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Re: Grand trine, small talent triangle, T square, Mystic Rectangle all in one chart!

I'm not quite following you. The Day formula is what is used by some when the Sun Is above the horizon of your chart. The Sun can be below the horizon in either the AM or The PM.
I'm recommending using only the formula for the Part of Fortune, Asc. + Moon - Sun. I did a reading with my trusted clairvoyant friend, Clarisse, some years back on this...she said regardleass of the time of day the formula I just gave here is the only one to use.
Thus if you are saying you used that formula for the PoF in a calc. for your Part of Success [Asc. + Jupiter - PoF] and get 11* Libra 16' then you have Part of Success in the 12th deg. of Libra ...and the Sabian Symbol is [Rudhyar]:

KEYNOTE: The need to carry on at ever-deeper levels the quest for knowledge which keeps burning the fires of the collective mind of a society.

The search for knowledge demands the dedication of many minds digging ever deeper into the realities of our earthly existence. It is a hard, often dark pursuit amidst great difficulties and the possibility of being spiritually asphyxiated by the constant intellectual effort and tension. When a person is confronted by this symbol it could be interpreted as showing the need for such an intellectual dedication but also as pointing to the advisability of emerging from it and leading a more natural life....
...[Rudhyar's] Keyword: EXTRACTION."

...sounds to me Saturn was emphasizing the 'emerging' part of the message at that time... But, your 'Success' is all about 'Intellectual Pursuits'...
..did you finish your degree? ...If not, I do recommend it... you can figure out the best time...but, in reality, intellectual growth never [should] cease.

Now the other formula would be a 'Part' ..but as for what I know of is an unknown 'Part'... [As what you were using was, Asc. + Jupiter - Part of Spirit ...if anybody knows of a 'Part/Lot' that bears this formula, please share your knowledge with us.
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