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Unread 02-22-2011, 11:11 PM
tau/rat tau/rat is offline
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My Chart and the Music Industry

I'm a 26yom who has been performing live music and theatre in an amateur capacity since high school, and am now attempting to strike out on a professional path as a singer-songwriter. I've had no other prior careers, just low paying jobs to keep my head above water.

As much as I hate to use the expression, I'm dead set on being a "rock star". I love performing, and couldn't see myself doing anything else with the same amount of passion. In short, I know what I want, and this is it. No M-F, 9-5s locked in a building for me, doing boring, soul-sucking things for other people. No, I love the applause, and it's something I truly excel in and believe I can do. As I'm a Taurus, yes this is also motivated by money. I want to earn big piles of it, call the shots, and live comfortably because of it. I don't like working for other people, and would rather be in charge.

(And I promise, despite the impression you may get from the above I'm really a very likable, well-mannered,and down-to-earth person. And nice, too. Don't forget that)

I've had problems with inertia (Taurus wah, wah, waaaahhhh) and motivation, and have had mental health issues and an ADD diagnosis, which have also played a part in such.

Anyway, I would greatly appreciate any insights from those much more experienced than myself at reading charts. What kinds of challenges will I face in my efforts? What might be the best way to go about it?
And, although I know my chart is NOT an indicator of what will or won't happen, just a tool to help me along the way, will this be a difficult path? (I like to think I've already encountered much difficulty already in this, due to opposition from parents and other family members, as well as overcoming some of my mental health and learning difficulties.)

Thank you very much, anything is appreciated!
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Unread 02-23-2011, 06:40 AM
juicey J. juicey J. is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

First off the chart is an indicator of what will and won't happen but its about possiblity (shown in profections, progressions, solar arcs, and transits) and your personal attitude and choices play a good hand in all this. I don't think there is a definite astro signature for ADD (if there is there is possible a handful or so of them) but your mercury (cognetive thinking) in the 6th, pergine, and retrograde might play a part in this. You have the ruler of your mc leo, the sun angular which, helps with fame/showing off. Plus your sun is in Taurus a postion stereotypically connected to singing/music. Venus the ruler of the sun and of music aspecting the mc helps things as well. One thing I must say with saturn coming into square to the mc next year is don't do anything next year which, might bring trouble because it might well become public. Oh and don't do anything too stuid or fool hearted now (I pray you haven't) because if its bad enough when saturn comes into square to the mc next year it might well become public.

As for mental trouble sun opposing saturn might play some part in such. Good luck.

Oh and speaking of profections (moving the planets and points of the chart one sign per year. Well its a bit more complex but we won't go there). Your rising (the most imporant point in profections) is going to be in capricorn with its ruler saturn in cappy as well (after may 2) so gaining greater self discipline and being greatly awarded for such (due to saturn being angular and in dignity) well be an experience/lesson of this year.

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Unread 02-23-2011, 09:59 AM
Oren Oren is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

wow, I'm 8 days older than we have nearly all the same planets in the same signs, except moon...yours is in gemini while mine is in also have 6 retrogrades like me!

i totally feel your pain, lol...I'm in sort of a similar situation to you I guess...these threads might give you some ideas:

but keep in mind that the house positions our planets are in are different so you still want to get other more accurate interpretations from the experienced members here. also, we don't have all the same aspects...

i commend you though for being dedicated to your dream from the start...unfortunately I'm in exactly those working conditions you describe at the moment, lol...but I am hoping to also fulfill my artistic dreams someday...good luck!
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Unread 02-23-2011, 01:21 PM
mirthyQ mirthyQ is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

Magnetism, vocal beauty, originality, depth, structure, and communication are important qualities for a musician. Do you have signs of these things in your chart?

Magnetism - Scorp ascendant with pluto hovering around there should present this for you. Someone was discussing Justin Beiber and the chart they put up for him has pluto in scorp on ascendant, too. You also have saturn there so you may have to "work at" your magnetism, and it may feel satisfying on one hand but be painful and ego flattening at other times. If that saturn learns to plow through rejection (i.e. the music industry, really) and do your best who knows how you might grow as a musician.

Beauty (vocally, though exterior doesn't hurt for entertainer)- Taureans are the best singers in the zodiac, and 2nd house planets seem to support this too. And the ruler of taurus is venus and it is in tauras too. Hopefully, when you sing people will listen.

Originality - Mercury in aires should help with this. Merc in 6th with venus there pulling energy into the 7th house - you will write songs from the 7th house perspective (relationships) but also from first person (strong first house). Uranus in tauras natural house (2nd) should also help with uniqueness/originality.

Depth - It is always nice if musicians have some planets in water houses (4,8, 12) because emotion/feeling and music go hand in hand. You have some of this with the moon in 8 (I am amazed at how many musicians have strong 8th houses), and the 8th energy helps with magnetism - in gemini you should naturally want to communicate deep feeling transforming things - again good for musician. And mars and saturn in scorp should help you dive in deep.

