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Fixed stars, asteroids and other cosmic objects For astrology talks on fixed stars, Chiron, Sedna, Eris or any other newly discovered or little known cosmic object.

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Collection of asteroid keywords

I've been going on an extensive research for many different asteroids, and keywords pertaining to them. I will be placing my findings here! If anyone has anything they'd like to add or comment or discuss anything please feel free to!!

Keywords: dealing with endings left unresolved, balance, justice, sublime idealism
Positive: purity, innocence, renaissance, renewal of culture, poetry, literature, not giving up, uncomfortable in reality, bringing things together/breaking them apart, intellectual acumen, good-judgement,
Negative: inability to let go/resolve, not getting over something, not accepting what is, lack of closure, overkill, not knowing when to quit, obsessive streak, waiting around too long, willingness to put up with
Neutral: eyes, what is visually 'seen', how we are affected by what we see, integration, virgo qualities, moral values, reasoning, weighing out options

25290 VIBHUTI:
Keywords: 'glory' , 'power of god' , sacred ash, that of which is valuable
Positive: epiphanies, feeling powerful/empowered, liberation
Negative: burned to ash, not as clean as it's suppose to be/as one would think
Neutral: marked, concentrating on something ouside self

Keywords: (Innanen, ishtar, venus, aphrodite) sumerian deity
Positive: sexuality, fertility, love, beauty
Negative: warfare, 'lillith/kaali vibe'

Keywords: (Ishtar, astarte, venus, aphrodite) sumerian goddess, sexuality, fertility, queen of heaven+earth, morning+evening star
Positive: love, beauty, sex, strong-minded females, intensity
Negative: cutting, demanding, capricious
Neutral: warfare, fiery, 'journeys to underworld' involving relationships/partners

7088 ISHTAR:
Keywords: (Innanen, astarte, venus, aphrodite) sumerian deity
Positive: love, beauty, fertility, sexuality
Negative: warfare, 'lilith/kaali vibe'

Keywords: lost city/world/civilization, sensing a spiritual side to oneself, atlantis lifeline/ past life, atlantean DNA/ancestors, crystal skill, extraterrestrials, new age groups
Positive: use of technology and knowledge, psychic ability,
Negative: the fall of atlantis, earthquakes, tsunami, abuse of technology, anxiety of the fall of own civilization, abuses of trust, abilities and inside information, sense of impending doom
Neutral: interest in astrology, numerology, crystals, natural-spiritual healing, occult knowledge, chakras, starseeds

5863 TARA:
Keywords: sanskrit: star, 'she who brings forth life', great compassionate mother, embodiment of wisdom, great protector
Positive: unlimited compassion, wisdom
Neutral: "the mother", mysticism, self-mastery, spiritual hunger, returning to or chasing nostalgia for an imagined or real golden era

1387 KAMA:
Keywords: sexual/sensual desires, god of love, kama-sutra
Positive: sensuality, desire, wish, longing, passion, pleasure, sensual-gratification
Neutral: tantra, sanskrit:lust, aesthetic enjoyment

1685 TORO:
Keywords: the bully archetype, boundless strength/power, how we handle power, how we confront and handle violence and negative influences
Positive: competitive, assertive, aggressive-mastery (transmuting aggressive forces)
Negative: being 'pushy', overly assertive/aggressive, brute-force
Neutral: defending oneself, strength through competition, the bull

Keywords: carries the energy of karma, the downfall of something/someone, encountering one owns weakness, the enemy, disappointment in receiving 'what was due', responsibility and acceptance of shadow self
Positive: judge of moral virtues, retribution, vengeance , praise, credit where credit is due, action against crimes, balancing highs with lows, ripping rug out from underneath boastful, accepting ones flaws, guard against arrogance,
Negative: resentment personified, energy influences that tear you down and apart, key to personal resentment, what do you envy in others, how do you dish out blame? catalyst for feelings of unfairness/being cut to size that cause one to look at their flaws
Neutral: that of which is blamed for everything that goes wrong, punishment of excessive pride, evil deeds and undeserved happiness, noting weaknesses and embracing them, need to stay humble, the force behind karma, where we are our own worst enemy, consequences for persisting bad habits, drawing out the negative debts of what she touches

Keywords: romantic passion, love affair, love triangle
Positive: love, infidelity, new love, love at first sight
Negative: affair whilst commited, romantic upheavel due to thirdparty, lies, torn loyalty, cheating on spouse
Neutral: true shared love between two others

Keywords: the first love, lover that never healed
Positive: love, passion, fidelity, dedication, devotion
Negative: heartbreak, defeat, broken loyalty, disappointment
Neutral: going for a replica, the one you love but cannot be with

Keywords: one who loves animals in general and has a passion to protect them
Neutral: protector of the wild and women in childbirth, defends youngsters

1488 AURA:

Keywords: what we project to the world, whatever the asteroid conjunctions it will project the aura of
Neutral: being able to see auras, giving off an aura

Keywords: deep love of natural world, minor nature deity, local goddess, beautiful appearance, fairy-like, sense-indulgent, meeting the nymph individual where they are and appreciate them in their element
Positive: sexuality/sensuality, whimsical, need for grounding, seductive, desirable, dancing, jumping, running, hiding, giggling, having fun, child-like, playful, strong pronoun resonance with nature/natural energies
Negative: flighty, elusive, unattainable, attracting un-wanted attention/wildly inappropriate or those who take one away from their natural habitat where one would dryup and die, cannot be possessed, sex-addictions
Neutral: mating for use of own volition, independant, chameleon-like persona, being in nature, connected to their source

1862 APOLLO:
Keywords: olympian god of prophecy and oracles, taught chiron about healing,
Positive: protection of the young, healing, provocation, defying the odds, naivete, being a healer, 'physical heal thyself', clairvoyance, being a 'see'
Negative: plague and dis-ease, being a slow learner, attraction of recurrent and familiar crises; 'banging your head against a brick wall'
Neutral: archery, poetrym song, music

Cassandra personifies the medial woman whose intuitive faculties and understanding of the
unconscious patterns are not welcomed in an ordered rational society. She sees what others are too
fearful to see and exposes the inevitable patterns that underpin the situation. In an atmosphere of
control and denial Cassandra is marginalized and demeaned becoming the projective reflection of the
fear of chaos and uncertainty. Disbelief and ignorance render her wisdom impotent. When dark
feelings, dread or grief are repressed in the atmosphere Cassandra is the medium of their expression.
Her curse is that she is not identified with her feelings leaving her misunderstood and marginalized.
Her feelings, identified by others as autonomous ravings, isolate her. Cassandra is able to sense what
is taboo and unlived but unable to remain separate from it.

Keywords: seer whos voice goes unheard, abandon logic, seperatedness, and ratonality to reveal through feeling and connectedness
Positive: drawn to tell the truth regardless of consequences, can relate to those who are not being heard, giving advice, foreboding, deafness (possibly), prediction, needing to trust yourself
Negative: the agony that comes with not being heard, one who issues warnings and highlightning the consequences of the warnings, not being heard to pain/extreme madness, falling on deaf ears, silenced, where you doubt your sanity, hysteria, unbalanced, madness
Neutral: those who tell their personal truths but are disbelieved, where you feel others are not listening to you, where you may be ridiculed for what you believe in,

Keywords: the bull, wealth, earthly passions, worldly triumphs
Positive: abilitie to 'ride the bull', harness its power and give to resourceful creativity, image of feminen power, guidance/direction, embodiment of earthly instincts, knowing how to cultivate and create abundance through her passionate, attractive and commanding nature
Negative: greed, lust
Neutral: desires, magnetism,


Keywords: heroine who obtains justice putting herself above all laws, embodiment of dangerous ambiguity
Positive: sheer unpredictability, unbridled sexuality, using ones femininity as power to provoke change (may or may not be socially accceptable), sexuality and intelligence for good cause/change
Negative: aggressor, mourner, survivor, victim, using unorthodox ways to fight for ones right, logical revenge
Neutral: one whom has no boundaries and does what she wants, revolting against opression

69230 HERMES:
Keywords: greek messenger god, mercury-like, occultism, creator of magic, inventor of writing, divine record-keeper,mediator
Positive: cleverness, intelligence, divisiveness, division, gambling, good-luck, profit
Negative: thieves, commerce, liars, hazard,
Neutral: travelers, sharp-wit intelligence, gaming

