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Unread 12-26-2014, 08:06 PM
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Smile Kites in Astrology. I'm in look of ideas.

Hey astrologers. I was looking at my chart just yesterday, and upon looking at the aspects my Chiron made, I found out I had another Kite configuration in my chart, involving the Sun, Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn. This overall sounds like "Healing" and "Growth" to me.

I have another Kite configuration, which is a kite with an Apex (i think t'was called that) pointing to a fire sign; this one involves Uranus, Mercury, the Moon and Pluto.

I wonder what these two kites signify in my chart. I have always felt a lack of fire in my chart, despite my late aries rising (with which I don't fully identify to be honest...).

What do you guys think kites mean in general? I'm starving for more information on them, I have already researched the internet, but need deeper insight. What do you people think it means?

I personally view them as a way of directing energy, like a sort of piercing arrow, which has collected the energy from the Three planets in a Grand Trine, and is shooting channeling through the sign the Kite points in (in my case, Pluto and Saturn).

I hope I made sense, and I hope someone else finds intrest in this...haha, I think this thread will go unanswered but well. It's worth the shot.

My chart:

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Unread 12-26-2014, 09:52 PM
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Re: Kites in Astrology. I'm in look of ideas.

The opposition in a kite forms the 'backbone' that is in need of resolution in order to achieve balance, otherwise it will continue to create open confrontations and conflicts in the outer world. Often the conflict is subconscious in nature and then may take much time in order to
resolve it. In this case then, you first have to decode the polarity between Mercury and Pluto;
Mercury in Gemini relates to difficulties/tensions in regards to communication and your 'mental workings'' and how the mind processes data, often causing misunderstandings and confusion. Does this relate to problems with a sibling, per chance? [Venus in the 3rd]
In turn, how does Pluto's influence play into this for you: crisis, psychological upheavals, death, oppression/domination/power struggles, transformation and regeneration?
Pluto typically shows how we are changed by critical experiences in life, and whether we end up being a victim, or victor against the odds that challenge us.
It comes down to determining a theme/pattern that keeps coming back around to you on a regular basis; ongoing pressure is caused by transits through either Gemini/Sagittarius so understanding how that polarity plays out for you is important as well.
As I see it, the Grand Trine offers a way of balancing out the opposition and can also represent receiving divine intervention just when one needs it most.
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Unread 12-26-2014, 10:35 PM
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Re: Kites in Astrology. I'm in look of ideas.

A Grand Trine on its own can be pretty lazy. Things easily come to these aspects but its static in its own way...very little growth. The opposition in the Kite pattern adds the needed tension to discover and utilize the talents the planets and their positions indicate in the Grand Trine. In the Huber system, your orbs are too wide to complete the kite aspects. This means that either nurturing activities or your own need for symmetry will create circumstances/learning to fill out the patterns so they can function well in your life. In your case, the Nurture helped but did not close the aspects fully. You need to fill out the Mercury/Saturn Sextile and the Mercury Pluto opposition. Time will help you with this. In that system Chiron is not factored in so I can't speak to it. Bruno Huber wrote a book called Aspect Pattern Astrology that can give you a lot more information.
Simple ain't easy.
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Unread 12-27-2014, 06:48 PM
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Re: Kites in Astrology. I'm in look of ideas.

I agree with 'Kite' that although there are two definite trine figures in air, the orb from Uranus to Pluto is too wide for consideration of a kite figure with one of them. This trine figure includes Moon; automatic and habitual response to situations, to which Mercury-Pluto apply the mental attitude.

Those who consider Chiron as important in astro. interpretation will see a kite figure from Sun-Jupiter-Chiron, with Saturn-Chiron featuring the backbone that keeps the kite 'in flight' .....and you can translate that how you will. All the Sun will achieve 'may' have to go with the knowledge that there is an 'issue' in successfully relating to others as an equal(Libra influence) without any form of ego control (Saturn in Aries 12th?). Anger management and/or force of will (Sun square Mars) might be a first requirement?
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Unread 12-29-2014, 01:06 AM
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Re: Kites in Astrology. I'm in look of ideas.

As above expressed, 4.3x-ish degree orbs for the "sextiles" in your Kites may jeopardize success of your effort to correlate the visually-displayed configs with your behavior/experiences...

also kills the ability to predict (for transits/synastry), since e.g., the heavy-hitting transit will not affect all planets in your visually displayed configs at the same time.

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