Structure - People are surprised to hear that saturn is important for music - rhythem and structure. You have a prominent saturn (as mentioned earlier). Your rhythems and sounds should be structurally well constructed and should aim for being pleasing to the ear. Alot of people become musicians (and some make money, too) without making structurally ordered and pleasing sounds. Hopefully you won't have to "gimmick yourself" too much in order to survive.

Communication - ultimately even pleasing music comes down to having something to say. Are you going to have something to say through music? With the gemini moon and the 6th house energy hopefully you will.

I haven't delved into being an entertainer. But I know that is important, too. Leo up there (on top) and sun in 7 should help this out, although you might be indivually strong but even stronger with musical others (10th house public self/aspirations/highest achievemant going to the 7th house -others/relationships). This means musically you will probably do best in a team environment - a band, although I will bet you will try at first to make it on your own (strong 1st house with 1st's ruler there).

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Unread 02-23-2011, 05:02 PM
juicey J. juicey J. is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

Oh yeah and with saturn coming into square next year to your mc for much of next year I would be extra careful about what contracts you sign. Well with your saturn square your mc natally I would be careful already but be especially careful next year.
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Unread 02-25-2011, 05:07 AM
tau/rat tau/rat is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

A laurel and hearty handshake for everyone!

Seriously, I really appreciate all of your input, it really helps my sense of purpose.

Talk to ya'll later!
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Unread 02-25-2011, 09:40 AM
astrologer50's Avatar
astrologer50 astrologer50 is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

Notice how practically ALL planets are *retrograde* ie: going backwards, this will seriously DELAY, and limit any successes.

Scorpio/pluto is extremely private and unsociable, having saturn and mars retro in first house shows a lack of confidence. BUT having Leo MC screams I want/need attention and to be centre of attention, but is placed in 7th house marriage/business partnerships. Sun being opp saturn shows being held back by father, males and/or archetypal influences.

Gemini moon [only has one aspect] is restless indecisive and capricious and opp uranus suggests broken relationships with women and mother, impatience and wanting to do something unusual to feed the emotional/intuitive nature. This moon is also a *singleton****

Natal mars is not only retrogarde BUT totally *unaspected* and therefore finds it hard to express, unless activated by a transit or progression.
unspected planets

with only two planets above the horizon sun/moon there is lots of subjectivity in this chart

Saggi/Jupiter rules 2nd house of 'how you earn your money' and spend it does make an aspect to MC ruler but of course is retrograde, showing delays.

Mars retro rules 6th house and placed in first unaspected, shows a strong *me first attitude*

Retrograde planets
Pluto retrograde in scorpio above

Mars Retrograde
* reconsiders before expressing anger
* finds competitive situations hard to handle
* tends to repress and so ....
* can become depressed
Mercury Retrograde
* reconsiders before speaking
* lots of inner conversation and thoughts
* expresses self better in writing
* feels misunderstood
Jupiter Retrograde
* has doubts about what they deserve and so ...
* finds it easy to settle for crumbs
* feels superior in some way inside
* abundance is felt on the inside
* looks inside for answers to religious questions
Saturn Retrograde
* feels inside that they're never good enough
* indulgent outward behavior may mask inner feelings of inadequacy
* hides fears
Uranus Retrograde
* reconsiders outward expressions of rebelliousness
* feels inside that they are different
* outward conformist behavior masks inner feelings of non-conformity or ...
* goes out of their way to upset others apple carts
* has a difficult time finding their niche in society
Neptune Retrograde
* feels guilty inside and so ....
* tends to blame themselves when things go wrong
* super sensitive inside and so .....
* puts on a tough skinned mask

Singleton planets
“If a planet happens to be the only one in an element, quality, or house type, that planet is a Singleton and it can funnel all of the “energy” of the horoscope. This planet is often the most important one in the horoscope. In other words, if you just interpret the position of this one planet by sign, house, and aspect, you will get to the “heart of the horoscope”. The effect is the same as if that planet were the only one on one side of the chart.”
(There is a book out by Shirley Lyons Meier, "Elemental Voids, More than Meets the Eye", which gives a good discussion of missing elements.) The Inferior Function can be a source of great motivation and creative expression.

Lack of elements

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Unread 02-25-2011, 09:41 AM
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astrologer50 astrologer50 is offline
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Re: My Chart and the Music Industry

Career options are assessed by MC any planets conjunct, where the ruler of MC is placed, it’s aspects, then 2nd house ‘how you earn your money’ and planets there, ruler of cusp and where it’s placed, then 6th house of ‘type of work you do’ any planets there and how they are aspected.

Researching rulers of houses will help you understand more where I joining the dots so to speak

Money & you
career significators
Professional & Destiny
sticky in vocational astrology forum

My thoughts and links on vocation

Waybread’s thoughts on Vocation
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