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Vocational Astrology Discuss finding out more about your work, job, career, calling, or whatever you do or want to do for a living.

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Unread 04-09-2012, 11:45 AM
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RE: Prospected Career; will neptune make things unclear?

I currently have Neptune in conjunction with my Pisces moon. This aspect favorably(?) trines Jupiter by 0 degrees.

Id like to know if Neptune will only stir my desire in Film or make it better having more imagination to fuel up with.

Saggitarius is on the cusp of my tenth house, so i am automatically assuming yet with an understanding of the subjective nature of astrology; this could create confusion in terms of my successes along the path of school that i've chosen to pursue.

In your opinion what sort of obstacles might I expect With Neptune Conjuncting my moon and Trining Jupiter? I ask this particularly in the realm of occupation, might these two transits compliment Artistic Creativity, or only make things more difficult; hence the powerful moon conjunction?

My chart is included.

Transiting Neptune trine or sextile your natal Jupiter. This transit often stimulates interest in metaphysical and philosophical subjects. You are feeling more optimistic and generous than usual and you may be more inclined to take risks because of a feeling or hunch. Knowledge becomes less important than faith as the subjects that you are interested in now just don't seem to have a good rational explanation. Travel to exotic locations is favored. You should be able to keep a balanced perspective between the spiritual and material worlds.
If lord of the 10th, your career objectives may be unclear now, or you may lack a materialistic goal to attain. Sometimes this is a sign of resignation to pursue other objectives.

Transiting Neptune conjunct your natal Moon. You are much more sensitive to others emotional needs now than usual and feel more sympathy and empathy towards them. It will be more difficult to say no to someone in need now. You are prone to daydream alot during this time and may wish to retreat into a private fantasy world. In relationships, this can create co-dependency situations where inappropriate boundaries exist and place a strain on your relationships with others. Love relationships may take on an unrealistic romantic quality. Your domestic situation could be very chaotic and lacking in structure or routine. This is a good time for work with charities or churches.
If lord of the 5th, this can increase romantic feelings, but it is equally likely that you may be deluded by a romantic partner and do not see their qualities accurately.

My Jupiter is in the 5th house. And Saggitariusz is on the 10th house cusp.

My moon squares my midheaven. This results in great confusion. But should it? I wish for guidance.

Okayyy!!!!!!!!! Well I think that about wraps things up here. Any responses will help, annnd I will check back obsessively.
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Unread 04-10-2012, 03:06 AM
Alice McDermott Alice McDermott is offline
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Re: Prospected Career; will neptune make things unclear?

I have written a bit about finding the career through the natal chart here: which also gives possible timing for when a person takes up various kinds of careers in their life.

In your case the Moon is the oriental planet and in aspect to the MC, so is a strong factor in the career. The Moon usually suggests working with the public in some way. As the Moon is in the first house, how you present yourself is crucial to the well being of your career. AS the Moon is ruler of the 5th house and in trine to Jupiter in Cancer in the 5th house, it is likely your career will have either a strong creative focus or involve working with children.

Your MC is the Pisces duad of Sagittarius. This is a double mutable, suggesting several careers during your lifetime and/or a career that involves considerable variety and travel. The actual degree gives " a rich exhuberant imagination and appreciation of fantasy" (New Foundations for Astrology by David Cochrane)

Jupiter is ruler of the MC and exalted in Cancer in the 5th house. This is excellent for any creative pursuit and will be most helpful in all career matters. Jupiter is also conjunct the Topocentric/Placidus 5th cusp, increasing its power.

Jupiter is ruled by the Moon, which I have already covered above. In traditional astrology this is a mutual reception as the Moon also rules Jupiter, futher increasing the power of these placements and bringing good fortune in career matters.

