealist urge to provide a nurturing emotional force toward each other.
hmmm moon sextile to Jupiter.....
it seems to have the potential to be a very successful relationship and likely a marriage. I am just very leering of Uranus's central position.
the transiting south node will be conjunct the composite Uranus on September 23.
the node has formed a r-s stationary at 5leo53 and will remain near this position to early September so if this relationship is to be successful, I think a dramatic change will occur ,such as engagement or marriage.
but if the Uranus proves to be problematic then the relationship will likely breakup in late September

always learn new things from you ,I really appreciate all your insight ❤️��
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Re: the node and reality


Practice intuitive astrology on my Natal Chart

it is interesting you are interested in an intuitive reading because you are exceptionally intuitive, actually you are extremely psychic and . the nodal axis on your ascendant axis shows powerful psychic abilities. with Neptune conjunct the node , you psychic abilities include visionary dreams and sometimes your dreams states can follow you into consciousness
as the sun is conjunct you south node, the sun/Neptune midpoint is square to the nodal axis. this increase the strength of your abilities and it shows that your life has had many ,strange coincidences or synchronistic happenings.
this aspect shows a very powerful aura such that your presence can be felt by others whether they are aware of your presence or not.
with the Uranus/node midpoint conjunct to Neptune, you have access to the astral plane. this shows that you have prophetic dreams and likely flying dreams or out of the body experiences.
as mentioned before these aspect can give your consciousness a inter meshing with the visionary world .t would not surprise me if you have had waking visions. also I would think that you have had what is called sleep paralysis which means that when you first awaken, you can not move for a few minutes, seemingly still asleep while conscious.

with mercury conjunct to Jupiter and square to pluto, you have a very deep and profound mind. but pluto can sometimes show that you have repressed experiences aor thoughts that keep you from understanding the full extend of you abilities. this square can also result in a tyrannically facet to your personality at time. that is you expect other to bed to your will. the Saturn opposition to chiron is also in this vein, showing that you can have a rigid and unbending mind.
often with the strong astral abilities and the Saturn/chiron constrictions, one can be subject to nightmares as well as vision during dream states.
with the south node on your ascendant, you need a bit of caution as this aspect can "overload" your rational processes if you are not aware of the energies that are flowing through you. also if you try to integrate all the energy that flows through you, you can suffer mental distress because the normal ego structure can not contain the infinite flow of energy symbolized here. or if you ego structure identifies with the infinite energy instead of realizing your ego is just channeling these energies, you can have mental distress.
fortunately pluto forms a sextile trine to the ascendant so you tend to keep your psychic balance.
and with pluto sextile the node and Neptune, you have powerful healing abilities as well. most likely you find friends drawn to you we the are having so type of problem in their life


Rahu, it's very interesting the things you wrote. I feel like you've given me another way to look at what's going on inside of my head and in my immediate surroundings. Thank you for that and the whole interpration! <3

I never really saw myself as psychic but everything you wrote feels very true to me and may perhaps be experienced soon. It's true that I am a dreamer. I do have a lot of visions. And my dreamstates follows me into conciousness a lot. Strange coincidences and synchronistic happenings happens on almost a daily basis. It almost gets a little bit ridiculous from times.

I do also have a very powerful presence. I feel as if I can change the atmosphere in a whole room only by being there. People tend to mention that they like to be around me.

I've only had a sleep paralysis once and it happened this summer actually. And it wasn't even my own energies/emotions triggering it. It was one hell of a nightmare going through surpressed feelings and emotions of another person.

I'm working day and night going through repressed and supressed experiences and emotions. Pluto is really keeping me busy and I feel as if pluto is also making sure I do things for the real reason, that it is really true to me and not my ego. And I think that is sometimes part of the reason I feel as though I'm not tapped into the full extent of my abillities.

I am extremly stubborn when it comes to certain things. But I always admit to my wrongs as growing and being authentic is way more important to me than being right.

I am almost always aware of what energies are flowing through me. Or atleast that there are energies flowing through me. However sometimes unpleasant energies throws me off when there's still resistance to some thoughts or experiences
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