Keywords: to consult oracles, not questioning spirit, far-reaching, tele
Positive: trusting ones intuitive processes and warnings, main source of personal intuitive information
Neutral: discovering ones origins, consulting oracles, telepathy,

1912 ANUBIS:
Keywords: egyptian jackal-headed god of death, change, embalmer, mortician, serious researcher of science, psychology, mysticism fringe,
Positive: weighing up actions/deeds, considering consequences of our behavior towards others, taking responsibility for our actions, protection against grave robberies/ evil acts commited in the necropolis,working at own pace/time, psychopomp, depth-psychologist, change, rebirth, deciding the weight of truth, deals with darkness to bring it to justice
Negative: death, funerals, mummification, un-well, overworked, not being able to escape work, unimpressed anger,
Neutral: guiding souls through underworld, determining eternal destiny of souls, connection to ancient egyptian rituals, astral plane, sympathetic to underdog, the past, the dead, the hidden

Keywords: greek:soul, soul-retrieval, transcendence entrance into oneself, butterfly and the star, journey to our soul, the breath and mind, transformation, divine feminen
Positive: trust, love, passion, uncovering whom we are, what love means to us, innermost depths, reflection, metamorphosis,
Negative: betrayal, jealousy, obstacles to ones soul, shadow work, trials of love, fragility of love, path to true love never runs smooth, soul-loss, fragmentation, where you run away from your shadow
Neutral: psychology, psychic, psychedelics, psychopathic, study of the mind, achieving immortality, self-actualization, union of mind-body-soul, where you seek to know the truth

433 EROS:
Keywords: passionate love of divine masculine, pure love and desire, son of aphrodite, two people together to form lasting transformation
Positive: eroticism, desire, sexual-desires, erotic-love, creative revelations
Neutral: various manifestations of love, pursuit of love and desire, how one approaches desire, golden arrows

11911 ANGEL:
Keywords: 'divine guidance', where you may feel watched over/protected, divine intervention, spiritual healing
Positive: seeing the light, angelic guidance, enlightenment, cosmic connection, being shown the way, a helping hand
Neutral: surrendering to a higher power, messages from source, angel in disguise, guardian angel, a mirror for the soul

Keywords: to discover something, to reveal something, locating
Positive: revelation, recognition, pioneering, light-bulb moment, aha-moment
Neutral: uncovering something, to find something, to discover, origination

5239 REIKI:
Keywords: energy healing, channeling energy, energy work, healing with chakras, related to chi, prana
Positive: open minded about progressive health/use it
Negative: energy bleeds, sensitive to the negative energy of others, psychic vampires
Neutral: holistic healthy practicioners, how we incorperate the wisdom of healthy into our experience

638 MOIRA:
Keywords: the three fates (moirae), experiencing universal consciousness of other people's destiny/fate
Positive: where one may feel fated/destined, synchronicites, to see, necessity, ones fate
Negative: negative karma,
Neutral: governed by fate/karma, one whos life is fated, superior to gods, subject to fate

Keywords: weaving together all elements that make up the totality of your life, what one is made of, the spinner
Positive: ensuring our destiny is fulfilled, initial understanding, first impression
Negative: not having "the right stuff"
Neutral: initiating, conditions (fate&expectations) at the beginning, the beginning, the start

1924 HORUS:
Keywords: 'light bearer', ruler of day, consciousness, identity, what it means to be egyptian (heritage, culture, unity)
Positive: mental optimism, headstrong, defeats evil, inspiration, protection, strength, intuitive insight,
Negative: warnings, vengeance, farsightedness, defeats evil (set)
Neutral: sense of identity, heritage and culture, our connection to traditions and ancestors

2696 MAGION:
Keywords: magion land of the gnomes, mageon, largest tree
Positive: enchanted, captivate, charm, enrapture, bewitch, spellbind, hypnotize, mesmerize
Neutral: student, to shaman, to teacher/wiseman, to magician and so on.. practicioners of magick, the alchemist, the magician, workings of the trees

279 THULE:
Keywords: high level civillization, secrets from ancient highly-intelligent beings
Neutral: 'masters' , ancients, magic-mystical rituals

258 TYCHE:
Keywords: goddess of fortune, spirit of fortune, morai 'fates'
Positive: good fortune, success, lucky, prosperity
Neutral: chance, providence

2598 MERLIN:

Merlin represents the occult sciences, that of the mystic arts and alchemy, knowing that anything can be changed, as we return to our natural magical state of being. We remember that our outer world is merely a mirror of what we project from within, awake or asleep to the awareness that we are creators, creating with every breath we take and with every beat of our moment at a time consists of only one moment.
Keywords: seeking of magic and mystery , magician, mystical, occult, alchemy, balancing of polarities within
Positive: sculpting, shaping and directing energy with purpose, remembering your divinity, something else to remember/re-awaken
Negative: had enough with lack, limitation, work, dis-ease, struggly, suffering, pain
Neutral: attune one to wisdom and power of ancient magicians and alchemists, magicians abilities

Keywords: goddess of good health, daughter of medicine
Positive: good health, fitness, 'hygeine' cleanliness, maintaing health through right living with nature
Neutral: naturopathy, ayurvedic healing, homeopathy, natural/alternative healing methods


Keywords: a seer, prophet, priestess, oracle of delphi, talent for divination, drug usage
Positive: clairvoyant, all around psychic power, oracle, interpretation+explaination
Negative: neptunian, foggy, halucinogenic, delirious ranting, deluded, paranoid
Neutral: someone with psychic or prophetic faculty, detox, fasting, purification rituals, tarot, symbolism

212 MEDEA:
Keywords: princess, wise-one, witchcraft, occult, magickal herbs, natural healing, working with nature
Positive: involvement, feeling involved in something, playing around, trying to be attractive/bewitching, controlling the other with charm, bewitching, herbalism, natural healing
Negative: hateful attitude, fury, resentment, scheming, murder, revenge, murder own children, misandrey
Neutral: strong (or absent) emotions, love/hate relationships, botany, herbs, archetypal witch, exploring ancient feminen

Keywords: greek sorceress/temptress, wields a magic wand, enchantress, magician, solitary existance, one away from society and surrounding self with animals and ones craft,
Positive: offering hospitality, spells, passionate love affair, knowing ones passions and beliefe system, own moral boundaries unapologetically, magic, wiccan/pagan roots, exploring natural means of healing, helping others
Negative: ill-effects of misusing magic, cunning, bewitching, dark, manipulative, lies, trickery, shunning traditional feminen roles, aggressor with others forming relationships on her own terms, misandry
Neutral: where we may attempt to undermind others, as well as ourselves, place where one seeks alternative answers on ones personal journey, herbalist, magician, healer, archetypal witch, doing what one loves in privacy, little desire to be in the public eye, turning men into animals

1130 SKULD:
Keywords: norn of future, determines the inevitable future fate of mortals, north node energies, water-spirit/ valkyrie, swan maiden
Positive: awareness in the present thus creating the future
Negative: uncertainty
Neutral: tending to trees, norse divination system, runes, nordic, past-present-future, divination, our fate, our lifes direction, our future, the outcome, what is to come, prophetic

167 URDA:
Keywords: norn of the past may have relevance to past life recall or retrocognition, energies of the southnode
Neutral: norse divination system, runes, nordic, past-present-future, divination, our karmic past, our background, our roots/origins, what is behind, remembering, past-life regression

Keywords: wife of odin, seer, norse god of marriage, Frigg the beloved, sky goddess responsible for weaving the clouds/fates, beginning of the year, the runic alphabet, runes, divination, cats
Positive: foreknowledge, wisdom, beloved, loving mother and wife, foresight, nurturing, tender-hearted, fertility, art of foretelling events/weaving destiny
Neutral: knows the future but does not share what she sees, knowing the future but not being able to change it, the full moon, fine jewerly, spinning wheel and spindle,

3989 ODIN:
Keywords: norse god of healing, the runic alphabet, sorcery
Negative: death, the gallows, battle, frenzy
Neutral: royalty, runes, poetry

