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Solar returns Talk about your experience with solar returns in predictive astrology.

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Unread 03-20-2009, 09:08 PM
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Cool Help with Solar Return Relocation intepretation

Hello Everybody,
I am a novice astrologer who has been trying to learn about Solar Returns. I Read a book previously that talked about relocating for a solar return and making sure that the planets had good aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven. Also, it said that it would help if the planet in a particular house is in good aspect to the ruler of the house that the planet resides in.
All this sounds good until I purchase the book "The art of forecasting using Solar returns"
I picked a date of birth of a kid I know
Soul: Date of Birth 2nd December 1999
Time of birth: 3:16pm at Omaha, Nebraska USA
So, I looked up this person's chart in Fort worth texas and he had Uranus conjunct the ascendant and Saturn conjunct the descendant which does not brood well for his health.
SO I tried relocating him and used the book to figure out about health and other aspects.
I found that Cape town, South africa looked really good when it came to aspects to the Ascendant and Midheaven.
So then I use the book to figure out the other details and frankly I am confused. It looks like to me that someone will die in his family or he will be very ill and I am going balistic figuring this out. I even moved this Solar return to Mumbai, India and also Madurai India and I still feel that there is no improvement.
What bothers me the most is the superimposition of Natal chart on Solar Return chart and vice versa for interpretation
Here is what I have done so far based on the steps in the book.
Step1: Create Solar Return Chart for 2009 for Madhurai,India
Now since Solar Return Ascendant is Aquarius(Ruler:Neptune)
Look at Natal chart
Which houses are ruled by Neptune
11th house of friends and good fortune x
Since Solar return Sun in 9th house, Momentum gains in the last 4 months of Solar Return

Inner wheel: Solar return
Outer Wheel: Natal Chart
· Natal Ascendant in 2nd house and Natal Midheaven in 11th house
· Natal Uranus Conjunct Solar Return 12th house cusp
· Natal Parts of fortune conjunct Solar Return Ascedant.
· Natal Mercury conjunct Solar Return 9th house cusp.
· Natal Jupiter conjunct Solar Return 2nd house cusp.
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'] [/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Solar Return 12th cusp Conjunct natal Uranus:
You will tend to react to your problems in an unusual and different way. You will be more rebellious and you probably won't be willing to accept the limitations that are imposed on you. You may have a problem controlling your reactions as well as your tendency towards violence, complicating your situation even more. There is also a tendency to neglect your creative side and your personal ideas. You also could have the desire to isolate yourself from people at times and could get involved with some questionable, secret group.[/FONT]

[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Natal Mercury on the 9th house cusp:[/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']This denotes an area of life in which correspondence, writings, business deals and transactions, signing of papers, and areas of current mental or intellectual interests may lie this year.[/FONT][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'] It describes the areas in life in which you may make deals. New ideas may be expressed or learned here. In addition, you may be of service to others in this area of life. It is in these areas that you may be called forth to deal with younger people. In short, this is where a great deal of your mental energy is spent in the next year, and where communications skills come in very handy. It presents ample opportunities for learning. The qualities exhibited in this area of life are intelligence, knowledge, communicative but perhaps critical skills.[/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']The 9th house pertains to your long distance travels, legal decisions, publishing, and educational pursuits, as well as in-laws and second marriage, if it applies. It also deals with philosophical matters like religion and "the meaning life".[/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']Natal Jupiter on the 2nd house cusp:[/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif'] [/FONT]
[FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']The Return 2nd House cusp conjunct Natal Jupiter indicates increased income, the ability to sell yourself and your ideas, and also increased spending. Good things are likely to come into your life, especially on the material plane. You will likely find yourself acquiring more possessions, some of which will be gifts and favors from others.[/FONT]

Now Inner wheel: Natal Chart
Outer wheel :Solar chart
Solar Ascendant conjunct cusp of Natal 12th house
Solar Midheaven in Natal 8th house
(Not conjunct Pluto Or Sun since at 9 deg apart and in houses other than angular, you must use an orb of 5deg)

Solar Ascendant conjunct cusp of Natal 12th house
[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Ordeals,opposition from secret enemies,gossip,troublesome lawsuits,illnesses,grief,worry,anxiety,self-undoing [/FONT]
Solar Midheaven in Natal 8th house
Debts, financial returns, inheritance, settling of accounts, a death that affects career.

