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Vocational Astrology Discuss finding out more about your work, job, career, calling, or whatever you do or want to do for a living.

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Wealth Guide !!!

Aries loves to take risks, and nothing pleases you more than betting on yourself. Finding someone to invest in your business is always your luckiest financial endeavor. Whether you start a new company or buy a franchise, being captain of your own ship and having freedom of movement are your main motivations. Saving is hard for you during the start-up phase, because you have many new ideas for things to do. Aries often has bursts of energy, so try to keep your output consistent and don't be tempted to continually abandon projects in search of better ones. Persistence will pay off. In terms of your spending style, you won't generally purchase frivolous things unless it's on impulse. Those few instances could be expensive, however! That little red convertible could be sexy and irresistible, but do you need it? No matter what financial hardships you endure, you remain dedicated -- even driven -- in the ultimate quest to be your own boss. Your sign is not particularly materialistic, and because you tend to be so focused on your goals, you are willing to make sacrifices to achieve them. Since most entrepreneurs go through several failed ventures before they hit success, try to protect your downside. Don't get so carried away with your plan that you jeopardize a loved one's welfare in your quest. In other words, factor in some staying power. Aries can be too willing to trade away security in the pursuit of a goal, but your family may not be as wedded to your plan as you are. Your mate won't appreciate having the phone shut off or getting threatening notes from your landlord slipped under the door when you haven't paid the rent. You may be inches from that huge venture capital deal, but until the money actually arrives, don't lose your shirt! After the check does clear, don't let your exuberance make you spend it all in one place. Your competitive nature gives you energy and an enormous will to succeed. When you do hit things just right, the results can be stupendous -- you may become a millionaire!

Hint: Aries is an optimistic sign, which can mean that you might be tempted to go without various forms of insurance. That is one dare you don't want to take! Start by looking into a good health care plan if you don't already have one, and review other kinds of insurance, too.
Taurus You are a patient and disciplined financial planner, and as a result, you are called the zodiac's builder. Having a nest egg is vital to Taurus' sense of security and happiness. The ancient astrologers wrote that Taurus is trustworthy, and will excel at making money, not only for themselves but for others, too. The ancient astrologers were right, which is why you see so many Taurus in the fields of banking, securities, and insurance. An earth sign, many Taurus are also talented real estate developers and brokers. Before making any investment, you look for practical,logical reasons to participate, and you put a great deal of emphasis on careful, painstaking research. You dislike quick decision-making and prefer careful deliberation, because you invest for the long haul. You carefully factor in all the possible future ups and downs of a particular stock before you buy it. Do Taurus ever sell their stock? Sure, but only after they have lost faith in the management of the company they've invested in.Taurus is also an accumulator of lovely things. When you spend, you like to spend for things of long-lasting quality, and you only buy from reputable dealers. You don't mind shelling out for something that others may consider an extravagance, but which you think is a necessity, like a massage, dinner at a star restaurant, a fine bottle of wine, elegant new car, or diamonds for the one you love (or as a gift for yourself!) Luxury goods and services are your weakness, but since you work so hard, you well deserve the occasional pampering. Capricorn may be motivated by prestige, Aries for the chance to lead others, Pisces for artistic expression, Cancer to take care of family, but Taurus works for money, security, and the ability to (what else?) shop for nice things! The areas ruled by Taurus -- the arts, cosmetics, fragrance, insurance, real estate, gourmet food, wines, precious metals and gems -- are all good industries for you to work in.

Hint: In charts of successful CEO's, many have important planets placed in Taurus -- a good indicator of future wealth. You've got the potential, so be sure you use it!