Keywords: goddess of love, queen of valkyries, goose, geese, sparrows, divination, magic, wealth
Positive: wisdom, beauty, passionate support of those she favoured
Negative: war, death
Neutral: gold,magic, sexuality, fertility, aurora borealis, the sword, floral bouquets, romantic music

4484 SIF:
Keywords: goddess of the earth, wife of THOR, name means 'relation to marriage'
Positive: fertility, family care-giving, passion
Neutral: long golden hair, fields of wheat, the arts, summer, the sun , gold

Keywords: wood protection, may eve, "white goddess", occult knowledge
Positive: strong protection, dancing, merry-making, fertility
Negative: besieged by forces of tumult, death and chaos, corrupt people/things, monsters, evil, terrifying
Neutral: divination, spellcraft, oracular activities, witchcraft, bonfires, gathering of 'witches'

Keywords: roman goddess of spring and flowers, manifestation, flowering, fresh-life
Positive: floweriness, flower-child mentality, bestowing grace, happiness, beautiful strong energy, nourishing, ornateness. manifestation of creative energy, that of which comes into bloom
Negative: sterility, ruthlessness
Neutral: lushness, fertility, fruiting, blooming, fluorishing, attraction and ability to help a partner to reach full potential

Keywords: goddess of dawn, easter
Positive: dawning of new myths and stories, understanding myths (but not literal truths)
Neutral: dawn, the east

390 ALMA:
Keywords: latin:soul, moon qualities
Positive: depth of knowing whichever it touches
Neutral: reflection of a higher-vibration, ones soul-state, most-recent past life experiences

Keywords: vanity, attractiveness, narcissistic, idealised vision of oneself/ or mate
Positive: self-love, where one would like to see themselves as
Negative: self-absorbed, selfish, NPD, love of public image, falling in love with one owns image, suicidal
Neutral: mirrors, water, reflecting surfaces, unable to attain ideal image

12472 SAMADHI:

Keywords: mystical/mental experience of 'zero point of mind', deep meditation, enlightenment
Positive: nirvana, mystical states/shifts of perception, non-duality, selflessness, connectedness, yoga, making contact, being 'one with' something/somebody
Negative: emptiness, no-mind, subject-object relationship disappears, soul leaving body, losing oneself, depravity, self-absorption
Neutral: absorption, union with an object contemplated, the suspension of energy in or diversion of energy from parts of the brain, goal of emptiness, crown chakra

3897 LOUHI:
Keywords: powerful sorceress, evil witch of great power
Positive: quests to foreign lands, strength, resilience, where we are rewarded for courage
Negative: demons to battle, illness to conquer, disabilities to overcome, tests of strength/determination
Neutral: banishing dis-ease, setting challenges, mythic quests, heroic adventures

Keywords: heaven on earth, utopia, spiritual plane for growth
Positive: higher level of living with equality & nobility, heavenly
Neutral: pure place, true-living, goodness-intended, celestial

Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Keywords: muse of astronomy and astrology
Positive: heavenly
Neutral: astronomers, astrologers, psychics, mystical types, celestial-globe, compass

Keywords: brains ability to retain visual imagery, photographic memory, holding visual-imagery
Positive: clairvoyancy, visionary, vivid- imagery imagination, reflection, to see
Neutral: photographs, photography, pictures, imagery, visualizations, where one holds an image of something

84 K/CLIO:
Keywords: muse of history
Neutral: focused on history, may be tied to fame, trumpet, clepsydra


Keywords: Muse of music, song, elegiac poetry, gladness, flute-playing, flutes
Positive: to talk about love, inspirational, to be concerned with something/somebody
Neutral: especially linked to music, singing the praises of somebody/something

Keywords: Muse of tragedy
Neutral: connected to acting, theatre and darker writing, tragic mask

Keywords: Muse of epic poetry, "fair-voice"
Positive: eloquence
Neutral: poetry and writing, stylus+tablet

Keywords: Muse of lyric poetry
Positive: lovely
Neutral: romantic writing, the poet

Keywords: Muse of comedy
Positive: abundance, good cheer
Neutral: comedians, comedy, comic mask

Keywords: Muse of hymns, mime, mimic-art
Positive: 'many songs'
Neutral: acting, poetry, creative spirituality and natural metaphysic

Keywords: muse of dance, 'delight in dancing', muse, dance and dramatic chorus, mother of sirens, lyre
Positive: to dance, possessing the gift of prophecy
Neutral: dance, lyrics, chorus, theatre, choreographers, moves, dancers, cithara


Keywords: Mother of 9 muses, memory, inspiration, imagination
Positive: story telling, creativity, imagining

Keywords: latin:wisdom, discernment, memory
Positive: skilled practice, refined wisdom
Neutral: 'to be smart or to be seen as such'

8275 INCA:

894 ERDA:
Keywords: (same as URDA) norn of the past may have relevance to past life recall or retrocognition, energies of the southnode
Neutral: norse divination system, runes, nordic, past-present-future, divination, our karmic past, our background, our roots/origins, what is behind, remembering, past-life regression

Positive: lucky, happy
Neutral: where one may find joy, and happiness

Keywords: the traits of a loyal wife, committed and bonded relationships, wife of zeus
Positive: loyalty, devotion, kindness, fidelity
Negative: dealing with infidelity of spouse
Neutral: protection of rights within relationship, marriage, legal-ties

Keywords: wisdom, patterns, dependable for advice, owl and snake, weaving/crafts, objectivity, daddy's girl, prized daughter, virginal protector of women, equal to men, peace, reconciliation, mental agility, activism
Positive: strategy, intellectualism, powerful perception, recognising patterns of human behaviour, patterns of communicating with others, understanding complexity of language, seeing both spoken/unspoken, reading between the lines, tapping into objectivity, overcoming emotional/psychological blocks, creative intelligence, gain clarity, fierce
Negative: shrewdness, independance, debate, defense, reason argument, discernment, jugdmental
Neutral:where we are able to figure things out, where we strategeize, where we have the ability to use logic/reasoning along with spark of creative understanding, space between thought and action, equality, where we receive intuitive information, heavenly flashes, telepathy, divine/occult knowledge, kundalini

Keywords: unconditional love mother/child, agriculture, nourishment
Positive: selfless love, nurturing, sustaining, mothering, caring, concerned,
Negative: judgmental, critical, self-hating, dependant, destructive, clinging, deprived, abandoned, over-protecting, smothering, insecure, controlling, barren
Neutral: domesticating, providing, powerful, concerned

Keywords: the virgin, scorpio/virgo theme, devotion to serving, ritualistic, ancient symbol for sexuality, sacred flame, keeper of the flame, channelled kundalini energy, purity/purification, chastity, constancy, sexual themes, self-discipline, unmarried, focus,
Positive: sacred sex, devotion and dedication to beliefs, tantric sex, passion for ritual, sex and spiritual transformation, being utterly focused with a single aim, quiet passion to maintain focus, where you keep your inner flame burning and what must be tended to, the utmost care, a life of service
Negative: putting aside personal wishes as necessary, much difficulty in seeing the light, self-absorption and exclusion from all else, inability to focus, unwillingness to commit, a sense of being divorced from one's spirit/mission in life, sexual fears, guilts and inadequacies, alienation, denial and seperation in personal relationships, fear of intimacy,
Neutral: one who helps and serves others from a pure heart, gives not to get but to truly give, spiritual practicioners, celibacy, fire, divine-spark, essence of all life, where you take full responsibility and make sacrifices for the greater good, where you are dedicated to working hard, avoidance of marriage and children

Keywords: health & home, (symbolises innerself, attention an focus upon spiritual and whole) commitment, symbol of self, inner still point associated with a feeling of wholeness
Positive: dedication to accomplishment of goals, autonomy, capacity to focus on what is personally meaningful, going inward to find meaning/peace, gaining insight into others characters/patterns
Negative: dispassion, using work as compensation, emotional distancing, impersonal, hardwork and career demands, meaning and peace is lost if forgotten and dishonored, out of step feeling, need physical order/to center, controlling type
Neutral: self-sacrifice, sublimates others interests into focus, importance of inner sanctuary, focuses attention inward to spiritual center, absorbed in meditation, independant, self-sufficient quality

