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Unread 08-31-2008, 04:39 PM
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Talking My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

Wow, I have to say if I had a dollar for every astrological thread or article I've seen on the internet I could donate enough money to Obama's campaign to beat what any lobbyist could hope to give!

I've surprised though that I haven't seen anyone use solar returns, so this amateur astrologer in training thought she would give it a try.

This was done using Boston as a reference place as that's where he spent his 47th birthday:

Ascendant In Libra(0 degrees 6 minutes!), Your social life will flourish this year. Your attitude will be more open and agreeable, bringing new people into your life and also strengthening old friendships. You will prefer to be with others rather than being alone. You will meet people who will play an important part in your future. There is a possibility of beginning a significant professional or business relationship that could lead to a deep romantic tie later on. If you are single, you may establish a relationship that could turn into a committed partnership in the future. If you are already in a relationship, you will feel inclined to share many activities with your partner and could work on joint projects together. If you are seriously involved with someone, this may be the year you make the big commitment! In any case, this year should bring you the affection you yearn for.

Your artistic inspirations and a need for harmony in your environment will be emphasized. Most of the time you will find it easier to be diplomatic and agreeable when dealing with others. If by nature you have a strong and more aggressive temperament, you will tend to be more agreeable than usual during this period. But if you tend to be generally more easy-going and passive, this year you will need to guard against being too easy and agreeable. You will also lean toward physical ease and comfort. Your decision-making abilities may not be functioning as well as usual.

You could be plagued by doubt and more than once confronted with the difficult task of choosing between two or more options. You will find yourself listening to the opinions and suggestions of others, not able to decide. Your need for balance and fairness won't allow you to take lightly the decisions you have to make.

This influence also brings issues related to legal documents, litigation, and paper work in general. Any legal or bureaucratic problems can be resolved swiftly and smoothly. Any legal cases initiated or judgments requested will probably be solved with comparative ease.

You will be inclined to want to improve the way you look. You may wish to change your hair style or buy new clothes. You may decide to go on a diet or firm up at the gym. Others will probably notice and compliment you on your improvements.

In respect to your health, Libra rules the kidneys and it would be wise to drink a lot of fluids to eliminate the toxins in the system. Under this influence you are inclined to become lazy as far as physical exercise is concerned, which could lead to circulation problems. Besides that, you may develop a sweet tooth during this time.

In spite of your desire for balance and peace, you might find that you attract Aries types who will challenge you to confrontation. Perhaps it is a family member or business associate, who will become very dominant and demanding, creating conflicts and fights. It will up to you to keep the peace!

Solar Return Ascendant in natal 8th house

You will become interested in the supernatural and start wondering about the mysteries of life and death. Your intuition will increase and you may have experiences of a psychic nature.

On the other hand, you could be exposed to certain risks or accidents. Be cautious and don't neglect your health during this period.

There is a possibility of receiving some type of inheritance or legacy or some type of financial aid from your spouse, partner, or business associates.

Obama's natal Mars conjuncts his Solar Return Ascendant with a wide orb (8 degrees), nonetheless Martian energies will be a key factor in how Obama's 47th year runs for him.

Also, Obama's natal Jupiter aka planet of success (0 degrees Aquarius) trines his Solar Return Ascendant (0 degrees Libra) exactly.

Solar Return Sun conjunct Solar Return Mercury (more than 3 degrees)

Your ideas will be on the right track this year. You will be able to understand situations better and put things in their proper place. Communication will be important to you and this influence will prompt you to keep your correspondence up to date and to stay in contact with your friends. You probably will take one or several short trips, especially if other astrological factors in this report indicate the same.

Solar Return Sun semi-square Solar Return Mars

There is a strong tendency to be aggressive and to lose your patience easily. Problems you may have overlooked in the past could arise and hinder you in your present business activity. It will be necessary to put your life in order so that you can have a calmer year.

This aspect can also cause you to be careless, thereby making you subject to accidents, blows, falls or burns. Be alert and use caution. These impulsive and rash actions will be your worst enemy. You could also very easily get entangled in discussions or arguments with others, which might lead to fights or quarrels that will be difficult to reconcile.