Our new digital world seems to be made with you in mind. You love information, computers, telephones, the Internet, and you were practically born "wired." You should be in high demand, dear Gemini, so put your talent for communication to good use! Your financial plan is not to have a plan. As odd as that sounds, your reliance on adaptability and flexibility often works well for you! You have no trouble finding freelance work, so somehow everything works out. Or does it? It's important to have a semblance of a plan to fall back on when you reach a rough patch. Also, you might want to start reconciling your checkbook by calculator rather than intuition, thus stamping out the panic you feel over checks that may have bounced. , you could have an emotional approach to spending and saving. Think about what money really means to you. Does money represent success? Energy? Power? Options? Or is it a temporal part of life, not the main event? Do you keep changing your mind on this very subject? At times, you are susceptible to impulse purchases, or can undergo swings in spending modes such as saving like a miser for months, then splurging like crazy. Try to be sensible. Spending money can be a little like being on a diet; if you deprive yourself too stringently, you'll wind up rebelling and undoing all your hard work. Treat yourself to little things now and then so you won't be tempted to "lose it." A solid goal, like saving up to buy a house, could help motivate you to save. You also need to watch a tendency to spread yourself too thin, unwilling to say "no" to any project that may bring you extra income. You are very versatile, so you tend to have many fingers in many pies! Learn to focus your attention on your most lucrative prospects. Some Gemini have problems with follow-through. If this describes you, vow to do a little experiment: finish whatever you start in the next six months. You may see that you become more discriminating about what you choose to put your time into, once you've made this commitment!

Hint: Money does not motivate you -- ideas do. The sage advice,"Do what you love and the money will follow," was meant for you to heed. You can accumulate wealth by remembering to keep yourself happy. If your occupation bores you, you won't give it your all. Many Gemini are able to accumulate great wealth, so go for it, Twin!

Being a water sign, your instincts and intuition are always operating, which means you can sense important trends in the economy before the rest of us do. Others may see you as a pushover, but you are just the opposite. You are always able to make tough, calculated business or financial decisions when necessary. Saving to provide for your children's education or your family's security is your biggest goal, and winds up bringing you wealth. By taking care of others, you help yourself. Many Cancers do well by investing in real estate -- owning your own home is usually important to the Crab. Overall, you are very financially prudent. You think paying retail is insane and you know all the best places to shop. You love to buy household supplies in bulk and take advantage of sales. Is all this bargain hunting worthwhile? Yes it is, and you've got the savings account to prove it! Yet you might be tempted to take a good thing too far. Food coupons may tempt you to buy things you don't need. Cancer, it will take months to consume all those canned goods! When it comes to clothes, you like to get years of wear out of the outfits you buy. Some call you a little stingy, but you want a nest egg for retirement. Cancers like to keep their money in the bank, not wear it on their backs. They know the current rates of interest and probably know how to multiply their savings better than their banker does (unless the banker is a Taurus, Scorpio or Capricorn). Smart Cancer -- you will have the last laugh! Others are just jealous of your ability to plan ahead. Additional areas of possible wealth for you include antiques or investing in things of historical value. Sometimes, though, you stay in situations longer than you should. Your steadfast devotion gets you to pour energy into situations that have long outlived their usefulness. Learn to move on sooner, rather than later. Your sympathetic heart tends to give every situation the benefit of the doubt, thus allowing you to throw good money after bad. Think about yourself a little, too! One other thing: when Cancers are hit with hard times they will usually cut back on expenses, instead of figuring out ways to make more money. Spend more time figuring out how you can raise your income and less on scrimping! That sounds obvious, but for frugal Cancer, often it isn't!

Hint: Like Scorpio, Cancer has the memory of an elephant, and that is an asset. You always know what you paid for something, whether it was for a loaf of bread or a bar of gold. No one can put something over on you!

It can be hard to save money when you have champagne taste but not always the paycheck to match it! Leos love to get the best of whatever they buy, and feel miserable if they have to settle for second best. "It's no way to run a palace!" you say despondently. You do have very high expectations of life -- but it has been said people with little or no expectations of life never get very far. Expecting to be poverty-stricken becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So Leo, don't let anyone hassle you about wanting your life to be grand! Just be sure you are willing to put in the elbow grease to generate the income you feel you deserve.Leo is also a very generous sign. If you have children, you will find that you enjoy providing for their every need and fulfilling their every desire. Yet you don't have to spoil your family and friends by spending high sums on them. They will love you just as much without those frequent presents and dinners out! Leos love to be respected and admired, whether for their achievements in life or their superb level of taste -- either of which are likely to be substantial. Enjoy yourself if you can afford it, Leo, and save up for special treats if you can't. Just don't spend every cent, because you could have a rainy day someday. Finally, while firesign Leo is not known for being the most realistic sign, it is one blessed with great vision and creativity -- use it, dear Leo!