Keywords: powerful healing energy, saturn/uranus bridge, 'the wounded healer', teacher, wounding, illness, shamanism, holism, accidents, psycholocial/physical, rainbow bridge
Positive: overcoming disabilities/set backs, healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body, responding to lifes challenges focusing on growth and learning, developing compassion for self and others, seeking knowledge, truth, wisdom and teachings and those dedicated to healing fields
Negative: drawn up hidden issues, parental rejection, standing out, not fitting in any known category, apathy, agony, emptiness, absence of any humour, bitterness, opens door to flood-gate of emotions, invades/overwhelms us, confrontation with paradoxes
Neutral: advid learner devouring knowledge, transition through awareness, bringing shadow to light, doing things one's own way, solving problems oneself, sarcastic humour, inner-key healing process, encountering the key to our life but difficulties in personalities, healing arts, wholemaking, guru/mentor, holistic, synergism

Keywords: god of wine and mystical ecstacy, orgies, god that could enter underworld/resurrect the deceased, student of chiron and rhea/cybele.
Positive: enduring love found after love lost, hedonistic, fertility, regenerative, opulent, liberating, theatrical
Negative: too much of something, alcoholics, overindulgence
Neutral: ressurection (DIONYSUS)

Keywords: planet x that hit earth and caused 3 days of darkness, color red, conspiracies, the occult,
Positive: other worlds, other dimensions, infernal entities, deep esoteric initiation
Negative: doom prophecies,
Neutral: extraterrestrials, foreign, polar shifts, revelations, paranormal, ufo's

Keywords: god of wine and mystical ecstacy, revered associated with orphic mysteries, ecstatic/divine delirium, god possession
Positive: enduring love found after love lost, hedonistic, fertility, regenerative, opulent, liberating, theatrical
Negative: too much of something, alcoholics, overindulgence
Neutral: ressurection, (BACCHUS)

Keywords: egyptian goddess, benevolent protector of the dead, spells help navigate astral realm
Positive: devotion, 'death which is not eternal', soul rebirth
Neutral: death+rebirth, ghosts, sunset, the hawk, force of death and reincarnation

Keywords: dreams, visions, sleep,
Neutral: neptunian vibes, astral realm, the subconcious

Keywords: greek god of medicine, 'to cut open' , ressurection
Positive: skilled in the art of medicine
Neutral: doctors, nurses, medicine, being a healer, prophetic dreams, shaman/shamanistic healing,

Keywords: brother of makhoan
Positive: skilled in medical arts, god of internal dis-eases, and invisible wounds to the soul.
Neutral: medicine, medical treatment, internal dis-ease

55555 DNA:
Keywords: genetic code and nature of the individual, explains specifics about genome and knowledge of the molecule
Neutral: genetics (and things pertaining to them), one's unique identity, genetic memory, genetic tendencies


Keywords: 'in need of help or helper' , demale despair/madness, duty to the point of driving one mad
Positive: demolishing the instruments of captivity, exposing truth behind oppression, revolutionary gestures against those whom caused opression, disowning weakneses and taking on empowered role, becoming the elektra complex (logic+revenge)
Negative: tragic undoing caused from oppression, maddening endurance, innocence gone mad, duty to the point of losing yourself; driving one to insanity
Neutral: Karma involving those who have been hurt/oppressed and in need of help who do not get it and help theirselves by transforming their pain and becoming empowered to help others


Keywords: death with dignity, sleep-aids, ethanasia, uppers, stimulants, sleep-walking, mattresses, sleep platforms, feather-filled pillows, night time light, melatonin
Positive: alert, conscious, cogent regarding responsibilities/personal domain, aware of immediacy of life, value every moment
Negative: lethargic, inattentive, dismissive of the views of others, wasteful of energy/effort
Neutral: meditating into deep states, intentional dreaming

433 ERIS:
Keywords: using chaos and disruption as a method of reorganization
Positive: liberation from addictions to success, clear priorities regarding matters of love+money, clear sense of sacred marriages spirit to body, self to source, between soulful companions and personal sense of emergence
Negative: greed, workaholism, belief that you must take over for source, general sense of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned, lack of spiritual regard for life, superficial, status oriented
Neutral: promises, vows (kept and broken), elections, intervention by higher powers, reorganizing things that overturn, scales of justice, battles, disputes, famine, lies, manslayings, murders, oath, quarrels, gluttony, nurse of war

13618 HAUMEA:

Keywords: self-awarness programs
Positive: soul-ful confidence, unshakeable inner knowing, creative, regenerative, able to reconstruct, redefine, transform, especially in regarding to consciousnes, willfulness, supportive, fostering
Negative: insecure, attention demanding, dramatic, egocentric, bully disposition, forces head-on collisions, claims martyrdom
Neutral: affinity or family bonds with those similar in nature, storm warnings in form of rainbow, lava cooling in sea to make land, creation, fertility, child-birth and sisterhood, verbal affirmations,

136472 MAKE MAKE:

Keywords: biographies, oral remedies, incantations, easter bunny, birds, fans, eggs, creeds, fertility, documents of self declaration
Positive: articulate, ultra-communicative, self-assured especially verbally, clever, quick-witted, interest in invoking insight/inspiration with speech, quick to report findings-regardless of impact, courageous, conscious of family security/safety
Negative: cunning, verbally manipulative, double talk, diversion of facts, declaring false-findings, talkng to avoid consequence, hiding as a coping skill, reckless, disregard for safety,self-serving
Neutral: data collecting to support doctrine/cause, books especially those of multi-cultural interest, translation, cultural synthesis, intergration of tasks, computer algorithms, dissemination of information, split second decisions, lightning fast assessment

225088 SNOW WHITE:
Positive:self contained, compassionate, sensitive, empathetic, strong sense of fairness, uncompromising assessment of ones spiritual state, on task enthusiasm, belief in destiny/karma/fate
Negative: easy to consume, compliant, co-dependant, striving for closeness while using distance/aloofness as a defense, socially conscious to a fault, competitive, lack of fairness, selfish, rationalizing, refusal to accept ones position, projecting nature, feelng of being target/market
Neutral: mirrors, narcissism, cutting, tattooing, obssession with the womb, apples, contaminated produce, poisoned produce

20000 VARUNA:

Keywords: deity of vast power, particularily over waters
Positive: soverign, competent, regulating without force, mastery of all tasks accepted
Negative: incompetent, blaming, losses, holds resentment
Neutral: appointments or elected positions, delegation of authority, promotions, demotions, public humiliation,

28978 IXION:
Keywords: father of centaurs
Positive: understands karmic wheel, gives and uses a second chance, discerning
Negative: lustful, inconsiderate, inclined to repeat errors, learns nothing from experience
Neutral: second efforts/chances, reset buttons, study of weather, watching clouds, lust/coveting anothers mate

50000 QUAOAR:
"Inspires our return to the sacredness of life and to natural law, to synchronize with and live according to the natural laws of creation"
Keywords: native american deity of creation, animal totems
Positive: creative, inspiring, possibility oriented, uplifts sagging emotion, strong sense of self
Negative: doom saying, prophet of armageddon, controls others with fear
Neutral: birds, frogs, bears, songs and dances of cultural and spiritual origin, harmony, syncopation and rhythm, dancing/praise of creator

90482 ORCUS:
Keywords: lord of the underworld
Positive: a person of one's word, challenges broken promises, aligned with a spiritual creed, accountable for personal thought, word and deed
Negative: hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for words and actions, unable to keep promises
Neutral: contracts, oaths to organizations, religions, countries or creeds
Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Thank you very much amazing
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

7066 NESSUS:
Keywords:sexual or emotional abuse, great power/ need for responsibility/integrity, obsession, awareness of risk,
Positive: generous, benevolent, compassionate, willing to lend a helping hand, cooperative, respectful of boundaries, aware of power of life force energy, healthy use of sexual energy
Negative: coveting, possessive, vengeful, manipulative, resorting to negative alchemy for personal gain, negative use of sexual energy
Neutral: blad blood between parties, feuds over money regarding relationship dissolution, diseases transmitted by blood, transport ferries over water, potions, tonics, elixirs designated to cast spells, therapy specifically designed for healing sexual/monetary issues

