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Re: Grand trine, small talent triangle, T square, Mystic Rectangle all in one chart! might want to take a look at what is known as the 'Part of Success'...Asc. + Jupiter - Part of Fortune ...and, I do so recommend that you stick with the 'Day Formula' fr the PoF...but, it's your call.
I haven't worked with this Part yet, thus I can't vouch for it... but, if it 'rings true' for you let us know... it would be great to get a testimonial on this Part for my 'Parts Thread'...thanks, ptv Part of Success is the 22nd of Leo..and the Sabian symbol does go along with everything else in my chart ...who I am...what I could be if I were to apply myself 100%...[I guess]... It may be telling me that, 'THAT', would be the only success the Cosmos/Creator would recognize for me...


KEYNOTE: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind.
...The "release" of higher energies becomes effective and valuable to the extent to which it serves a higher, but concrete and definite, purpose. This is the ideal of the WORLD SERVER."
YOU are a Divine creation of the Universe...!!

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