Hint: Leos can be very proud and will rarely admit they're out of money, even to their closest loved ones. Because of this, Leos often refuse to accept offers of cash if they are struggling, lest they reveal the truth of their financial condition. Leo, this is nuts. Take the loan if it means buying groceries and paying your rent. Keeping up appearances can be silly, yet this very issue could get you into hot water more often than you'd like to admit!

Virgo is a prudent, bottom-line customer. No risks for you, that's for sure. Ask a Virgo what she spent today, and she'll break out a spreadsheet! You have a whole basket of receipts to back it up -for the taxman, of course. After all, detail is your middle name. When a product breaks down, Virgo has the receipt to prove the warranty is still in effect -- good work, Virgo! This never fails to save you money. Your friends kid you about your organizational zeal, but you are laughing all the way to the bank, so don't change your ways one bit. When it comes to shopping, Virgo carefully compares manufacturers and prices, and knows all the benefits and drawbacks of each product. If you're buying a big-ticket item, you probably like to check magazine articles for test results before you buy. Virgo, your ability to do research and attend to detail is your greatest strength when it comes to handling finances. Virgos pay their bills on time and aren't into heavy consumerism or a flashy lifestyle. You do demand value for your money, simply because you are such a workaholic. Wasting your hard-won cash is the last thing you want to do.Your biggest expenditure is usually a health club membership, vitamins (Virgo likes to stay healthy), or computer equipment (Virgo likes to write and also enjoys being organized). Being an earth sign, you are realistic about money. You know what you can afford, what is sensible to pay, and when to say "no" to a new purchase. All this may not sound like much fun, but actually, you love it! Because you spend wisely, you always have enough money when you need it. Virgo understands that money stress is draining and unnecessary. This sign puts a high value on productivity and tends to banish anything that gets in the way! Your biggest impediment to getting ahead professionally is assuming others are more qualified for a job than you are. That's not true! Nine out of ten times you have more on the ball then they do! You need to toot your own horn about your achievements,dear Virgo. Occasionally send out a status report, so your boss can keep abreast of your progress. If you are self-employed, draw up a press release and get a story written about your company in a local newspaper.

Hint: Your agile mind operates with crystal clarity. You know that if you should find yourself in a financial jam, you can rely on your intelligence and analytical ability to find a resourceful solution.

If it were up to you, Libra, everything would be sold at a fair price. When products or services cost too much, it upsets your equilibrium. Yet, should you feel you need to negotiate, the process comes to you as naturally as breathing. Few signs can match the bargaining power of a Libra! Your highly-analytical talents give you the ability to negotiate for a living, the reason Libras make such legendary labor leaders and lawyers. Because you are ruled by Venus, you would profit from investing in precious gems and natural metals, such as diamonds, gold and Libra-ruled copper. Your love of art and your sophisticated level of taste indicate that you could do well by investing in fine art objects. You might choose to purchase pieces created by as-yet-unknown artists, after you have seen their work and studied current trends. Partnerships tend to be lucky for you, so think about saving and investing jointly with your mate, or in mutual funds, stocks, or bonds with a trusted business partner. Libra is a very generous sign and enjoys the luxuries of life. Seeing friends is vital to Libra's well being, so entertainment is where Libras tend to spend the most money. Despite your low-key and diplomatic exterior, Libra likes to be in charge. Being self-employed is often a goal for ambitious Libras. The slightly bossy side to Libra is rarely apparent -- your ruler Venus seems to keep this part of you under wraps. You've found that charm works better anyway!

Hint: Looking or feeling shabby can have a negative effect on your morale. Your sign needs to look good in order to feel good and perform effectively. It may not be such a bad idea to invest in a few well-designed pieces of clothing, so you can "dress for success" while you are going for the gold!