Keywords: intuitive auger, wisdom going unheeded, eagle+serpent, magician, preacher, secrets, hiding, mystery, tabboo, confession, alchemy, mysteries of blood
Positive: intuitive, claivoyancy, dreams, intrepid, courageous, leading the charge, motivated to reach the top, intuitive, wise, common sense insightful, solid advice, drive for accomplishment
Negative: intoxicated, disconnected from the bigger picture, intense, humorless, fearful, serious, bitter, foggylack of sensibility, blind action, failing to follow instincts/intuitions, omens or sensors, easily intoxicated, unable to receive advice from self/others, not following wisdom given
Neutral: common sense, intuitive forces, mountain climbing, abstract logic, extreme sense of smell

Keywords: grief stricken at the loss of mate in battle
Positive: relationship devotion, sense of self with or without relationship, accommodating
Negative: grief stricken, co-dependant, sacrificial, self-esteem based upon relationship, self destructive in face of relational difficulty, suicidal
Neutral: grief counseling, bereavement work, relationship healing, lost love

49036 PELION:
Keywords: self-confidence for effort/accomplishment in life, sacred space, professional status, gratitude, sense of destiny
Positive: driven by destiny, balanced ego in professional status, giving, nurturing, sharing with co-workers with extraordinary generosity
Negative: demanding, infantile in work relationships, flaunts social status in result of accomplishments, showcase past laurels
Neutral: job recognition, awards/accolades, merits, medals, certificates

31824 ELATUS:

Keywords: expression of self and ego through word and writing,
Positive: excellent communication, articulate, precise
Negative: verbose, boastful, shallow in conversation
Neutral: creative writing, affirmations, self-improvment courses, poetry

32532 THEREUS:
Keywords: relational and professional attitudes based upon others
Positive: balance between relationship, work, money and sexuality
Negative: object oriented, status seeking, mercenary in work ethics, stunned by glamour and beauty of partner
Neutral: resumes, biographies, promotional photoes that project an image

Keywords: handsome, devoted centaur, positive sensual expression, fully embracing physical plane
Positive: artistic, soothing, tactile, healing, comforting
Negative: shut down, defensive, protected, lack of creative outlet
Neutral: any body healing, rebirthing, shiatsu, musical skill, full-body art expression

55576 AMYCUS:
Keywords: longevity and notoriety
Positive: intuitive, questioning, insightful, progressive, determined, reliable
Negative: doubtful, skeptical, withdrawn, often late, unreliable, lacking resolve, insecure
Neutral: doctrines/policies designed to produce a result, any mechanical device that enables a shift in energy, pictographs, petroglyphs

83982 CRANTOR:
Keywords: emotional declaration, 'what did I ever do to you syndrome'
Positive: sensitive, emotionally expressive, strong sense of emotional boundaries, nurturing and passionate
Negative: emotionally abusive/abuse, manipulation through feelings, projects guilt, shame and blame upon others, substance abuse
Neutral: acute sense of emotional motivations, comprehension of emotionally based traumas, grief counseling

Keywords: mental balance between abstract and linearity/logic. Swift decision making criteria/polarization
Positive: mentally intergrating, solution oriented, non-judgmental, abstract, conceptual, will shift opinion when new information prompts a new set of beliefs
Negative: critical, opionated, twisted-logic, rationalizing, able to justify anything
Neutral: abstract art, conceptual theories, spatial relations, forced decisions under timed pressure, close calls, head injuries,

330836 ORIUS:
Keywords: the balance of values, professional, personal and relationship
Positive: perception of demands of society, sense of what people want/think they need, favorably responsive to senses, balanced and fair, clear perceptions of material goals
Negative: greedy, possesive, directorial in a controlling way, muddled view on materialism/relationship priorities
Neutral: accurate assessment on internal attributes and tuned into creativity, tuned into collectives needs, innovative in terms of creativity and technology, tasteful in ambiance/decor

148780 ALTJIRA:
Keywords: dreams, dream-work, shamanic
Positive: strong sense of purpose, solid work ethic, sense of appropiate position/need for involvment, aware of as above so below, visionary, proactive and energetic.
Negative: confusion of work/self, absorbed in work, impulsive/hesitant
Neutral: foot anomalies, job descriptions, dreams, dream interpretation

19521 CHAOS:

Keywords: before all that is, creator of gaia and uranus
Positive: orderly in the face of confusion, goes with the flow, mellow and non-stressed
Negative: worked up, paranoid, projecting fears, assuming disaster is a step away
Neutral: fractacal patterns and analysis

38628 HUYA:
Keywords: eqyptian underworld deity
Positive: focused, dedicated, attentive
Negative: fretful, worrying, obsessive
Neutral: attention to detail, religious or spiritual ritual, especially or repetitive nature

Keywords: wife of deucalion, daughter of pandora, starting over and utilising ones skills
Positive: repopulation, populating
Negative: only 1 of 2 survivors of the flood
Neutral: built an ark, expert stone thrower, creator of the second human race

Keywords: magic of manifestation, starting over and utilising ones skills
Positive: understanding the flow (tides of life), manifestation ability, magical, resourceful, seeing talent in everyone
Negative: feeling overwhelmed, not able to tread waters (keep up with life), financially irresponsible, feels burden of humanity,
Neutral: monetary ability, extremely imaginative/resourceful, magic, manifestation,runes, built an ark

58534 LOGOS:
Keywords: rational way of the universe, possible precursor to collective unconcious
Positive: clarity of personal priorities, belief in one's own destiny, sense of personal urgency, commitment to self-nurturing and cause, ones sense of connection to all that is,
Negative: arrogance, solipsism, use of data and numbers to defeat valid arguments, sense of superiority
Neutral: thought, reason, data, statistics and their use, belief that humans are superior due to reasoning abilities

65489 CETO:
Keywords: aquatic monster symbolising fears of the unconcious mind/psyche and the collective
Positive: potent imagination, adventure oriented, confident, healthy choices of life-style
Negative: fearful, sociopathic (telling tales about horrible past for pity), insecure, weak-willed
Neutral: dreams of monsters (especially sea creatures, oceanic anomalies, dangers of the sea) unknown terrors, bizarre creatures

42355 TYPHON:
Keywords: monster with abundance of heads/serpents, figuration of volcanic forces, hot winds
Positive: balanced of parts and wholes, sense of details and big picture, ability to reduce overwhelming tasks into managable steps
Negative: fatigued by details, overwhelmed by daunting tasks, failure consciousness, unseen/hidden weapons
Neutral: snake worship, lava flow, scary reptiles, highly ionized wind patterns

Keywords: prayers that invoke cellular healing, processes of culling, thinning or "weeding" out the negative
Positive: optimistic, giving benefit of the doubt, inspires innovative ideas, quirky, skillful in meditation
Negative: naive, gets blind-sided, trusts the untrustworthy, fails to apply healthy skepticism
Neutral: 'weeding', treaties, agreements that require good-faith, racial issues, cellular growth through splitting, covalent bonding, glue, cellular fusion/bonding


Keywords: god of time, sky, peace and friendship
Positive: eccentric, solution-oriented, strong sense of time/fate, comfortable with leadership and issuing directives, timeliness, good friend
Negative: arrogant, eccentricity to point of social dysfunction, disregard for spiritual functioning and meaning, feeling of no escape/doom, disposed to tardiness
Neutral: negotiations, treaties, humanitarian efforts/organizations, flood control, water regulation, time, things carved in stone (literally and figuratively), weather patterns, sense of past, present and future, friends, casting wishes, floating in water

385446 MANWE:

Keywords: king/deity whom rules the world, special affinity for air/winds.
Positive: communicative, quick-witted, expressive, verbose, loquacious, infectious
Negative: verbally manipulative, obsession with logic and making a point instead of addressing emotionality of situations
Neutral: payment to the world, hype, spin, propaganda, wind, breezes, air, breath therapy

174567 VARDA:
Keywords: queen of the stars, star-kindler, deity whom created the stars/constellations
Positive: cooperative, receptive, able to negotiate, ability to remain strong in conviction while perceiving anothers perception, relationship oriented, perception of shared resource in relationship, ability to 'get over ones self'
Negative: selfish, intractable, uncooperative, unyielding, emotionally self-referential, self-serving
Neutral: rose color, pinks, negotiation, arbitration, counseling, blessings