Solar Return Uranus is in the sign of Neptune with is mutual reception and NOT conjunct the ascendant.
Jupiter in Solar return 12th indicating good luck and a safety net from unfortunate incidents.

Solar Eclipse
The eclipse must be cast for the location of the solar return
Highlight the solar return chart
Then go to Dynamics-> Find Eclipses
Type Dec 2 2009 thru Dec 2 2010
Under Eclipse Aspect- Check Find only eclipses with aspect to the radix chart
Pick the Return chart

We got the following hits
Dec 31st 2009 – Lunar partial
Jan 15th 2010 Solar Annular
Jun 26 2010 Lunar Partial
Jul 11 2010 Solar total

1st Solar Eclipse- Jan 15th 2010
Now highlight Jan 15th 2010 and click Chart at the bottom

Ascendant is Venus in the Eclipse Chart
The sun is placed in the 10th house in the Eclipse chart conjunct the Midheaven
The 10th house ruler in Eclipse chart is Saturn and Dispositor is Venus

Since Venus is the Eclipse Ascendant
Inner Wheel: Solar Return
Outer Wheel: Natal Chart
Venus is in 11th house of Annual Solar return – house of good fortune
Venus is conjunct the Solar Return North Node in the 11th house

The Solar eclipse occurs in the 11th house of Annual Solar Return
The Solar Eclipse Ascendant occurs in the 2nd house of Annual Solar Return

2nd Solar Eclipse - Jul 11 2010 Solar total
Ascendant is Venus in the Eclipse Chart
The sun is placed in the 3rd house in the Eclipse chart conjunct the IC by 9deg orb
Venus is conjunct the 5th house of Eclipse chart
The 3rd house and 4th house ruler is Moon in the Eclipse chart and the dispositor is Moon
Inner Wheel: Solar Return
Outer Wheel: Natal Chart
Eclipse Ascendant Ruler Venus falls in 6th house of Solar return.
Eclipse Ascedant falls in Solar Return 2nd
Eclipse Midheaven falls in Solar Return 11th.


For Secondary progressions
I decided to go to the end of july in calculation since Sun is in the cadent house and impact will be in the last 4 months.
So number of days elapsed since Solar return day of 2nd December 2009 = 242 days
Look up conversion table in Appendix A of the same book (Art of forecasting using Solar Returns)
It comes up as 15hours 51minutes and 31seconds
Solar return time: 12:45:57pm
I do not know how to add the time above so I just used an estimated date and time
Date used will be August 1st 2010 and time will be 1:00pm in the afternoon.

I also added the fixed stars and Arabic parts and no matter where they fall, it looks horrible.

He said to calculate the primary mundane directions of the Natal chart starting with the birth data but I am not sure if I am doing the calculations right in Solar fire.

Processed Tropical Solar Return
I am assuming that I should use the Relocated location to chart this. Not sure how to intepret this.

Any guidance on this solar chart will be appreciated.

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Unread 03-20-2009, 10:13 PM
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Re: Help with Solar Return Relocation intepretation

Sad to say but the transits of the outer planets are going to hit any persons inner planets the same...a square is going to be a square to the sun. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus not neptune.
Check out my example for 'lunars...month of accidents"...I think ...just by accident it seems to be a good example of relocation.
Posting the actual charts is paint a thousand words.
If Aquarius is rising what natal house is at that degree? This axis will be the focus. Where is the ruler of the solar return? in what solar house? What aspects does it make?
Where is the sun? this is where the ego will be focused most.
What planets are closest to the angles of the solar chart? natal or solar...this are prominent and they will be a focus.
It sounds like you got too complex. Try something simple first...just a few key words ie Venus=relationship, females.
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Unread 04-06-2009, 08:30 AM
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Re: Help with Solar Return Relocation intepretation

It be most helpful to ‘post’ their charts (rather than data), for others to comment on as we are all visual. For help on how to do this, go here

I find it of great help to post natal + solar return.

Solar returns
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intepretation, relocation, return, solar

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