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Unread 06-01-2009, 02:52 AM
samsum78 samsum78 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
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Splash Chart


I am uploading my chart along with a transit chart from astro. com

I believe this is a splash chart and will like your feedback as well

Currently I have a few uncertain conditions and want to know if there is any relocation occurring within the next three months.

Other information on splash charts is also welcome and will appreciate your views on other issues like marriage finance etc.

Chart Link.

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Unread 06-01-2009, 04:28 AM
waybread's Avatar
waybread waybread is offline
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Re: Splash Chart

With a "splash" chart, your planets appear in a number of different houses. You may have difficulty in focussing your attention, but the positive side is that you can relate to many different experiences. So you would probably be good at a job that called for a lot of versitility and a more panoramic style of thinking.

I don't take a deterministic view of astrology, so I wouldn't venture to say when you will travel. However, late in March 2010, Jupiter will conjunct your moon, which rules your 9th house of overseas travel. So this might be a good time to plan a long-distance trip. If you don't wish to wait that long, check your ephemeris for transits of Mercury and Venus through your 9th house, which they will do in July and August.

For short distance travel, look to your 3rd house. If you are thinking of moving your home, check your 4th house. Saturn rules your 3rd house of short-distance travel, so favourable transits to this planet should be good times for shorter trips.

If this is a relocation of your home, you might check out the Astrodienst relocation charts in their "free charts" section. This can suggest how a move would be likely to affect you.

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Unread 06-01-2009, 06:48 AM
samsum78 samsum78 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 77
Re: Splash Chart

Hey waybread,

Thanks for your reply.

Though I am not looking forward for a trip now and prefer to make a trip in 2010 which makes sense according to your analysis. I am dealing with some uncertain situations so was trying to analyze accordingly.

I did make an overseas journey in 2002 for higher studies when uranus was conjunct IC and Neptune was opposing natal Mars in the 9th house with Jupiter transit the 9th house a very clear indication.

Since then I have been going through various experiences (good and bad) which have taken my breath away. I believe its the splash effect. . Yeah stressful times and uncertainty can make it hard to focus at times.

The interesting fact which I see just now is that Uranus is trining the Ascendant and Neptune and Jupiter enter 4th and then go back to the 3rd house until 2010. As a matter of fact i just had a short move recently which took place with jupiter's transit, unplanned but ok.

Incidentally I am trying to relate to my past experiences with astrology to get a better idea of the future.

Thanks once again waybread.
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Unread 06-01-2009, 02:58 PM
astrologer50's Avatar
astrologer50 astrologer50 is offline
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Re: Splash Chart

The Splash
As the name of this pattern suggests, the planets in this distribution are randomly positioned around the zodiac or house of the chart with no significant emphasis in evidence. Diversification is your number one asset, as is your mental outlook, which is an enriching one for its universal approach to those affairs that can be truly meaningful when applied in the broad spectrum of human need. You are truly a messenger of the gods, eager to share your life and resources wherever the need is indicated.

You obviously have a good understanding of astrology with your terminology. I note T Saturn is opposing your natal moon end June 09 which could make you more emotionally withdrawn, short of money, problems with work and finances. Not an auscpicious time to move house then.

Shame you didn't post your progressions & transits. You might like also to look at your solar return, cos that quite often indicates a house move. For more info on how to interpret a SR try here..

I expect you were looking at T Jupiter conj IC for a house move, which shows 26' Aquarius. For some reason on your chart it looks like being in pisces.
I can also see that T Pluto is opposing your Jupiter which suggests your 2nd house of finances/values are being questioned and transformed. Just remember that when T pluto gets to 6' its going to quincunx your venus in 7th house, which indicates power struggles in relationships. Pluto in cappi wants structure, hard work, duty and control, in aspect to venus in Gemini, these signs really don't have a lot in common and will find it hard to integrate these two energies. Gemini/Libra and in my opinion pisces are all three signs that are restless, procrastinating and indecisive with matters of amour..

How urgent or important is this house move question? can you post SR?
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Unread 06-01-2009, 07:50 PM
samsum78 samsum78 is offline
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 77
Re: Splash Chart

Hey Astrologer50.

Actually the uncertain condition is not about house but work and its hard to find a new contract quickly in these times though I have the experience, talent and qualifications. Plus there are many rules and regulations to abide too. Its just unfortunate that my contract is ending and cannot be renewed due to some rules which a company abides.

To make analysis easier, here are the charts you requested

Progressed chart:

Solar Return chart:

Saturn moon Opposition Square Neptune till july 2009 last phase (10th house, 4th and 1st). Usually some changes should take place. Hope they turn out positively.

Financial difficulties are there with Pluto opp. Jupiter but if you see my chart will always have aspects. It starts with a planet entering the house and then till it aspects Neptune and meeting the Asc.
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