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Electional and Event Astrology Discuss here astrologically good times to do things, and what's happening astrologically when something major happens. Includes sports astrology.

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Unread 10-29-2006, 04:12 PM
balefully balefully is offline
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Is this a good event chart?

Dear astrologers,

Need some help in finding a good timing for posting an advertisment online for my art-work sale. The price for an ad space is costly for a long-term unemployed , Hence would like to use some astrology perspective to stretch the dollar wisely. I'm going to re-published an advertisment with some websites that I've previously posted. My potential buyers are online users/foreigners.

I don't have sufficient knowledge in astrology but I tried to apply some simpler information that i learnt through horary in erecting an event chart to locate an ideal timing to post the advertisment.

With mars and venus combust, mercury going retrograde and Saturn square Mercury and Jupiter, I got very frustrated with myself for not able to find an ideal significators for considered houses due to a lack of adequate knowledge in horary/electional astrology.

I appreciate some help and comments on the event chart I've chosen below.

The moon is not VOC or via combusta and saturn is not in 7th house. Moon is applying a trine aspect with Mars(my art-work), sun(my money), venus(forums,organisation that I posted ads), mercury, and last aspect is with Jupiter.

Do you think the above chart is nice enough to warrent some sales?

Thanks with Luv,

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Unread 10-29-2006, 05:19 PM
Draco Draco is offline
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Re: Is this a good event chart?

Hi Balefully.

Mars representing the artwork is of concern, because if you are advertising, then you definately want your art to be seen and noticed, but as combustion renders the planet it combusts invisible, then this is unlikely. Combustion also destroys the planets own power.

If you used this event chart for posting the advertisement, your prices may be percieved as being too high. This is because the eighth house ruler, representing other people's money, is Saturn detrimented in Leo, suggesting that their money is not in good health - hence not being able to afford.

The second house cusp, of your own finances, and so of your prices, is what is combusting Mars, hence the art is rendered invisible, is harmed because the prices are regarded as too high. Other people's money is detriment in the sign of the combusting planet, which is not good.

It would be good to find an applying aspect between other peoples money and your own finance, to show their money going into your pocket. However, this isn't the case, and with no receptions their money and your account are not inclined toward each other. It is even worse that Saturn (their money) is in the detriment of the Sun's sign (your money).

I would say that using this chart certainly would not advertise your art it's best light, and there would be little profit from an advertisement set out at such a time.

I'm certainly no expert, but I would want the significator of the artwork, if you can wait until Jupiter is in Sagittarius, to be Jupiter, the greater benefic, and for it to be in an angular house, to show your work to it's strongest benefit. If you cannot wait this long, then I am unsure, as no planet has strong dignities at the moment, unless you can wait until the Moon is in Cancer or Taurus, and make it significator of the art and in an angular house for strength, or at least a succendent.

It would be preferable to have the eighth house ruler applying a conjunction trine or sextile to the ruler of the second, and them being mutually receptive would be a great help. The eighth house ruler should be in as strong dignities as you can make it, the stronger the dignities the more money is up for grabs, and better it be angular to have the money coming in thick and fast, or at least succedent.

I'd help try and find a good election for you, but I don't know your coordinates.

Just my insights. Hope this helps.
Neither a leader nor a follower be.
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Unread 10-29-2006, 06:36 PM
balefully balefully is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 224
Re: Is this a good event chart?


Thanks greatly for your help and insight. I'm pm-ing you my coordinates.

I'm hoping to raise some income as soon as possible before November ends. I've tried to play around with the charts but it is almost impossible for me to find a timing that has the favourable aspects you mentioned.

When Jupiter gets into Sag, it is combust by sun. By the time sun moves far enough away from Jupiter, it will be 2007.

With 6 planets partying in Scorpio, I couldn't find two planets in applying aspects favourably as 2nd and 8th house rulers.

I done a chart where Cancer 5th house with Moon in Taurus in my 2nd house, Mars as 8th house BUT moon is seperating with an opposition with Mars by 1 degree and opposite the other planets in the 8th house subsequently.

I found another with Cancer 5th house, Moon in Cancer in Angular 4th, Mars as 8th house ruler, moon applying a trine with Mars BUT my 2nd house ruler Venus is not making any aspects with Mars.

thanks with luv,
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