Few can match your business ability, for you are considered one of the savviest financial signs. The basis of the Scorpio approach to business is in your need to control everything in your life. This is especially true with anything financial. You are not given to self-pity, and you confront difficulties head-on. You never expect anything in life to come easily or even without a struggle. To others, your iron will and determination can be a bit extreme. If you've chosen to lead a Spartan life because you want to amass a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time, then you do so without any complaint. Hardship or discomfort has never deterred you. Yet being a Scorpio isn't all about wearing a hair shirt and swearing off luxury. Scorpio likes to live in a comfortable house, drive a fine car, and wear elegant clothing, that's for sure. Scorpios just don't like to flash their cash. They feel much better knowing most of their money is tucked away in the bank or investment fund, multiplying while they sleep.Scorpio doesn't feel a need to impress anyone. You tend to value your own opinion above all the rest. Your needs are prudent and basic, yet you want the ultimate quality when you spend. If something is merely novel or trendy, that doesn't attract you, but if it's well made and a good investment, that's another story.Scorpio doesn't spend a long time craving something. If you want it, you buy it. End of story. Your secret weapon? A powerful intuition tuned into what's going on beneath the surface. Scorpio can sniff out a secret better than any other sign. In addition to all the other reasons, this talent makes it likely that you will acquire wealth over time.

Hint: The consummate deal maker, you learned your skills playing poker as a kid. Scorpio raises the ability to keep a "poker face" to high art! Nothing frightens you, no matter how big the deal or how high-rolling the players. Your ability to keep mum and not show emotion helps get you what you want.

Dear Mr. or Ms. Optimistic Sagittarius: Are you always so cheerful that you find it hard to believe you will ever have a rainy day? Better stash away some of your cash, just in case. There is always a little of the gambler inside Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, but if you keep your lust for striking it rich under control, you have nothing to fear. Only take chances you can afford to lose. Because Sagittarius tends to concentrate on the "big picture," you like investing in big business and real estate markets. Your biggest financial downfall is being overly confident that you can spend today, because tomorrow something will show up to improve your situation. It always does, doesn't it, lucky Sagittarius? Your unshakeable optimism is the reason for your greatest successes and biggest downfalls. Better not push the envelope! Sometimes you see good things coming up on the horizon, but you overestimate their value.On the other hand, spending for education, like an advanced degree, specialized training, or a professional seminar, is always a good idea. Sagittarius rules the 9th sector of the horoscope, the area that rules higher education. Scholarship is always important to you and going back to school is the best way you can increase your income -- not only in the short term, but in the long term, too. When faced with the challenge of how to fund their education, most Sagittarius can find the money with uncanny ease. How? Sagittarius will patiently pick their way through a maze of red tape and paperwork to win superb grants, scholarships,corporate tuition refunds, low-interest government loans, and other financial aid. Sagittarius instinctively know what approach is the right one to take and how to present their credentials best. After all, Sagittarius will never be dissuaded from their never-ending quest to study!

Hint: Jupiter, the planet of bountiful luck, is the ruler of your sign. Jupiter also rules the government, so look into investing in tax-deferred Federal savings bonds, Treasury bonds, or tax-free city or state municipal bonds. (Check with your financial advisor first!) Those areas could be especially lucky for you.

Capricorn is one of the financial whiz kids of the zodiac. You're so prudent and wise with your spending and investments, that others come to you with their money to manage. Cautious by nature,you manage risk well. You don't fall for get-rich-quick schemes, preferring to grow things at a slow but steady rate. You like to think ahead, and when you decide on a plan, you stick to it. Power and influence motivate you enormously and your sign is considered the most ambitious of all the signs. You are not afraid of hard work -- just the opposite, in fact! You can easily become a workaholic. But you enjoy every moment at your desk.Unlike Aries, who crave having their own business, you do best working for a worldwide, You enjoy the substantial benefits package your boss provides for valued employees. Practical and prudent, earth sign Capricorn doesn't mind working under the supervision of another. Capricorns understand the necessity of organizational hierarchy, especially since it gives them a clear ladder to climb to the top!

