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Re: Grand trine, small talent triangle, T square, Mystic Rectangle all in one chart!

Originally Posted by fullmoonlibra View Post
Asc - jup + sun (AM)
Asc + sun - jup
Okay... I believe you mean Asc. + Jupiter - Sun..[for the AM] and that is sometimes called the Part of Fame...but the overwhelming consensus and every chart I've ever analyzed has concurred to it being about Increase and Benefits [$$$]...but, if you do manage to get hellaciously rich ...usually, fame does follow...
..I only use day formulas for all Parts... I've yet to find one that does work in reverse..but I haven't investigated them all yet, either...

... so, getting back to the reverse formula... Asc. + Sun - Jupiter ...that is a Part I've rarely seen used and the only 'title' I know of for it is 'Accomplishment' the first formula provides 'Increase' without regard to merit, [like 'Passing Go, and Collecting $200.00]..then the latter formula would suggest that this is where ones 'actions, efforts, so forth, are to find the way of least resistance as to obtaining recognition and reward. does have a very obscure second title and that is the Part of Histories and Science ...most likely, because, that's what was the field of endeavors that had been noted to be the accomplishments of a majority of the persons birth chart that had been analyzed... [as it's the charts of the rich, the great minds, the great Generals, Kings, Presidents that are most analyzed and observed... not to mention written about...]
I have an ongoing thread on Astrological Parts in the 'Degree Symbols' sub forum... I'm trying to create the most complete listing available on the internet...
I'm also [very likely] going to write a book on Sabian Symbology and Astrological Parts... as, as far as I know...I'm the first to have noted and written about the fact that the Parts are 'symbolically active' ... and between all the threads I have in this forum and the many examples I've gotten from other members that they concurred as to with what I explained to them as to a Part in question from their chart and how the symbol was of actual symbolic affect.. [and from those examples I wrote about in my first book ...although I'm not going to bring anything about my 'proposed' true birth chart of the Man from Nazareth into this next book as I want it to be of the widest appeal and possible acceptance.]....I've got plenty to write about for a book of average size [...two to three hundred pages...I figure... I'm only going to cover about 10 Parts though...maybe more in the future ..If I live long enough.]
I'm envisioning what may be someday recognized as 'The Ultimate - Self Help Book.' ..actually, If and when Astrological knowledge ever gets rectified to somewhere near if not total complete and true knowledge, that's what this 'Science' truly is... the ultimate self help tool.
Thanks for the link... if you know of any more please send them my way...
much obliged ... ptv
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