Keywords: A mexican priest of independance, affinity for globalism, things for spanish, latin-american, revolutionary ideologies and dark subcultures, revolutionary spirit, an upstart, defending ones beliefs, highly principled person
Positive: to be assertive, stand up for something/someone, skill, resourcefulness, forethought, control to manifest in a contructive manner, one who fights for minorities, the powerless or the weak/wounded.
Negative: self-damage, self sacrifice, martyrdom, hard domineering, rash manner
Neutral: impels assertion, advocacy, promotion on behalf of self and others, ambition and desire to dominate, defend and protect

Keywords: love at first site, the look of love, highly charged sexual tension
(retrograde will repress or disown ones real needs in the exchange of love setting conditions on ones self for the desired object)
Positive: drive and attraction so strong may be uncontrollable, intense feelings, fulfilling sex
Negative: jealousy, envy, disregard for partners feelings, trials of love, hang-ups, fears, perfectionism, need for control
Neutral: awakening of consuming affection of ones desire, style tone and preffered area for individuals romantic prowess

Keywords: Caregiver, Matyr, shaman, mystic, orphan, healer, belief-systems, healing, well-being, wholeness & happiness
Positive: alignment of body & soul, heart & mind, outer & inner peace
Negative: harsh endings: relationships, life, victim (from authorities)
Neutral: health efforts, alternative medicine, homeopathy, practice of medicine, knowledge of medicine, revival, hospitals, medical ethics, sanctuaries

4227 KAALI:
Keywords: 'Universal Mother' Kundalini, 64 emanations, destructive force, ones kundalini energy, electrical force, left-hand path, astral forces, dark divine feminen
Positive: primal kundalini activation, transmution, tantric, enchantress, creation
Negative: dark side of divine feminen, destruction, violent emotional expressions, annihilation
Neutral: transcending shadow feminen, utilising shakti to acheive great things, intensifies anything it touches

Keywords: immortality, masculine/feminen intergration/balance, healing force, purity, power,botany, medicine, contexts of cookery
Positive: healing/regenerative, cleansing powers, ageless immortality to whomever consumes it
Neutral: never going hungry on your spiritual journey, absorption and transmution of divine nature within, knowledge

2815 SOMA:

Keywords: union of two opposing forces (yin/yang) resulting in rebirth, kundalini
Neutral: perceived physical reaction shown to external stimuli, the way one feels inside their body, the internal physical senses/sensations of the body, a drug

99942 APOPHIS:
Keywords: serpent of chaos, dragon, scorpio-like energy
Neutral: constantly destroying and regenerating, stir up fears

3696 HERALD:
Keywords: bringer of news, indicator/sign of things to come

Keywords: angel of wisdom
Positive: above-average wisdom, insight

Keywords: curiousity killed the cat, process of change, indication of many abilities (5 = swift change, transitions, movement, 5+5 = 10 = 1 - new beginnings caused by swift changes)
Positive: impact, adventurousness, desire to make a difference/splash, urge to be 'all one can be'
Negative: rebelliousness, troublemaker, unintended consequences, caught off-guard, turbulence
Neutral: initiating change through curiousity, restlessness

Keywords: wisdom, justice, judges, connected to beliefs outside mainstream
Positive: sanctions second chances, open minded, fair, non-judgemental, seeing the larger picture
Negative: critical, judgmental, damning, feels persecuted/persecutes
Neutral: courts, karmic penaltie, stern, upright, self-critical, (connection to things asian)

5145 PHOLUS:
Keywords: bridges gap between subjective perception and understanding universal laws, small cause-big effect, butterfly effect
Positive: just, wise, nurturing, meeting the needs of others while keeping ones own balanced, self-nurturing, attentive, emerging into new states of existance, turning point, curing addictions, swift change
Negative: catalyst, sexual issues, opinionated believing rules of cosmic forces not applying to you, addiction to food/alcohol, carlessness regarding weapons, ignoring spiritual needs, indulgent, reclusive, meddling
Neutral: rapid transformations, opening to possibilities, release from situations, food/drink especially in regards to celebration

Keywords: statue carved of ivory, perfection, goddess of calm seas, nereid/nymph, river spirit "she who is milk-white"
Positive: object of one's affection, venus inspired/created, that in you which is perfect for another person, what one idealizes
Negative: love triangles, destructive jealousy

Keywords: sacrificial love, pure love, thinking of beloved before oneself, agape
Negative: to obtain anothers approval
Neutral: sending something to another personally

Keywords: a step into the future, 'nymphs/naiads/water spirits or ancient local nature goddess, 'graceful-spinner'
Positive: boundary sensitive, wise, just, non-assumptive, interrogative abouty touchy/delicate issues
Negative: judgemental, feeling of being victimized at a glance, assumptive, intolerant, biased
Neutral: weaving and spinning energy, fate or destiny, scientists, science-fiction, birth to prophet/shaman

Keywords: memories, past lifes
Positive: use of memorization skills as part of their work,
Neutral: someone who will leave a lasting impression
Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Keywords: nymph, nurturing , spiritual wealth
Positive: adoption, love, nurturance, abundance, tending the care of others, protecting the weak, immense internal wealth,
Neutral: feeling the love of your chosen spiritual expression, dedicated to love and nurturing, pure love without emotional walls


Keywords: patterns, spinning a web, having a highly refined talent
Positive: extreme talents, skills
Negative: illusions, entrapment, death, predator, jealousy regards talents, harsh competition, clashes with authority, ignoring instincts for survival, weaving a difficult web with boastful words
Neutral: sex, knots, complications, spinning, expansion, possibilities, magic, invisible, destiny, fate, growth


Hypnos (or Hypnus) was the god or spirit (daimon) of sleep. He resided in Erebos, the land of eternal darkness, beyond the gates of the rising sun. From there he rose into the sky each night in the train of his mother Nyx (Night). Hypnos was often paired with his twin brother Thanatos (Peaceful Death), and the Oneiroi (Dreams) were his brothers or sons.
Hypnos was depicted as a young man with wings on his shoulders or brow. His attributes included either a horn of sleep-inducing opium, a poppy-stem, a branch dripping water from the river Lethe (Forgetfulness), or an inverted torch.
Keywords: Hypnosis, dreams, peaceful death, forgetfulness, trance, night, sleep, unconcious, subconcious, god of sleep and dreams
Positive: states of enlightenment, meditation, direct experience of emptiness, nirvana, hypnotic abilities, getting info from with the unconscious while sleeping.
Negative: forgetfulness, sleepy, spaced out, unfocused, ego-death
Neutral: hypnotic abilities, dream yoga, utilizing inner elements, losing fear of death, dreamy, indicates where/how you are hypnotic and/or dreamy. Can indicate talent for hypnotism/trance inducing.

87 IRIS:
Keywords: messages, omens, heavenly messenger, the rainbow, goddess
Positive: psychic capability, oracular work, chanelling
Neutral: communicator, eye color, iridescence

3 (connecting, expanding, socialization) + 1 (motivation, inspiration, fame, new beginnings) + 8 (personal power, manifesting prosperity+abundance, giving/receiving, truth/integrity, universal laws, compassion, karma) = 12 (1+2=3) OVERALL vibration of 3 (connection, inspiration, expansion/growth, optimism/joy, communications, triads)
Keywords: connection to church, connection to religion, connection to christ-conciousness, connection to devine feminen
Positive: Divine feminen, commitment to a group/collective cause- felt with a deep affinity
Negative: inability to maintain sexual arousal in a committed-loving relationship
Neutral: Sacred prostitution, the inner change of direction that occurs after recognising small signs/miracles in every day life

7 (Emotions/feelings, deep contemplation, faith, philosophical, mental analysis, introspection, isolation, independance ) + 2(Balance, co-dependancy, co-opperative, peacemaker, sensitive, kind, devotion, ability to feel emotions) + 5(Variety of interests/talents, swift transitions, changes, release+surrender, life lessons, adaptability) = 14 (1+4=5) OVERALL vibration of 5 (The senses, sensuality, passionate, responsive, progress, influence, responsibilities, non-attatchment) asteroid found on 1911 october 21 in 10' taurus retrograde
Keywords: venus/taurus, compassionate linking of all men, sabaian symbol: "a red cross nurse"
Positive: lovable
Negative: latching onto or hooking up with someone, seeking approval from others
Neutral: looking for love, pronouncing anothers worth of love


Selene bestows must have an element of unconsciousness about it. One of the parties, though eternally alive and remaining youthful, must be asleep to the realities of the world around him. We must be willing to lose an aspect of embodied reality for the bliss and eternity Selene would bestow.
Keywords: purity, nobility, freeing oneself from karma, entering world of spirit, spiritual guidance/support
Positive: inspiration, success, power, cooperation with spirit, giving, understanding, light, follow joy without question,
Negative: letting go of past karmic influences, letting go of judgment-based perception
Neutral: guardian angel, good karma, following ones passions without fear, expectations or judgments. Finding and reveling in our bliss. The pure light within the individual, faucet of the personality that is sentient/divine. How you best use your light.

