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Karmic Astrology In this forum, you're invited to share insights on subtle spiritual matters and karmic astrology.

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Unread 12-07-2010, 10:37 PM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

Originally Posted by KindredKayla View Post
Pisceskitty - it is interesting you say he acted like your dad, sometimes. This might sound odd but my old Philosophy teacher in high school had his Saturn conjunct my Sun, and he was wonderfully kind in helping me to become 'grounded' and to begin to set plans and goals for my life (very Capricorn of him, and coincidentally my NN is in Capricorn); a past full of depression and abuse in my family had very much held me back.

Another aspect we shared that many of you have talked about here was the Moon-South Node conjunction. His Moon is conjunct my South Node in Cancer. Another interesting note is that his Chiron was conjunct my North Node - and during my unofficial counselling sessions (he had worked as a social worker for many years before becoming a teacher) he spoke about the similar difficulties he grew up with and the similar lessons he had to learn. Very Chironic in the 'wounded-healer' sense.

As far as what the relationship feels like? Well, as soon as I took his classes we took a great interest in each other. We both loved the same subjects (Ireland!) but at first I had SUCH trouble even meeting his eyes, answering his questions. I very much felt that 'pull' - that something (or someone) big and important was now in my life, and that there was more to come of us than just a simple teacher-student relationship. I didn't have a crush, thank goodness, but it was the weirdest feeling - the way that I felt tugged to go talk to him and get to know him more made me worry; what I felt we ought to have (a close, platonic bond - platonic meaning spiritual love) was not really considered acceptable by the institution. Eventually I said 'to hell with it!' and didn't worry too much about what was acceptable for a teacher-student relationship, though rest assured I made very sure I wasn't putting myself in danger (growing up in the situation I did gave me a keen eye for that kind of thing).

Since then, we have become the best of friends; very much mentor-pupil, or father-daughter but in a very platonic sense, once again. It is so hard to describe and I know the majority of people would not understand it, but we very much care about each other, wonder what the other is up to, hope that each other's family's are well, and catch up every now and again for a good conversation. We hug, we tease, we miss each other, I even chat with his wife and son that I used to tutor. He became the father role model I never had and I became the daughter he had always wanted. Karmic relationships don't always fit the mold, but they sure are powerful. My experience with him filled a large hole in my life and gave me the courage to put the past behind me.

When he gave me his birth information (just date and year) I was not surprised to see those connections... actually, it made me feel good. Because finally I could see that what I had been feeling wasn't some kind of neurosis, but was the beauty of an old and strong spiritual connection. A soul I may have shared lifetimes with. I had always suspected it, but didn't want to live in illusion - especially when still in a fairly vulnerable state.

Hope that little story offered everyone some insight. We are incredible beings, and this is an incredible world...
Loved your story Thanks for sharing...

If the guy I like and I have a relationship (and I do mean romantic) it may raise a few eyebrows - infact I know it would - but it would be a good solid one based on the right values. (That's the irony I suppose.).

I keep trying to find the answers astrologically as to why I feel such a karmic pull towards him (I think he feels it, too, but it's too early to tell). We have (which I consider potentially karmic aspects):-

Him & Me
Saturn vs Venus
N. node/Neptune conj Sun/Neptune
Moon/Mars/Jupiter conj Chiron
Chiron conj Mars
Our N. Nodes in Sag.

His Venus and Saturn are also in my h7. Which I suppose makes me feel the stronger of the two of us.

However, we have Merc rx (him) opposite Moon/N. Node (me). So whatever soul journey he is supposed to join me on, it seems he can't or won't talk about it, so we're stymied anyway! AAAGHHHH!

Asc Cap 6 = "A Veiled Prophet Speaks, Seized By The Power Of A God".

Sun Sag 4 = "An Old Owl Sits Alone On The Branch Of A Large Tree".
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Unread 03-30-2011, 05:29 AM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

I need some help interpreting this. I met this person where I worked last summer and for me I always happen to bring in the right people at the right time. He seemed to revive me, bring me back to life, remind me of what my dreams were. There has always been attraction, even consummated attraction, but never a relationship from his side there seems to be too many road blocks, that's fine. I just really want to find out what the heck is going on what are the karmic ties (in your opinion the important karmic ties) and what do they mean.

His Sun Conj my Saturn
His Sun Opp my Chiron
His Sun Opp my Vertex
His Saturn Quincunx my Moon
His Saturn Opp my Venus
His North Node Opp my Sun and Moon
His North Node sextile my Pluto
His Mars sextile my North Node
His South Node Conj my Chiron
His Chiron Conj my Venus and Mars
There are more, many have double contacts (ie His Chiron conj my Venus; His Venus Biquintile my Chiron).

His Part of Fortune is also on the angle of my 12th house.... not only that, but it makes the last corner of a grand trine with my North Node and my Mercury Jupiter Conj.

