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Re: Grand trine, small talent triangle, T square, Mystic Rectangle all in one chart!

Originally Posted by fullmoonlibra View Post
I have all these aspect patterns in my chart and I always searched for interpretation per pattern, lately I was wondering if this whole package of dynamism has an influence too. Does it make someone special? Or is it not that exceptional to have more than one aspect pattern in a natal chart?
It can be a wonderful thing most likely will be to some extent and considering the posts you've written so graciously, and eloquently, you no doubt have these well aspected...harmonious Planetary/Luminary/Node/Chart Axis as well gives much added potential and influence ..esp where M.C. or Asc. are concerned... 3rd house if Mercury is involed and Jupiter or Pluto in the 9th... that sort of thing

I have all that you mention... a Grand Cross and a 'Harmonic/Mystic rectangle that involves my M.C./I.C. the Moon and 5 planets...
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