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Unread 04-13-2006, 03:24 PM
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Lapis - The Gemstone

Hello everyone!

I was reading through my Cayce Past Life Report and discovered a somewhat amusing synchronicity--this one's for you, Lapis!

Your Mercury is in an inharmonious aspect Saturn Orb 2° 50'

You have high mental desires yet are influenced at times by things that would be quite objectionable to others. Feeling that another try would be better you often wish for a change. This comes from your Saturn experience, where you learned on the deepest level to blot out the old and replace it with new beginnings. However, you may put too much trust in things that take wings and fly away.

And you are especially likely to face discouragements with your relatives and social relationships as well. Particularly in such situations your mental attitude may be too easily depressed or undermined by just one unkind word. Trusting, however, in things which are eternal, you can instead be constructive in response to life's challenges by giving good even for evil.

Dealing with people in the world of commerce would be well for you, especially in sales. In fact, you have exceptional mental abilities in the handling of business. You are able to make many sales, being a REAL salesperson.

Your adverse Mercury -- from Saturn's experience -- is interpreted with minimum emphasis on your shortcomings and maximum stress placed on your virtues. You are sensitive to a fault, at times even suspicious and mistrustful of others. So, you may often jump to conclusions before your reasoning force has had the opportunity to put things in perspective for you. Yet you can be loved into seeing alternative actions to follow, but seldom will this change your opinion unless you have been able to reason everything out. Therefore you are likely through your strong mental reasoning forces to reach your own conclusions for yourself in virtually all areas of your life.

However, your limits in lovingness and understanding may continue until you allow -- through applying your will -- for your Saturn upswing side of redeeming renewal to work through faith.

Your experience of Saturn brings changes of every nature which must be met through will's application, for it is through the application of will that we each develop or retard. Therefore you will be able to overcome a great deal of depressing conditions this lifetime by the choices you make. Choices are especially necessary in setting an ideal, whether it be as to citizenship, parenthood, neighborliness or your spiritual life as such (like your manner of church service).

You are one that has probably found the vicissitudes of life especially challenging in your personal relationships, whether marital or friendships. While many of your saddest experiences may have come through the breaking up of relationships, many of the happiest and peaceful ones have come through these relationships.

Perhaps as a result of such disappointments, your intuitive forces at times bring you periods of moodiness. These are likely to be times of self-condemnation and belittling your abilities. Facing these personal challenges, you can either make considerable spiritual advance, or fall into a 'don't care' attitude. Do avoid developing this attitude in any area of your life, for you -- like all of us -- has a niche, a special place that none other may fill.

When you seek to meditate, say in your viewing of nature, there is a tendency for you to become nervous from being in one place too long. Wearing the blue lapis stone -- particularly the lapis lazuli or azurite -- will not only be an aid in calming you during your meditation periods. Lapis will also be a helpful influence for you in developing a FORGETFULNESS to life's hardships, especially the hard things said or done by others. [1565-1, 963-1, 674-3, 1745-1, 369-3, 1858-1, 1918-1, 2421-2, 608-7]
Arian Maverick

I am inactive on the forums, for the time being.
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Unread 04-13-2006, 09:48 PM
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Arian Maverick,

What a 'reading'! What can I say but its that Blue thing again.

When I was taking astrology classes from that wise elder male Teacher I've mentioned, (1974 -) I also learned a few things from him about gemstones and natal astrology. I remember asking him why he always added a small piece of Lapis Lazuli in the center of every single Natal Amulet he made. He said that it was such a high stone with so many positive traits that everyone could benefit from it no matter what was going on in their Natals. So he always added a piece right in the center, the heart, of his Gemstone Natal Amulets. Lapis Lazuli helps the physical body during periods of spiritual awakening......everyone should wear it now!

I enjoy the way a good quality piece of Lapis Lazuli looks like the night sky with the tiny gold specks in it flashing like the stars above. Thanks for this AM.
The Fish are dead, long live the Energy Waves.

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Unread 04-14-2006, 12:54 AM
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Hey, fans of blue, I just read this -- more is on the ET and Age of Aquarius thread:

The theory of Absolute Relativity solves, not only all of the UFO phenomena and of paranormal events, such as the formation of the crop circles referred to above, but also the great scientific, as well macroscopic and microscopic enigmas. Whereas I am not a scientist, what I have written comes from many personal reflections and the information delivered by a group of extraterrestrial that I call the "blue beings”. They are not the source of the fragmentation of the comet Schwassmann-Wachmann. They are small, long limbed and graceful. They have a large brain, very large dark eyes and remarkable blue skin. Of their body, as their eyes, emanates a strange light, as if a sun lived inside their body and that their skin was perforated by a myriad of shining lights. Their movements are slow and very flexible. They are logical, generous and joyful beings.
Someday we'll look back on this and it will all seem funny....

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gemstone, lapis

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