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Re: Grand trine, small talent triangle, T square, Mystic Rectangle all in one chart!

Thank you *shy*

I would like to post a chart to share my patterns, but my computer broke, so I can't post charts for a while (using mobile now)
But if u really really are curious, I think my chart is added in other posts

For here:

grand trine between Sun (chart ruler, conjunct NN, 9) - AC - Uranus (4)
grand trine between Sun (chart ruler, conjunct NN, 9) - AC - Neptune (5)

Mystic Rectangle: Moon (2) - Mercury (8) - Chiron (in Gemini, 10) - Saturn (4)

T square between Moon (2) - Mercury (8) - Mars/Neptune (focal point, 5)
T square between Chiron (10) - Saturn (4) - Vesta/Jupiter (focal point, 7)

Small talent triangle between Pluto (3) - Jupiter (7) - Mars/Neptune (focal point, 5)

What my impression is, is that the fifth house is very busy. And my Sun is busy too, being conjunct to North Node, being chart ruler and trine AC Leo.. So a lot of Leo activity (or should I say: creativity) is there on a very hidden level.
And I lately came to now that if I increase the orb to 135%, my Sun would be conjunct to MC.. I also have Venus in Taurus conjunct MC (ruler of tenth in tenth, trine to Moon in 2, square AC). So there u have the creative energy again.

I know actually that I'm very gifted in many things, and that I'm very creative, but I'm so in search of myself, I keep looking inwards and I'm still not capable of seeing any light that could show me what I should do with my life. Even choosing a creative field is difficult, so I do nothing (too bad that I have my south node in libra, so I hope I will not waste my talents). And that's also my splash or locomotive chart talking and the anaretic degree of the North Node, which tells me that I'm going to develop to my 'being' very late

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