In modern astrology the Moon is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is in the 11th house, suggesting a social conscience can influence your choice of career, it also suggests friends can be quite influential. Neptune is in very practical, structured Capricorn, indicating the need to bring your imagination and dreams into reality in this world rather than just daydreaming your life away. Neptune is in the Gemini duad of Capricorn - a duad which gives considerable ability in communication and the ability to find practical solutions to puzzling problems. Neptune is also conjunct the fixed star Vega, which often gives an amazing talent for music - I am expecting the generation with this combination will give the world some exquisite work. This combination can be very charismatic and magical and so can also work in film, TV ,etc. Neptune is conjunct Uranus, giving the ability for original thinking and unusual ideas.

Neptune is ruled by Saturn, which is in its own sign of Capricorn and in the Libra duad of Capricorn, so it is both dignified and exalted - a wonderful combination for success. It does well in diplomacy, public relations, politics, law etc., or if not in any of these careers, will associate with those who are. Saturn is semisquare the MC, suggesting some blocks in your career until you develop expertise in your chosen field.

This is the completion of the career flow in your chart, so Saturn will always be important.

In addition Mercury is in close trine to your MC further indicating a strong emphasis on communication. It is in the 2nd house, indicating the ability to finacially gain from your work. It is in a degree that works well with the public and is interested in symbolism. It sextiles it's ruler, Mars, indicating a sharp, quick mind.

Mars is sextile the MC from the 12th house perhaps indicating work overseas when Mars is activated. It is in a degree that will use technology and can have an unusual flair or talent. This degree will often be connected to nature in some way.

The timing of which planet is activated is shown by Dashas and Fidaria, as well as by progressions and directions.

You are currently in your Jupiter Fidaria cycle, suggesting opportunities and excellent possibilities in creative, sports or areas to do with children. This continues until March 2022 with several strong career opportunities in this time span. Your Jupiter Dasha is running very closely to the same time span so I do think you will greatly benefit from this period.

Currently Secondary Progressed MC is conjunct Neptune so there should have been some opportunties in one of the Neptunian areas I have mentioned above.

In addition Solar Arc Pluto is currently conjunct MC, sextile Mars and trine Mercury, giving a number of opportunities for you to find what you want to do. As Pluto is natally in the 9th house, this could come from a university course, or someone from overseas. As Pluto conjoins the MC it could also come from an authority figure or parent.

In approximately 1.5 years time Solar Arc MC will contact natal Jupiter, activating the very fortunate Jupiter energies that I have mentioned above.

All of the above placements are good for film, TV, music and other forms of art, so if you are wishing to work or study in this area I think you will do very well.

By the way, transiting Neptune conjunct natal Moon and trine natal Jupiter can give long term success, so enjoy it.

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Unread 04-10-2012, 04:08 AM
sandstone sandstone is offline
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Re: Prospected Career; will neptune make things unclear?

hi d u n,

thanks for sharing...

saturn moving up in your chart towards the midheaven is a positive in that if you're focused on a particular career goal and working strongly towards it, you will reach a degree of success when saturn reaches the high point to your chart - midheaven at 9 sag.. venus conjunct north node in the 1st (and square pluto) - i use whole/house signs is a strong positive for an artistic/creative type profession while moon in pisces is helpful for work where an active imagination has an outlet.. neptune transit to moon trine jupiter is positive here as i see it.. as for t neptune eventually squaring onto the midheaven degree, not so much.. the natal strength to the midheaven degree is from mars and mercury and to a lesser extent sun and venus/north node.. i would be taking advantage of the t uranus in the area of your sun/mercury which is trine the midheaven degree and see it as a balance to the neptune transit..

pluto going over uranus is interesting here if you think of uranus as ruling the aq planets.. you are about 21 and focused on your career.. that is cool.. hopefully you get something on your questions from my thoughts on it.. cheers..
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Unread 04-11-2012, 01:47 AM
desiredusername desiredusername is offline
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Re: Prospected Career; will neptune make things unclear?

I appreciate your responses, and will definitely look back to this thread as I move along through this transit.
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