In order to have a good year, you should keep physically active. Practice some sport or gymnastics, which will use up some of your excess physical energy and will break up your usual daily routine.

Solar Return Sun conjunct Solar Return Uranus

You will have a strong desire to make some changes and will look for different ways to break up your daily routine. You will rebel against everything or anyone who limits your freedom. Your relatives and friends will comment on your being different, and indeed you will be. Your ideas will surge during this year and you will have a number of special projects. It is important that you choose them wisely. You will eliminate old patterns that you have been following until now and embark on a new course. Your creativity and intuition will be accentuated during this time.

This astrological aspect will produce a great change and revolution in your life. Basically, what is happening is the passing away of something that has prevented you from being free. You will need more freedom and space. As a consequence, it could cause a breaking off of certain relationships, a change of job or residence, or a lot of travel. You will be electrified and will feel a great deal of energy in your body that will need to be burned up. Otherwise, you will become very anxious and nervous. Be careful, however, as there is also a tendency to get into accidents. Be especially careful with high speed driving and with electricity. Don't expose yourself to dangerous conditions.

You will feel a strong attraction to the new and unusual. You will meet new people and will visit places that you have never been to before. Your reactions will be unpredictable and changeable, and you won't adhere to any kind of routine during this time.

Solar Return Sun opposition or square Solar Return Neptune

Your idealism will be accentuated during this time and could cause you to be deceived by people in certain situations. Try to be realistic and keep your feet on the ground. There is a tendency to exaggerate reality and to develop insecurities or groundless fears. Under this influence, you are also inclined to daydream and to be careless with money and other things of value, which could expose you to robberies and other losses. You could find yourself in a state of confusion and uncertainty. This could affect your social or romantic relationships, bringing disillusionment, but also could very easily make you the victim. Don't avoid your responsibilities and become aware of your own errors.

Your level of energy will be low, and you could tire easily. Select your efforts and demands properly. Don't start projects or tasks that from the beginning seem impossible or very difficult to complete. You may have unusual or very strong reactions to medications, so don't hesitate to consult your physician as soon as it appears that the medication is not working properly for you, or the negative side effects are too great. When possible, use treatments that are very safe and free of side effects, such as homeopathic remedies, for problems with your health.

The most adverse effect this influence could produce is becoming rather noncommittal in dealing with people or issues. You could shy away from problems and confrontations, which sometimes could complicate matters. This same noncommittal tendency could generate bad habits or an increase in your consumption of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs if you are accustomed to using them. You must keep these habits under control and resist the desire to escape or run away. One solution could be to strengthen your spirituality, providing you don't carry it to extremes and become a religious fanatic.

Solar Return Sun semisextile Solar Return Pluto

You will feel a desire to renew and change your life. The changes will be beneficial and will help you to live with more freedom in the future. You will have enormous energy that will incite you to concrete action. Once you have made a decision, you will act on it.

During this year you will change many aspects of your life. This applies to the material as well as to the emotional and spiritual areas. You won't need to worry about having the strength to move ahead on carrying out your projects. Just when you think that you may have run out of steam, you will soon feel a surge of energy that will make you feel reborn.

Solar Return Sun semi-square Solar Return Ascendant

Your vanity and personal pride could increase considerably during this time, causing problems with communication and relationships with people in your environment. This applies especially to people in authority. You could have disagreements with your boss at work or male family members or friends. Be aware of your actions and take care not to act too impulsively.

You could waste a lot of energy trying to impose your ideas on others and fighting with those who attempt to dominate you. Your physical body could be affected because you may drive yourself to exhaustion. It would be advisable to maintain an adequate diet during this time that gives you the necessary nutrition to keep up your energy level.

Solar Return Sun semi-square Solar Return MC

You will feel some dissatisfaction with your job and start looking for something else. You could experience opposition from others or problems that keep you from realizing your principal goals during this year. Direct your energies appropriately so that you don't drive yourself to physical exhaustion. Don't expect much approval from others now and don't just assume that everything will go the way you want it to.