Keywords: Issues of equality in relationships, psychological issues of supressed rage, demonized aspects of feminen
Positive: reclaiming inner dark goddess, taboos, raw passion, embodied sexuality, healthy/whole person
Negative: resentment, self-exile, rejection, sexual manipulaton
Neutral: crescent moon, the maiden, attitudes towards infidelity

Keywords: Magic, creative force, tantric sex, psychic ability, kundalini, animal magnetism, hypnotism, shamanism,mushrooms, psychdelic drugs
Positive: intuition, psychic healing, imagination, charisma, glamour,
Neutral: seduction, transmution of distored image to healthy expression, poetry, highly complex

Keywords: Anti mother, Fairytales, Sadomasochism, emotional pain, toxins, pain of exile
Positive: depth psychology
Negative: plots/executes vengence, the shadow, rage, madness, nightmares, demons, ghosts, gremlins, nymphomania, psycho
Neutral: stalkers

Keywords: that of which we chase after

Keywords: knowing more than what's spoken, appearing mad infront of others but possessing a deeper understanding than realised

291 ALICE:
Keywords: Our attitude towards the unknown, discovering the bizarre, falling into unusual circumstances
Positive: unbriddled curiousity, adventurousness, longing for the unknown, wanderlust
Negative: mysteries, foreign, contrary, nothing as it seems, confusion
Neutral: unexpected circumstances, things that may fascinate us, things that make us curious

Keywords: appearing and disappearing, seemingly with no reason, offering epiphanies that are both useful and fleeting
Neutral: smiles

Keywords: titan goddess, 'of the stars/starry one' , night time, astrology, prophecy, magic
Positive: oracles of night, dream interpretation,
Neutral: magic practicioners/witches whom read stars, starseed, mother of hekate, witchcraft, herbal-knowledge, the moon

Keywords: psychonaut, TRI-VIA, magical place where 3 roads meet, 'magical speech', only child, times in between (midnight, twilight, doorways, crossroads, stairways, birth/death) place of no place/no time, witches, drawing down the moon, maid-mother-crone, ruler of night/torch bearer, portals/passages
Positive: emanating stillness, skilled in magical-arts and spellcraft, tender-hearted, affinity for natural magic, potions, shamanism, queen of witches, spell weaver, prophecy/fortune telling, illumination, transition, divination
Negative: sorcery, lunacy, fear of the unknown, shadow-self, wild animals, poisonous plants, necromancy, psychedelics, drugs
Neutral:bestowed great gifts upon those who prayed to her and made offerings, dominion over earth, sea and sky, goddess whom watched over childbirth, guide for the souls of the dead, black dogs, guards the veil between worlds


Keywords:greek god of sea, good side of neptunian/uranian vibes
Positive: psychic sensitivity, uplifting people/ideas, psychic vibrations, persuasion, intellectual or spiritual influences, deep intuition, heightening ones senses
Neutral: idealogical or moral stances, spread of ideas, inspiration, religion, mediums, clarity, enlightenment, receptivity to the force, reactions to the media; windows, mirrors, refraction of light

Keywords: goddess of fertility, to nurture, the mother, agriculture
Positive: unconditional embracing, nurturing principle (give & need), caregiving, to give care to
Negative: grieving, loss, depression, embracing death
Neutral: food, nourishment, cycles, relationship between mother-child, nurturance of others or self


Keywords: "pride in fertility and children"
Negative: lessons learning humility and detachment, loss of children, seperation from children, long term grief

Keywords: greek goddess of love and beauty, venusian (ishtar, innanen, astarte), born of the sea
Positive: impulsive love attraction, love inspired by fated events, charisma
Neutral: animosity turning into magnetism, seashells, roses

Keywords: brother of eros, love returned
Positive: answer to love's longing, a place to finally meet.
Neutral: love avenged

2102 ADONIS:
Keywords: spell-bound love
Positive: pleasing and fulfulling the beloved, potent lfe
Neutral: sexual magnetism, the desire to arouse

Keywords: sexual attraction, deep appreciation of self and others
Positive: artistic, poetic, refined and cultures, very passionate
Neutral: sapphic (lesbians)

4450 PAN:

Keywords: centaur/faun, the flute/pipe
Positive: earthy, sensual, seductive, creative
Negative: likely to instill panic, produce change or contact

1221 AMOR:
Keywords: love felt idealistically, romanticised in pure/unconditional thought
Neutral: not necessarily sexual

Keywords: industrius
Positive: hardworking, diligent, disciplined

Keywords: behaviors that challenge the 'gods' (authorities)
Negative: excessive pride, arrogance, foolishness that leads to downfall, over-confidence

Keywords: virtue
Positive: virtuesness, power, excellence

Positive: uprightness, honesty, appropriate, good, excellent

Keywords: perservenerance, dedication,
Positive: endurance, never giving up, devotion, persistence
Neutral: discipline

Positive: fantasy, rose-colored glasses
Negative: delusions, easily fooled, being manipulated
Neutral: living in a fantasy world, dream world, daydreaming


Keywords: ''light bringer", going against the status-quo, most loyal lover of 'source/god', the ego and pride
Positive: reconnecting to your own divinity, facing your darkness, bringing the dark to light, to bear light, illuminating
Negative: terror, horror, fear, loathing, where things are discordant, self-serving, where you get in your own way, where you don't follow rules, where you are tempted to take shortcuts, excessive pride, chip on your shoulder, where your ego gets in the way, pride before the fall, where you are wrong where you think you are right
Neutral: where you are tempted to go your own way regardless of rules

Keywords: woman whom were oracles, seer, prophet
Positive: influenced by divine inspiration, foretelling of what is to come
Neutral: prophecies, priestess, predictions, divination, interpretations, one who claims to have divine/messages or insights

Keywords: superiority, ultimate authority, figures of authority, 'high up', the boss, the expert, mountains, high up areas
Positive: mastery, perfection, ability, the professional, standard of excellence, undisputed expertise, protection and care for those under ones authority
Negative: issues of independance, parenting, tyranny, big-time criminals, differences of opinion
Neutral: highest quality attainable, being at the top, things that are high up, events through public eye, overhead/above, rising, measurements of height.

h41 HADES:
Keywords: all that is unpleasent, the occult
Positive: healing
Negative: defects, decomposition, disintergraton, useless, waste, decay, sorrow, vulgar, crime-related, rude
Neutral: analysis to the core components, height, antique, deeply buried

h42 ZEUS:
Keywords: controlled, directed energy, bringing environment close to native, machines, all things military
Positive: ambition, creation, precision, accuracy, action, leadership, drive, fiery-nature, active
Neutral: targets and goals. nearness, the immediate present, compulsion, combustion engines, weapons

Keywords: the multiplier, spreading, expansiveness, science, far off places, foreign countries, distant places
Positive: success, expansion, growth, increase, peaceful efforts,
Neutral: enlargens, trade, commerce, width, many spreading out, a lot of, more than one, education

Keywords: condensation, deep+low locations, the act of going down or process of reduction
Positive: specialists, endurance, narrowing to sharp focus, immovable, steadfast, stable
Negative: termination, obstruction, shrink and reduce, brick wall, bottom of ocean, death, being stuck
Neutral: compression, depth, deep, hidden under, unyielding, anything that has stopped or come to an end, roots, raw materials

Keywords: almighty force, intensity, powerful and mighty, great amounts of sustained force
Positive: great strength, intense power, coompulsive quality that's not easily resisted
Negative: blowing up, eruptions,
Neutral: errupting volcano, emotional intensities, physical power

