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Re: Marriage analysis requested

your horoscope tells there is yoga for marriage in current/coming time. the prashna chart when casted for this moment, tells he aint coming back. the prashna dasa is currently Saturn-mercury until 2021 May which is good for career but not for marriage.
Even in the prashna chart, Venus is falling in 7th house and Saturn in 5th house is in Venus star. Moon the 11th lord is in Saturn star. Moon, Saturn, Venus are all good for marriage. This can happen only after June 2022 until August 2025 when you run Saturn-Venus VMD.

Regarding MS, I think you can safely apply and go for higher studies next Fall semester i.e. August 2021. You will then be running Saturn-Ketu VMD and Ketu will then be transiting Saturn star, Jupiter star which are both good for higher education. Saturn in star of lord of 12 is having the aspect on 7th containing Venus 9th lord, so your husband can also be someone residing abroad.

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I did not ask for bt rectification, i myself checked the D9 lord changed in just two minutes so thought that could be the case..
There is no match at the moment, a serious relationship that began in mid aug 2015 broke off in june 2019. Time is needed to heal it.
At the moment sole focus is on career..
I really do not see a marriage happening by August 2020 unless there is some miraculous reconciliation and all the ego is put aside. negligible chances of that.

Will you be able to tell predict how my spouse could be in terms of looks, career , age , caste/community, family?
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