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Re: Evolution at the new job place?

Originally Posted by Cassiopeia View Post
Could this mean changing jobs in +/- 5 months?
Cassiopeia you asked specifically if things will turn better in this work environment. You didn't ask if they will fire you or if you resign or whether should look for another Job...that would require a different question
so i didn't i usually do everything cause the main point in your question was about improvement in your Job...this job not the next one!
and in this chart giving you the moon..since l10 and l1 have the same are severely accidentally debilitated as being combust from sun...and also peregrine..and you hate the job.the Job=l10 is also not at its a best...also peregrine mercury in scorpio and cadent and things won't be rosy, job also finds saturn ...but will gain some dignity by term when she enters 21* scorpio...but this is not really relevant cause you didnt ask if this business will be successful, or are worried about you in this place .. ... and mercury in moon's fall and face...the only things that saves the day a bit is that dignified Jupiter just before moon enters cap and venus by antiscion
unless this wasn't your actual question and you meant something different...perhaps you dint phrase that try to be clear and specific always
since you mentioned i just checked also the part of resignation and either way moon before she finds venus and jupiter she will find saturn by antiscion.
if we give you mercury and moon to the job , since is the next sign in order then again mercury will aspect saturn in about 3 units.
either way signifying you as mercury or you as moon you are in negative reception with the job which becomes respectively either moon or mercury

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