Keywords: mass for the dead, affinity for funerals+ceremonies of death, music in honor of the deceased
Positive: place of acceptance and end to struggle, to be at peace
Neutral: whether one is at peace with people, actions and events, solemn chant for the deceased

1585 UNION:
Keywords: something that is made one, to come together, a state of harmony or agreement
Positive: intergration, coalition, combination, united, to be joined
Neutral: the uniting and joinining of two or more things into one


Keywords: center of the milky way, transmitter of divine consciousness, sensitive point, ESP
Positive: emitting wisdom, a stream of galatic conciousness, new paradigm thinking, personal freedom and truth, sensitive to sound, color and vibration, brilliant insight, craves implementation
Negative: release of trauma, emotional wounds, blackhole, dilemmas and choicees involving dichotomy of 'heaven and earth', let go of what is in way for a new path
Neutral: source of energetic particles, the subconcious mind, 'uranus/neptune vibe', energy vortex, infrared


Keywords: heart of the super galaxy, super massive hunger, "reaching for the stars", exceptionally intense
Positive: source of emitting wisdom, a stream of super-conciousness
Negative: dilemma of 'nothing is ever enough', desperate insatiable hunger, profound driving force,
Neutral: galatic healer+teacher, infrared, to pass a limit, to excel, transmution

Keywords: immense concentration of mass and energy, source, magnetic
Positive: mysterious, captivating, knowing something that others want to know, wanting to attune to source
Negative: dilemmas of fate and free will
Neutral: 'celestial anamoly', the seat of universal source and cosmic balance, ultraviolet

1923 OSIRIS:
Keywords: growth and strengthening through trial and tribulation, twin flame of ISIS
Positive: transformation, overcoming, immortality
Neutral: where one is cut down and torn to pieces so that one can be reborn

Keywords: Goddess responsible for initiation of mysteries, synthesizer of love, scorpio/taurus polarity affinity, twin soul, loyalty, hermetic wisdom, twin flame of OSIRIS
Positive: unity, devotion, sustaining, inspires kundalini, compassion, intuition, knowing-by-knowing, gnosis
Neutral: divine feminen, 'shakti', reassembling, resurrection, soul-retrieval, healing-fragmentation, finding wholeness of self in relation to other, initiator of hormonal transformaton in men, how you obtain spiritual kundalini based transformation with love and loyalty, mystery schools, alchemy

4580 CHILD
Keywords: the place in which our inner child resides, ones unique childhood
Positive: childlike innocence, naivety, pure
Negative: childhood fears
Neutral: ones inner child essence, the childhood, children
Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

1566 ICARUS:
...physical plane, opportunity to achieve liberation from confining or restrictive situations.
...psychological plane, can show the individual gaining freedom from social conditioning and conformity.
...spiritual plane, liberating the mind from samsara - the attachment to earthbound reality
...Fire, Through diving ahead into new situations
...Earth, Through breaking down old structures and creating new forms
...Air, Through changing my old limiting ideas
...Water, Through releasing negative feelings and finding inner peace

Keywords: capacity for liberation & risk taking, the most direct but also dangerous path to liberation (sports, meditation)
Positive: planet or asteroid that it touches has desire of freedom in that energy
Negative: crashing and burning,
Neutral: where a sense of freedom is experience at high speeds but requires concentration and skillful control to avoid distaster, the need to maintain self-discipline and mindfulness during free-flight

344 EROS:
Keywords: god of physical love and lust, erotica, cupid, sexual interests, reproductive organs
Positive: divine passion, erotic desire, sensuality, emotional consummating desires
Negative: sexual temptations, lust, physical desires, survival instinct, obsessive compulsive drives and attitude
Neutral: turn ons, titilation, pure attraction, love and sex, erogenous, male sexual force (born from chaos)

60 ECHO:
Keywords: a nymph who consorted narcissus, a chatter box, to have the last word
Negative: losing ones voice, giving ones power over to another, not being able to express oneself
Neutral: finding/losing ones voice, not being heard

Keywords: tragic romance, forbidden romance

Keywords: haunting music
Positive: sweet but haunting music, lyrics and poetry
Negative: sad and melancholic melodies, sense of mourning and loss, contact with death
Neutral: grief for what you don't have- what has gone out of your life, what might have been

4106 NADA:
Keywords: divine music, a harmony
Neutral: sound that is heard when kundalini is activated

4257 UBATSI:
Keywords: bast the egyptian cat goddess,
Neutral: sexual magick, lust and sexual heat


Keywords: unsolved mysteries, secretly guarded knowledge
Positive: keeper of secrets
Negative: missing information, lack of answers or understanding
Neutral: enigma, paradox, questions


Keywords: queen of egyptians
Positive: absolute authority, strength, charisma
Negative: makes one blind to their faults and flaws, breaking moral/legal codes and laws in order to fulfill ones own ambitions in life regardless of its affect on others
Neutral: where we see ourselves as infallible gods/goddesses and struggle to see our flaw

Keywords: philosophy, teachings
Neutral: religion, spiritualism, the occult,

11518 JUNG:
Keywords: named after Carl Jung
Neutral: behavioural sciences, psychology, cognitive therapies, dream analysis

4386 LUST:
Keywords: sex symbols, sex icons,
Positive: desirability, attracted to physicality
Negative: superficiality
Neutral: to long for


Keywords: 1 of 3 fates in greek mythology, assigns a life span and destiny
Positive: destiny
Negative: intervention, what interrupts an involving sequence, interuptions

Keywords: to restart, starting over, going back to the beginning
Negative: having the rug ripped out from beneath you when you think you've arrived at the destination
Neutral: feeling like running against the wing, start again from the beginning

Keywords: god of dreams and sleep, the sandman, the dream realm, personification of an abstract idea
Neutral: delivers messages from divine to the mortal world, changeable form

69230 HERMES:
Keywords: messenger of the gods, landtravel and literature
Positive: to herald, quick, transitions, communications
Negative: theives, tricker, cunning, clever, boundaries
Neutral: trade, travellers, sports, athletes, caduceus

Keywords: wife of hercales
Negative: the victim complex

1009 SIRENE:
Keywords: beautiful sirens who led sailors to their deaths
Positive: a beautiful voice
Negative: ship wreckages, leading men to their doom

1170 SIVA:

Keywords: episodic, catabolic process that preceeds insight
Positive: regeneration
Negative: destruction of fixated beliefs, crisis of death (stagnation)
Neutral: the far east, attention to sound,


2629 RUDRA:


2415 GANESA:

5863 TARA:


Keywords: nymph/water goddess, piscesan/neptune qualities
Positive: elusive and imaginative qualities, where we liked to be pursued or chased in romance
Negative: where we feel unworthy of others affections, where we see ourselves vulnerable to others
Neutral: shy of expression or troubles expressing (sign/house), where we may confuse others or where others find one mysterious
Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

saved for later...
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I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign
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Smile Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Much more than thank you... what an excellent collection of asteroid info! I was looking for info on the asteroid Child ( I have it conjunct my Sun..both are 22 Aquarius) and came upon your postings.... Much appreciate your hard work and the time it took to compile! I will refer to your collection often.
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

PS..Asteroid Child is #4580. Could you please add it to your list? I've read that it refers to your inner child, your natural well as the nature of your childhood. I"d love to know more if you have any info!
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Originally Posted by pianoluci View Post
PS..Asteroid Child is #4580. Could you please add it to your list? I've read that it refers to your inner child, your natural well as the nature of your childhood. I"d love to know more if you have any info!
Oh my how can I have missed this!! My MC is conjunct asteroid CHILD under 2' in GEMINI. i'll add to the list!

edit; it's been added to the end! I am definetely going to be going back over all of them though for more research
Astrological System:
I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign

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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Wow!!! Thank you!!!!! I don't know what to say...
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

prove it
it's all rubbish
not one shred of truth
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

Originally Posted by Bjorkstrand View Post
prove it
it's all rubbish
not one shred of truth

Lol. I honestly couldn't care less to 'prove' anything. If it don't resonate- drop it. Simple.
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I work with Sidereal Lahiri whole house sign
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Re: Collection of asteroid keywords

My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. Jack Layton, "Letter to Canadians"

I thought we went along paths--but it seems there are no paths. The going itself is the path.
C.S. Lewis, Perelandra.

Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. Message on a refrigerator magnet.
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asteroid, collection, keywords

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