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Unread 07-05-2018, 06:08 PM
GeminiSun GeminiSun is offline
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Why am I so violent?

With my loved ones and friends, I am super reserved, I like jokes, chatting, etc. But I am pretty anti-social with people I don't know. I even have anxiety.

Most people who don't know me would never suspect that I am a pretty violent person. When someone talks trash about me or is an a-hole to me, I confront them and can be very violent towards them. I don't know why but sometimes I get so angry that I could beat someone down until they stop moving.

I thought this side of me died a few years ago but I saw a neighbor today who has been spreading rumors about me around the neighborhood since I was 17 (I am 25 now), and I confronted this a-hole and started pushing him and shoving his chin. Now that I'm home and calmed down, I feel so embarrassed and like oh my God, I am not in High School anymore, I could go to jail for this now.

So anything in my chart that shows violence and how can I calm it down? Usually I am pretty reserved, quiet and stuff but when I get mad and someone does something to try and test me I go from 1 to 100 in seconds.
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Unread 07-05-2018, 06:29 PM
kirki kirki is offline
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Re: Why am I so violent?

Maybe cause your chart ruler,mars is in mc and from there squares your pluto But you have moon in sag which trines jupiter.In myopinion its the best moon sign someone could have.Kind ,honest ,free and open minded.So simply try to develope that part of yourself and also self control.
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Unread 07-05-2018, 06:31 PM
Sagcap88 Sagcap88 is offline
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Re: Why am I so violent?

Looks like your Mars squares Pluto. This sums it up:
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Unread 07-05-2018, 08:01 PM
Osamenor's Avatar
Osamenor Osamenor is online now
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Re: Why am I so violent?

Originally Posted by kirki View Post
Maybe cause your chart ruler,mars is in mc and from there squares your pluto
Originally Posted by Sagcap88 View Post
Looks like your Mars squares Pluto.
I also note the Mars square Pluto, but it's much more than that. I'd say it does come down to your Mars, but Mars has so many factors giving it this tendency. Not only is it square Pluto, it's also angular, in a fire sign--Mars does very well, generally, in fire signs--and sextile your sun, and quincunx your Uranus/Neptune conjunction, and conjunct Chiron. Quite a stew.

If what makes you fly off the handle is things people say about or to you, that shows the Gemini/Leo connection: reacting to words (Gemini) that attack your sense of self (Leo, sun). Since we've got Chiron here as well, I suspect that deep down, you believe the trash talk. You react to people saying things that touch a nerve.

This guy you attacked: was there some truth to the rumors he spread about you? Even if the whole story he told wasn't true, there might have been a detail or two that was. If that was something sensitive for you, Mars/Chiron indicates the kind of reaction you had.
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Unread 07-05-2018, 08:06 PM
Sofiamiddle's Avatar
Sofiamiddle Sofiamiddle is offline
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Re: Why am I so violent?

I just checked your Kundali and it seems like you have a debilitated mars and moon. This is Vedic astrology I’m talking about and you might not be into that but I find Vedic much more accurate. Also in kundali your sun is in Taurus and moon is in Scorpio. I have a classmate that has moon in Scorpio and many people don’t like her because she gets angry at the simplest of things, then again Im not saying everyone with moon in Scorpio is hated, obviously not lol everyone’s different we all have different natal charts but that was just my experience in that.

Another thing is, I also have mars square Pluto just like you do but my Pluto is in Scorpio and mars is in Aquarius and their not debilitated so I don’t react like you do, and I don’t get angry easily because I just like the peace so I just give up and learn to let go for the people around me, prob because my moon and ascendant is in libra but either way everyone’s different. I feel like your the type of person that doesn’t give up and stands up for your rights and that’s a very good trait to have, most people can’t do that like me lol but if you try to use this special skill wisely you would be a wonderful healer for those people around you. All in all, just try to meditate a little bit it might help ease the tension

Good luck!

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GeminiSun (07-07-2018)
Unread 07-05-2018, 08:08 PM
kirki kirki is offline
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Re: Why am I so violent?

Your mars also inconjucts uranus ,search about it.Inconjuctions are important aspects in my opinion.
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Unread 07-05-2018, 09:17 PM
david starling david starling is online now
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Smile Re: Why am I so violent?

A Scorpio Ascendant, especially with Pluto in Scorpio, can lead to momentary emotional outbursts you regret later. But, Gemini is a thinking Sign, and is a good asset in combination with Scorpio. You can control these urges now that you've recognized that you have them. You need to recognize the warning signals and develop your own way of blowing off steam before getting violent. You also have your Sun-sign ruler, Mercury, in Cancer, which is good for emotional control, and is in synch with your Moon in Sagittarius. Good luck. I have a feeling you CAN get a handle on this problem!
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GeminiSun (07-07-2018)
Unread 07-05-2018, 11:47 PM
rahu rahu is offline
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Re: Why am I so violent?

the actual focus of your violence is not simply mars square to pluto because the orb is ridiculously large, but it is the midpoint of mars/Saturn is square to pluto. the chiron/ mars conjunction does had to the trigger of your violence.

the comment on people saying things about as a component is valid . I see this by the mercury/Jupiter midpoint is conjunct to chiron which shows that arguments that get personal about you can be associated with violent reaction.

Uranus is important also. here your mars/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the ascendant with gives you a nature to fly off the handle so to speak.

the moon/Uranus midpoint is conjunct the node opposed to your sun which is conjunct the south node. this is a extremely volatile and uncontrollable energy when you lose control.

frankly I think your potential for deadly violence comes from emotional responses to relationships that turn out badly because your pluto/node midpoint is square to your Venus/Uranus midpoint. alternately you likely go to out of control when you "girl friend" cheats on you because Neptune is conjunct to Uranus ,so all the same dynamics could be brought out by deception.

of course with venus square to Uranus and Neptune, it could be you who indulges in secret affairs and cheats of your gf.

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