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Houses & cusps For discussions on houses and house cusps (i.e. planets on angles, house stelliums and so on)

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Unread 04-25-2012, 09:22 AM
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8th house stellium in Sagittarius

Hello everyone. I have a stellium of personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury) in Sagittarius/8th house cusp. My Mars is also in Sagittarius (7th house), and Jupiter is according to Pullen, my chart ruler, followed by Saturn. I've read all sorts of takes on the 8th house issue, however I am not exactly certain on how the Jupiterian influence plays out in my case. My Jupiter is in Virgo and in my 5th house Leo. The natural house of Sagittarius/9th is in Capricorn, with Saturn found in Aquarius and the 10th house.

My experiences with the 8th house have been dense and plentiful. There is certainly a heavy dose of intensity to my psyché and I do not take matters lightly, yet the issues of the 8th seem to be all about transcendence in my case. I am neither fatalistic nor morbidly obsessive. I tend to have a rather spiritual, philosophical and compassionate approach to life and to the deep matters of the 8th. I find the readings on the 8th house usually rather limited, since they seem to take the issues at face value, with a tendency to stress the aspects of money/possessions and sexuality, and have a standard view on life and death. On my perspective, the 8th house is about the soul, you can somehow tap into the creative energies of the universe. Nonetheless, I also feel a great sense of dissolution and self-undoing, and what would be more of a traditional 12th house energy.

However I don't understand the relation between this and the fact that my Jupiter is located in the 5th. I've read that having Jupiter in the 5th, makes one prone to seeking the excesses of fun, leading to accidents, overindulgence and risky adventures, which is absolutely contrary to my nature, since I am very cautious. The only way I see Jupiter playing out here are my creative talents, I believe Mozart and Oscar Wilde had this one too. So I guess this causes me to approach the 8th house topica creatively, by transfusing them into art, and taking personal expression, romance, children, very solemnly, as issues of life and death?

I would also like to hear your thoughts on longevity, Jupiter and the 8th, since there doesn't seem to be any consensus on the matter. I've read that Jupiter when strong and influencing the 8th, blesses one with a long life and peaceful death, though possible overseas. Yet I've also read that it shortens one's life? Which is quite of a para-logical reading, since Jupiter is all about expansion and abundance.

I'm attaching my chart with this post, so you can see better.

Thank you all in advance for your interest and attention

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Unread 04-25-2012, 03:40 PM
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Re: 8th house stellium in Sagittarius

you say according to pullen chart ruler is jupitor. pl give the reference where to see this
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Unread 04-25-2012, 03:45 PM
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Re: 8th house stellium in Sagittarius

Originally Posted by ramchandani20002 View Post
you say according to pullen chart ruler is jupitor. pl give the reference where to see this
Hello ramchandani, the information concerning planetary ranks is found at Astrodienst (Simple Chart Delineation by Walter D. Pullen), this is what I've got:

Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent Sun: 38.5 ( 5) + 26.4 ( 4) = 64.9 ( 5) / 10.3% Moon: 38.5 ( 6) + 27.5 ( 3) = 66.0 ( 4) / 10.4% Mercury: 20.0 ( 8) + 43.6 ( 2) = 63.6 ( 6) / 10.1% Venus: 40.0 ( 4) + 5.7 ( 9) = 45.7 ( 7) / 7.2% Mars: 15.0 ( 9) + 9.4 ( 8) = 24.4 (10) / 3.9% Jupiter: 61.0 ( 3) + 47.8 ( 1) = 108.8 ( 1) / 17.2% Saturn: 88.5 ( 1) + 9.6 ( 7) = 98.1 ( 2) / 15.5% Uranus: 15.0 (10) + 12.0 ( 6) = 27.0 ( 9) / 4.3% Neptune: 15.0 (11) + 12.0 ( 5) = 27.0 ( 8) / 4.3% Pluto: 77.5 ( 2) + 0.1 (10) = 77.6 ( 3) / 12.3% Chiron: 22.0 ( 7) + 0.0 (11) = 22.0 (11) / 3.5% Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.1% Total: 438.0 + 194.3 = 632.3 / 100.0%

Thank you for your reply.
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