It is important be realistic, practical, and persevering in order to achieve your goals. You should not try to go it alone or to be too inflexible. If you succeed in coordinating your efforts with others, you will have success this year.

Obama's Solar Return Ascendant falls in his natal 8th House, which is ruled by Virgo, making this an important area of focus for this year. My interpretation of this is that he needs to be extra careful to avoid being injured or killed due to an accident, more than likely this won't happen, but it is more likely to happen this year than it has been in most of his life so far.

Solar Return Moon in Virgo
This is a busy period in your life when you might work behind the scenes. It will be easier than most years to stick to a diet or health regime. Keeping "on top" of things in terms of staying organized is likely a focus. More responsibilities than usual are likely.

Obama's Solar Return Moon is 2 degrees away from being in his natal 8th House, so I'll post the interpretation as if it falls in that house.

Solar Return Moon in the 8th House
Your emotional state depends heavily on the condition of the Moon by aspect. If the Moon is mostly supported (for example, by trines and sextiles to other points(In Obama's chart the aspects that I can find are a conjunction with Mars, a square with Pluto, a trine with Jupiter, a quincux with Neptune, and an opposition with Uranus), then you possess more emotional strength than ever this year. Your ability to step back and watch what is happening around you before reacting emotionally will benefit you, especially if you are usually a more emotionally reactive or impulsive person. You are more perceptive than ever, and better able to size up both people and situations you deal with. If the Moon is mostly challenged in its aspects to other planets and points, you may be dealing with very intense—even primal—emotions and will have a hard time sorting out your feelings.
Changing sexual relationships may occur this year. You may find that your levels of intimacy with another person or persons changes rather dramatically, and this is an area of focus or sensitivity for you on an emotional level. Either sexual relations become more intense and you discover new levels of intimacy, or you are affected by a decrease in this area. An example of this in my files is a woman who discovered that her husband was having an affair. The eighth house Moon squared Mercury on the Midheaven, and because the affair was known amongst her friends and colleagues, she had to deal with her personal life becoming "public".
You are bound to encounter issues surrounding shared resources. If you depend on someone on a financial level, even in a small way, there may be cause for concern. Support from others in general is an issue that will concern you this year. The situation is likely to change, and you will need to work out strategies to deal with it. If you are married, or divorced but your resources are still tied up with those of your ex-spouse, your partner's changing economic status is likely to affect you and concern you. For whatever reason, you may feel more dependent on support from others, or may need to take on debt. Examples of this position in my files include a person whose ex-spouse declared bankruptcy and some of his debts that were originally co-signed became her responsibility, a year when an injury forced a woman to be dependent on physical and some financial support from others, and a year when a person's student loan came due and he faced debt repayment for the first time in his life.

Hard aspects to Mars can bring with them confrontations and moments of emotional anger. This is largely because you are far from indifferent on an emotional level this year. Your passions are aroused and it is hard for you to step back and objectively review any given situation. You can be emotionally impulsive during this period of your life, and your hunger for new experiences can reveal itself in restlessness and/or impatience.

Hard aspects to Uranus have the effect of "speeding up" the emotional reactions. You are more willing to take risks this year. Surprises come your way, and you may do things or experience things that you never imagined. This is a year when you can expect the unexpected. You are seeking emotional excitement, whether this is a deliberate or subconscious thing.

Hard aspects to Pluto suggest very intense emotions and a strong will. You may find yourself attempting to resist changes in your routines, or the complete opposite: you have a great need to make changes on the domestic front. Either way, this is a year of breaking of established routines. You may feel that others attempt to manipulate you. Your emotional state is one in which you may feel isolated on an emotional level, and it is a time when you need to gather strength. In some cases, some sort of crisis, separation, loss, or shock occurs, but this is not a given.

You know the upcoming year will be a "big" one (in a transitional sense) when the Solar Return Sun forms a hard angle with the Solar Return Moon. This is also true when the Sun is conjunct a Solar Return angle. - Obama's Solar Return Sun and Moon form a semi-square, which some consider to be a hard aspect!

And last but certainly not least, Obama's ASC and MC are both at critical degrees, 0 Libra and 0 Cancer respectively!!!!

