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Re: Oppositions and Reception

Originally Posted by pommepomme View Post
In my experience an opposition pretty much always means separation, divorce, enmity, discord... receptions can mitigate how badly the parties feel and/or how bad the "fight" or separation is, but don't change the outcome. (I have seen 1 situation that did result in the parties coming together - only to end up with no contact and some pretty hurt feelings in the end.)
Yeah! That's definitely been my experience as well though I feel like this was the first time I drew up a chart and any form of positive reception was actually present.

I guess this also poses another question regarding contact. Aspects usually show action and reception shows intent to follow through on said action. So in the context of a Yes or No question like Will I Move Here or Will I Actually See X at whatever, would this be a No or would this be a "... Yes but you'll not stay there long or you'll only see them in passing?"
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