I am used to being able to read people very well, know what they're upto and where they are going, but not as much with him his Sun is also Conj my Neptune, I think it brings my delusional side out.

It's a lot of untangling, it's also proven to be difficult to find North Node, Vertex, and Chiron in synastry. Any help is very much appreciated. I'll post both the synastry chart and a table with the aspects.

Thank you
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Unread 03-31-2011, 09:32 AM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

Hey guys,

I love this thread. I recently posted the synastry chart of someone I met in the Relational part of the Forum but really it should have been here

I really like that story you posted KindredKayla on that relationship with your Mentor. I had something similar with a Mentor of mine and even though he was much older than me it turned into a 'thing'. We are not together now because of age difference and distance (he lives in another country now) but we are still very much connected. I remember that I used to be consumed with the energy of that man.

Back to the person that I recently met - I believe this is karmic too but I cannot work out what sort of relationship is meant to happen between us or what happened in the past...

We have some really interesting links in our charts -especially strong Saturn ties:

My planets on the left:

Saturn Conjunction Sun
Saturn Conjunction Uranus
Saturn Conjunction Mercury
Sun Sextile Saturn
Venus Sextile Saturn
Neptune Trine Saturn
Pluto Sextile Saturn
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus Trine Venus
Mars Conjunction Sun
Mars Conjunction Uranus
Jupiter Sextile Sun
Jupiter Opposition Jupiter
Uranus Conjunction Neptune

Other links that may be considered karmic:

His North Node conjunct my Descendant, South Node on Ascendant
His Neptune conjunct my South Node,
His Pluto, Vesta, Venus conjunct my Descendant - his Mercury, Uranus and Sun also in my 7th house
His Vertex conjunct my Moon
Nis North Node trine my Moon,
My North Node conjunct his Midheaven, South Node on IC
My Uranus conjunct his IC

The way we feel about each other is very strong but he recently told me that he is scared that he may not be good enough for me. He also said that he was afraid to ever loose me and might prefer to stay friends with me so as to never risk loosing me...

I wonder where that comes from? I wish I knew more about karma or past lives as this synastry just seems to tell such a colourful story that I cannot decipher...
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Unread 04-26-2011, 11:41 PM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

in my humble opinion, karmic fated meetings/relationships involve nodal contacts conjunct/oppose planets/angles, strong saturn and/or pluto aspects conjunction or opposition, possibly neptune also, and strong 8th and/or 12th house placements. oh, i can't forget the vertex point as well. planets conjuncting or opposing this point is karmic/fated too it seems. it acts as a secondary descendant and operates on a level of synchronicity where the karmic fated encounter takes place between two people. if only we knew...

vertex has a potent influence. saturn and pluto represents karmic fatedness in meetings/relationships. the vertex represents the same but adds a powerful spiritual dimension to it.

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Unread 05-24-2011, 12:00 AM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

i met this person not too long ago.. and its been the most intense time of my life.. we both had such a strong deep bond.. and i became frightened.. because i have a bf and love my bf very much. So i stopped talking to my friend because it was too strong of an experience with him. i even became suicidal twice and felt i couldnt live without him. ive never experienced this kind of stuff before.

I believe he was in my life to help me transform. we have sun conjunct saturn.

maybe we have past life stuff.. who knows.. uggh what a few weeks it been.. i thank God to be alive still..

here is our charts..

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Unread 04-11-2012, 12:46 PM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

Originally Posted by plainsong View Post
There is a young man that I just canít stop thinking about. But whenever we meet we hardly say a word to each other and I get the feeling he is just as uncomfortable as I am. However, he does seem to be interested in me too.

Now Iíve looked at our natal charts (unfortunately I havenít got his time of birth, or place) and Iíve found:

My Sun conj his North Node (in Leo)
His Sun conj my North Node (Leo)
My sun opp his Moon

My Saturn conj his Venus (Virgo)
His Saturn (and Jupiter) conj my Mars and my Ascendant (Libra)

All orbs are close to 1 deg. or less (except with the Ascendant which is ca 3).
We also have Venus squ VenusÖ and more, Iím not sure which ones are important to mention

Iím quite new to astrology but canít help thinking this looks a little bit like karma.
Would really love to hear what you guys think??
Close to 1 degree orb? That's incredible, never seen anything like it. Yeah, definitely would think there's something karmic there.
Sagittarius is my #1 dominant sign, Jupiter #2 dominant planet! Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune in the 9th. One day I'll travel the world! Japan you're first
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Unread 04-11-2012, 12:49 PM
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Re: Karma in Synastry?

Speaking of karmic synastry, I know one person whose Saturn is conjunct my south node, and my Mars conjunct their south node. Pretty sure one of us killed the other I'm thinking they were in a position of power and I messed it up.
Sagittarius is my #1 dominant sign, Jupiter #2 dominant planet! Jupiter, Uranus & Neptune in the 9th. One day I'll travel the world! Japan you're first
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karma, synastry

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