In conclusion, Obama's chart definately looks like that of a winner. His 2 biggest possible downfalls are taking too many risks and letting the election process affect him unhealthily on an emotional level, but all indications such as legal processes going in his favour are an extremely good sign. I would have to do a Solar return for McCain as well before saying yes Obama definately is our next president, but from what I have seen, I would give this solar return a good 9 out of 10 as in likelihood to win in November.

As far as I know, there is no birth time available for McCain, though if anyone has it please do post it and I'll be happy to have a crack at his solar return as well.

Last edited by wilsontc; 09-02-2008 at 04:02 PM. Reason: Thread is about current political events so moved to "Astrology Now !"
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Unread 09-22-2008, 10:36 PM
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Re: My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

Obama was still in Lansing, Michigan, at the moment of his solar return though he was in Boston later that day. His solar return for Lansing has Mars conjunct the Ascendant, opposite Uranus conjunct the cusp of the 7th House. The asteroid Lucifer is also in the 7th, exactly square Pluto in the 4th. The Moon is separating from Mars. This may reflect his opponent's surprise choice of a woman as running mate. (I included Lucifer because it conjoins Obama's Sun in his natal chart and was eclipsed along with his Sun.)

There is a birth time for McCain, provided by his mother. I'll have to check but I think it is 9:00 AM. That round number is suspect but I have frequently found that a mother's memory is more reliable than the "official" time, which is often entered after the fact by a harried and overworked nurse.

Okay, I checked -- McCain's time of birth, according to his mother, is 9:00 AM in Panama (the part that was once the Canal Zone, which was then a U.S. possession). That gives him a Libran Ascendant. I haven't done his solar return as yet but I believe he was in Dayton, Ohio, at the time of the return. The ABC News website publishes a daily schedule for the candidates, which is the source of my information.
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"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -- George Eliot

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Unread 09-23-2008, 09:47 AM
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Re: My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

John McCains rectified birthtime is 8:38am
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Unread 09-26-2008, 03:05 PM
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Re: My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

Here is Barack Obama's solar return set for Lansing, Michigan. I have included the new dwarf planets and the asteroid Lucifer because he has a Sun-Lucifer conjunction in his natal chart. (I interpret Lucifer as the "light-bearer.")
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"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -- George Eliot
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Unread 09-26-2008, 03:35 PM
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Re: My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

Hello Skywatcher. I heard a story once about Lucifer. He once was a good angel, close to God. But he was rebellious. In the war he fell to Earth. When he hit the ground the Emerald in his forhead fell out. Now I think he's trying to work his way back to God.
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Unread 09-26-2008, 03:59 PM
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Re: My Crack at Barack Obama's Solar Return

Originally Posted by jamiescott
Hello Skywatcher. I heard a story once about Lucifer. He once was a good angel, close to God. But he was rebellious. In the war he fell to Earth. When he hit the ground the Emerald in his forhead fell out. Now I think he's trying to work his way back to God.
I have read that the asteroid Lucifer shows the capacity to devote oneself to a higher cause. Another astrologer writes that it is the embodiment of evil based, no doubt, on Lucifer being an alias for Satan. But Lucifer's satanic reputation originates with John Milton's epic Paradise Lost -- the source of the oft-quoted "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven" -- in which Lucifer is identified as a prince of Hell. Milton was only a poet, not a prophet, but Lucifer's unholy reputation stuck. In the Bible, Venus is called Lucifer when it appears as the Morning Star, a herald of the approaching dawn, i.e. "the bringer of light," which is the way I view the asteroid.

Back in my hippie days, when transiting Uranus was conjunct my natal Lucifer, I got involved in Eastern mysticsm while living in a commune. When Pluto transited that position, I was a radio astrologer. Nothing satanic going on at all. So from my experience, I give Lucifer a positive spin. It is exactly sextile my natal Venus, which may account for the benign results.

To find Lucifer's position in a birth chart, go to Astrodienst's extended chart selection and type "1930" in the selection box. Currently, it is retrograde in 18 Pisces. You can download a Lucifer ephemeris from Astrodienst.
My Blog:

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." -- George Eliot
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