Hint: Capricorn likes history, so old coins, rare stamps,historical documents, valuable gems, gold bars, estate jewelry or antiques are all valuable investments for you. Investing in one or more of these areas could make you wealthy, if you do your research and consult with trusted industry experts.

Dear Aquarius, you aren't very materialistic and not much of a spender. Ideas fascinate you more than tangible things. The only Aquarian weakness? Advanced electronic equipment. Ask yourself if you really need that super-deluxe stereo, digital camcorder, or that third computer. If so, go for it! Most Aquarius know a great deal about new technology. Ruled by Uranus(planet of the unexpected), you can be a bit erratic or extreme in your spending and saving habits. You may spend months saving and then blow it all on one or two big, unplanned purchases. This has been a pattern all your life, so there is not too much likelihood you will change! To your credit, you believe in helping out good social causes, so for the right one, you'll make a generous donation.Your best route to riches is through innovation and new ideas. Patent, copyright or trademark your ideas, and launch that new product or service, Aquarius. The marketplace is forever changing and new trends continue to emerge. Your sign, more than any other, lives on this razor edge of change. You have a knack for knowing exactly what the market wants, especially in the fields of computer hardware, software, the Internet, broadcasting,biotechnology and other high-tech industries. Make use of your knowledge by investing in high technology stocks. This way, you'll earn dividends from your ideas! There is always a good chance you will become wealthy, because your sign is so talented with high-tech innovation. If you do, you should find a way to do philanthropic works. Aquarius is the highly-evolved sign of brotherhood and social justice, always ready to help someone less fortunate. You accomplish this best by working in groups and creating new social programs. Like Pisces, Aquarius is not a materialistic sign. These signs do good works because they are the right thing to do, not necessarily to advance their own interests. Aquarius want to make society a better place in which to live, and to put their mark upon the world by improving it for all of us.

Hint: Aquarius are fiercely independent, and don't like to be told what to do. This attitude can be great, because it motivates you to become a self-made person. Your willingness to take full responsibility for your choices is admirable. As you like to say, you will have no one to blame but yourself if things go wrong. However, this strong attitude can be negative too, when a "not-invented-here" policy prevents you from considering new financial advice. No one person has all the answers! Recognize that asking for advice can be the sign of a supremely self-confident person.

You are highly spiritual, and not a wit materialistic. If you ever manage to win the lottery, you'll probably give it all away to a charity. Bless your heart, Pisces. Money doesn't motivate you, but helping others does. You also need plenty of space to express your rich imagination. Pisces in analytical or managerial jobs also need to express their powerful creativity, even if it has to wait until after work.Your ruler Neptune, planet of altruism and compassion, makes you ultra-sensitive to the needs of other people. In fact, when you see someone suffering financially, you identify so closely with him or her, it feels like it is happening to you. However, some people wind up using you as an energy source, and you may find your own energy drained away. It is impossible for Pisces to say no to anyone, so you might as well not even try. Instead, before you volunteer, decide what you can and cannot do to help. Then,stick to your plan. This way everyone wins.You swim away from rules and restrictions, and usually prefer to be self-employed in a creative field. Fortune magazine reported that more millionaires are Pisces than any other sign. Surprised? It's true! Neptune gives you the uncanny ability to detect deficiency in anything, including the marketplace. Can this sense make you rich? Yes, absolutely! Once wealthy, Pisces is in an even greater position to help those less fortunate. Your generosity makes others erroneously think you don't have a self-preserving bone in your body. Are they ever wrong! Pisces' survival instincts are legendary. You are tenacious and very determined. Your powers of persuasion and empathy permit you to see the concerns of others and negotiate accordingly. You have quite the winning edge!

Hint: Two fish symbolize your sign, one swimming with the current, the other against it. While it is easier to "go with the flow," and follow the course of least resistance, Pisces often chooses to swim upstream -- the more strenuous route. It is here that you will find the richest rewards and greatest satisfaction. If ever there was a sign to dream the impossible dream, it's you, Pisces! Show the other signs how it's done!

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